Pain in the lower left abdomen can be a symptom of a number of different diseases and conditions, some of which are completely unique to women. Much of a woman’s reproductive system is located in this area of her body and many conditions related to pain in this region are related to these systems and require specialized and careful treatment. However fortunately many causes of this left lower abdominal pain in females are also very treatable and not too serious.

Left Lower Abdominal Pain in Females: Ovarian Cysts – Ovarian cysts develop for no particular reason in most women and are for the most part benign. If the left ovary is affected one of the signs that the condition is present will be a sharp pain, often very sudden it its onset, in the left lower abdomen.

Much of the time after an ovarian cyst has been diagnosed, usually by way of a simple ultrasound, the condition will just be monitored by a medical professional as many of these cysts resolve on their own in a few days. In order to help the patient stand the pain pain medication is usually prescribed.

If the ovarian cyst does not resolve then laproscopic surgery is usually required. This involves very small incisions so it is minimally invasive and most women recover form such a surgery in a short time. usually a biopsy is performed on the excised cyst to make sure that it is not cancerous. Should that turn out to be the case a whole different set of treatments must begin including the possibility of removing the affected ovary altogether.

Left Lower Abdominal Pain in Females: Ectopic Pregnancy – During the early stages of a normal pregnancy once an egg has been fertilized it will travel down the Fallopian tubes to implant itself in the womb to grow. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy this does not occur however and for reasons that are still unclear much of the time the fetus stops its journey and begins to form in the Fallopian tubes, or even occasionally the ovary. There are certain risk factors doctors believe put women at a greater risk of ectopic pregnancy including smoking, prior surgeries in the area that have left scarring and being over the age of 35 but the condition can occur in any woman.

In this case the pregnancy is not viable but the fetus must be removed as it is a threat to the female’s life as if a rupture occurs severe bleeding and shock can follow. The left sided abdominal pain associate with ectopic pregnancy is also often accompanied by lower back pain, nausea, dizziness, fainting and unexpected vaginal bleeding.

The procedure to remove an ectopic pregnancy is usually a minimally invasive surgery that removes the malformed fetal matter. in some cases the affected Fallopian tube may have to be removed as well.

Left Lower Abdominal Pain in Females: Endometriosis – This is a painful condition that involves the abnormal growth of womb tissue outside the womb. it is normal that every month the body of a woman of child bearing age will cause the cells in the lining of the womb to thicken to prepare for a possible pregnancy. A period is the result of these cells being expelled from the body.

Endometriosis occurs when these womb cells grow outside the womb instead. The left lower abdominal pain in females (which can occur on the right as well, depending upon the location of the “rogue” cells) is usually accompanied by severe bleeding during periods and women suffering from the condition often have a difficult time conceiving. Pain medications, hormone treatments and surgery are all options but OB GYN doctors base treatment decisions on each individual case.

Left Lower Abdominal Pain in Men

There are also a couple of reasons for left sided abdominal pain that are unique to men. Prostate problems of various kinds , including prostate cancer, can cause this kind of pain as well as a condition called varicocele. Varicocele is an abnormal compression of the testicles that can cause severe pain throughout the whole lower body. Both conditions are usually managed and treated by a urologist.