8 Why Is It Important For Honey To Eat

The oldest natural sweeteners for centuries in our history the need for our body’s natural sugar of honey greets you in a healthy manner. Also has many benefits to our health.
Healthy food component that hosts at least 181 ‘liquid gold’ honey, natural sugars, amino acids, C, B vitamins and calcium, iron, magnesium, composed of minerals such as potassium. This particular nutritional with the forces sweetheart, is quite beneficial for our health than pure sugar with empty calories. Many useful tasks this week, let’s look at the eight power of honey:
1) Body increase your energy: natural honey if you want to have a more vigorous body, eat plenty of ways and reduce your consumption of coffee that contain caffeine. Every morning, eat a spoon of honey, you will provide more energy than drinking a cup of coffee. A teaspoon of honey contains 17 grams of carbohydrate, glucose to the brain is required to supply a significant portion of support. Besides, honey, your muscles allows you to run more efficiently without getting tired. Before exercising, try putting one teaspoon of your tea or your water and stay more alert during the day.
2) sore throat treatment: according to many scientific findings, the best natural treatment for throat pain; to eat honey. Research on children in America; honey as effective as cough have shown that cough medicine is to treat, eating. An itching in the throat, if you feel pain or if you start coughing; one teaspoon honey, one teaspoon lemon juice method mix warm water with a natural treatment by drinking apply.

3) strengthens immunity: bees, honey enzyme called glucose oxidase is added into the production phase, thanks to the level of antioxidants in the honey rises considerably. Antioxidants also strengthens the immune system. In studies, individuals who consume honey every day shown elevated levels of antioxidants that help fight germs in the blood. Honey contains high polyphenol may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer with the property that is stated. Protect your body by eating a tablespoon every morning.
4) helps to lose weight: calories in a teaspoon of honey 21. After setting up your daily calorie balance, you can easily consume honey. In scientific studies, it has been shown that honey, when consumed at a dose of saturation. A teaspoon of honey and consumed before going to sleep, refresh and prevent crises it was reported that the cells in the body sweet.
5) provides a comfortable sleep: