Waiting For The Sun

We’re halfway through the month of May. On sunny summer days are at the door longingly awaited. The illumination of the clear blue sky in the winter than 1000 times more serotonin in our bodies by releasing isildayip comes back.
Increased vitamin D will elevate our level we are so glad the Rays. However, the sun’s Rays about the “less choice, most of the damage” is a situation that you need to keep in mind. Today, a colleague from Long Live the team Life, about the sun altinel universe by Dr. short, clear, and “pill information,”then I want to share it with you. Read together and a healthy, peaceful, vibrant, lively and enjoyable let’s get ready for summer.
A question: Does it cause allergy to the sun?
About 10 women, one of the first to the sun right around the same time, on his face, on his chest appear small, red, itchy spots due to the sun to say goodbye. Beautiful summer, precious vacation days in the “shadow”Jennifer. This condition is not a true allergic reaction which is called as sun allergy. The cause of this rash, the skin extremely sensitive to sunlight which makes local toxic response. In the early days leading up to The Sun, The Sun’s rays (UV=ultraviolet A and B) in particular, the growing problem in UVa with the effects of some medications, pain relievers, antidepressants, and statin, can be a cause of hatred. Even some of the components of sunscreen may also interact with this medication. To be more common in women, before the age of 18, after 50 years of age, could not be explained by the unusual lack. Her mother from an early age, young girls who are allergic to the sun can be seen. It can affect dark skin. Usually, the first week after the rash, the red spots will disappear. However, it should be noted that repeat. In the same year, although not very often the next year, even without waiting for the summer vacation, for example, may be a pain in the ass at the picnic, a beautiful again. There is a definite method to prevent sun allergies. However, emergence is delayed, the intensity can be reduced. The sun slowly, “let her down easy the skin” need to get out of. 11.00-16.00 between under constant control, protection factor at least 30, pure, unscented, and to repeat it often use sunscreen the first measures.
Info: likes the sun some medications
Caused by drugs “hypersensitivity to light=fotosensibilite” both chemical and skin that has a radial size is a problem. Ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) are propagated from the sun, generating heat that reaches the Earth’s surface and are filtered out by the ozone layer with the eyes and they look without noticing they don’t affect our skin. Which is used as artificial (solarium, etc.) these rays, “phototoxic and photo-allergic” chemical reactions causes the release of toxic or allergenic substances by entering. “Phototoxic reaction”, common takes the medication if a sunburn-like glimpse to give you a table that is independent from the immune system. The duration of radiation exposure and the dose of the drug increases, the intensity also increases. In contrast, “photo-allergic reaction”to the more rare. Irrespective of the dose of medication used, the drug is used within 24-72 hours, style dermatitis rash occurs. Sun-exposed places who doesn’t see much on body parts may also be affected. Light would create a hypersensitivity reaction to a medicine that you must be careful not to be exposed to UV rays when using. Only your cleavage or even your hands can trigger a reaction to remain open. Creams with high protection at frequent intervals, you should use on a regular basis. Ask your doctor about all the side effects of the medication for any reason. Your medications (your personal considering differences) are phototoxic and/or find out whether they are fotoallerjik. Some antibiotics (doxycycline and fotoallerjik phototoxic; phototoxic ciprofloxacin and sulfa drugs), some painkillers (ibuprofen and naproxen phototoxic), some diuretics (fotoallerjik food and phototoxic; phototoxic furosemide), some antidepressants, some blood pressure medications (ACE inhibitors, beta the Balkans), some sugar pills, estrogen and ostroprogestatif, will require the careful use of vitamin A precursors.
A word of caution: some of the “CIL”s can be dangerous
When exposed to sunlight the “freckles called rich pigment that gives color to the skin, the number of spots increases. These skin spots are not dangerous, but some may show improvement, and can develop into skin cancer. “Melanoma” skin cancer called the type of (total) cancers of the skin, 10%) 1/3 of the skin pre-existing color stain is caused by. Early diagnosis and intervention is the first condition for the treatment of melanoma. Therefore, especially women, who make up the risk group, regular skin checks should be carried out in children and young people. If he loves sunbathing in the sun if you are staying for a long time and often; if you have more than 50 skin in your body; these spots larger than 5 mm in diameter, previously identified you should be monitored regularly by a dermatologist if a suspicious spot. Irregular, asymmetric, awkward-looking; the wall is ambiguous, such as lace, indented; color tawny, dark or light; larger than 5 mm in diameter, and which tend to show a change in trend growth should raise the suspicion of any stain. If you have suspicious spots checked by a dermatologist and we recommend that 3-4 times in a year.


So Go Live

Weight of hypertension, heart very that they can develop to solve the problem we have two options: Either eat less or move a lot since the first one you’ll… most of us couldn’t do it, the only option is to move more!

