Lose A Few Pounds And Feel Full

During the summer months with the start of air warming and more tight –fit body with your request welcome increased.As increasing the metabolic rate just to lose weight without thinking, and you should give a feeling of fullness with permanent weight. For this, you need to consider your preferences for healthy shopping and food.

Red meat
Ricotta cheese
Mung beans
Wheat germ

1 grated zucchini
1 grated carrot
2 tablespoons mung beans ( boiled)
2 tablespoons wheat
¼ Bunch of parsley
1 cup tomato sauce
1 clove grated garlic
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 teaspoon cumin
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 cups boiling water
Preparation: in a pot, vegetables in the broth, mung beans, wheat, and tomato sauce add and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Cooked garlic into the soup and let boil for 5-6 minutes over medium heat the olive oil and Ilve. Before serving add parsley.
7-8 pieces of asparagus
1 diced beets
1 chopped potato
250 grams of salmon 2 pieces
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 teaspoon sea salt
2 bay leaf
2-3 cloves grated garlic
Preparation: boil water in a pot cook asparagus in boiling water for 2 minutes and let them sit in iced water for 1-2 minutes to prevent color loss. A baking pans salmon,asparagus, beets and potatoes and stir. With a brush on ginger, garlic sea salt rub and bake in a preheated 180 degree and bake for 25-30 minutes. While Sevis Yesil salad, next add.
1 cup low-fat yogurt ( 200 grams)
7-8 pieces of chopped strawberries
2 tablespoons blueberries
1 slice of pineapple
1 teaspoon coconut extract
1 tablespoon oats
2-3 sprigs fresh mint
Preparation: 1 in a bowl the yogurt, stir in the strawberries and blueberries. Pineapple on it, and let it sit in the fridge for 2-3 minutes stir in oats and coconut. Before serving add the mint leaves.

Foods That Reduce Cellulite Tissue

Cellulite is fatty tissue under the skin fat tissue between your cells that occurs with an increase in edema that occurs with an increase in health problems. The formation of cellulite tissue in your body with choosing the right food and adequate physical activity can reduce. The amount of water you drink each day you should try to drink at least 2 liters and should follow. High season rate daily intake of fruit and vegetable supplements to the appropriate Mail Group allows to reduce the formation of cellulite. Coming to your meals, tomato paste, salt and spices to your sauce and choose the types of using will decrease the amount of tissue reduces the formation of cellulite.
Your dietary habits to reduce the formation of cellulite in our body up to 3 days a week you must do at least 30 minutes. Use a loofah 1-2 times a week that improves lymph circulation, helps reduce cellulite to reduce cellulite creams and tissues and care of your vegetable oil. Tea and Mate tea 2-3 cups of herbal tea every day, especially Yesil payment that reduces the textural occur in your body. The image prevents the formation of cellulite.


2 cups lemon juice ( food 10-15 minutes ago )
2 tablespoons ricotta cheese
1 slice rye bread
1 in a bowl, tomato and parsley salad
Yesil 1 cup tea ( No Sugar)
2 cups lemon juice ( food 10-15 minutes ago )
1 cup strawberries
Cinnamon 1 cup mate tea (No Sugar)
2 cups lemon juice ( food 10-15 minutes ago )
Karabugdayli lentil soup 1 plate ( anhydrous)
1 cup tzatziki
1 slice rye bread
2 cups lemon juice ( food 10-15 minutes ago )
2 slices pineapple
2 Walnut
Yesil 1 cup tea (No Sugar)
2 cups lemon juice ( food 10-15 minutes ago )
2-egg veggie omelet
1 cup sautéed mushrooms
1 slice rye bread

2 cups lemon juice ( food 10-15 minutes ago )
1 kiwi
1 cup of fennel tea ( No Sugar)

