Fruit More Effective In Preventing A Heart Attack

According to a report presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, ingestion of fruit every day reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 40 percent (1).
The study by experts at the University of Oxford followed the health of their heart for a period of 7 years on 500 thousand Chinese China Kadoorie ‘ within the scope of the research was carried out.
Research in China, 5 cities in 5 different regions, 10 living in rural area, do not have a history of cardiovascular disease, and initially the blood pressure-lowering medication was conducted on 451 681 thousand people do not use.
The fruit eating habits never, once a month, once a week, 1-3, 4-6 per week and every day were evaluated in 5 different categories including.
19 689 19 thousand people and 300 people in 7 years ischemic heart disease stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic 14 562 3 thousand 688 thousand) were detected.
Eating enough fruit every day, 18 percent of the participants, 6.3 percent said’ u ever he didn’t eat, and people who eat 1.5 servings of fruit every day so the average daily consumption was 150 grams.
People who ate fruit every day compared with women who do not eat any fruit the risk of cardiovascular disease of 25-40 percent were less.
This reduction for ischemic heart disease by 15 percent, 25 percent and 40 percent for hemorrhagic stroke than for ischemic stroke.
The frequency of fruit consumption increases as the increase of cardiovascular risk reduction was calculated.
Research also blood pressure people who ate fruit every day than those who do not eat any of 3.4/4.1 mmHg lower.
Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death
Dr. Huaidong Du, who is the head of research, expressed the following:
“Eating fresh fruit, ischemic heart diseases and stroke (especially hemorrhagic ones) reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases including.
The number one cause of death is cardiovascular diseases all over the world, considering the fact that it is well understood that this result is moist how.
The distribution of cardiovascular diseases is different in China than in the West; here, the more significant the risk of stroke and ischemic heart disease.
In this study, which are different from each other physiology and the risk factors of ischemic and hemorrhagic (due to bleeding) of paralysis, we examined the relationship between fruit consumption and living in cities on both in rural areas”.
Fruit reduces the risk of death
China Kadoorie ‘ work within the scope of a separate analysis in people with hypertension or cardiovascular disease 61 thousand initially in fruit consumption and total mortality and cardiovascular mortality relationship examined.
Those who eat fruit every day all causes risk of death due to ischemic heart disease compared with women who do not eat any of 32 percent from 27 percent the risk of death from stroke and mortality risk were found to be 40 percent less.
Fruits and vegetables with antioxidant properties that arise naturally in the body harmful chemicals is thought to be protective.
Dried apple as a drug
Made in England and published in the BMJ, the study is given an Apple in case everyone over the age of 50 in this country every year, it was concluded that death could have been prevented 8,500 heart attacks and strokes linked to (2).
According to research, apples and the taste of the food items which it contains, in this way, as a side effect of statin weakness Nov 1,200 people, 200 people, 300 people with kidney failure in Nov 12 thousand dissolve and in the development of diabetes is prevented.
In another study published in the Journal of Functional Foods called medical Journal, shows that eating an apple a day can be very effective even for cardiovascular disease (3).
Conducted by experts from the Ohio State University, eating an apple a day for 4 weeks in the study in healthy people between the ages of 40-60 ‘oxidized-LDL-cholesterol declined, it was established that 40 per cent.
Between the ages of 45-65 previously performed by Florida State University on a study of 160 women in the group who ate 75 grams of dried apples per day for a period of one year LDL-cholesterol level, lipid hidroperoksit (cell damage and death that opens the road to a product of toxic free radicals), and the CRP’ s was found to be lower (4).
With 240 calories, 75 grams of dried apples a day weight as they get extra women, on average, 3.3. pounds was giving.
Let’s see the result
The way to prevent diseases including heart attack and stroke drugs not living right, eating like a man and goes.
This research also fruits in preventing heart attacks and strokes and many other benefits with no side effects “that cannot be taken to heaven where cholesterol pills” shows that it is more effective.
To achieve this, a banana or half an apple a day is good enough to be eaten.
Propagandist advertised the drug as those who live healthy without medicine could consider and decide for yourself instead of listening to those who say that a little bit.
Question: Apple or swallow?


