A cold that makes you fat?

Cold, warm is better? The Ancients “the heat and it doesn’t hurt to have more of your money” they say, but the weight I think they’re both things that can be a problem to the issue in question. Especially for this money, the more heat can facilitate weight gain. ‘Hot’ is shown as an important factor in this regard. As for why…
Excess weight, abdominal circumference, accumulated oils and go with each passing year a little more can’t hide anymore from becoming thickened legs and almost everyone has cellulite, but most of all annoys women who live after middle age.
A new drug researchers have a different mechanism for a different solution in the laboratory sabahlatan, trying to find a remedy to the same problems again.
Well, hope is a good sign?
In recent past studies, scientists have our body a cool environment to live in cold weather and greater amounts of “good fat” I mean, “brown fat” they found that encouraged to produce. “Did you happen to oil the best?” you’d say I know, don’t rush it,
continue reading the article. Of body fat Read, who listens to everyone thinks the same thing hurt more, but the “brown fat” good fat metabolism and strengthening, uplifting and Fire properties of calories for you to have any sort of “beneficial fat”.
This good fat mass coffee colored red in our cells called the mitochondria, fluid temperature by converting the calories from his food and is on the way from the skills of creating energy.
Earlier we introduced you with mitochondria. They often did we mention that is the centre of our cells energy production. They are able to move thanks to the energy they produce.
Plenty of every baby-is born with brown fat cells. In this way, when the external environment from the mother’s womb hot hot-cold difference isn’t easily impressed. However, Years Age us with this useful and growing the fat cells gradually consuming. Some of us are able to maintain a portion a little bit more lucky, others lose almost all.
The reason for the reduction of brown fat cells is one of the greatest wonder of researchers. Perhaps a sigh of relief because of this us to identify in combating fat even be able to get.
According to experts, most neck, shoulders and chest area, located between white fat cells, brown fat burns lipids loaded with calories, white oils, in contrast, trying to store them. For that reason already “bad fats” are referred to as cells.
Thanks to the advancement of imaging techniques, where the oil is Brown in quantity that are taking place and what I was able to learn, and that is good news. PET scans and body scans, while brown fat mass in these regions is not defined as a field of inflammatory substance in the fact that the lack of involvement has led to this discovery.
Protect Brown oil fueling our metabolism to increase even more if even possible is it possible? Here’s the scientists who are looking for a solution to weight problem blow the head of one of the fundamental issues.
Living in a cold environment for a long time more than the brown fat mass. A group of researchers who experiments on mice, proved that a cold environment increases the number of brown fat cells to live in. Of course, for now only on mice. But in humans a similar effect is likely to be. In a study with a control group, because, after living for a while in a cold environment, brown fat which can burn more calories both subjects both elevated metabolic rate leads to higher ratios.
The curious researchers on the subject of a brown oil with the mechanism of what started it and increase your rate of fat loss. Seasons? Hot or cold? A change of Environment? The light of day?
Brown fat of the metabolism-boosting and fat burning properties in the future more detailed information about methods related to weight management is considered to be a great support.
Also the most important health problems of metabolic insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and diabetes-related treatment plans is expected to be contributed to.
Lose weight, more fat (white so “bad fat”) to get rid of, and qualified to manage a healthy weight and regular physical activity can be achieved by making balanced nutrition primarily. But our bodies to increase their capacity to know the values that have a very important trend.
Eating plan to strengthen your memory
Nutritional habits are with a more robust, more powerful and more intense is directly related to having a memory. Balanced feeding and qualified, you can keep your memory robust and more healthy with the nutritional support that is right for you.
* Consume plenty of antioxidant nutrients! Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day!

Dry black plum
Red pepper
Dried black grapes

* Avoid foods that raises your blood sugar rapidly and excessively!

Boiled potatoes
Corn on the cob
Fried potatoes
Ice cream
White bread

* Regular bar.
* Vinegar, lemon juice and spices.
* Avoid processed foods.
* Foods containing omega-3 consume more.

Flax seed

* Consume less fat. Reduce your use of saturated fats (butter, margarine). Prefer.
* Reduce your daily calorie consumption total.
* Do not eat while you are under stress.
* Avoid eating night.
* Drink plenty of water.
* Omega-6, cut down on foods that contain.

Ice cream
Red meat
Sunflower oil
The cost of corn

* Egg whites (hard boiled egg whites omelette prepared using only the white part) consume plenty of.