10 Tips For Weight Control!

2 cups per day for healthy weight control cinnamon –lemon Yesil prefer tea. Yesil tea and other healthy herbal teas , packaged teas make sure certain expiration date.
Every day to speed up your fat loss 2 cups of low-fat milk or yogurt to increase your rate of weight loss is 2.5 kg per year by choosing.
Every day, 1 egg, your breakfast necessarily choose. In the structure of omega-3 and selenium enhances immunity. Tok Dah healthier helps with weight loss.
Every day, 1 cup soy milk drinking and have a view that may fit both more stringent. Meal Phyto estrogen in soy milk with fruit of choice Dec also provides you with the structure of cell renewal.
Keep your diet the oils that are friendly to your health. Walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, nigella and sesame healthy weight oatmeal meal or you can choose to give in Dec. Remember to add olive oil to the extent of portion your meals according to your needs.
Stay away from fashion diet that contain more protein. Developed for epilepsy and other health problems in these diets helps to reduce your tissue in your body Nov. Note that you will protect your health adequate and balanced a special diet program.
15-20 minutes before meals drink 1 -2 cups portion control to stay healthy you more satiated. Drinking with meals Drinking Water will shorten the duration of stomach digestion and increase your capacity opt for that you shouldn’t.
If you have a body that gives it weight it difficult or are unable to lose weight, check your health risks. Thyroid, insulin resistance, and other vitamin-mineral deficiencies, reduces the rate of weight loss.
Healthy sleep is important for weight control. Sters for the balance of the hormone cortisol and reduce burning 23.00-06.00 between the hours of healthy sleep you should. Dec ago you make a meal 2-3 hours of bedtime, drink enough water and herbal teas opt for your quality of sleep will improve.
Whole-grain carbohydrates in your diet. Dry beans, bulgur, buckwheat, whole-grain foods that are you increase your sense of fullness and more. Fatigue, helps control your weight by reducing fatigue.

It Accelerates Metabolic How?

With the upcoming summer, “a weight problem” the chief topic of conversation. A familiar word comes immediately to mind when the subject of weight. “Metabolism!” The reason this is…

That is related to the metabolism of most people who have weight problems problems. According to them, they blame slow metabolism weight gain and difficult weight quick and easy make and take for the good work.
With good reason too. Works well, strong, well-oiled metabolic structuring, if we are to “eat like an elephant and” you stay skinny, the opposite is the case “even though you have to eat like a bird” you can be an elephant. Well, how something this organization of metabolism called?
Food into energy metabolism and burning your body the nutrients it receives this energy conversion is the capacity. If you have a good metabolism you receive the foods that are easily converted to energy. More perfect lit. It does not leave behind waste or anything. If your metabolism is slow, unusable, cannot be burned and converted into energy enough to eat your drinks. Remaining (unused) energy is stored as fat, you will gain weight.
There are many things that determine the pace of metabolism and working style. If you’re young, so fast, when you’re old runs slowly. Nov you have enough mass, especially if you are living the active life, your metabolism rate high, you’re not likely to fat spool.
Is slower in women than in men. Andropause in men and menopause in women as a result of restructuring in the period of changing hormonal slow down. A lack of sleep, physical inactivity, and less water drinking, and laziness of the thyroid gland, it is known that many of the problems also has a negative impact on the metabolism. When it comes to the relationship of metabolic rate and weight…
Contrary to thought, most of those with weight problems, the metabolism is slowed down, not accelerated, it can be said that. Inactivity and the wrong and the biggest slowing down the metabolism break overweight people in ill-planned diet.
Shock of the diet, especially vegetable broth-based instead of the oil of your tissue, unconscious of hunger detox program burn Nov Nov the poor, can bring your metabolism to a halt to one of SARCOPENIA.
Nov the difference between the mass characteristics of the weight fast, after all, it is certain that they read the lives of the metabolism. The basic problem is directly related to the thyroid gland hormonal that slow down your metabolism lazy, so the hypothyroid state.
Regular exercise and your metabolism will be accelerated when basic factor how to increase mass accelerator Nov note that. More frequently and drink plenty of water, tea Yesil to opt for a protein-rich diet also metabolism can accelerate a particle, but if you want to get a metabolism strong and robust What do you notice Nov find a way to increase your audience.
Get my metabolism going in the short term, I’m easier to catch my food, I won’t lose weight more My if you want to lose weight easily, the simplest thing you can do is “walk”. Walking, especially brisk walking that involve a metabolic aktivatorlu great groups of highly effective Nov. 2-3 times per week, especially weight/resistance training can be supported with your metabolism, if you will be very pleased with this change.
How to grow old is a process or a weakening of memory if it’s something that cannot be changed. If you show you show how much effort, how much if you pay attention, from the age of 50 gets its share of the brain’s natural photoaging, and undergoes some changes.
Just like your skin, he slowly walk around wrinkled. Therefore, age-related memory loss in a degree of normal, expected, a natural development should be considered. The degree of loss what the problem is.
We must not forget that: our brains just like our muscles, “use it or lose it” principle it works on is not used if the capacity is increased, if not literally melting when it is not active.
Everyone has a different rhythm of sleep. Everyone go to bed and waking up at different times, at different times. Some of us are owls, some of us are larks. Owls sleep and those who sleep late in the morning until late at night. They love to live in the night. Reading some investigating, even if it works. Some TV, movies, spending time with.
According to the owl… they azinlikta when it comes to lark. From birth sleep early and waking up on the morning before the sun they love. Most nights, at 9, at 10 a.m. at 5 o’clock in the morning, go to bed and welcome the day says.
Well, this process determines which of a bodily function, which adjusts itself according to the data that directs our choices and our biological clocks? I don’t have a clear answer for this question, but an average of heat from the body/internal body temperature seems to be one of the most important determinants.
* Stay away from artificial sweeteners: sorbitol and xylitol gum and candies which contains gas, do not.
* Is to eat slowly. A long time to chew foods. Eat it in small pieces. Swallow without chewing.
* Gas constructive stay away from carbohydrates. If gas is doing less vegetables (salad, raw vegetables) and vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower) eat. Legumes (beans, chickpeas, etc.) take care not to use the water soaking before cooking. Cook in fresh water. Avoid carbonated beverages.
* Cook or boil steamed vegetables.
* Avoid dairy products. If you are not necessarily using, if possible, “lactose-free” products. Benefit from products that contain the lactase enzyme.
* Do not drink water with meals.
* Relax while eating. Do not eat when stressed. Eat sitting and not standing.
* Ginger
* Activated charcoal
* Fructose-oligosaccharides (Prebiotics)
* Peppermint oil
* In other words the bacteria and Acidophilus (Probiotics)
* Digestive enzymes: Amylase, lipase, lactase, protease supports; lactate, pancreatic enzyme support.

