Suggestions That Will Allow You To Eat Less Every Day

Unnecessary calories without noticing in your daily life by making snacks that you can get think! These suggestions crafted based on scientific research, you can get it in days with unnecessary calories by making small changes to your habits and put a stop to all you can resume a healthy diet in your life.
At the grocery store:
– Chew gum. While browsing at the grocery store because I chew gum chewing gum makes the brain reduces food that is really junk food for the lack of creaking or she couldn’t imagine the flavors.
– Two separate to your shopping cart. Large basket with half fruits and vegetables, other foods should consist of the rest. This is a big package for you such as chips and cookies, packs big-calorie foods is not your place to remind you that for.
At the office:
– Don’t eat your meals at your desk work. When you eat at your work desk, your attention, since you will be in a place on your computer or business related, you won’t notice that fast by eating what you’re eating, you can eat more than you want.
– If you are going to eat your lunch outside if you sit at a table in the area plenty of light where you’re going. Because according to the research environments that are leading you to make healthy choices like salads more light and more bright. A table near the TV area dark and less light, the more it allows you to eat and drink.
In the kitchen:
– Bad eating habits, and start comes to your kitchen from the grocery store. Kitchens filled with snacks and unnecessary calories to your eating prepare the ground.
– Do not leave your dishes on the kitchen counter never. The counter can be seen in regions, chips, cookies and junk food like the people who kept the stalls are empty at least 5 pounds more per year compared to people who.
– Calorie food that appeals to you and a night in front of the fridge to get a snack food down to the stomach in the refrigerator when storing, store it with aluminum foil. As soon as he opens the closet door so you will not see what was in it. If you put a transparent plastic bag and more healthy food, it is easier to reach them.
Remember, eating clean of reform starts from food stocks.
On your fridge, in your supply closet, pantry and harmful foods that you turn you from your path if you have to get rid of them in a heartbeat. Always consider alternatives that you can maintain a healthy diet at home.
Foods that should be necessarily present in your home:
Lactose-free milk
Dry Fruits

Best Carbohydrates For A Flat Stomach In 4

Many of us circulating around bad carbohydrates although carbohydrates in order to burn fat faster there is no need to remove from your life completely. Especially if you’ve chosen the right resources…
Below, with the goal to melt belly fat and keep you full at the same time, you can review your 4 food to help you.
1 – Forest Berries & Cherries
Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and wild berries such as cherries, are some of the best carbs you can eat. High in dietary fibre, packed with antioxidants and especially according to the glycemic index, foods that are quite low. Even cherries glycemic index of only 22%.
2-Multi-Grain Bread
Multi-grain bread, white bread, without any problem, the bread is the best way to add to your diet, and even 100% whole grains. Organic wheat bread instead of white bread, delicious, and flour consists of whole grains contain.
2 slices multi-grain bread contains 8 grams of complete protein and 6 grams fiber. Therefore do not cut the bread, just choose the correct type!
3-quinoa is also
Brown rice cereal is the healthiest. However, there’s another one, brown rice and even pass that kinokadr.
Considerably more fiber content and low glycemic index compared to brown rice along with quinoa also contains more protein than double, gluten free grain. Just not merely that, among grains, quinoa is also complete protein and the only grain in a wide range of amino acids that hosts the content.
Salads, healthy meals and oats for breakfast instead of the high protein you eat to benefit from and many content types you can use.
4-beans, lentils and other legumes
Healthy carbohydrates beans and lentils and my favorite part of the legume family. Packed with protein and fiber, lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans, kidney beans, lima beans have many varieties such as, and thus you can’t get tired of any of them.
Fiber & protein contents and the many good aspects because of per day is recommended to eat at least one kind of the legume family.

Why Am I Always Hungry?

The most obvious reason for the feeling of hunger even though you may be approaching the time for the next meal, the reasons for these feelings may occur because of several different circumstances. Still feeling hungry or not eating regularly and often is missing if you feel hungry, you may be sending signals to eat more than your body needs.
If organic foods in your diet, whole grains, fruits and vegetables contain all the colors of the rainbow, or to cover if he doesn’t, of course, your hunger may cause. ‘Your body to feel satiated vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats needs.
Emotional Hunger
For many people, emotional eating is considered an activity. Some people call that stress, sadness, anger and irritability in response to cases of makes. While initially these seem to the food you eat to soothe feelings, the most deep bilmekteyiz all too well that it is not the solution.
Your emotional hunger if you are one who feels he has to eat when the urge occurs by creating a log of your feelings, you can help me get past the connection between your emotions and eating. If you recognize your own behavior, such as meditation classes for stress relief emotional junk food when hunger attacks instead of attacking, you can take steps towards the resolution of the real issues.
Lack Of Sleep
Another cause of hunger is not getting enough sleep attacks. When you’re not getting sufficient sleep, the body begins to produce high levels of ghrelin which is a hormone that triggers hunger. Lack of sleep also to turn to sugary and salty snacks to start eating is linked to requests, such as designed.
Water Loss
Some people make the mistake of mixing the feeling of thirst with hunger. Every day, you should be sure to drink 8 to 10 glass of water. Because water loss, increase the feeling of hunger may cause. Beverages except water, because water loss tends to increase in the day coffee, tea and consume a lot of beverages such as juice, drinking more water, you should make it up to me
Acidic Drinks
If you are constantly consuming acidic drinks, the best way is to stop them. Acidic drinks will create the desire to eat more satiety contains several ingredients that affect the body’s mechanism in a way that, for example, with content such as high fructose corn syrup. In addition to all these, it also has the effect that a high water loss will give. Acidic beverages in the diet of the ones in no way a better solution because it is not in the same way artificial sweeteners make you feel hungry.
Gluten Intolerance
Being fed in a normal manner, although still sudden hunger pangs if you are dealing with because of this, gluten sensitivity or even celiac disease undiagnosed you may have. Gluten in some people the body by blocking the absorption of nutrients causes not to get what it needs to function. It is well documented that the symptoms of gluten sensitivity may be linked with attacks of hunger.
Parasites or hormonal imbalances
If a nutritious diet implementing the above factors are outside the scope of hunger and still attacks if you are experiencing the symptoms of hormonal imbalances that can cause insatiable hunger to understand this situation and to rule out whether you have parasites and you should see a medical professional. Your stomach you may be trying to tell you something.

8 Benefits Of Mandarin

Popular autumn and winter fruit, mandarin orange, vitamin C is stored, although many illnesses healing is happening. Experts infection, strengthens immunity, and stresses that our daily diet should be made in the plan. The benefits of this miracle fruit serious condition from good many experts are listed as follows:
1-prevents inflammations-the body of vitamins necessary for the health of the natural areas. Rich in vitamin C Tangerine antioxidant effect also prevents inflammation.
2-ointment for small cuts: tiny cuts speeds up the healing of minor accidents that occur in time.
3-Iron contain: beneficial to the body by absorbing iron from food.
4-Cholesterol shield: Mandarin, which limits the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine pectin and hemi-cellulose consists of fibers such as. Keeps the balance of cholesterol.
5-last Insomnia: after dinner eaten Tangerine calms the nerves, promotes restful sleep.
6-prevent chronic disease: many fruits, like tangerines and also increases resistance of the body against cardiovascular diseases. Protects against cancer.
7-eliminates skin problems: acne, skin diseases such as Mandarin, a source of vitamin A Cure. This fruit boosts natural collagen production that eliminates the signs of aging smooth skin allows you to have BR.
8-pass Hair: Tangerine is effective in the rapid growth of hair. Also also slows the graying of hair.

The difference between probiotics and prebiotics

Due to the similarity in name, it sounds like some people just a spelling error, as probiotic and prebiotic terms that are different from each other. Probiotic and probiotic foods, but has important duties to both the health of your digestive system.
Of bacteria in our body two types are available, one of the bacteria which cause the disease, and the second is found in the large intestine and digestive system beneficial bacteria to keep working properly. These good bacteria are called probiotics, and a healthy life is very important. Necessarily also consume probiotic foods for healthy digestion and protect against harmful bacteria which helps digestion because we don’t have these microorganisms in our body already. But the number of them to increase the digestive system and strengthen the immune system means that.
Probiotics are live bacteria that are included in fermented products such as yoghurt. Except for yogurt, kefir, boza, fermented cottage cheese and soft cheeses such as Gouda, pickles, tarhana soup with fermented foods that contain bacteria and active fermentation and sourdough bread. This healthy bacteria found in breast milk. In the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding to consume probiotic foods will be beneficial for you and your baby’s digestive system and the immune system.
We need to consume dairy products to 3 servings a day for healthy living. Protect your health by consuming kefir or yogurt in one or two of these portions. Probiotics can be destroyed by heat and stomach acid, so more is digested, they may lose their effectiveness. By regularly consuming moderate amounts can increase some of the effects.
Strengthens the intestinal walls probiotics, fibrous foods to digest, the intestines to work properly, B1, B2, B6 and vitamin K, iron, helps increase the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Those with problems of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, is good for urinary tract infections treats and prevents vaginal yeast infections. Prevents colds and flu by strengthening immunity, and reduces the effects. Our hormone regulates the production, creates a positive impact on mental health from digestion in many ways. Especially to consume probiotic foods during antibiotic use, because antibiotics destroy the good bacteria along with the harmful bacteria we have to be careful.
They are effective for the health of your digestive system probiotics, but also Prebiotics without quite useless. Prebiotics are special vegetable fibres that feeds good bacteria in the large intestine in a beneficial way. Your body is unable to digest these fibres, instead fermented in the large intestine they’ll be supporting the growth of good bacteria, the bad, and create an effect that prevents the development of bacteria that causes the disease.
Each fiber probiotic food. Probiotic fiber, apple peel, bananas, garlic, onions, leeks, sweet potatoes, asparagus, beans, especially bean varieties, wholegrain foods, oats, almonds and honey. You already you have enough of the probiotic fibers normal diet don’t you think? Unfortunately, all these foods only 1-2 grams of fiber per serving in the vicinity of keeps, and when that happens enough prebiotic fiber is difficult to digest. For an average adult to consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day is required, and a portion of the fibers, we must be careful to take it with probiotic foods.
Probiotics and prebiotics work together. Have a change in your health just by consuming probiotics, you won’t. Probiotics probiotic foods are foods rich in vitamins and minerals and also adding these foods to your diet plan daily so that not only you can contribute to your overall health to the digestive system big.

