Dr. Murat Tuzcu in the Milliyet newspaper’ s post:
Last week, the striker scored in the 93rd minute of watching TV news Seferovic Switzerland and Ecuador at the World Cup, conceded a heart attack, was hospitalized on suspicion of supporters of one I heard.Intense emotions, especially of grief is known to cause heart problems from the stress. The lives of fans at football games intense emotion of softening the heart of the storm, indicating there is serious scientific research. The European Championships in 1996, 1998 and 2006 World Cup made during the research sheds light on this issue.
A 50 percent increase in deaths
The European football championship in England in 1996 and played in Netherlands in the quarterfinals with France encountered. In Liverpool, the match ended scoreless 90 minutes and an additional period of 30 minutes. Which team that will come to the semi-finals they got a penalty kick. Penalty shootout goals turned five French footballers. With the Dutch four. The match he had a heart attack 41 people in the Netherlands, 60 percent of the population watched television.
Scientists at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands created this game as the championship were eliminated from the grief that explored the health effects of. For this, the game was played on June 22 that there were few people in the Netherlands revealed that on the day of. For the next 5 days before the match day and the same research have been made. Male 41 game day heart attack and stroke that is due to the person appeared to be the average of 27 other days. Missed penalty led to a 50 percent increase. Published in 2000 in the journal BMJ, one of the interesting results of the survey, was to defeat their deaths affect women.
Great joy in France
A survey in the Netherlands, unlike in France, the victorious coming of the joy of the effect on the heart was investigated. Played in the World Cup finals in Paris in 1998, France took the trophy by beating Brazil 3-0. Where the game is played on the final day, July 12, a significant reduction in deaths from heart attack was found. Interestingly, a similar decline two days later, on the day of a national holiday was observed.
Pay attention to the stress Mac!
The most serious and most comprehensive scientific research has been done on this subject was held during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Scientists study prepared meticulously for a month or ambulance emergency services in the state of Bavaria in Munich brought in with references to patients are examined. Heart-related complaints that may be focused on.
By way of comparison
In June of 1996 and similar problems to the emergency room with a heart attack in Bavaria many people know that he hit the head, it wasn’t enough. Because the match is supposed to perform a comparison to determine whether to increase the excitement of heart problems. For this, the 2003, 2005 and 2006, where the weather conditions are similar in the spring and summer months head to the emergency room created a control group by examining pellets. However, there was a problem. Tens of thousands of tourists come to Germany for the World Cup from football to participate in the research of those who are sick it could get messy. The control was prepared for comparison, because during periods, none of these tourists, because it is not in Bavaria, the result would not be reliable. The problem is, continuous residence in Bavaria non-being out of work is solved.
His heart wore out very excited
This is after meticulous preparatory work, the information obtained revealed that some of the excitement of the match, softening the hearts of fans. Between 9 June and 9 July for 1 month due to heart problems was admitted in the emergency room approximately 4300 people. This figure was almost three times more than in other years. An increase in heart problems, were more pronounced in men. The heart researchers when they look at emergency incidents on a single date, especially in the days of Germany increase. The excitement of the match has a heart condition influenced the observations was among the ones much more than the healthy ones.
In 2006, Germany’s first opponent of the day Costa Rica played with increased cardiac events (1). This increase prevailed in the match were more pronounced in Poland, Germany last minute field goal (2). After this match, guarantee to skip the tour of Germany, Ecuador was already in emergency with heart problems in the match if it wasn’t much of this increase (3). In contrast, Sweden would be eliminated if defeated (4) very exciting, especially penalty kicks and the last in the match Germany Argentina result was a marked increase in heart disease appointed with very (5). Italy defeated Germany in the semi-final match of similar level of increase was seen in (6). To be considered a consolation match , Germany, Portugal and the match for third place to the hearts of the impact was much less (7). The final game of Italy and France, albeit to less effect.
Violence is also on the rise
In some countries, we know that the important football matches are rising in the aftermath of violence. Football fans in the UK especially bad about this they have a reputation. Unfortunately, in our country, a fight after a football game is not rare at all and break bulk. The fight fans the first fans in history perhaps the first recorded fight took place in Istanbul. By the Queen’s famous first emerged during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian and the Nika riots burned and more than half konstantinapolis which led to the collapse during a sporting event has started. At that time the football games, which is current very popular as chariot racing, blue, Yesil, red and white colors, recognized 4 would join the team. The best team beat arch-rival Green with blue at the end of the encounter were measured. Between the green with the blue in the first month of the year 532, the chariot race in the Hippodrome before fans arguing with each other and started a fight. They then defied the emperor’s high taxes and oppression. A week-long Nika Revolt, which is called in this attempt, thousands of people lost their lives.
‘Why deaths from cardiovascular disease is increasing at football games?’ difficult to give a definitive answer to the question. For the majority of heart disease, the trigger is being pulled. One of the factors who pulled the trigger also feels the stress. This hypothesis would support the results of the research in Munich. Heart health problems to rise in the hours before the game begins, intensifies during the match, after the game still continues in the next hour. The thrill of it and the importance of the match increases, stress also increases. Tour hop or disqualification of the determined match, the penalties of the result in the last minute or when you’re at the highest level the voltage is happening. The shooter may be in eating and drinking, watching the game on TV as well as some experts stress most of the time, they noted very badly Fed. Before the match and during the match and plenty of foods rich in saturated fat and processed carbohydrates eaten, it is known that increased alcohol consumption and cigarette use. These factors may pull the trigger of heart attack in patients with advanced arteriosclerosis it is also true that.
The Last Word: The Beautiful Game of football can be enjoyed in moderation to enjoy best.