100-Calorie Summer Desserts

Materials ;

250 grams of chopped strawberries
2 cups low-fat milk
3 tablespoons rice flour
1 tsp lemon zest
2 tbsp granulated sweetener ( Stevie )
1 package sugar-free fiber biscuit

Preparation ; 4 to the base of the bowl 2-Add 2 tablespoons strawberry biscuits or fiber diet. 1 cup milk, rice flour,powdered sugar and lemon peel in a pot and cook until of the consistency of the pudding. Add the bowl on top of the pudding.Before serving garnish with strawberries.

8 ladyfingers
1 cup coffee filter
4 tablespoons dark chocolate powder
2 cups low-fat milk
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp granulated sweetener ( Stevie )
Cheese or ricotta cheese 100 grams

Preparation; Zone 4 into the bowl, dip it in the coffee, add 2 cats. In a saucepan the milk,egg yolks,sugar and flour and cook over medium heat while stirring until the consistency of custard. Add the cheese and slowly stir the custard cooked with cheese.To the bowl add an equal amount of the custard. Add grated chocolate and allow to cool in the refrigerator for 30 to 45 minutes on. Garnish with mint leaves before serving.
Ingredients :

3 cups low-fat yogurt
2 tablespoons oat bran
1 cup raspberries
1 cup strawberries
2 peaches diced
2 tbsp granulated sweetener ( Stevie )

Preparation : puree the fruit blenderda. Of ice into a bowl in a separate bowl, yogurt,oat bran, fruit and sweetener and mix. Freeze yogurt into ice cream molds in the freezer for 1 day then zorbe.

Let’s Start The Bikini Diet!

Holiday bookings have already started, but in the winter the weight is not a very good news for bikinis received with much interest. The selected edge of the dietitian in the summer, for those who still have not reached the weight you want to lose weight in a short time both healthy and easy diet program offers.
Which means you should avoid diets that will ruin your health to lose weight 3-4 Edge diet program prior to following suggestions:

Dec 3 Day 3 main meals a day try to consume.

Plenty of dishes, boiled or steamed vegetables to eat.

Try to drink 2 litres per day.

Day 1 mineral water, 2 Yesil drink tea.

Increasing the number of servings of fruit in the diet, fat-sweetened foods remove.

In terms of keeping you satiated-fiber foods increase.

Do not make the snacks that are scheduled for times of day.

Do not consume ready fruit juice.

Here are healthy diet program
In the morning

1 cup yogurt
6 strawberries
2 Walnut
1 slice of pineapple


3 fresh apricots


1 bowl vegetable soup
1 cup yogurt


1 slice of watermelon + 1 slice cheese
2-3 pieces whole wheat biscuits


1 cup boiled or steamed vegetables
1 cup yogurt


1 Apple
6 raw almonds



Lose Weight Easy In The Summer!