5 Food Stop Growing Old

Yipratara diseases can cause your body aging faster. So the way to prevent this do you know? Which refer to foods that prevents aging?
Forest Fruit
Accelerates the wear of free radicals in the body that can be caused by old age and with it brings results. With the stores of antioxidants that reduce free radicals and protect your skin to cherish; blackberries, raspberries, black grapes, fruits such as blueberries benefit from.
Anthocyanins are formed to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the army! With the support of vitamin C at the same time, makes the skin a healthy appearance.
Their beauty is not linked directly with. However, as we mentioned earlier in the article, the disease wears out. Garlic is an antioxidant that has protective power you from many diseases. Many of the drug is blood thinners garlic even more effective, reduce cholesterol, and helps prevent cancer
Of flavonoids in cocoa that you have due to your skin while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun by speeding up the circulation of fresh appearance.
Full E vitamin store. The mean of vitamin E Skin Beauty means. Prevents edema, body skin-friendly and healthy ingredients.

Obesity Is One Of The Ten Reasons To Get Married

After marriage, men receives more weight than their wives. Well, about how to stop the increase in weight after marriage? Here, tips…
According to a survey by the International Union obesity obesity marry one of the ten reasons. Men more than their wives starts gaining weight. Women gain weight after marriage than men more concerned of their external appearance less live.
Why do men gain weight after marriage?
1) after marriage to look at yourself: “Life my friend anymore anyway, I found that what happens if I take weight after” are starting to think. After marriage, they’re starting not to look at them no longer, what they eat, and to drink he wasn’t paying attention, it’s starting to gain weight every other day.
2) consume more food during a conversation: married couples, they spend more time with married people. On the weekends, brunch, barbecue, burn, or more home visits during a conversation without being aware of food consumption.
3) eat a lot of compliments from visiting relatives: visiting relatives after marriage begins. After marriage, men and women are treated in relation to that food or drinks made by the result of the inability to say no to food consumption is starting to be much more.
4) after marriage, to spend more time at home: he brought to the marriage, which it’s starting to be more time in front of the television after dinner with lethargy.
5) sports adjourn: pre-wedding preparations; preparations for the engagement ceremony and the wedding in the period of time after marriage to be more animated and busy putting off the gym after a last decreasing the levels of motion.
6) Depression: Male, if you can’t find the happiness you’re looking for if the marriage, he got depressed, they give their own food, and thus, it’s starting to gain weight every other day.
7) late dining: close to sleeping through the night nutrients they consume unconsciously without realizing it. Consumption of food close to sleeping through the night since they were spending more time at home. As you lose weight consumed in the late hours of the night to return everything the next day begins.
8) I often order food from the outside: married couples if both are running, if the order is given food from outside or eat outside. Ordering food from outside or eating out when they are eaten fat, high-calorie foods such as fast food, which is easy and practical to eat are preferred.
How should one feed the men after marriage?