Tembellestirdi us new life. To run into new technologies, especially the marching is going to stop. If you are the one who lives in the city, you can take the step up to 1000-1500 per day. The laziness of eternal and new life alternatives unlimited: elevators, escalators, minibuses, buses, private cars, coming soon “autowalk” even may be on the agenda. Again that “metabolism first”Miz, “and gain energy, gained energy” based on our system, the bottom becomes the top. Food and beverage needs with the calories we gained, not so much. That needs the calories stored as fat “weight problems, diabetes, hypertension, the threat of cardiovascular disease, and many more the problem of old age” as coming back to us.
Deteriorating energy balance to stay healthy so to protect them, to make must choose one of two options for this: Either eat less or move more. We tried the first one a lot but not a lot, but no, we can’t. Be assured, never will be. It’s not just laziness because of the new life to us, at the same time after feeding to drink more to make a board layout
is structured to be…
There is left only the second option: to act! Basically there are two ways. A, increase our activity; and two, create a regular exercise program every other day if not every day, but not necessarily always apply.
Activity “increase” of the proposal “exercise”far more than effective, lasting, and cost effective I think it is. Of course, if possible exercise, too let’s make our lives get exercise if possible, but the first thing we need to do to fix permanently to restore the balance of energy “is to increase our activity,” i.e., more “walking”. This not only makes sense but also is a viable option that it is a correct approach. We all have every day to work, shopping, to visit a neighbor, go to school, we walk more or less. If we could extend a bit of our daily walk; bus, minibus, private car, we could use a little less if the solution will be easy. The reason this is…
Only 1000 per day, increasing the amount of your step hiking, or even it might work. When you walk a thousand steps more than fifty extra calories you will burn. “Fifty calories what happens? don’t say” even this year a total of 18000 calories, so a decline is the equivalent of 2.5 pounds. Try to increase your activity according to me only two thousand paces per day or something custom you your daily activity without resorting to a workout plan only two thousand step –add-a mile on a flat terrain, even if it means taking the road – enough! Every day, I mean throw my name in too two thousand calories more per day and burn an additional 100 every five years or five kilos of weight gain to prevent your present weight throw I mean. But “permanent” and “effective” solution” for this is not enough. Begin by adding the two thousand step your daily activity, but your first goal is 5000, then 7500 step. The most effective result is “10000 step per day” please note that you can get taken.
What I am saying “Walking is one of the main factors in determining the health of it”. “Walking= health” means. The most powerful vitamins to walk even more than a useful support. Simple but totally effective natural hundreds of years ago, Hippocrates discovered that the bride wonders you benefit from, and immediately take note of the advice of Hippocrates: “walking the long way, you live longer.”
Per hour walk
Your mind is going to immediately ask the question because I know I am asked this question very often: “I don’t have time for a 2 mile walk for me, nor after lunch, my job is to walk around the place, nor after dinner, TV episodes and tour the neighborhood I’m not up to beautiful put aside. In short, two thousand paces Long Walk doesn’t seem very practical to me. Does it work again if I take 50 to 100 step 10-15 times during the day?” Make no mistake, this even would work. Do that every day. For example, “I’m old, I’m tired, I’m busy” excuses like that don’t defect, not only every hour but also in your overall health when weight under control, 50-100 step you will see a great improvement. Dinclesece. One of the more active you will become. Sugar, blood pressure control will heal you. Your muscles, strengthen your bones. Balance your condition will heal. Your memory will support. Your sleep will deepen. These are just “some”. Able to extend the list even further…
Replicate the activity to increase from that small movement fitted into our daily life, for example, consists of a short walk. Easy to apply, permanent and effective because it is simple to be made more a part of daily life. Exercise programs are also very useful, but sometimes may require an amount of time and money. An increase in activity can be brought into your way of life if frequently and in small amounts, but you burn calories every time which enables it to permanently burn more calories compared to exercises that will ensure a more reasonable way.
The increased activity also exercise a preponderance of the chance of injury is almost none. Increased activity also is free of charge, does not require special equipment. You just increase your activity to your comfortable shoes, your clothes just will allow for you to be comfortable to move all of that is not sufficient. Some advantages in comparison to the activity exercise, of course. For example, the impact on the energy balance is clear and open. Allows you to lose weight faster. More guarantees of the integrity of bone. Development and protection of your muscles in the clear, crisp results. Provides stronger support for aerobic exercises, especially your heart and blood vessels. Bulk –group – state is performed, it can be entertaining and stimulating.
Security A Must! WHETHER by increasing your daily activity, exercise studio or home near you not satisfied with it if you want your workout and regular exercise sit in a corner by doing that you will create in your life, but don’t forget this one important point: Security! Especially middle-aged person, especially if you are in your fifties, if passed, particularly diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease or if you are someone with balance issues, you should be very, very careful about this. In such cases consult your doctor before beginning exercise program. Walk, so just by increasing your daily activity movement exercise is a safer way to life, but even that’s a little ciddilestirdig you have the possibility to talk to your doctor if you. No matter it doesn’t matter which exercise, do a warm up of 5-10 minutes before you start, remember to start with low intensity activity so the process. The end of the exercise again a five-minute cool-down period should be. If you’re going to walk if comfortable, but not wear clothing. Wear sneakers that fits your foot.
My suggestion is not thinking too much of the joints of those who are age fifty, is to stay away from excessive exercise. Also, it pays to gradually increase excess weight those who exercise. Because walking and other physical activities in overweight people, foot, knee, hip and at the waist reflected vibrations, shock waves exacerbates. Also the intensity of the activity for him –especially if you are someone who is overweight – is gradually increasing. Walk in the safe area. Use to select the secure clock. You walk by inhaling exhaust fumes.


Health From The Sea

In recent years, obesity, diabetes and heart disease incidence, especially in developed countries is increasing. The seafood that holds an important place in a healthy diet at the same time, successful in the Prevention of these diseases. Minerals, vitamins, protein, and sea food which are rich in beneficial fatty acids be consumed at least two times per week is recommended. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of seafood and against which diseases is used for:
For those who want to lose weight, an excellent food source for seafood, red and white meat contains a lower proportion of fat from all. It is rich in protein and saturated fat as compared to other meat products because it has low amount of connective tissue contain very little carbohydrate is easier to digest.
Low cholesterol
We increase the ratio of cholesterol to consume too much saturated fat, may. Seafood as it contains less fat, a large portion of the oil consists of saturated fats. Kolesterol] consume fish two or three times per week helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
Rich protein source
Seafood is an excellent source of quality protein. In the construction of new tissue and repairing of tissues, the Protein used by our bodies.
Vitamin and mineral store
Selenium, zinc, potassium, minerals such as iodine and phosphorus, as well as D and B vitamins, including especially rich in vitamins. A, E, and K vitamins, and fish, is found in meat and butter. These are vitamins necessary for growth and development in your child’s diet because seafood consumption is particularly important. All foods among the best vitamin D source is fish.

