5 Foods That Increases Hunger

Hunger, insulin resistance or blood sugar was very high only, and then the fall resulted in a situation in which it is not. Hunger, desire to eat, which allows the unfolding of the circulatory system, pancreas, brain, stomach and intestines as a result of physiological hormonal released a request for interaction with eating. Hunger; suffering from weight problems under control that should be taken when implementing the diet first should be the goal. Doyara teach the person eating end fat, on a diet slimming is the most important way that will ensure success. Most overweight people have been eating constantly hungry for food, he says. Except for a few special metabolic problem appetite can be controlled. Or lower the selection of calories fiber-rich foods in a very successful manner, preferring toughness with transport can be provided. But I’ll explain to you the five food fullness by blocking signals to the brain even though the stomach is full, how much you take yourself and causes you to feel more hungry. For this reason, I suggest to be careful to trap for these five appetite control food:
1. Salty Snacks: salt is a scientific reason for the request to come out of a sweet tooth after eating. To end the rise of blood sugar created by the body excessive sugar, salty food will be directed to. Watching television or at the computer potato chips, popcorn, and greasy and salty popcorn, pretzels, and salted nuts when you begin to eat, the desire to eat constantly increases. The reason for this is these foods fill your stomach enough to eat, we are also blocking the signals of satisfaction in the brain, salt, and simple carbohydrates that contain protective additives.
2. Ready fruit juices: fruit juices are healthy when it comes from the idea that our minds immediately. If you want to drink fruit juice, fresh fruit shake and consume immediately. But ready, a generous amount of sugar added, pasteurized, extended shelf life by adding vitamins and fresh fruit and drinks all created a perception of participating in the aroma of insulin sensitivity causes. Also pancreas, brain still trying to wrap satiety mechanism that prevents it from receiving the signals give rise to. Ready to fill your stomach juice; 10 minutes later you’re starving again.
3. Alcohol: alcohol is the most unhealthy beverage that triggers hunger. When they consume alcohol, which is a hormone that triggers hunger and leptin is also secreted in abundance. For that reason, the fields of alcohol constantly feel the need of eating something. Alcohol in the body by increasing the electrolyte causes the reduction of water loss. Accordingly, by disrupting nerve transmission to the brain the feeling of satisfaction go limp.
4. Refined grains: the bran of cereal grains and sugar, separated from all ready prepared by adding all the satisfaction that do not provide a risky food. Research show that people are achieving satisfaction when you eat cereal. Nutritional scientists reveals that those who prefer refined breakfast cereals suffered from this problem. Oatmeal and whole-grain cereals, by creating volume in the stomach increases the saturation. Also the refined ones, the intestines are absorbed quickly and raising your blood sugar too satiety signals reaching the brain prevents the mechanism of pancreas to warp again.
5. Foods that are made from white flour and sugar: a lot of research, and put sugar in their tea two or three slices of white bread at every meal until even those who eat 80 percent of 40 percent shows that it takes it easier to lose weight. Flour made from white bread, pastry, cakes, and Cookies, not necessarily regularly people who ate weight have struggled to lose weight sooner or later and it is reported that you’re having problems. Again, studies people who ate bread made from flour and pasta has not been purified they get full more quickly, more antioxidants hinders the body’s fat storage ability by taking the fixed points of and bowel problems. For this reason, whole wheat grain that has not been purified so not whole wheat, oat, cracked wheat, bulgur and pasta from Whole Wheat Flour, Bread missing from the diet, you shouldn’t.

Health Of The Day
Healing Potion
For those with high blood pressure lowering blood pressure, potassium content is very high, I would like to share my drink prepared with fruit nectar. About 140 calories and 60 grams of nectarines is equal to a large. Therefore we will prepare, that has the effect of lowering blood pressure quickly I will suggest that you drink a special drink once a day.

1 large skinned nectarines pitted
Very small piece of fresh ginger
1 teaspoon vanilla

Put the fresh ginger and squeeze the juice and nectar solid juicer. Mix with vanilla and ready to service you.

Scientific Notes Of The Day
Calories is a unit of the fuel to be obtained from food. Our body provided nutrients for calories from sources of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol. Carbohydrates and proteins 4 per gram, fats 9 alcohol 7 calories to give you energy. The calories we take our body; fat, glycogen and protein in the form of stored fats and glycogen store energy in them and the main short-term acts as the energy store. Proteins, however, after prolonged fasting is used for energy purposes. The transformation of carbs glycogen in the body cost is quite high. Developing this metabolic events in the liver 3 grams for every 1 gram of glycogen to store water should be added. When storing oils that need water, they won’t even hear it. In this context when we look, it is my scientific opinion; it does not take similar weight calories certain foods when eaten at the same rate, and that you are not to store fat.
Calories Important
The complex structure of storing calories calories from different foods has on the human organism and similar saturation, metabolic rate, brain activity, blood sugar balance and other hormones, depending on the study will enable the body to store fat in very different ways. Same calories in different foods that are different speeds, and in the form that we know is absorbed from the intestine. In this case, a lot of the calories from the food we eat, our bodies lose weight eating less than the daily calories spent, that is a fact. The food is basically carbohydrate, fat and protein ratios; much consumed in the correct amounts to illness if eaten, when it manifests itself in the form of protection. For that reason, primarily in every moment of your life eat less, choose foods low in calories but high in nutritional value, the basic principles to make.
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