12 Food For Healthy Sleep

Now if you have a sleep problem you don’t need to dertlenmen.
According to research published in the medical journal called Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine you “soundly” put to sleep to dietary recommendations (1).
According to the research, the foods you eat can affect sleep.
Saturated fat and sugar rich foods with fiber-poor ones are more unhealthy and often leads to awaken you from your sleep.
26 35 13 male 13 female average age of normal weight, which research was performed on adult.
These 5 days 9 hours (7 to 10 in the evening in the morning) sleep in the laboratory for 7 hours and 35 minutes per day on average, and the woman they slept.
Participants in the five-night “polysomnography” they were followed up, during this time, brain waves, heart rate, breathing and oxygen levels, eye and leg movements were recorded.
The data of the participants, on the fourth day after eating the food prepared by a nutritionist, and were evaluated on the fifth night, after eating all the food they want.
Of the respondents of the study applied to a controlled diet in the first 4 days, 17 minutes, 5. after being allowed to eat what you want Day 29 minutes they were asleep.
Foods affect your body clock
Research of sugary foods with the body’s internal clock affects the body’s core temperature and melatonin secretion at night shows the change in.
A lack of sleep raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and it also is known to increase the appetite.
Thus, not only awake but also have an incentive to have kept unhealthy foods unhealthy foods is going to introduced to a vicious circle.
Without enough sleep, the hunger hormone known as “the bride” and this leads to increasing the amount of eating more.
According to research, how much uyunur the very next day, less calories are needed.
These results, Healthy Diet, Healthy that shows how important they are for sleep.
Here are 12 food for a good night’s sleep
Peas: very low in saturated fats, fiber is very rich. 0.1 grams of saturated fat and 7 grams of fiber in a bowl of peas and staff.
Artichokes: artichokes are sugar, 1.3 grams of saturated fat is zero. 7 grams of fiber. It is also beneficial the stem of the artichokes.
Black-Eyed Peas: one cup has 3.9 grams of sugar and 0.4 grams of saturated fat in black while the amount of fiber 29 grams. How much you eat, the better you will sleep.
Lentils: lentils contain 0.2 grams of saturated fat while a tablespoon of sugar and 1 gram fiber does not.
Broccoli is a stalk of 0.1 grams of saturated fat, 2.6 grams of sugar and 3.9 grams of fibre include.
Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts in a serving of 0.1 grams of saturated fat, 1.9 grams of sugar and 3.3 include Gmail
Raspberries: raspberries has 8 grams of fiber in a bowl of sugar and 5 grams of saturated fat.
Avocado: an avocado 2.9 grams saturated fat, 0.4 grams sugar, and 9 grams of fiber. Not ideal, if it still is not bad.
A cup of blackberries blackberries and 9 grams of sugar 7 grams of fiber, but has zero saturated fat.
Oatmeal: in a bowl, on average, 0.5 grams saturated fat, 1.1 grams fiber and 4 grams of sugar.
Pears: a medium pear 6 grams of sugar and 17 grams of fiber, zero grams of saturated fat they contain.
Whole wheat pasta: unlike standard spaghetti, whole wheat spaghetti saturated fat, 1 gram of sugar and 6 grams fiber.
Let’s see the result
A: all of these foods are healthy, especially from the vegetable class, I have one thing to say to those.
Provided in moderation, whole grain products, thanks to the vilification of saturated fats but I disagree.
On the contrary, the effects of saturated fat on blood sugar for healthy sleep to keep satiated for a long time and are not “essential” I believe they’re.
Here “healthy saturated fats” saturated fat in the USA because I’ve got to say that the mention of sausages, salami, ham and processed meats such as it is understood it is not possible for them to claim to be healthy.
TWO: the other wrong, every separate organ, every function of the body for the diet to be recommended!
Healthy living is a whole, and every organ and body function separately for if you give a diet, you would not be able to find the way home.
Fed like a man, like a man live!