The Miraculous Flavors Of Fall And Winter Meals

Perhaps the best advice is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables of mothers is your desire. 35 – according to a recent survey among people aged 75 throughout the Year, fruit and vegetable drinkers were found to be more resistant against diseases and cancer. When fruits and vegetables become increasingly less attractive the summer season is over and we start to consume more carbohydrates to replace them. Unable to spend a lot of time to cook or more adventurous in the kitchen, mostly because it is not for those who don’t know how to cook too, it’s not attractive for fall and winter vegetables. But in fact the fall from the stall with fruit, vegetables cooked in different ways and both help to control weight and living a healthier life when you foods that will appeal to everyone.
For optimal use of benefits and flavor, especially in autumn and winter, we recommend that you provide some foods that your place at the table:
Broccoli to fight cancer and heart disease, prevent cataracts helps. Ulcers, arthritis and strengthens the immune system helps prevent. A very good source of vitamin C, one cup of broccoli contains twice the vitamin C of our daily need. Calcium which strengthens the bones, is rich. In addition, a, B1, B2, B3, vitamins B5 and B6, tryptophan, folate, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, manganese, protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. In terms of their properties in the steam to cook nutritious is the best option.
Known for its qualities of Brussels sprouts cancer fighting, anti-cancer chemicals is rich. You have to gut and skin healthy, helps protect your immune system. Vitamin A deficiency anemia from iron deficiency to prevent osteoporosis, and prevents. In addition, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K vitamins, folate, fiber, potassium, manganese, tryptophan, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, phosphorus, copper, and calcium.
Grams in 100 grams of cauliflower has only 26 calories. A good source of vitamin C, but also fight against free radicals, has protective effects against cancer, strengthens immunity and protective against infections, contain antioxidants.
Cabbage contain high amounts of vitamins A and C and fiber. Also the ingredient that gives flavor to vegetables is a powerful cancer fighter. It also contains chemicals that enhance the body’s detoxification systems. Cabbage is very useful against peptic ulcers, especially when water is removed. To chop cook and eat chew your food thoroughly, while the enzymes in moves content much more quickly.
Red cabbage, low-calorie and fiber food. Meets our daily vitamin C requirement of red cabbage half a cup. Three different shape of vitamin A and vitamin K It contains. The substance that gives color its also helpful in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.
Celery is one of the least popular vegetables, but also one of the most healthy types. B6, C and vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and manganese rich. Blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke.
Spinach on Popeye The Sailor Man I’ll give him that, the content of at least 13 different vitamins and minerals, as well as research in a wide variety of antioxidant and anti-cancer substance that contained it was found. Strengthens your bones, heart and age-related eye diseases: it is rich in vitamin K protective against. Reduces the effect of reductions in brain function with aging. A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, vitamin E, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, tryptophan, fiber, copper, protein, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.
A high amounts of the biceps, and contains vitamin K, helpful in maintaining eye and heart health. Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium in the lobby.
Onion varieties is found throughout the year although the best period is autumn and winter and they are delicious. Sulfur is the substance that gives the taste of onions, which lowers blood pressure and cholesterol balances. Onions also protects our digestive health, asthma, arthritis, and helps relieve symptoms of colds and flu.
In the same family as leeks, onions and garlic and have similar health benefits. Raises good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar and fights against prostate and colon cancer. Manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, iron and folate it contains.
Beet season is autumn. Protective against heart and liver diseases beet, betaine and nitrate which increases the course of blood to the brain, contains, thus age-related reduces the risk of forgetfulness.
Winter salads of radish are rich in vitamin C colorizes the leaves a, vitamin K, and folate in the lobby.
Carrots contain high amounts of beta carotene which converts to vitamin A in our body. Vitamin K which is used in the healing of the wounds of our body and our nervous system contains vitamin B6 which protects.
The content of various oils in ginger root for pain relief, nerve sedative and has anti-bacterial effects. Migraine headaches or alleviates nausea and pregnancy depending on the journey. B5, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium.
Beans skin and contains vitamin E which is vital to cell renewal. Zinc is also required for a healthy skin is plentiful. Iron, calcium, fiber and rich in protein.
Pumpkin high amounts of vitamin A, carotene and rich in fiber. In the same way the seeds of the pumpkin that raises your mood, which is a good snack for our health that are required amino acids and various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains.
Avocados help lower cholesterol unsaturated fats and singular, is an excellent source in terms of oleic acid is protective against certain types of cancer. Also lutein, B6, C, E and vitamin K, fiber, potassium, Polat and contains copper.
Apples are found all year, although the months of autumn and winter the most popular and is one of the healthiest fruits. Breast and colon cancer, kidney stones contain powerful antioxidants that protect against bad cholesterol decreases. According to research, those who eat at least 2 apples per week have asthma, the lungs are more healthy and lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Fiber, is rich in vitamins C and K.
Antioxidants which protect the body from damage of free radicals in pear, contains. Heart and intestinal health improves, the body creates an allergic reaction is a fruit that is very rare, because usually the first fruit that was fed to babies. Fiber, B2, B3, B6, C, K, vitamins, calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium and manganese contain.
Pomegranate lowers the risk of heart disease, breast and colon cancer is considered to have a protective effect against. Weight loss and is helpful in lowering cholesterol. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, B5, and vitamin K, folate, calcium, copper, potassium and manganese contain.
Kiwi is a good resource in terms of ingredients and antioxidants that protect the skin. Help control your blood sugar, protect your heart and bowels, helps to fight asthma and prevent blood clots. Kiwi contain high amounts of vitamin C than oranges. Also vitamin E, fiber, potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium.
Our daily vitamin C grapefruit %75ini meets. Lycopene and pectin, which helps to lower cholesterol contain.
Tangerines are rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. Orange has such a low calorie level. With high fiber intake bowels. In terms of antioxidants than oranges, much more useful.
Orange has a low calorie level, it involves plenty of fibers called pectin. Pectin runs our digestive system, and ensure that substances are disposed of in the intestines that may cause cancer. It is rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits other. B complex vitamins, vitamin A, calcium and potassium.
A high fiber and contains vitamin C, quince. Copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 is rich. Pear-like, anti-allergenic is a fruit.
Palm fiber, antioxidants and minerals in terms of the feeder. Contains high amounts of fiber, thus ensures the proper operation of the digestive system and helps in weight loss. A, C and K vitamins. Eye health and age-related eye diseases protects against. Protective against cancer because it contains antioxidants and helps protect against free radicals, slows the aging process of the skin.

Come On, We Charge You For A Week

Gradually decreasing your energy, or getting old before your time if you feel anti-aging this 7 day diet will help in the recovery program again.
How small changes in your diet and lifestyle, you won’t believe the energy that would have great results.
-Clear your digestive channel
When your bowels functioning properly, the immune system, nervous system and affects other systems such as metabolism. To add probiotics to your diet can support the development of probiotics in the digestive system; it also affects the digestive function, and helps to positively influence your energy level. When you wake up in the morning, first coffee and carbohydrates, you can go to a store; to open a probiotic beverage such as kefir consume a bagel instead of the head.
-Make it have a brain like poison
Our minds require energy. To stimulate the brain at every meal vitamin C-rich citrus. Both easy and delicious. Lowering your energy of vitamin C have been known to reduce stress hormones. You can eat half of a grapefruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner your salmon salad lemon and olive oil sauce that you add your syrup, you can add salsa sauce. A squeeze of lemon or orange to your water, too be sure to try.
-Open your respiratory
Your lungs provide enough oxygen to your organs and other vital one of the main rules to feel energized. Consume one to two tablespoons of flax seeds per day. You can add it to flax seed drink salads or in your dishes has a free version you can.
-Take good care of your liver
To support your liver health day ‘dandelion coffee to start with. Because your liver function if does not work properly, this also can have a negative impact on your energy. Some natural medicine experts that are processed by the liver, dandelion sings a lullaby that may help reduce the side effects of the drugs. To prepare dandelion coffee dandelion powder (225 grams) a tablespoon or two and use hot water.
-Liven up your blood
For some, it’s a matter of energy to make sure you get enough iron in. One of the most common nutrient deficiency is iron deficiency. The most common symptoms guess what… Yes, he’s tired! The iron in animal foods is more easily absorbed by the body than the iron in plant foods to a certain extent so healthy red meat and white meat (poultry, fish) to eat.
-Let your skin shine
You can have vibrant and younger-looking skin with coconut oil. Coconut oil contains healthy fats that help to give energy to the brain and liver, and at the same time, it is recommended that natural glow of dull and aging skin. Cook your food using coconut oil just like olive oil in a tablespoon. Moisturizing Body Lotion after shower or use it as a spoon.
-Make your heart younger
Before you go to sleep fill up the tub and Epsom salt, also known as Epson salt. This bath will help you fall asleep easier and reduce tension in the muscles of the body. Epson salts is one of the most healthy ways to increase the body’s magnesium levels. In the body, magnesium deficiency, heart disease, arthritis (arthritis), joint pain, stress-related illnesses, chronic fatigue and many more is considered to be among the causes of the disease. Epson salt bath helps relax blood vessels and make your skin puruzsuzlesmes. Epson salt bath to prepare a cup of Epson salt then pour it into a tub of warm water a cup of sodium bicarbonate. An hour before bedtime prepare your body and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Avoid Foods That Makes You Hungry!

