Avoid Foods That Makes You Hungry!

Some foods, however, the “others” don’t feed, on the contrary makes us hungry. When they eat makes you eat more. Well, who is this ‘some’ and what about these foods?
After a short period of time, some meals, are getting hungry, and worse, without getting up from the table, “I wonder what should I eat?” if you’re starting to wonder if, with your refrigerator or “intimate” not even, “a passionate affair”… if you are having drowsiness, especially after meals, internal withdrawal, confusion, irritability, sweating, complains of problems such as headaches, to eat less even though you have when you’ve received quick weight regular exercise, even if you think it was difficult for me to lose weight, please don’t blame yourself, “man, I’m the greedy one” or something to say don’t try!
It’s not just you, “your food” in the food selection may be in the wrong. Eating and drinking for your question! Certain foods you have them so that “others” don’t feed, on the contrary makes us hungry. When they eat makes you eat more. Well, who this “someone” and “what about the food?” Here you go…
Are you the only person insulin?
First, “the precise foods who?” let me answer that question: some people the pancreas “genetic” as “to produce excessive insulin” is very sensitive to the programmatic and blood sugar rise (according to me, I have this problem in one of every three adults). Even when the next light meals sugar increase, the pancreas produces insulin, excess blood sugar as soon as you arise in the blood, excessive insulin pumps. When you’re hungry, even those people that have high levels of insulin “hyperinsulinemia”, “insulin resistance”, “the glycemic index” concept, to meet urgently and immediately required.
The reason this is…
Normally in the first hours after dinner insulin values in the blood level on average 40-50 units not exceeding this “unlucky” people in 100%, 200% and we have over 500 people we can go). Glands the pancreas to produce excessive insulin, which is genetically programmed this “insulin only” if they are unable to realize in time if people have genetic defects, especially the “flour, sugar, starch” foods and beverages that contain severe immediately after a trio of “hypoglycemia” episodes of began to experience. If the attack is the first sign of “early and often, even now is starving.
Question your genetic heritage!
Mostly my family (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and some of them grandmothers or great-grandfather of some) has a history of diabetes. The genetic defect in question with age, particularly 50 passes become apparent. A still life, poor nutrition conditions, waist-tummy as you take off weight if it is incorrect leads to the emergence of the defect earlier.
If the genetic problem is not noticed in time in question, also flour, sugar, starch loaded foods after a while if they continue to eat and drink, “eat when you feel hungry, eat food” the cycle begins to grow your belly, the thickening of the waist (100 cm in men, 88 cm in women), continues. Well, in the end is what? Diabetes Type 2 diabetes will be hidden after the first. Already we are living in the last quarter-century is the fact that the reason for the explosion of diabetes: improper diet makes us hungry for that food BASED! In the box you can find the list of nutrients that makes you hungry.
Foods that’s what makes us hungry?

White bread
White sugar
Pies, muffins, pancakes
Biscuits, Gris
Cake, cookies
Rice pilaf
Cheesy pasta
Food made with flour
Any famous-sugary snacks
Desserts, especially desserts famous
Very sweet fruits
Fruit juices
All kinds of sugary drinks
Fried potatoes

Note: food and beverages, especially in this excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) and insulin resistance and those with people must stay away.