Research News in the media:

World Cuisine A New Favorite: Wild Rice

Wild rice is a staple food of the Indians in North America 10,000 years ago, which, in kitchens all over the world due to the exclusive nutrients and flavor characteristics are preferred.
Whole wheat, rye, and brown rice such as wild rice and whole grains category. Just fruits and vegetables that help prevent diseases such as anti-nineties and plant foods. However, more of the nutrients they contain, whole grains so it is not known by many people. The medical findings also full grains heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity is proving to help reduce the risk of.
In the United States of American which is used as the basic food for a period of more than 10,000 years wild rice, region-specific single-grain variety. These cereals, especially in North America are grown in California who supply 60 percent of the World Harvest.
This is valued by American Indians, which looks like rice grain, low fat, long storage life, twice as much as white and brown rice contain protein, cancer, diabetes and obesity to reduce the risk of, attracts attention by being an ideal base for a balanced and healthy diet.
14 grams of protein in 100 grams uncooked rice, wild rice, white or brown rice contains almost twice as much protein, while there is very little difference in the calorie content. Also, black is high in riboflavin and niacin content of the grains; carbohydrates, fiber and minerals which are rich in these grains, it contains very little sodium. Thanks to this perfect combination of nutrients, wild rice, balanced, an ideal basis for a healthy diet. Wild rice, gluten-free and is therefore useful as a food item in the food industry provides a great advantage for people with allergies.
The versatility of wild rice fields, pure or other long-grain rice is blended with it in a way that can be used. At the same time adds a unique flavor to the dishes of grain, rice, soups, and salads translates into a visual feast of dishes for when the Black color is not included.
Cooking method: ideally, the wild rice in water and leave it for at least 12 hours. Decant the water and cook for 35 minutes in salt water twice. wild rice before cooking in water if it is placed in salt water four times for 45 to 55 minutes, cook until the water is withdrawn.
Hint: two thirds of them were opened, because of the color of the cream occurs when the wild rice is cooked.
World cuisine a new favorite: wild rice

Most Useful 7 Black Food

Black color legumes, seeds, fruits are called super foods with high nutritional content new. Here’s a few of them…
The list “Black Grape” and “black olives” why not I wonder, Does anyone know?
1.Black beans: protein, fiber and vitamin content just like any other beans such as black beans which are rich in special, black jacket.
Researchers found at least 8 different flavonoids in this black shell.
Major antioxidant vitamins and flavonoids pigments that color the cells that produces together with has a potential to inhibit the oxidation of the fitness.
2.Berries: blackberries ranked highest among the foods that contain antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, protect your body against cancer.
Dilutes the blood and stabilizes blood sugar.
This aspect is a source of healing for people with.
Contains high dietary fiber.
Also helps to eliminate infections in the mouth, and a diuretic.
Blackberries vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and is a rich source of phosphorus.
3.Black seed: black seed black seed is a flowering plant which is a blast!
Compound thymoquinone, which is the most important asthma, rheumatism, bronchitis, diseases of the digestive system from many of the problem sounds good.
Research on Black Seed has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor.
Protein, carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium, a, b, c is rich in vitamins.
The seeds of the victims of the infection strengthening the immune system often can help.
4.Black rice: brown rice is a better choice than white, black rice is healthier for both…
The shell contains substantial vitamin E, an antioxidant in blueberries is anthocyanin, which is more than and also the Black Prince.
Which has the effect of reducing inflammation black rice, including iron minerals, fiber and protein is very rich.
5.Black soybeans: a Korean, according to a study, when you consume black soy beans, yellow soybeans makes much more of the risk of thrombosis or Yesil.
All lowering the risk of heart disease soy beans are a type of omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid.
6.Black Lentils, iron-loaded about a cup of grain legumes (8mg) women’s daily iron requirements (18 mg), almost half of the covers.
According to research at the University of Illinois lentils are high in soluble fibre in water which lowers cholesterol, strengthens the immune.
7.Black tea: it is known that Yesil and white tea is healthy, but high-quality black tea is also quite helpful.
A recent study at Rutgers University in New Jersey in black tea theaflavins-antioxidants shows that NOV is good for pains after intense exercise.
It is stated that drinking black tea can reduce the risk of heart attack.

10 Suggestions For Healthy Eating In Ramadan

Olcay dietitian in Peace, without destroying our health by providing a variety of nutrients to keep healthy and what we need to do fasting told;
Hot and humid weather dehydrates: Especially along with an increase in temperature and humidity in the body, sweating is more. However, increased fluid between the hours of Iftar and sahur with your needs to complete 2-2,5 liter (10 to 14 cups) of water are required.
Tea, coffee and fruit juice consumption should be reduced: excessive tea and coffee consumption would increase the body’s fluid needs because in the month of Ramadan the consumption should be restricted. Buttermilk can be consumed as a source of mineral water and also liquid. However, the consumption of fruit juices and carbonated beverages should be restricted. Especially weight problems, or low blood sugar values needs to be run out of juice in the height of living. It is suggested that due to the caffeine and sugar in fizzy drinks to be consumed.
Important to get up during the meal: to get up before sunrise during the month of Ramadan while fasting, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet. Didn’t get up before sunrise, or just drink water and sleep, prolonged fasting 20 hours on top of the duration of poses. As a result, the fasting blood sugar fall faster in the days that causes inefficiency.
Breakfast should be a conservative tough Sahur: Sahur until the time of iftar the meal calorie content in consume foods with more unhealthy than the body makes. The suhoor meal is a light breakfast that contains high quality protein and are the property of Tok holder on the content of the egg will help reduce the feeling of hunger until the inclusion of Iftar. At the same time, the consumption of fruit during the day will help to ensure the support of essential vitamins and minerals to the body.
3 should be placed in between the Iftar and sahur meals a day: during the day the AC to raise the metabolic rate of physique for a very long time falling in the period between Iftar and sahur food should be consumed at least three meals a day. 1 bowl of soup opened with the iftar meal that will be given at least a 15-20 minute break and then the main meal when it is consumed indigestion, bloating does not happen. Mostly the foods consumed to be stored as fat also is prevented. After 1.5 hours on the average consumption of the main dining meals also weight a little in terms of protection will be effective Dec.
Blood sugar must be balanced iftar: the iftar meal in that food will raise your blood sugar as balanced preferences should be made. For example rice, high on the glycemic index such as white bread preferences instead of making rice, whole-grain bread such as whole wheat pasta or healthy choices must be made.
Healthy food choice must be made: choosing healthy food is important to prevent weight gain during Ramadan. Unhealthy cooking methods such as roasting instead of frying and grilled, boiled, steamed and baked foods made with cooking methods should be preferred.
Instead of churro desserts: dessert of the increased blood sugar falling until Iftar time due to the need to consume, it is important to make healthy choices. The amounts of syrup instead of heavy desserts servings-balanced, fresh milk, gullac, fruit desserts or ice cream to eat more healthy choices.
Constipation to be a problem: changes in diet, constipation and common digestive liquid consumption also dispersed into the day in the month of Ramadan cannot be a problem. To prevent constipation, the meals foods that are high in fiber content (legumes, salads), fruit consumption should be neglected meal in Dec.
The digestive system runs walking: brisk walking 2 hours after the iftar meal to be made of the functioning of the digestive system can help slight, but mean blood pressure the blood pressure, weight control helps to ensure at the same time.


13 Foods To Reduce Stress While Fasting

Physical hunger during Ramadan, we may be limited in coupled with everyday stress. To cope with this situation, that would reduce stress, 13 food! Part of the flow of life regular stress, caused many large and small events that stress us in our everyday lives we can live. These effects will be a bit more in the month of Ramadan. Physical hunger, our body coupled with it who want to fight everyday stress, this by releasing cortisol. But remain at consistently high levels of cortisol, increases the desire to eat, especially women, with carbohydrates and sweet foods while trying to get this request in the beginning gives rise to the emergence of many problems, including weight gain. For this reason, especially in the month of Ramadan we could be eating. We consume products that are supported with research into will support us to reduce stress. Energy, helps you focus on the refreshing foods that you can help yourself by consuming your daily life. Here, the foods that reduce stress…
1. ASPARAGUS: although the smell is a bit interesting, because of the high folic acid relieves. You can evaluate different recipes that you will look it up online.
2. AVOCADOS: rich in glutathione which is the most powerful and most important antioxidant in our body. Especially in the older ages observed in the intestinal absorption will assist in burning some fats that are causing damage. Avocado is also a very beneficial antioxidant called lutein to the body, contains. Rich in beta carotene which turns into vitamin A and stored in the liver as needed. Contain more folic acid than vitamin E and other fruit. There are plenty of B vitamins in a zone. Although this might seem like just a fruit, its nutritional value every day due to the consumption of rich but should be limited. Two slices will be enough.
3. Blueberries: rich in anthocyanin, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. You can read many positive benefits especially for distraction. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and vitamin C derivatives such as are quite rich in terms is very effective in coping with stress. In the month of Ramadan is a fruit highly effective for those with attention problem.
4. CASHEW: Sometimes that prevents our crisis can be designated as a delightful snack. Being rich in protein and fat consumption requires to be controlled, the frequency and intensity of. Cashew, a very good resource for zinc. Low zinc levels can cause depression and anxiety. Our bodies are not equipped to store a steady amount of zinc every day because it will be useful.
5. Chamomile tea: a natural tranquilizer that can be recommended before going to bed. One study with 57 participants supported with this anxiety disorder for 8 weeks, scientists gave chamomile products, and it has been observed that there is a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms. Of course, the most convenient and effective for us to calm down and Thing before bed as it is to consume chamomile tea for a good night’s sleep. After 10 minutes in hot water, television, telephone, and similar stimulants can enjoy a drink in a peaceful corner close and you can and observe the effects.
6. Chocolate: antioxidants beneficial for heart health benefits of chocolate for mood proven an undeniable connection. A new study at a university it has been observed that increases in depressive symptoms for both men and women drinkers more chocolate. Dark chocolate lowering blood pressure and relaxing effect. The reason for this contain two important antioxidants. You can allow yourself to consume dark chocolate a week easily. Of course, to avoid weight gain, provided that you spend your calories.
7. One of the sources of the powerful antioxidant in garlic. Free radicals cause aging and cell damage which would be caused by the chemicals in garlic that help in the Prevention of the effects. Is known as a very good natural antibiotic. It strengthens the immune system. Host cancer allicin hold with colds, it protects against heart disease. The most important to stress damage the immune system is weakened. This immunity will help us significantly for the recovery of garlic.
8. Grass fed beef: meat consumption is one of the most important factors that should be considered in nutrition. Natural grass-fed beef, with the grain besleneninki according to both antioxidants as well as vitamins C, E and beta carotene, as it is richer. Also added hormones, antibiotics, and different does not contain chemicals. It is two to four times more low in fat and contain omega – 3. A recent study in the UK natural grass fed cattle who eats the flesh of the blood of the volunteers in omega – 3 fatty acids, an increase in the level of omega 6 fatty acids which are harmful in a significant decrease was observed. This difference, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, depression, effective in the Prevention of intestinal diseases, which implies that. In this way, a natural meat a bit hard to find and can be expensive, but you can be sure that is worth it.
9. YESIL TEA does not contain caffeine, although it contains teanin is an amino acid that is named. In a study of a university, are protective against cancer, enhancing mental performance, brain booster, and supporting the effects of the decline have been observed. It is recommended to drink two cups per day.
10. Oatmeal oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate which is feel-good serotonin secretion helps. Serotonin not only has antioxidant properties, soothing and at the same time creates a feeling that can help you to overcome stress. Studies have shown that children who ate oatmeal in the morning are more attentive. Compared to other grains, is rich in beta glucan.
11. ORANGE: portable-carotene. Especially the discovery of a positive effect against cancer and more by taking the minimal dosage that will emerge and side effects to be insignificant, the importance of this vitamin increases even more.
12. OYSTERS: the most common feature being aphrodisiac. Zinc is actually a store you could call. Oysters are usually served as an appetizer has half of the nutrients needed daily, we can say that we need to take.
13. Walnut: the nuts that we all liked the taste mostly happy to know that the mental development of supports. Especially it is necessary to prevent memory loss. Alpha linolenic acid omega-3 fatty acid and other polyphenols that is rich in walnuts reduced the signs of aging even in animals consuming some researchers at a University found.


10 Disarming Nutrients Stomach Acid During Ramadan

Complaints of the stomach are increasing during Ramadan?
When Ramadan arrives in the stomach, gas, or reflux conditions such as rancidity comes to the fore. Iftar and sahur mistakes, can cause a situation like this.The month of Ramadan from the stomach of a small, hard deposits are you multiplying? “Gas, bloating, stomach eksiyip is on fire” or “reflux” who does not say. Questions like this I asked a colleague who specializes in gastroenterology. The response was brief: “long-term change in the rhythm of hunger and eating can create some digestive problems for the first week. Iftar is being done at most error. Fast food, almost the most common mistake is to swallow without chewing. The food is an important detail that may not be sorted correctly. Downloaded very quickly on an empty stomach, will irritate the stomach, esophagus and stomach of hot soup is also important. Fast food in itself already causes a bulge to swallow more air, which means at the same time. There are other mistakes too: sometimes are not given enough opportunity to the stomach to ejaculation. Samarkand sunrise, before atistirili up a lot of things, which is a big problem. Iftar-sahur between is very short this year-so the shift in the very early hours of the morning is important. Also “I could eat day too,” fear not, very inflated delights of a problem. The emptying of the stomach into bed after suhoor, defeating the physiological intestine is preventing you from doing their job.” The result: in the fast in the morning, slow food, chew food thoroughly, keep the conversation going and enjoy a nice table out the stomach in Ramadan as usual “trash bag” it is very important for you to make…
Increase uric acid is that dangerous?
Gout “uric acid” in the body of the named item are known to arise as a result of the accumulation. Painful swelling of the joints, and sometimes even “gout attack” also known as “thumb arthritis” turns out to attacks, red and terribly painful arthritis you have to go for a thumb. Of an excess of uric acid “kidney stones”caused by the heart valves and blood vessels breaks.Fructose stimulates the increase of excess uric acid.
Did you give your organs?
Thousands of patients are waiting for an organ transplant. Our doctors and our hospitals are extremely successful in organ transplantation. World Championship candidates almost notably the liver and renal transplantation. The problem is that the formats cannot organ. What he needed, the organ to be transplanted. Because of not enough organ donors. A large part of organ transplants from healthy donors, usually done with organs from relatives. In developed countries, the situation is exactly the opposite.People living with organs from brain-dead organ donation from 20 percent to 80 percent is carried out. In short, we have a very bad track record about organ donation. Our level of awareness is very low.
10 disarming nutrients stomach acid
In your stomach gets crushed, dies, eksiyin almost as an “antacid” chew the pill, tablets, syrups do not swallow. Look for the answer to the first question: What if I made a mistake and I also think my stomach rebelled? By benefiting from the following natural nutrients in your stomach then try to help…
1 – Fennel: Fennel herbal tea prepared with gas, bloating and cramps it relaxes the stomach, reducing feature.
2 – Banana: fruit is good for acid reflux sufferers because of the positive effects of the acidity of the stomach is an option.
3 – Ginger: anti-inflammatory effect in the body, with the positive influence of fire as well as soothes colic with cramps feature.
4 – oatmeal: the fiber structure balances the acidity of the stomach. At the same time is satisfactory.
5 -: Melons are rich in potassium. Because of high pH value, alkaline reflux of the stomach to help it become as good.
6. pasta: the content in B vitamins gives energy. The stomach calms.
7 – root vegetables: celery, artichokes, other vegetables, root vegetables such as higher starch content of yam is more than calories. While extending the feeling of satiety contain plenty of fiber an alkaline environment.
8 – chicken and Turkey: preventive nutrition is the most important protein sources are Reflux in your plan. White meat unless it is fried in oil can be consumed. However, the skin must be taken necessarily.
9 – Parsley: soothing the stomach and digestive system, help in disposing of excess water from the body of a plant.
10 – chamomile tea: soothing to the stomach, can be perfect. Licorice extracts may also be benefiting from the amount of padding provided.