Some foods, however, the “others” don’t feed, on the contrary makes us hungry. When they eat makes you eat more. Well, who is this ‘some’ and what about these foods?
After a short period of time, some meals, are getting hungry, and worse, without getting up from the table, “I wonder what should I eat?” if you’re starting to wonder if, with your refrigerator or “intimate” not even, “a passionate affair”… if you are having drowsiness, especially after meals, internal withdrawal, confusion, irritability, sweating, complains of problems such as headaches, to eat less even though you have when you’ve received quick weight regular exercise, even if you think it was difficult for me to lose weight, please don’t blame yourself, “man, I’m the greedy one” or something to say don’t try!
It’s not just you, “your food” in the food selection may be in the wrong. Eating and drinking for your question! Certain foods you have them so that “others” don’t feed, on the contrary makes us hungry. When they eat makes you eat more. Well, who this “someone” and “what about the food?” Here you go…
Are you the only person insulin?
First, “the precise foods who?” let me answer that question: some people the pancreas “genetic” as “to produce excessive insulin” is very sensitive to the programmatic and blood sugar rise (according to me, I have this problem in one of every three adults). Even when the next light meals sugar increase, the pancreas produces insulin, excess blood sugar as soon as you arise in the blood, excessive insulin pumps. When you’re hungry, even those people that have high levels of insulin “hyperinsulinemia”, “insulin resistance”, “the glycemic index” concept, to meet urgently and immediately required.
The reason this is…
Normally in the first hours after dinner insulin values in the blood level on average 40-50 units not exceeding this “unlucky” people in 100%, 200% and we have over 500 people we can go). Glands the pancreas to produce excessive insulin, which is genetically programmed this “insulin only” if they are unable to realize in time if people have genetic defects, especially the “flour, sugar, starch” foods and beverages that contain severe immediately after a trio of “hypoglycemia” episodes of began to experience. If the attack is the first sign of “early and often, even now is starving.
Question your genetic heritage!
Mostly my family (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and some of them grandmothers or great-grandfather of some) has a history of diabetes. The genetic defect in question with age, particularly 50 passes become apparent. A still life, poor nutrition conditions, waist-tummy as you take off weight if it is incorrect leads to the emergence of the defect earlier.
If the genetic problem is not noticed in time in question, also flour, sugar, starch loaded foods after a while if they continue to eat and drink, “eat when you feel hungry, eat food” the cycle begins to grow your belly, the thickening of the waist (100 cm in men, 88 cm in women), continues. Well, in the end is what? Diabetes Type 2 diabetes will be hidden after the first. Already we are living in the last quarter-century is the fact that the reason for the explosion of diabetes: improper diet makes us hungry for that food BASED! In the box you can find the list of nutrients that makes you hungry.
Foods that’s what makes us hungry?

White bread
White sugar
Pies, muffins, pancakes
Biscuits, Gris
Cake, cookies
Rice pilaf
Cheesy pasta
Food made with flour
Any famous-sugary snacks
Desserts, especially desserts famous
Very sweet fruits
Fruit juices
All kinds of sugary drinks
Fried potatoes

Note: food and beverages, especially in this excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) and insulin resistance and those with people must stay away.

The Rights Of The Butter Butter

At the end of a power struggle between margarine and butter, butter still won. Cheap which is the raw material for margarine behind this war there are some companies to multinational agricultural products market
Time magazine announced on the cover that I recently cleared of the butter would be when the world once again as he sat eating and drinking, hop, hop tried. The fear is so ingrained into us that of butter, in recent years, her expert’s comments is extremely important for a healthy life often after that, although it is reflected in the media, no one didn’t pay any attention while in the end I think could be convincing when she made the cover of Time magazine. Six years ago in an article by Flora Wang from the University of Alberta in Canada and Assistant Prof. Spencer Proctor made a very important research result I got a great response when I wrote the sentence. Even a relative I “if my husband dies because of your post, you’re responsible,” he threatened me. The scientists said: “so far that we’re afraid of the harmful effects of natural oils are actually extremely beneficial for our health. Butter and beef reduce the risk of heart attack, is beneficial in the treatment of obesity and diabetes and cholesterol to be good for, are now a reality.”
Behold, the secret of long life?
Made with interviews on the secrets of long life exceeding 100 years when we were kids was published. Most often the people who live in the mountain villages of the Caucasus “grazing our animals, natural milk, it is made from butter, cheese, yoghurt products, such as I’m fed up with” the response would give. The impact of this news I’ve admired in my life because of the milk and the products derived from it. He was suspended from our house at a time when I ached with love longing always butter. Well, the butter milk and milk products to human life in a shorter period than the first of the ‘killer’ be seen as, but after a long time, thanks to begin to absolve one after the other’s research was based on what? Physicians and nutrition experts are scaring us distanced from natural products. For many years as the source of the disease after showing us now you take back what you said and re-recommend that you consume margarine and butter. Their bans which is shown as an alternative to butter, margarine, Royal near Paris was produced at the research department for the first time in 1869. An animal plague epidemic was raging in Europe at that time. III. Napoleon had promised rewards to the very high butter substitute product developers. Earlier than normal flour using a less-quality food chemist Hippolyte Mege rewarded with three gold medals for his method of making bread – Mouries, the King’s personal request for the work that led to the break with their sleeves rolled up. In a short time succeeded. Here are the details I don’t want to turn off your appetite by telling in some ways this new product is Greek for ‘Pearl’, meaning ‘Margaro’ derived from the word gave the name of margarine. However, the production itself couldn’t patent 1871, handed over to the Dutch.
Suppressing the production of the dairy
Over time, the margarine companies thrived, grew stronger. Nowadays, the butter, and selling large and small dairies, margarine organizations with budgets in excess of capital being produced and marketed by giant multinational country. The money that they spend on advertising and promotion of the country that might have difficulty to natural production in the dairy countries ‘ scientists to do research that shows great strength for their own results. They had even bought margarine yayimlatip praising the writings in media, in parliament, parliamentarians can take to provide support for products not even on the lobby. With the introduction of GMO crops in the United States and Brazil corn, cottonseed or canola, which is the raw material for a boom in cheap agricultural products such as margarine, see margarine obtained as a result of chemical treatment with natural oils even more the battle between unequal power put us over the top. But the sun sivanam with clay. Honest scientists, civil society organizations, the media and the political realities that can’t be bought at the end of the light provided. But we have a long way to go to be more times. I will talk to them soon.

Broccoli, cabbage?