A healthy body
The Indians and Inuit living in the Arctic, which is their main source of food fish are very low it is no coincidence that your odds of getting heart disease. Seafood is low in saturated fat and high amounts of omega-3 and omega–6 fatty acids it contains, and thanks to these, lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood and protects against heart disease. Especially salmon, sardines and tuna, such as fatty, cold-water fish reduces the risk of sudden and fatal heart attack to consume. Omega–3 fatty acids that can be mitigated or their effects can be prevented by diseases; coronary heart disease and stroke, fatty acid deficiencies in newborns, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Crohn’s disease, breast, colon, prostate cancers, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and asthma. Eating fish reduces the risk of thrombosis and regulates your circulatory system.
Sharp eyes
Rich in fatty acids supports your eyes bright and healthy. Retinol contains vitamin A that strengthens the night vision named Fish and shellfish.
A deep breath
Research has shown that seafood can help protect our lungs. To reduce the effects of asthma in children, such as to help prevent. Stronger and healthier than those who consume high amounts of fish to consume fish that have lungs.
Illuminates the way you look at life
A natural anti-depressant as effective. Research has shown that there is a high risk of depression low omega-3 levels. Help to prevent seasonal depression and postpartum depression.
Great skin
Omega-3’s in addition to protecting the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays, reduces the effects of eczema and psoriasis regularly consume fish. A tight and flexible skin collagen and you can provide your body by eating more fish, which allows you to have the skin that we can see the effect of a small amount of driving instead of expensive creams, you may prefer to make a nice fish dinner.
Increases your brain power
The human brain is 60% fat, consists of a large number of omega-3. Probably so, regular encounters with the problem of memory and forgetfulness in advanced age drinkers seafood less seen. At the same time, a positive influence on reading skills and concentration in children was observed.

World Cup Affect Our Health?

Dr. Murat Tuzcu in the Milliyet newspaper’ s post:
Last week, the striker scored in the 93rd minute of watching TV news Seferovic Switzerland and Ecuador at the World Cup, conceded a heart attack, was hospitalized on suspicion of supporters of one I heard.Intense emotions, especially of grief is known to cause heart problems from the stress. The lives of fans at football games intense emotion of softening the heart of the storm, indicating there is serious scientific research. The European Championships in 1996, 1998 and 2006 World Cup made during the research sheds light on this issue.
A 50 percent increase in deaths
The European football championship in England in 1996 and played in Netherlands in the quarterfinals with France encountered. In Liverpool, the match ended scoreless 90 minutes and an additional period of 30 minutes. Which team that will come to the semi-finals they got a penalty kick. Penalty shootout goals turned five French footballers. With the Dutch four. The match he had a heart attack 41 people in the Netherlands, 60 percent of the population watched television.
Scientists at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands created this game as the championship were eliminated from the grief that explored the health effects of. For this, the game was played on June 22 that there were few people in the Netherlands revealed that on the day of. For the next 5 days before the match day and the same research have been made. Male 41 game day heart attack and stroke that is due to the person appeared to be the average of 27 other days. Missed penalty led to a 50 percent increase. Published in 2000 in the journal BMJ, one of the interesting results of the survey, was to defeat their deaths affect women.
Great joy in France
A survey in the Netherlands, unlike in France, the victorious coming of the joy of the effect on the heart was investigated. Played in the World Cup finals in Paris in 1998, France took the trophy by beating Brazil 3-0. Where the game is played on the final day, July 12, a significant reduction in deaths from heart attack was found. Interestingly, a similar decline two days later, on the day of a national holiday was observed.
Pay attention to the stress Mac!
The most serious and most comprehensive scientific research has been done on this subject was held during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Scientists study prepared meticulously for a month or ambulance emergency services in the state of Bavaria in Munich brought in with references to patients are examined. Heart-related complaints that may be focused on.
By way of comparison
In June of 1996 and similar problems to the emergency room with a heart attack in Bavaria many people know that he hit the head, it wasn’t enough. Because the match is supposed to perform a comparison to determine whether to increase the excitement of heart problems. For this, the 2003, 2005 and 2006, where the weather conditions are similar in the spring and summer months head to the emergency room created a control group by examining pellets. However, there was a problem. Tens of thousands of tourists come to Germany for the World Cup from football to participate in the research of those who are sick it could get messy. The control was prepared for comparison, because during periods, none of these tourists, because it is not in Bavaria, the result would not be reliable. The problem is, continuous residence in Bavaria non-being out of work is solved.
His heart wore out very excited
This is after meticulous preparatory work, the information obtained revealed that some of the excitement of the match, softening the hearts of fans. Between 9 June and 9 July for 1 month due to heart problems was admitted in the emergency room approximately 4300 people. This figure was almost three times more than in other years. An increase in heart problems, were more pronounced in men. The heart researchers when they look at emergency incidents on a single date, especially in the days of Germany increase. The excitement of the match has a heart condition influenced the observations was among the ones much more than the healthy ones.
In 2006, Germany’s first opponent of the day Costa Rica played with increased cardiac events (1). This increase prevailed in the match were more pronounced in Poland, Germany last minute field goal (2). After this match, guarantee to skip the tour of Germany, Ecuador was already in emergency with heart problems in the match if it wasn’t much of this increase (3). In contrast, Sweden would be eliminated if defeated (4) very exciting, especially penalty kicks and the last in the match Germany Argentina result was a marked increase in heart disease appointed with very (5). Italy defeated Germany in the semi-final match of similar level of increase was seen in (6). To be considered a consolation match , Germany, Portugal and the match for third place to the hearts of the impact was much less (7). The final game of Italy and France, albeit to less effect.
Violence is also on the rise
In some countries, we know that the important football matches are rising in the aftermath of violence. Football fans in the UK especially bad about this they have a reputation. Unfortunately, in our country, a fight after a football game is not rare at all and break bulk. The fight fans the first fans in history perhaps the first recorded fight took place in Istanbul. By the Queen’s famous first emerged during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian and the Nika riots burned and more than half konstantinapolis which led to the collapse during a sporting event has started. At that time the football games, which is current very popular as chariot racing, blue, Yesil, red and white colors, recognized 4 would join the team. The best team beat arch-rival Green with blue at the end of the encounter were measured. Between the green with the blue in the first month of the year 532, the chariot race in the Hippodrome before fans arguing with each other and started a fight. They then defied the emperor’s high taxes and oppression. A week-long Nika Revolt, which is called in this attempt, thousands of people lost their lives.
‘Why deaths from cardiovascular disease is increasing at football games?’ difficult to give a definitive answer to the question. For the majority of heart disease, the trigger is being pulled. One of the factors who pulled the trigger also feels the stress. This hypothesis would support the results of the research in Munich. Heart health problems to rise in the hours before the game begins, intensifies during the match, after the game still continues in the next hour. The thrill of it and the importance of the match increases, stress also increases. Tour hop or disqualification of the determined match, the penalties of the result in the last minute or when you’re at the highest level the voltage is happening. The shooter may be in eating and drinking, watching the game on TV as well as some experts stress most of the time, they noted very badly Fed. Before the match and during the match and plenty of foods rich in saturated fat and processed carbohydrates eaten, it is known that increased alcohol consumption and cigarette use. These factors may pull the trigger of heart attack in patients with advanced arteriosclerosis it is also true that.
The Last Word: The Beautiful Game of football can be enjoyed in moderation to enjoy best.