Take yourself a small notebook you can carry in your pocket and start writing your food consumption. On each page, by typing in the date of food and beverages you consume along with the amount of servings in a day type. Thus, according to him, balancing the food groups you consume and the next day you start to be aware of.
Always start the day by making breakfast. No later than within 1 hour of waking up in the morning, blood sugar and other imbalances in the hours of meals, be aware of the lack of make your breakfast for you.
Eat 3 main meals per day and 3 in Dec.
Dec meals and other meals more when you should skip meals, especially food consumption, blood sugar imbalances and weight gain experience. Therefore, the main your and Dec do not skip meals.
The food groups you consume your dinner at noon according to plan. For lunch, vegetables (leeks, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli, zucchini, etc.) is weighted if you are feeding in the evening, protein (chicken, fish or red meat) try to eat a diet weighted.
When you want to eat dessert, low calorie, and make healthy choices. High-calorie, nutritional value, low, and syrup desserts (pastry, butter tarts, baklava, etc.) instead of consuming calcium-rich milk desserts (pudding, rice pudding, etc.) or vitamins, minerals that are rich in fruit salad (orange pieces, ½ pieces ½ Apple, 1 pear, Tangerine, 3 tablespoons yogurt, nuts 5) you can eat.
In the fridge rich in calcium milk, yogurt, buttermilk or kefir. When you are hungry will keep you satiated for a long time, 1 cup milk, 1 cup yogurt or buttermilk can be consumed.
Light brisk walks in the woods or on the beach on the weekends. You will do 45 minutes in the open air. light a brisk walk makes you feel yourself more energetic, your metabolism accelerates and you will receive plenty of oxygen.
Drop in food intake at least 2 hours before bedtime.
Bedtime do not eat the fruit even late at night you will consume of each food to you the next day, note that the weight will return.


Winter Wonders

A cold and snowy day. Is good!! For our health, “Winter personality”. Also in winter and they just have their own unique beauty “Snow White” isn’t limited to romance. Like the other seasons, in winter the treasures, miracles and of this miracle we need to take advantage of us. Winter winter only the miracles in the pharmacy are sold. Those pharmacies also in the mall, at the market, are being installed in the grocery store. Here you go…
Cabbage Female Health Guarantee
Cabbage is one of the bass players of our culinary culture. Like the salad, we’ll pickle it, but especially upon the expiry, we can’t never give up. Soup, boiled dishes make a note of watery cabbage, let’s get the health benefits.
The cabbage have a component in many health, and most importantly, indole-3-carbinol, also known as full natural… this article is a miracle, a complete natural remedy. We have hundreds of studies that prove especially cancer protective benefits. Works to prevent colon and prostate cancer, but studies show that especially protects women from breast cancer is remarkable. How much for the women so much if they run out of cabbage indole-3-carbinol, gaining protection from breast cancer is so strong that the chance to.
Cabbage juice is anti-estrogen it has been shown that other components, but indole-3-carbinol is a more important component. Also the calcium content of cabbage is an important detail. Especially women with osteoporosis should consume more frequent and abundant in cabbage.
The wealth effect is not limited to strengthening bones, calcium, vitamin K, cabbage is a food that is rich in. Therefore also when it comes to bone health, you already almost “double yolk egg” effect, he shoots two birds with one stone.
Store Cauliflower For Survivors
Cauliflower is one of winter wonders store for the survivors. He also has abundant calcium, indole-3-carbinol, vitamin K, vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals include, but is a separate wealth for survivors.
During the winter, be sure to consume lots of fresh cauliflower. If possible find fresh ones after cleaning and thoroughly cooking salad, yogurt dip enjoy your meal.
Please shed the water boil when you think about it. Best juicy pork, leek and cauliflower occasionally eat food; eat your bones feast!
Carrots, pumpkin and opens your eyes!
One of the dangers of macular degeneration in the eye waiting for significant age progresses.There are some effective natural components in the Prevention of this disease. Lutein and zeaxanthin at the top of comes. If you hold food that is most rich in the world, pumpkin and carrots. Start with pumpkin soup for a cold winter’s dinner table, complete with pumpkin dessert with no added sugar then it can be the perfect choice.
Popeye Spinach Power
Popeye The Adventures of our childhood reading I passed. The chief learned the power of spinach, the iron in the spinach comes from. However, in recent years, this traditional was missing a little bit of knowledge turns out, the rich iron content of spinach is not limited to only the power. There is a component much more powerful, energizing him: CoQ10…
CoQ10 fuels the mitochondria of our cells where energy is produced that need is one of the most important. So much intense energy that is able to produce more mitochondria. And probably one of the most powerful sources of this component of spinach Popeye, the iron in your biceps popping miracle it’s not, CoQ10 is associated with.
Eat plenty of spinach during the winter and more frequent, her scalding water shed, please. Tomorrow is our winter you will find other meds in our corner pharmacy.

