Buffer Fear Do Not Delay Your Nose Surgery

Nasal bone curvature, nose size and sinusitis emi
Don’t delay your nose surgery.
One in two people cannot breathe easily from the nose due to problems such as nasal bone curvature, nasal size or sinusitis. The surgery required for treatment is avoided because of the fear of bumper. Chair of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery Department of Yeditepe University Hospital Dr. In recent years, Yavuz Selim Pata says that nasal surgeries can be performed without bumps in physiological problems as well as in aesthetic needs.
Physiological problems related to the nose that prevents breathing can decrease the quality of life and cause problems ranging from sleep apnea to heart growth. These patients need to be treated without losing time. However, after the nasal surgeries, the buffers used so far can create fear in order to facilitate the boiling of the tissues as well as to prevent bleeding. In fact, this is the reason why patients are avoiding surgery. Chairman of the Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, Yeditepe University Hospital Dr. Yavuz Selim Pata, the most important progress at this point is the use of buffer after surgery, he says.
Surgery changed technique
In recent years, the location of the tampon used in the nose surgery, suture technique provides comfort to patients. The method, which can be easily applied by day surgery to people of all ages, is especially important for the elderly.
Professor Dr. Yavuz Selim Pata tells the patient the benefits of not using tampons.
About 5-6 hours after the process of walking back to the house can easily breathe from the nose. Breathing from the nose can not breathe in the throat. Patients can start their daily life the next day.Patients lay Have I really been operated? uy he asks.
After the transition to the buffer-free application, patients can easily get the decision of surgery. Dr. Yavuz Selim Pata, ikna In the past, it was difficult to convince the patients despite the need for surgery due to possible problems. Moreover, the fact that they had heard or read previous experiences made it more difficult. For this reason, even after the operation, relatives of patients could not believe that the procedure was performed. Our patients, who were informed about the comfort in the future, started to want to be operated. İler
The physician experience for this surgery is also very important. Dr. Yavuz Selim Pata, yapıl The procedure, laser, radiofrequency or surgery do not change a lot. The important thing is that the technique can be applied correctly. Önemli