Burning Man 15 Error

Why men are more short-lived they were about the first article I wrote about ten years ago, but the questions was so much that I wanted to bring up the subject once again.
The reason this is…
The causes that lead men to live shorter lives than women ‘there are some reasons which can not be changed. For example, the difference between an important cause of immune systems. Scientific data show that the immune system is aging more slowly in women than in men. Robust immune system is one of the fundamental determinants of a long and healthy life to anyone because he has the slightest doubt. Women are by nature provided of this is a great advantage. Women which was shown many times also in old age, the immune system remains strong. The immune power of two, which is the main determinant of the rate of aging is slower than T and B lymphocytes in women. In men, the group also reduced both Cell more rapidly than women. T cells ‘warrior powers’ they are, and particularly the outstanding work being done in protection against infections due to B cells secrete ‘antibodies’ so-called substances of the immune system ‘that they have produced your weapons, just to remind you, a strong immune system means less risk of let’s make a note that at the same time.
They are only given to the advantage of women than men born with the immune system is not limited. There are some other advantages obtained from women birth. Antioxidant is an important difference of their power more than men. While the female hormone estrogen in here are very effective. Estrogen of aging (or average lifetime, which is one of the most important determinants of ‘free radicals’, ‘oxidizing-corrosive’ substances reducing the production of. Moreover, you just not satisfied with that, ‘oxidation’, I mean ‘rusting of the body cell aging’ delaying increasing the production of antioxidants. So a ‘double yolk eggs’ status for women who have!
There are also other advantages inherent in women. One of them again ‘estrogen’ related. Estrogen hormone ‘yaslanmasini delays in vein, vascular aging by opening an umbrella almost of women, at least until menopause –I mean, until well into her fifties – younger makes it possible to have veins. Because estrogen is a natural anti-cholesterol substance, almost like she’s acting. In the time it took to menopause, is hampered by the deterioration of the balance of increases in blood fat and cholesterol, and this is also more young women veins, less ‘young age, heart attack/heart deaths’ in the form of a great advantage. A long and beautiful life remember that in one of the most important determinants of the strong and the young veins.
Man, why leave early?
Women of the inherent ‘longevity’ advantages ‘of better sleep –longer sleep duration – and ‘there are those who explain it of the body being more prone to accumulate iron by iron accumulation accelerates inflammatory processes – that the idea of at least a Supporting Role of these two factors, I agree with. The question that why men lived longer than women “women live a long time, he doesn’t dude, men sooner he leaves, the difference of the female advantage male-specific due to the error!” there are those who, and they’re probably right. But the main reason is the inherent advantages of women. Shortens the life of the men, who took just may include not only the taste…some salt lengthen 15 error
1. More men than women consume alcohol. In recent years, there is an increase in alcohol consumption in women, but the boys still come first. Smoking is also more common in men. Cigarettes and alcohol, there is needless to say that they’re the most powerful kisaltici life?
2. It is difficult to say that they are careful about their health as women as men. Signals from the body to take seriously, don’t make a habit of regular health checks, and unfortunately, most of the men still annual health assessments, even the women he’s taking it even prostate examinations!
3. Job stress is affecting more men than women. In fact, as a whole, the ‘stress problem’ affects more women than men. Male sexual Very about stress management are incompetent. Moreover, against stress almost ‘sponge-type’ approach. Successful women generally have a ‘teflon exhibit behavior issues and stressful they don’t stick easily to their bodies. In other words, ‘men sponge, teflon women!’ the situation a bit.
4. Men are more suitable to having accidents. This is a bit ‘uncontrolled courage’ situation, a bit of ‘carelessness’ is associated. Accidents at work or traffic accidents, it doesn’t matter, men are having more accidents. There are even those who claim they do men, even the most home accidents.
5. ‘Protection measure’ is just as sensitive as women in men they’re not. Motorcycle-wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, when driving the drive belt, use to act uninhibited unprotected sex in women, men are not more common among errors that can appear.
6. Preventive health measures on men’s stays in class. Hepatitis, tetanus, rabies vaccines, even when you don’t get in such as important, they’re ignoring you.
7. ‘Hide their illnesses when they are sick, not to take seriously the advice that is given by doctors, healthcare solutions, postpone, post medication after a day or two, send it to the trash, and bans on eating and drinking as soon as possible especially women in Pierce, not gender-specific behaviors.
8. Men are very, very important flaws ‘clock counseling you don’t know!’ Men hiding their problems. Don’t share your problems. It doesn’t just split your troubles. Deficiencies in the understanding of all of shy. Eventually, as the emotional baggage fills up fills up the spiritual toxins is increasing as increases, their inner world, dirt, rust, dust, goes up in smoke.
9. Also women belonging to weaker than men. Home, work, family, relatives, friends and even the children belonging to women are overtaking men. However, belonging is a very important ‘life assurance’. That kept alive a very, very important ‘loop!’
10. Men’s nutrition mistakes women more often mention that I don’t know what I need? What to eat and drink, they don’t pay as much attention to their women. Therefore you are already eating and drinking-related diseases very common in both men, and problems which can be more difficult to treat. For example, a man in the height of blood pressure, for example, diabetes mellitus-diabetes, for example, cholesterol problems, for that matter, what men do because of the hands and feet are involved the doctor swallows the medication, what the measures are consistent with recommended dietary. So, for the men, ‘it doesn’t come from the bell throat, he’s going!’ status.
11. Weight problems are weight gain particularly belly is more common in men than in women from the region. This leaves the problems of excess weight they metabolic more often. More importantly, the chronic inflammatory processes due to a weight problem –the most important and effective accelerators of Aging, Life kisaltici are seen more often.
12. Anger management trends and more the rage of the weaker men. This is a feature both negative and dangerous in terms of the relationship of body and soul, and also a disadvantage in terms of cardiovascular diseases is much more important than has been supposed.
13. Women are weaker than men social relations. More be bounded to stay in a narrow area, a lot of health problems, but especially inviting to psychosomatic problems.
14. They love change and resistance to change of men is also a significant drawback. This is both ‘good and effective new habits’ to acquire it is hampered both delaying and harmful to get rid of bad old habits.
15. Men ‘soul-searching to do more to be afraid’ is a significant problem. Soul-searching about women are less affected than men and this is more advantageous to Showdown.
They are only given to the advantage of women than men born with the immune system is not limited. There are some other advantages obtained from women birth. Antioxidant is an important difference of their power more than men. While the female hormone estrogen in here are very effective. Estrogen of aging (or average lifetime, which is one of the most important determinants of ‘free radicals’, ‘oxidizing-corrosive’ substances reducing the production of. Moreover, you just not satisfied with that, ‘oxidation’, I mean ‘rusting of the body cell aging’ delaying increasing the production of antioxidants. So a ‘double yolk eggs’ status for women who have!