5 Benefits To Eat The Apple Without Peeling

After cooking thoroughly wash your apples with Peel is more beneficial to health.
A: the shell of a medium apple 4.4 grams of “fiber”. The amount of fiber in the Apple the fleshy part of only 2.1 grams.
Two: the shell of a medium apple 8.4 milligrams “vitamin C” and 98 IU of “vitamin”.
Three: Antioxidant is a substance which “kuerset” are found in the peel of an Apple at most.
Four: in the shell “triterpenoid” the substance called also protective against cancer.
Five: in the shell “ursolik acid” also is the ability to use more weight and brown adipose tissue by increasing Nov.
Let’s see the result
Robbing you eat from this apple you enjoy writing like me after you’ve thoroughly read two of water and be fulfilled:


Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!

Reputable medical journal in an article published in the Lancet series, politicians, the World Health Organisation (WHO) by printing to ensure that your children eat unhealthy foods to encourage people to take measures to prevent were asked.
The world’s leading obesity experts, obese children, growth retardation that leads to “unhealthy food and beverages” of new initiatives is a condition for the cessation of marketing activities reports.
Article of any country in the world in the obesity epidemic be reversed, only that has stopped the increase in obesity in the USA and UK, but underline that it is valid for a poor family.
According to the WHO, in 2014, more than 39 per cent of the world’s population are overweight and also 13 per cent are classified as obese; 42 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese.
Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!
Lobstein and his friends in the government who’ Children by printing what sweet drinks and unhealthy foods to be tasted ever wants to take radical measures.
Experts impose stricter regulations on the food and beverage industry, food companies promoting their products by lactating mothers have been taken away from them against similar measures be taken against unhealthy foods that stipulates that.
The goal of the food industry article, especially the children, with emphasis on “Companies only have direct impact on the dietary preferences of children, they do, flavor and brand of abuse in adulthood earned in the first year of life, they provide the passage”.
More beats, more money is spent
According to the article, children in the USA consume more calories today compared to 30 years ago and the weight is 5 pounds more than 200 per day.
100-calorie energy food the cost of 56 cents, and accordingly the extra money spent on food per day children 1.2 $ in one year and 400$’ s on.
50 million school children in the USA of 20 billion dollars a year in much of the food the amount of money spent.
The majority of these children in adulthood, they continue to eat more, and considering the food and beverage industry in the USA for $ 60 billion turns out to be a Sunday.
In the article, this is a big market for the food industry in order to lose measures that will reduce the sales of tobacco and alcohol industries reported that they go strongly against it.
People are just sated belly, but they are fed
Unhealthy diet “obesity” with “developmental delay” brings.
People are belly sated, but their bodies do not feed.
Research students from poor families compared to children from wealthy families, are obese and shorter shows.
Excess weight and obesity, “diabetes”, “heart” and “cancer” creates a risk that costs are very high and long lasting treatments for many diseases.
Food is too important to be left to the food industry
I found the article in the Lancet is particularly important in the following matters:
A: the food supply by multinational food industry, the commodity market cannot be left to financiers and speculative.
Two: for the protection of the health of children in food controls, under the control of commercial competition and fundamental changes in the preservation and promotion of healthy foods must be made.
THREE: today’s food industry, people are biological, psychological, social, and economic sensitivities by using eat unhealthy foods.
To break this vicious cycle, the regulatory activities of the government and the industry needs to exert a greater effort.
FOUR: the government, the multinational food companies marketing unhealthy food to kids should take measures to protect that lead against the policies.
Five: the nutrition labels on the packages providing access to healthy foods and junk foods and by making the right choice by taxation and the sales of unhealthy foods with deterrence initiatives must be provided.
SIX: the sale of unhealthy foods to children in schools from expanding the exploitation of sophisticated marketing methods that increases the sensitivity of the children should not be allowed.
SEVEN: a health care system struggling with obesity to be designed better, with the support of civil society should be provided.
Let’s see the result
I’m trying to tell for years “being health, prevention of diseases, the type of it’s not about” the fact is, the scientific world finally begin to be expressed and I was very happy to be seen by.
A: first for Healthy Living “Food and to be in good health” is a basic requirement.
Achieve this and control citizens “the business of government”.
TWO: processed and package food and drinks without ever so as much as possible, but of course I made the necessary checks should be brought to the citizens of.
Mothers, if you can keep your children away from foods and prepared foods, your child will be healthier both physically and mentally.
People are increasingly “unprocessed milk, the eggs” the increase in demand, many of them “yogurt at home to do it himself” promising developments.
THREE: research fitting in with the “egg fast food and cigarettes are more harmful than” next to last “he’s manipulative scientists” and the sky to the ground, unable to prepared foods, the industry who could not bear to be a single word “supply specialists” series, we invite you to be inspired from.