The summer months increased temperature and nutrient portion control and you can change your selections change. Appropriate diet program with enough healthy and lose weight note that you need to in your own life. Easy in all seasons for the right time to lose weight, proper diet and nutritional changes you should get the behavior you want to apply.
For portions of fruit watch out!
Summer makes it difficult to take control of your servings of fruit. Often watermelon and cantaloupe if you prefer berries 10 cm ( 2 inches) 2 triangular wedges and 1 portion of fruit 1 melon ( 2-3 kg) has replaced quantity of 1 1/8 serving of fruit portions that you should know. High and low on the glycemic index when making your choice of fruit pulp,peach,cherry,plum, apricot,strawberry,pear,apple,pineapple should be your first choice for fruits as such.
Do not participate in open social environment!
How much space their serving size so I’ll invite raise, event, and social environment make the meal a social event open to katilay at least 1 hour before the Dec. To be able to increase their serving size, the first salad, mini sandwiches appetizers your meal with multigrain or vegetable you select. To be able to lose weight in summer is easy and balanced in any environment, which would you choose need to adjust your measurements and portion food-related nutrient variations you must learn.
Drinks important
During the summer months healthy and balanced drinks to choose from, it is not possible for you to lose weight. In the elections of beverage makes you happy, but during the summer that does not contain more calories mineral water, buttermilk, sugar-free drinks, such as lemonade and fresh fruit juice should be your first choice. Every day at least 2 cups of herbal tea, coffee with milk and no sour cream low fat varieties of healthy beverage choices in the summer also.
Increase your exercise time!
You give weight loss exercise you can resume a specific period of time. If you want to gain a healthy body weight by increasing your quality of life but regular you should follow an exercise program that you can apply without getting bored. Easy, in order that you are going to help you lose of exercise per week should be at least 3 days 1 hour you must remember that.
Remember to drink water!
It is always important to drink water. Drinking enough water your digestion/indigestion problems, reduces satiety and increases your sense of a balanced weight loss. Drink at least 8 cups every day by speeding up your circulation, reduces edema formation more. Whether it is a sufficient amount of drinking water per every kilogram ( weight ×30 cc), you can calculate. If you are unable to drink due to the taste of water, fresh fruits, spices, or add a slice of lemon with water and drink it you should try.
( Ex. Your weight is 55 ; 55 kg ×30 cc =cc 1650 you should drink at least 1.5 liters daily )

Recipe Cucumber Tea Melts Belly Fat

Dr. Fevzi Ozgonul who studies obesity, miracle cucumber recipe gave tea to get rid of fat in the belly area.
Belek and the abdominal fat to melt the formula:
Type your body does not need so much energy that Dr. Ozgonul, who said, “all the types of greens we can consume. If you want to get rid of belly fat, this tea is for you,” he said.
Cucumber tea recipe:

1 cucumber
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 lemon sliced
10-12 fresh mint sprigs

All materials 1 Night in 1 liter of water soak it in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 cup in the evening. The purpose of this tea is to activate the digestive enzymes in the small intestine. Thus, your diet will be better digested and as a result you will be less hungry. Thanks to sweet tea will decline your request, therefore when you drink tea, cucumber, sweet breads and pastries you need to eat.