Healthy Eating Iftar

The most important of the month of Ramadan at iftar time. Especially on those hot summer days while fasting a fasting period of 16 hours with your iftar meal is vital for your health to pay more attention to it.
Iftar is a feast not as the reward of fasting for a long day, you will meet the body’s nutritional needs, and balance his blood sugar, you should be a meal. Yourself after yourself throughout the day, oily, fried and sweet food, you may want to reward with. Although in the short term this is causing food to feel good about yourself and fasting will make it harder for the days ahead. Digestive problems and eating fatty and sugary foods as they will cause me to gain weight in an unhealthy way will cause drowsiness and fatigue. Especially during the meal, you should reduce your salt intake to increase the thirst.
Especially on hot summer days when you are fasting your priority before sunrise Samarkand, a fluid must prevent your loss as much as possible. The most healthy, no-calorie beverage to soothe your thirst and that of course should be your first choice. To resolve your water loss throughout the night, after iftar, try to drink at least eight glasses of water. Soup, yogurt, fruit juice milk and other liquid that you can consume small amounts of resources. Coffee, tea, sodas and energy drinks try to stay away from. Caffeine is a diuretic, which is not to reduce your consumption of caffeine your body to be dehydrated.
Iftar, it is recommended to split the two. Dates, starting with soup and salad, a main course, you must take after Dec. Iftar open with a sweet food like dates. Dates, balances blood sugar, useful minerals and contain fiber. In the month of Ramadan is traditionally consumed at the same time the palm of a great energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber source. A rich source of potassium that can muscles and nerves function properly. But more because it contains high sugar should not be consumed. You can eat 3 pieces, don’t overdo it.
Soup is an important element of Iftar meals. Body fluid and minerals as a food that will not disturb your stomach warm and meets the needs of. The iftar dinner is an ideal choice for you to start.
Don’t forget to add a salad to every dinner, the iftar. Fresh vegetables to prevent constipation and keep your digestive system healthy during the month of Ramadan contains fibers that need. Be creative and prepare salads at every meal vegetables of different colors. More colors means more beneficial vitamins and minerals.
When you switch to the main course, remember to fill out your plate in a balanced manner. Your time your energy is renewed Iftar, so you should try to eat from all the food groups. Normal sizes, prepare nutritious dishes. A balanced meal for ¼ of your plate carbohydrates, ¼ proteins and vegetables, you must separate the remaining half. So you can fill your stomach healthy and your body needs in a balanced manner by meeting.
For your needs carbohydrate whole wheat bread, brown rice or whole-grain products, energy, fiber and are rich sources of minerals. Compared to burned very quickly, sweets are more regular and provide sustained energy levels. Ideal for Protein meals; lean red meat, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and low fat dairy products. Eat sufficient amount of vegetables and different kinds. At the end of dinner to digest your food after waiting a bit, definitely eat fruit. Only a kind iftar dinner of your guests at their tables, understated sizes of a sweet presentation. Heavy, syrup desserts instead of fruit, nuts or dairy desserts choose.
To prepare healthy meals, and avoid fried foods oil your use of limitleyin. Steaming, boiling, grilling, baking methods such as prefer. Oil, such as Canola and soy in the selection of polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich oils are preferred. High amounts of spices, stay away from foods that contain salt and sugar.
For the month of Ramadan it is not correct to use it to lose weight, but your worship, as well as evaluate in terms of healthy eating habits. Avoid exercises challenging your body in the month of Ramadan. Theres also the sport after iftar, go. Stretching, light exercises such as walking. Instead of weight lifting, such as yoga, that relaxes your body and your soul choose the exercises.
-If you are suffering from constipation while fasting is a shortage of adequate fluid intake and fiber-rich foods to consume.
-If you are experiencing heartburn after iftar, stay away from fried and high fat foods.
-If you have gastric ulcer, spices, coffee, carbonated drinks and avoid fried foods.
-If you feel constantly feeling hungry, high-fiber foods, eat foods that are slow digesting and the like.
-After dinner, if you are excessive a feeling of fullness, or if you are suffering from stomach and intestinal discomfort, chew your food thoroughly, slow down, you eat more than your body needs every morsel with the grace it has a sweet taste and don’t eat.

