8 Effective Ways To Stay Satiated

Attacks are often recurrent hunger, her body, her soul is tired. First of all, we’ll be miserable if we open. Harder responses, giving angry, anxious we become one. Hunger at the same time is exhausting. When you get hungry, sluggish and exhausted we fall.For this reason, “feeling of fullness” is a very important emotion. Postprandial weight balance maintaining the state and US, providing a significant contribution to us and live the good life. To be able to get full and eventually we need to find a way to keep this feeling strong. Well, how do we achieve that? “Hungry, back one of many” are we supposed to be? Permanent toughness and robust status how will we win? Here you go…
Suggestion 1: stay away from the bad carbs!
There are emotional reasons but the primary reason for the feeling of hunger is a fall in blood sugar levels. If you want to stay satiated your blood sugar so your first job must keep within reasonable numbers. You should stay away from foods that can raise or lower your blood sugar quickly. There are carbohydrates in foods that affect blood sugar. Sugar added foods and drinks, famous, sugary sweets, fruit juices, sugar sources, our honey, molasses and sugar-rich fruits can cause blood sugar to a sudden jump in the fall and “bad carbs”. Chips, white bread, oven-bakery products, famous industrial packaged, sugary foods such as processed carbohydrates also included in this group please. One of the first things you need to do is get away from them. Note; your model, nutrition, celebrity, sugary, starchy, processed, packaged products increases, so it is difficult for them to maintain a feeling of fullness.
RECOMMENDATION 2: Choose good carbs!
Vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits are carbohydrates the right amount of sugar is not very high. Beans, peas, lentils, cabbage, chard, spinach, leeks, whole wheat, sourdough, made with whole grain bread, apples, oranges, apricots will keep you full for longer choices such as. Full and opt for natural carbohydrates.
RECOMMENDATION 3: give weight protein!
Animal origin (meat, fish, chicken, dairy products, eggs) or vegetable (lentils, beans), it doesn’t matter if they’re, all kinds of protein perpetuates a feeling of fullness. Vegetable and animal proteins to be married (!) (meat or pork, beans, peas, and chickpeas), such as this feeling deepens even more. Proteins with vegetables too important a detail to be married, such marriages (meat and vegetable dishes) also reinforces the feeling of satiety. Find a way to add more protein to your diet if you want to stay satiated.
Recommendation 4: Don’t forget the vegetables!
Create volume and fills the stomach, prolong the feeling of satiety and make it easier to get fed, thanks to their low carbohydrate content, does not lead to sudden and profound fluctuations in blood sugar at the beginning most of the nutrients that vegetables. On average, about 5 percent carbohydrate content of vegetables. This is about 5 grams of carbohydrates 100 grams of them, i.e., the presence of no more than 20 calories of energy around. The pulp content is very strong. The advantages of these vegetables does not extend the duration of satiety not only, also works to slow down the absorption of sugar and other nutrients from the intestines.
RECOMMENDATION 5: the Raw feed!
Cook the food facilitates digestion and increase the taste. However, the same process –cooking vegetables in the loss of some valuable articles, or worse, are absorbed more quickly into the intestinal tract of carbohydrates in them to be mixed into the blood faster and causes. For example, cooked carrots more than raw carrots makes me hungry late (Because when cooked, easier to digest, the glycemic load increases). In the same way different when eaten raw cabbage or spinach salad, stewed cabbage or spinach, when cooked, one of your toughness in the form of different effects (it’s in a state of raw cabbage, which was around 15 when the value of the glycemic index, when cooked, almost 50% can go to). In summary, more to chew raw food, the more quickly to get fed, by keeping you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar balanced more easily allows them to escape from feelings of hunger. Try to eat everything raw that can be eaten raw.
RECOMMENDATION 6: do not eat Frequently!
Required for one snack hypoglycaemic, but for some, that might provoke satiety and also reducing the feeling of hunger is a big mistake. This particular is an important point for those with insulin resistance problems. This new insulin in the blood of people every snack that is made unnecessary efforts in bursts, thus creating a sense of hunger as a result of the reactive sugar fall. On the other hand, the selection of snacks is also an important detail. Sugary, floury, salty snacks your appetite and makes you eat a lot of fast and open, rapidly raise your blood sugar, reduces excess then. Therefore, you can aciktirabi again. Therefore, breadsticks, chips, snacks such as biscuits, instead of protein, rich in fiber, low in calories, less glycemic load snacks to try. Yogurt, cheese or yogurt a good snack of protein rich foods such as they can be. Reinforced protein and fiber content snacks are also available. Pieces of raw vegetables (cucumber, carrot) low in calories and glycemic due to forces also in the same group can be taken. A high content of pulp, satiated captive nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts) can be included in the same group. But pay attention to the amount provided.
RECOMMENDATION 7: don’t skip meals!
Unable to suppress a kind of a sense of hunger, often eating any meal of the inhabitants of one of the mistakes is skipping episodes. We especially skipping the morning meal could lead to an eating disorder that can last throughout the day, we’ve seen that. Sometimes work, sometimes lapses, sometimes, “I’ll give you my weight stay hungry” that can cause the wrong idea to jump a meal like lunch is a big mistake. It doesn’t matter whether in the morning or lunch meal, the next meal that you consume at every meal you skip a snack, double the amount of food more often, causing triple your.Even worse, your chances of choosing bad from sitting at the table overly hungry carbohydrates are rising, the faster you eat, chew your food as your incorrect multiply.
RECOMMENDATION 8: don’t forget the juice!
The feelings of hunger and thirst can be mixed with each other. Most of us when we were thirsty, “I’m hungry we tend to eat thinking. On the other hand, we are not aware of regular drinking water that supports a feeling of fullness. In short, an easy way to manage toughness, adequate and regular water to drink. If you are experiencing attacks of hunger throughout the day, often remember to drink water at frequent intervals.