The Best Vitamins To Help Your Hair Grow

People generally the most important sign of Health and beauty as hair shows. Like other parts of the body, your hair need many nutrients in order to grow healthy. Even missing many nutrients consumed can cause hair loss. At the same time, age, factors such as genetics and hormones also affects hair growth.
All the cells in our body require vitamin K for it to grow. This hair includes. The fastest growing tissue in our body is protein. The glands secrete an oily substance called sebum, vitamin A also they help create. Sebum, moisturizes the scalp and gives a healthy look to the hair. A vitamin is missing from a diet can lead to many problems such as hair loss. Taking vitamin A can cause problems with the retrieval of missing as much could be dangerous. Studies intake of too much vitamin A can trigger hair loss. Sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and spinach, foods like beta-carotene-rich and vitamin A were transformed into body after body. Vitamin A also milk, yogurt and are found in animal products such as eggs. Fish oil is a very good source.
B group vitamins
The best known and influential in the growth of hair vitamins B vitamins from bit download. According to studies, B vitamin deficiency causes hair loss in humans. At the same time biotin for hair loss is the best method that is used to treat and positive results can be obtained. Unfortunately, vitamin B deficiency is very common nowadays. Other types of B vitamins, helps the production of red blood cells, oxygen and nutrients from the scalp, moves hair cells. This transportation process is very important for hair growth. Vitamin B many foods we can afford. For example, grains, almonds, meat, fish, seafood and vegetables Yesil dark fiber. The best sources of vitamin B12 are animal products, but if you are a vegetarian it is necessary to use additional if you are applying a vegetarian diet and food supplements.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Free can help reduce the stress that occurs as a result of injury to the roots. Hair growth and hair damage can damage makes the roots grow free. At the same time your body needs vitamin C to produce proteins known as collagen, there is a need of high. Halogens are also the most important structure of the hair. Vitamin C is an important mineral for hair growth and that is used in the absorption of iron. Strawberries, peppers, guavas and citrus fruits are important sources of vitamin C.
Vitamin D
Low vitamin D levels ‘epilepsy’ can cause loss of death. Hair loss means loss of a lot of a history of epilepsy. According to research, vitamin D assists in the formation of new hair cells. Hair known for her role in the production of vitamin D, but many vitamin D receptors in most of the research focused on the subject. The principal role of vitamin D in hair elongation is still unknown. Many people are not getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Direct sunlight produces vitamin D in our body. Fish oils are good dietary sources of vitamin D, some mushrooms, and fortified foods. Healthy lifestyle, especially in women and bone health of vitamin D for the 1st time in years in the control should be performed.
Vitamin E
Like vitamin C, vitamin E also is an antioxidant that prevents the formation of oxidative stress. In this study, %34.5 hair growth in people with hair loss by using vitamin E has been shown to increase after 8 months. Avocado, spinach, almonds and sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E.
Don’t go without reading!!