You Can’t Stop Time

With aging “rough play”, resist him, the event was a “teen dream”turn wrong, useless, a futile effort. Because time is everything. More or less erodes the body and the soul. The rate of wear varies a lot according to the person and if they are active. Organ or tissue in which, when, how, what problems it will also be genetics, environmental influences, lifestyle choices, and mental health vary according to the state. This process of genetic heritage, lifestyle and environmental conditions affects. In short, “fabrication” not certain “the warranty period”.
In summary, aging health problems which have also appeared previously on “one hundred percent” we can’t predict. Which organ, which will in turn grow old and cry more often before we don’t know in advance. But I still think we can make an average “risk map”, we are able to draw. To be able to make these predictions isn’t easy. Serious knowledge, expertise, and time and effort wants. Even though you might imagine things from time to time you stiff your tongue, your mind can be limited. In these cases, Science and information and remains inconclusive. Then the circuit “Providence” is entering. After that, “Destiny” it’s called. A discretionary process becomes.
To alleviate the problems of old age, the delay is not due to chance only, to get old good and beautiful. Isn’t that how old you will be your only chance, you have a little bit. The basic starting point of knowledge and science of aging well. Hygiene, welfare, education, experience, and develop their human qualities. Carefully monitor your health, wise to take advantage of medical services, preventive health care to learn about, take seriously signs of disease, your doctor’s recommendations to implement, especially in the aging process is much more important. Enjoy your life while doing all these, the joy, the joy to make it to miss to be able to stay away from the bad thoughts and focus on living a peaceful and happy life, and of course it should be noted that belief enrich your world.
Still life of some “luck”, some “appreciation” a little, “faith chapter”. It is just as important these aspects, it is meaningful. For this “aging play rough with” him too much to resist, the event was a “teen dream”turn wrong, useless, a futile effort.
Information : Inflammatory’t fire?
Aging triggers, not only free radicals. Inflammatory processes that occur in the tissues that accelerate aging. Aging-related diseases in the majority of, i.e., Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis on the type of rheumatic diseases, even cancer, hardening of the arteries most of the times behind these two lies in the joint effects of enemies. There are many reasons of inflammatory processes. Excess sugar in the blood, tooth decay, gum disease, and nutrition mistakes, as many as your medicines can initiate inflammatory processes. If so, if you cannot be aware of your body can become a fire place. Moreover, this “long” quiet, unnoticed in the case of a fire easy. Is there any sign of return fire you because instead of your body the danger, however, you can realize after the fact.
Test : measure your rate of aging (Biological what is your age?)

Day 5 – 8 cups water, fruit juice, herbal tea do you drink?
Sleep before 22.30 p.m. and productive night do you sleep?
Do you exercise daily? (Dancing, running, walking, etc.)
Unlimited your eating habits did you avoid?
Can you shoot out your emotions freely?
Your challenge stress is fast enough?
Yourself find valuable and taking good care of yourself Are you?
Your diet is balanced? (Fish, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.)
Olive oil instead of animal fats do you prefer?
1 to 5 times per week on a vegetarian diet or fish instead of red meat do you eat?
Antioxidant additives do you use?
Respiratory exercise techniques do you use?
Are you afraid that you like to express yourself?
Can you laugh at yourself?
Do you think positive?
A regular diet with detox cures do you apply?
Do you have healthy social relationships?
Creative activities and take pleasure in your work do you show?
Healthy living family members over the age of 80 do you have? 20 – Peaceful?

Scores your answers

Never: 0
Rare: 1
Sparse: 2
Favorites: 3
Habit: 4

Collect points for your biological age

0 – 10: add 10 years to your chronological age. One
11 – 20: add 5 years to your chronological age.
21 – 40: your chronological age = your biological age.
41 – 60: your chronological age than 5 years remove.
61 – 80: remove your chronological age than 10 years.

(*) This test is to determine your biological age have been developed. The original belongs to Dr. Michael roisen. Chronological age age determined by your date of birth is the official birth certificate. Biological age is your actual physical age.


