10 Commandments For A Healthy Diet

1. Do not skip meals. Frequent and eat less. Every day, three main, two meals Dec the most suitable choice.
2. Eating a balanced and varied do not compromise. White flour, avoid sugar and starchy foods. Enough protein in each meal (meat and dairy products). Two servings of fruits and vegetables eat at least three servings of every day. (1 serving of fruit a tennis ball, with vegetables should be the size of a fist.)
3. Healthy, less processed and unsaturated oils (especially olive oil) is preferred. Take advantage of nuts, but nuts are fatty foods and consume in the decision. Full-fat dairy products, Cream, Cream, stay away from saturated fats such as fatty meats. Trans fats (fast food, chips, bakery and patisserie products) do not take your hand. Omega-6 oils (sunflower, corn oil, cottonseed oil) avoid.
4. Plenty of food, don’t forget to add the vinegar and lemon. Vinegar and lemon reduces the glycemic load, weight gain slows down. Limit your use of salt. Salt and eat it too, and increases water retention.
5. Don’t make any meal with a salad, with. Don’t buy food salad. A piece with salad-protein foods (meat, chicken, fish, yogurt, cheese) you need to eat. Add oil to your salads. Say no to mayonnaise and prepared sauce. Teaspoon olive oil until one of our experts or walnuts, and flax seed oil mixture suggests.
6. Never fry your meals. Stay away from the fries. Instead of fries, steamed in water for a long time boiling, baking or boiling method. No flour or bread flour find food, the more fat you gain. Your reputation into the sauce ready in no time. Ready cakes, pastry, pie, don’t eat. If you’d have a craving make yourself at home, and with a small piece of the Yeti’s. Your needs fruit yogurt dessert -prepare yourself-, added sweetener and coffee yogurt, milk, with honey to troubleshoot. Our experts stick with fruits,” he says.
7. Abundant and frequent water. Consume water as they come to mind. Water is inexpensive, both no-calorie drink. When you are tired of water, fruit tea, herbal teas, tea and especially Yesil is at your disposal. It’s not the coffee, extreme fear. Even a two cups of coffee can speed up your metabolism. If you exceed two cups per day is recommended. Even 100 percent fruit juice concentrate and no sugar added fruit juices while dieting, it is useful to stay away from. All types of beverages sold in bottles and cans-water, except it has more sugar in it. Also diet drinks are also not recommended.
8. Reduce your evening meal, your last meal of the day before going to bed for at least two to three hours to complete before it is useful. You’re not supposed to use alcohol while dieting. If you shake very much-social reasons, fun times, are organized awards given – don’t settle with a glass of wine.
9. One of the important points installed low-glycemic carbohydrates, protein and wholesome fats to eat with manage. While dieting, potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta made from flour from, stay away from foods made with white flour. Avoid large meals. Eat less, good quality and nice things to eat. After an hour or two if you are hungry, you can eat again. If you have to eat the second food portions of a protein (fish, meat, yogurt, cheese) is preferred.
10. Other suggestions: do not weigh every day. Sex once a week -two at most – is sufficient. Lose weight, look better, feel better, or move to a better spot to aim for for your health. Don’t be afraid to make getaways from time to time, but do not repeat mistakes often. More natural weed-Yesil leafy foods; basil, thyme, etc. – and spice-garlic, onion, pepper, peppers, mustard – use.