The most important component of hair protein. Consuming adequate amounts of protein is required for hair elongation.
Iron deficiency, especially in women, is one of the main causes of hair loss. The best sources of iron include oysters, clams, spinach, eggs, red meat and lentils.
People who grow their hair in the intake of the mineral zinc increases hair growth. Good sources of zinc oysters, beef, spinach, wheat germ, and pumpkin seeds.
And finally, all of these nutrients are taken in amounts sufficient to ensure that don’t forget to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Erçil Dietitian Sernaz Cakir
Instagram/EXP.MWT.Cakir sernaz

Refreshing Foods In Hot Weather

Watermelon for the summer-season you could say cheese. Watermelon vitamin A, C and are rich in antioxidants. Watermelon according to experts, reduce the body’s temperature and therefore gives a feeling of coolness.
95 %lettuce enables you to restore the fluids lost from the water. Drinking water when you’re not tired of leaf lettuce you can eat.
Fresh Mint:
Creates a feeling of the coolness of fresh mint. You can add mint leaves salads or drinks.
Cayenne Pepper:
Cayenne pepper cools, don’t say that! Runs and allows natural cooling mechanism to cool down spicy food sweating.
Fruit Cocktails:
Heat of alcoholic beverages consumed in the short-term although it gives coolness the body is actually dehydrated, leaving in the long run it won’t work. Fruit cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with you can cool off more easily.

10 Reasons To Make Your Kids Eat Kefir

Long known as the benefits of kefir the elixir of life, opens the doors to the healthy growth of your children.
Intelligence, strengthen the immune system and bone development Nov found many benefits to kefir, is an essential nutrient for hormone balance. This miraculous ways to sell food to children Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Medical Park pediatrics – pediatric nephrology specialist Dr. Mahmut Civilibal told.
Kefir, frequently consumed for years in the Caucasus ‘long known as the elixir of life, in our lives for a long time to destroy harmful bacteria and protect the beneficial bacteria in the intestines operating a miraculous food.
Cow, sheep and goat milk kefir containing live organisms is obtained by adding granules of a cauliflower. Retain their activity for many years if stored under proper conditions. Kefir kefir grains obtained with a combination of ethyl alcohol and lactic acid fermentation occurs where a milk drink. A land of kefir grains changes in the sizes of 0.5 to 3 cm, and nuts about the size of a grain of wheat or white, white-yellow colors between the appearance of small cauliflower or popcorn.
Health Store
Basic functions of the body Kefir is rich in amino acids and essential minerals that are used in various activities and. One of the essential amino acids found in large quantities in kefir is tryptophan, which is relaxing and has a regulatory effect on the nervous system. Also a great source of biotin. Biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, a B vitamin and all B vitamins and is a derivative that allows the absorption of liver, kidneys and plays an important role in the regulation of the nervous system. Kefir, calcium, phosphorus and is rich in magnesium has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and cell development, and to meet the energy needs in the body as well as carbohydrates, fats and proteins helps to be used in the best way. Loss of appetite, insomnia, upper respiratory infections, and it’s also good for conditions such as allergies. Kefir; B12, B1, vitamin K and is rich. If taken enough of these vitamins to the skin, kidney, liver and central nervous system is known to provide numerous benefits. Nutritious easily digestible because it is a dairy product, children, infants, pregnant women, patients in the recovery period, is an ideal drink for people who suffer from constipation and digestive system problems.
Ways To Make Kids Eat Kefir
The recommended daily amount of kefir for children from the age a cup of tea after. The same in adults as in children after the age of two, consume yogurt kefir and if so how much you may consume. Kefir kefir to store into the best method for children who consume the dishes. Kefirli rice pudding, muffins, or cakes such as.
The Benefits Of Kefir:
• From infancy until adolescence; bone and teeth development that are required for Nov vitamins, minerals and protein that provides support for.
• Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections.
• A strong appetite and nutrition support.
• It is good for diarrhea and constipation and anemia.
• Strengthens eyesight.
• Promotes rapid healing of wounds.
• Provides a significant contribution to the development of intelligence.
• Creates resistance against asthma and allergies.
• Essential for growth, helps in growth and healthy development.
• Provides hormone balance during adolescence adds a positive event.
Kefirli Rice Pudding Recipe
The milk kefir by adding the kefir milk with any sweet you can prepare a little reduce.
-750 ml milk
-2 cups kefir
-1 cup sugar
-The peel of a small lemon
-1/2 cups rice
-1/2 vanilla extract
-2 tablespoons of rice flour
Wash the rice, after draining water, boiled with 1 cup water on low heat. Milk is boiled add sugar and vanilla. Mix rice flour with 2 tablespoons cold water, add to the pot shed. Where the amount of milk is reduced it may have a darker consistency. By turning off the Heat, allowed to cool, at room temperature added and thoroughly mixed when it comes to kefir. After cooling is fed to the Empty Bowls to eat.


To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The feast of the period we are available to take most weight. Experts, holiday weight gain if you don’t, you can …
Craving hard here for the feast of dietitian’s suggestions:
Breakfast start your day with a beautiful holiday. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, definitely skip it but don’t overdo it should not be exaggerated. The proper amount for breakfast with cheese, olives, rye bread or wheat flour which are rich in vitamin C. alongside tomatoes, garlic, parsley should be consumed.
The table will be red meat on the feast of the sacrifice necessarily, but the important thing is how the meat was made. Meat cooked by roasting or frying and are hard to digest, and also vitamins and minerals should not be consumed because it would be a waste of as much as possible. Yesil and lemon sauce with plenty of meat grilled or boiled low-fat meat and salad or vegetables only to eat the right option will be.
If the sacrificial meat is difficult to digest when it is consumed without resting, the more bloating in the stomach when consumed, can cause problems such as indigestion. Cut the meat to rest for 1-2 days in the refrigerator after cooking will make digestion easier, and reduces the time.
We can start the meal with soup. The capacity of the volume will lead to less food to fill the stomach of soup. As possible high fibre vegetable soups prefer.
Rice, pasta, dumplings, ravioli is a prerequisite for holiday meals again, even if consumed should be consumed as little as possible if I have to be the ones to stop the rise in whole wheat should be preferred to rapid weight.
Yogurt is easier to digest the food to increase the feeling of satiety and next to buttermilk, yogurt, or yoghurt should be consumed as a vegetable dish with.
For dessert with the proper amount of sweet milk should be preferred. Desserts that may cause you to gain weight because of high level of calories should be taken into consideration. Sugary, excessive consumption of oily crust and chocolate desserts, hypertension, diabetes and heart and vascular diseases and has a negative impact on laying the groundwork for your dental health.
Visits, by refusing to give every dessert on offer, among them milk and fruit and small portions of desserts to choose which is the lightest it’s still a healthy choice.Visits on offer, tea, coffee, too much of caffeinated drinks such as COLA should not be consumed. Herbal teas should be preferred. Experiencing problems especially digestive tea digestive can get support from. 1 cup of boiled water until 1 teaspoon fennel, lemon peel, 1/2 tsp grated ginger 1-2 cloves and add, and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, warm after it becomes 1/4 by adding lemon juice can consume. Te consume unsweetened drinks will prevent more fat gain.
Not to neglect the secretion of your blood sugar regular meals at the feast for the Dec. Thus, the main meals will not be loaded to more and rapid weight gain will be prevented. Increased intake of fiber in fruits and milk or yogurt meal should opt for Dec.
Holiday treats should be consumed carefully which is one of the nuts and the nuts are in weight with many benefits if consumed in excess quantity when it is appropriate to trigger growth. Dec 10-15 units per day as meal as nuts, almonds, or walnuts 1 small chickpeas can be consumed.
Water is essential to ensure both digestion and the body’s metabolism, drink 2 to 2.5 liters per day should be taken as having dinner with people, instead of water and decrease the amount of drinks on offer should be preferred.
A feeling of fullness felt in 20 minutes, since the food should be eaten slowly.
Visits, a part of the food on offer we should be able to say no to people you live with remorse to create the choice and your preferences.