What We Should Eat Sahur

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and mostly is not given much importance iftar dinners, TV, celebs, and your body need to be able to withstand the rigors of fasting meal since it is real, it definitely should not be overlooked. During your hours of fasting, your body has to last depends on the durability of the food you consume. Summer days come while fasting and fasting, thirst and fatigue as the duration of the chance of problems increases gradually. Skip and take a nap during the meal might appeal to the more undivided, necessarily must rise. TV, celebs, to be able to withstand long hours of fasting your body enough energy it must be carefully crafted that will provide a hearty meal. Weight gain and unhealthy eating during the iftar meal at the same time will cause it to jump much.
If you are unable to cope with lack of food and water during Ramadan if you feel sleepy during the day, your faith and your life in this broken it’s not a weakness, relates biochemical. That you make simple changes in your diet and stay energized throughout the day you can spend with stomach scrapings.
The health benefits of morning prayer in the month of Ramadan are endless. Throughout the day, fatigue, drowsiness, headache and prevents us from. When beslenild correctly reduces the sensation of hunger and thirst. Prevents cell loss. It strengthens the digestive system. Fasting will help you prepare your body physically and mentally.
A healthy suhoor as required in our normal diet, should contain a balanced amount of healthy options from all the food groups. Unlike a normal meal, our body will quickly burn energy, we recommend choosing foods that are high in fiber and water.
During the meal before the sunrise to make it more durable during fasting, will. You can start your meal with 2-3 dates as iftar. It can be difficult to prepare the morning meal. Raw, or cold, choose foods that can be prepared within 10-15 minutes that you can consume. If you plan meals beforehand and know what to prepare when getting up at night and evening, according to him by doing your preparation, the less time you will lose. Eat a healthy diet and yourself and to those around you in the process that you are fasting with a positive attitude, energetic approach and with joy or care.
Necessarily Sahur vegetables or fruit, eat only fruit every morning of your choice. They help to keep foods full of fiber and slow digesting. Also contain ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that are vital for our body to remain healthy.
Every morning-fiber foods you must add to your dish. The normal way of running will get your digestive system as these keep you full. Legumes, whole-grain products, oats, brown rice, nuts, bananas, pears, apples, vegetables, and so forth-fiber, carbohydrate-rich foods takes longer to digest, keep our energy levels high.
Protein is also absolutely necessary to provide energy and the daily requirement to prevent a hunger crisis. Protein consumption also helps in the formation and repair of body tissues and strengthens the immune system. Eggs, yogurt, beans, soy, fish, lean red meat and white meat. great foods that you can get protein by blocking your fat intake. When eating eggs, especially whites, consume, and try not to prepare as boiled in the pan. When you change your blood sugar too fast a glass of milk, both liquid with high protein content that can keep you satiated for hours to meet the needs of people with support for sahur is an ideal option.
Be careful not to consume fries as iftar. You will need to survive for a much longer period compared to fried foods, avocado, nuts, olives, healthy fats such as olive oil consume. When you prepare cooked meals, cook with a small amount of olive oil.
Try to meet a portion of your water consumption eating. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, consuming foods that are high in water content like melons and oranges. Do not prefer fruit juice because it is high in sugar. During the meal, 2 cups each. Although usually the soup is hearty because it does not contain enough calories in the morning alone, do not consume.
Sahur meals are certain points that you should avoid; fried and fatty foods, too much tea and coffee, too much sugar and salt is consumed, sugar will trigger hunger thirst with salt.
A healthy, balanced diet aim for, but try to eat from all the food groups mentioned in this article do not over eat.

We Stress Eat!

Skipping breakfast, consume snacks at the table of the most frequent nutrition mistakes from employees. But also stress-induced eating disorders. Psychologist Dr. Feyza Bayraktar, “the easiest for many people is emotional eating anesthesia. This wont work without food made easy so that the person cannot cope with stress, could not sleep, and becomes unable to feel peaceful,” he says. Dr. Bayraktar, answered our questions.
The prevalence of obesity in Turkey?
The results of a preliminary study in 2010, according to data from the Ministry of Health in Turkey, the proportion of people who are fat overweight per cent of the total population and 64.9%, which accounts for it is believed that this ratio has increased in the last 4 years.
How much weight is in trouble with employees?
A prevalence study is not only in the business world stress-related eating and feeling so, depending on the situation that occur in the problem of excess weight with eating the role of business is large. Job stress, as well as stay in the office long hours, irregular eating and sleeping, frequent disruptions also cause me to gain weight and life can go on business trips.
Most who’s at risk?
Work load, stress, weight gain can be so high the more the risk of responsibility; doctors, lawyers, bankers, sales of the company and senior managers, architects, general high-risk group. The responsibility on the person and/or in the working environment as competition increases, stress-induced eating increases the risk of.
Unhappy people work in an environment where eating can be triggered by boredom, restlessness and is not satisfied with the job and the person linked to having a snack during the day. In order to create large portions of your work life, emotional swings, eating disorders, and weight gain increases the risk of.
Overweight people in business how much do they live? Recruitment, promotion do they experience discrimination?
People who are overweight, than women who are not overweight is not a disadvantage to get a job, a promotion, a raise with himself in situations such as that is less of a chance than people who are equally successful have been demonstrated by scientific studies. Overweight people can have a bias against people without being aware of it.
Studies obesity, laziness, flabbiness, having psychological problems, indiscipline, even more clever, even if it is not can be identified. People have unwittingly acquired this tagging business in the world against obesity, many overweight people can cause you to have trouble of course.
Weight-lack of discipline, laziness, iradesizlik ozdeslestirild in business life who are in the same position for an overweight person with a weak belief that it can result in a worse performance than a human being. In addition, overweight people generally in contact with the customer, especially for jobs that are not preferred.
For example, a client one-on-one work with the customer and make sales for years in the front office he wanted to, but weaker than the bully himself, he wanted him with a continuous excuse of his superiors employees had complained being brought into position.
Colleagues looking at how overweight employees are they?
Unfortunately, in recent years, as a society, we have become obsessed with weight. People saying hi to each other when we first saw each other, ‘weight’, ‘you’ve lost weight’ comments like they’re making. Your work colleagues or employees in business employees in the same position about the weight jokes, comments and criticism they can give; ‘not again I wonder if this one will last a few days you’re on a diet?’ or ‘you’ve got so much weight and still give you something do you eat?’ it’s like…
People with eating problems where should they apply?
Defines the behavior of an eating disorder eating more than what a person eats. Stress, anxiety, mood changes, relationship problems, environmental print, such as the circumstances that created psychological problems in people if that person’s eating behavior, body image affects, then you can talk about an eating disorder. The situation on psychological eating less or overeating and weight obsessions with eating disorders receive psychological support and at this point enters the field of life.
What do you advise to people who have an eating disorder?
Firstly, over-eating again after the diet after over-eating and psychological support to exit the cycle of feeling bad about yourself is essential. Emotional anesthesia is the easiest to eat, is easily accessible. For many people, a kind of food used as a method of relieving himself. This wont work without food made easy so that the person cannot cope with stress, could not sleep, and becomes unable to feel peaceful.
The first person to recover from an eating disorder when, where and under what conditions you need to realize that emotional eating is experiencing an attack, or goes to lunch. You can keep a daily chart for this; time to Eat, Place, amount, and identify situations that trigger eating, why your eating schedule so you can write.
After these conditions are determined, the person should consider how to deal with those situations. Breathing exercises, relaxation techniques may include methods of coping with stress and anxiety very commonly used. If it’s a possibility go for a walk, get some fresh air, and can help the person. Also mode, which will affect the daily activities of the person suffering long-term stress may increase the tolerance against so you need to think about. Exercise, hobbies, short term holiday rentals, and activities such as massage can also help.
Job stress is creating problems such as eating what?
More job stress, binge eating, emotional eating as a snack is creating problems. Alone from time to time, the other end of this situation because of the stress of missing his own body assy, working with a strict diet to lose weight, that can show itself in the form of doing extreme sports. The responsibility of the person increases as the environment increases in competition, as it can increase the risk of eating problems. Person as it increases accountability and competition and, of course, it depends on senior management to increase stress eating and the more common problems.