Allows In Burning Fat 5 Food

Type of request yourself thoroughly in conjunction with the show to say goodbye with as a lot excess weight is increasing. Who would not want swimwear, bikini ones not concealing excess when making the choice of colorful, pattern-the pattern the ones to choose. It’s not too late for anything. 5 to what extent do you dream of because you will be able to reach thanks to the nutrients. Moreover, this caused the dissatisfaction divert divert you for walking and eating your nose while your mouth flavors that Muss. Add 5 foods to your nutrition fat burner only.
Dietitian Şeyma Yılmaz, which give very good results in these 5 fat burning particularly draws attention to nutrients, and to those who decide to get in shape before a moment describes the effects of this food fat burning “fat burning food-5 that are capable of just about anywhere you can find.
Immediately run to the fridge, if not all, at least 3 of them you’ll see what you expect. To lose weight after you have decided that you should include in your list of 5 food, especially for fat burning exercises along with the miraculous effect will allow you to attain a size you can imagine.”
This weight control and lower calories that you can perform it anywhere that you can find 5 effective fat burning nutrients;
Kiwi: the 90s regarded as a luxury to eat kiwi fruit it is cultivated also in our country, it’s being sold everywhere now maybe even on your fridge. This legendary fruit, includes 2 times more vitamin C compared to oranges and lemons. The metabolism of vitamin C in the body which affects fat burning it helps in the synthesis of carnitine. Individuals in the field studies of vitamin C in adequate amounts prior to exercise suggests that you can burn more fat. The daily vitamin C requirement per day and only eat a Kiwi too. In addition, the fibre content is quite high which is Kiwi high potassium content, while ensuring that you remain satiated with post Nov it’s good for sports pains.
Cucumber: water ratio is a good and low-calorie meals might be a very good choice for some foods Dec. Cucumbers are 95% water saturation content in the stomach, and the meal you get to the degradation of causes calories. Unlimited in weight control diets prepared for consumption. Cucumbers would be a good option when you are hungry. Fiber content is preferable to an increase in the consumption of shellfish.
Yoghurt: yoghurt is a staple food of households and belly fat melting away the bread together in our hometown in the power of the Tiger 10. But the important thing is when the oil burns, the Nov cells of to protect the group with a high calcium content in yogurt because it is fat burning, while improving the metabolism with a high protein content protects our audience Nov. They give more weight than those who consume yogurt every day and studies individuals consume more of the fats around your waist was reduced showed. At the same time which is very effective in the fat burning metabolism of yogurt contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Conjugated linoleic acid in milk fat. Both are highly effective in weight control and reduce calories to ensure fat burning in order to benefit from these fatty acids and low-fat yogurt can be consumed.
Artichoke: artichoke recognized as a friend of the liver, magnesium, potassium and fiber store. Content, high in magnesium, high potassium content but also accelerates fat burning our body’s fluid balance. With high fiber content keeps you satiated. Raw or boiled, can be added to salads, or yogurt into your meals can trigger your metabolism to your fat burning rendeleyer Dec.
Raspberry: Raspberry detox name the sympathetic and the highest antioxidant content of fruit has risen recently with the summer fruits as fat burning. This is one of our friends while at the same time creating a sense of toughness with high fiber content, and calories in the intestines to be expelled with the feces by connecting the reduction of excess oil. In addition, vitamin C and potassium content is quite high. Moreover, a cup of tea (150 g) raspberries only 51 kcal.


In Step 5 Destroy Your Heart!

The accumulation of fat in the belly area formed as a result of man or woman in the image is an image that everyone dislikes. Irregular eating, eating larger amounts after prolonged starvation or excess weight the fact that is the place where the result is stored does not change. MWT. Nilberk Karaman, gave advice to those who want to get rid of belly.

Reduce or completely remove your consumption of fluids during meals.

The stomach is like a balloon. If you put you how much food your stomach is just as great. A menu of dishes that occupies a volume of 3 CC 650-750 average prior to, during, and after drinking water, buttermilk, soda, or tea if you add 1 liter of the volume of liquids such as reaches. This will also work your abdominal muscles every meal and even more growth in your stomach if you do not, after a while to create the image of the belly leads.

Don’t expect to be hungry to eat.

After feeding a meal on an empty stomach, the immediate removal of physiological needs. A hungry person eat or eat less so will not be very meaningful. If you sit down to dinner without waiting to get hungry, and will decrease the amount you eat and also your digestion and your bowel movements will breathe easier.

Breaking down your meals to eat.

Although for today’s working people appear unlikely, although it is actually possible. How?
2-course dinner instead of for lunch eat 1 cup and bread, side salad, or fruit or yogurt to get is actually sufficient. After 3-4 hours add 1 cup sweet milk, such as plain biscuits or dry fruits or that you will 4-5 light snacks at lunch you don’t receive 2. keep the location of the container and will prevent you from sitting open for dinner.

The same meal in a high-volume foods do not take together.

1 bowl soup, usually 1,5 scoop and 250 CDI. Beside it when you add the 1 cup yogurt + salad and also when you put 250 cc + 500 cc, is added. Products such as high fiber whole wheat products, of course, but all of them essential for health it would be a big mistake to get in a single meal. Instead, you are about to drink the soup with the meal instead of yogurt or buttermilk meat group, a fruit salad to add to the group instead of your stomach volume will prevent the growth of a single meal.

Sip the juice is not blood.

Recommended daily water consumption may change according to the person, although on the bottom of the 2 liters you should not basic land. However, if I’m gonna drink 2 liters of water per day stomach should not be filled with water. A complete glass of water, hook a sister up hook a sister up instead of looking for the sink to sip water and drinking water drinking water in the body to be more efficient and allow longer use.