Don’t Miss The Life There!

See, hear, touch and enjoy in short stay away from the temptations of our ancestors. It is important because if we feel ourselves how good life so we can enjoy our health is strengthened.
However, the “ new life ” our job a little more every day yavanlastiriyo rapidly being a stumbling block in our lives. Ceases to be and we Us, own of mediocrity seedy and colorless keeps the heat in. Out who can’t shoot, have fun, and not a week or so ago, couldn’t let a loud laugh when he wanted to stagnant and unhappy people. Playing on our free time, our emotions puts limitations on prohibitions. In short, ‘ it is a shame pleasure’ in a world where we live. Can’t see each other doesn’t doesn’t listen, doesn’t understand, Fun, Fun-oriented, so we’re afraid of chasing from Jun romances. The worst part is gibberish, I mean it a bit due to doctors recommendations, we ‘ be more healthy and live longer’ on behalf of We are doing! With joy our relationship to the breaking point have an important role in medical terrorism. “ Eating it, drinking it at that time the yacht, up to this time , water walk, so you can hop and jump“, or “ a little more to give, Do I go up just a little bit more even more most my own thing” like he misses the joy of chasing meaningless goals in front of us to pass many enjoyable moments, sound, breath, taste, image we don’t realise.
The following lines never lose the distinction of being one of my bedside books “Healthy Pleasures/Robert Ornstein-David Sobel” I got from the book. The authors explain that “to be healthy and to maintain health” and looked in a different window, “how longer, better, more energetic and stay healthy, we can live” the topic of pleasure “impact”, they ran. Ultimately, without Jun, Jun factor will not be able to enjoy good health without being taken seriously and as a result they got.
They say: “healthy people have positive expectations that it surprised us that moods and Jun we started to research what common characteristics might be. They were all optimistic and generally happy people. If you encounter difficulties which matter, they thought that they all would go smoothly. Watch the sun rise, chat about the weather or pets play with their spouses and with their children, it made them happy. Make the collection, even though it sucks with a passion to play the violin (!) taking great pleasure in cooking tasty meals or things like it was a total shock to us, their careers, their families, hobbies they were passionate people. Another common feature of these people was that they were immune to the misfortunes, large and small, from the beginning. Their losses in business, failures and disappointments in life were always able to stand against your family. They seemed to feel that they are themselves are private and protected. Upset with the past, they were focused on a bright future. Most of them had a great sense of humour. Doesn’t take life too seriously; laughing with laughter as it comes from within, they could easily make fun of them. The ratio of the chemicals in their blood every few weeks with saydirmak –again and again, tests/examinations and standing at any moment or being too busy instead of eating healthy foods suggested for a new one, others, people, animals, political developments, civil society organizations they paid attention to. They saw themselves as a part of life. Life unlike the people devoted themselves to their own health/life were dedicated to. In short, Jun most healthy people-oriented, pleasure-seeking, were the people who created pleasure. The key to being healthy is more simple than you think, and also closer to you. The pursuit of healthy pleasures are linked one to one with the way to health.”
You want my advice? Already written in the title: Don’t miss the joy !
Alkaline diet just gluten-free diets methods of weight loss such as fashion seeks to become one. Alkaline weight loss those who claimed that could create weighted to relying the main point of being seeded the following information: acid base balance in the body alkaline foods alkaline and acidic foods is shifting to the acid side. If it goes the way of the acid if the equilibrium obesity, cancer, sugar, hypertension and chronic fatigue can range from osteoporosis, some problems arise. Alkaline diet makes the reverse weighted, for example, 70-80% alkaline, 20% acid eat the foods that will load if your body will shift to the alkaline side from PH because of the above problems can be protected from gaining weight.
This is actually a redirect whether or not it has a scientific support behind nice sounding but it is highly controversial. If persistently alkaline diet and if applied carefully, it’s really possible for an amount to lead to weight loss, but also whether there is any relationship that does not have lost pounds of your diet alkaline is almost certain. Those who do alkaline diet-grain foods, the weight they give to a dramatically describes. Grains from a diet plan because of sugar, especially when implemented in conjunction with limitation limited, insulin levels decrease, and helps to scour the stored fats faster. In short, the alkaline diet seems logical on behalf of general health measures, but the process in a weight-loss development method, at least for now there is a scientific basis. Same situation for me, gluten-free diets. It is possible to accelerate the weight loss process in planning a gluten free diet in this diet because it comes to a serious limitation of grain and grain products. A gluten-free diet who eat “gluten to get rid of” not ”calorie bombs” and “insulin-Hunter” rice, wheat-based foods (bread, rice, pasta, cakes, pies, biscuits, pastry, etc) they give for abandoning weight.