Special molecular chemotherapy, which are cancer fighters, Broccoli has plenty of buds. And the way to benefit survivors, just unsavory broccoli buds are breaking? No, because the odds are all kinds of cabbage (black, white, green), cauliflower, radish and cabbage from the group there’s plenty in.
Not because they are not only delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruits, for a lot of reasons “privileged and healthy foods” category. Low calories, high fiber content and some special ingredients in them their are just a few of them.
They carry some of the natural ingredients of our health, especially “the Guardian Angels” is like. For example, apples Kirstin, lycopene in tomatoes, catechins in tea, parsley apigenin such compounds and such one of the natural remedies for the survivors, “cabbage group” is found in all foods, although some survivors like the store.
Research shows that broccoli is full of sulforaphane especially almost packed buds. Although broccoli is tasteless therefore you already extremely healthy lifestyle enthusiasts of the “diva”of the SI position.
And the way to benefit survivors, just unsavory broccoli buds are breaking? No!
No, because a substance that is found in broccoli is not only for the survivors. Sprouts of all kinds (black, white, green), cauliflower, radish and cabbage from the group there’s plenty in. Therefore you, too, like former U.S. President George W. Bush can continue to be a relentless enemy of broccoli.
This trio, “cauliflower, cabbage, radish,” is sufficient to give more weight to the team. These not only consumption because they are rich in other beneficial foods for reasons. Three plenty of pulp/fiber. Three low-calorie foods help you control your weight as they are.
The tip also folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, selenium such as are rich in substances that positively affect our health.
What to do
My suggestion is that if you include these three vegetables in your meals more often if possible-cooking them (especially not meat or boiled in water), naturally –for example, in the form of salad – consuming. Because of the nutrient elements most useful when boiled cabbage and cauliflower, especially sulforaphane an important part of the water goes to boiling dripping into the sink.
Bilgileneli if you want a little bit more about the benefits of sulforaphane: a very powerful cancer fighter for survivors. Consumption of foods containing meat roasted over a charcoal fire/when eaten with foods such as kebab meat/kebab or coal fire burning in the smoke that may occur because of a cancer that is linked with colon cancer, which can support protect you from carcinogens.
If you are going to this party if I barbecue meats, chicken wings, of course the usual rules by paying attention to cook, but on your desk, radish and cabbage salad/pickled cauliflower salad, and the place is open.
Not only colon cancer survivors from breast, lung and prostate cancer showing that can be effective in protection from let us note that in a large number of is working.
Benefits in repetition!
Your body weight is normal
To understand whether your body weight is normal, “body mass index” (body mass index) can be used.
Body mass index= weight (kg) / height (m2)
For example, 160 cm tall and 60 kg so to calculate a person’s body mass index:
Body mass index = 60 / (1.6)2 = 60 / 2.56 = 23.44 would be.
According to body mass index, your body weight be classified as follows::
* 18.5-24.9 normal between
* 25-29.9: Overweight
* More than 30 Fat
* In assessing whether you are at your ideal weight your body weight by using this information you can determine.
Keep that in mind.
Not without oxygen!
To complete the functions of the lungs, enough oxygen, your tissues and your body move the carbs to be cleaned is a vital necessity. But unfortunately your chest is larger than a football field filled nearly the whole surface gas exchange and often don’t show the necessary attention which this important organ.
Him dirty from the air, from infection, and especially to protect them from cigarette smoke, we don’t care. The lungs grow and reaches its most powerful level, approximately around the age of 18. This organ the power decreases gradually after the age of twenties.

Smokers, passive smokers are people who are dirty air or dusty environments found in this descent is fast. Recurrent respiratory tract infections, especially bronchitis from becoming ongoing, the decline in lung function is known to accelerate diseases such as asthma and emphysema.

Good lung health is one of the most important determinants of your overall health Note. If you are tired more easily than they used to be, if shorter distances are often breathing, if you notice the beginning of symptoms like palpitations, a cough that lasts longer than a week, sputum, symptoms such as wheezing, especially if you have a cough, together with (in the form of a line (even though) if you have bleeding your lungs remember that you can be sick and get help from a pulmonologist.

Take note!
Menopausal women in which hormone should not be given
In some cases, the implementation of hormone therapy. Breast, uterine, ovarian hormones are linked to tumors found in the pancreas, and in those with liver disease or blood clotting in the leg veins, or pulmonary embolism shortly before use to the correct dose is not recommended.

During hormone therapy, blood pressure rises, migraine-style headaches or pains unusually limbs, should consult a doctor immediately.

2 Eggs Every Day With Diabetes

Egg did not have a bad effect on cholesterol levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes, diet or appetite control better and more rich from the egg for 3 months has created a feeling of fullness.
2014 European Association for the study of diabetes presented at the meeting, according to the report, people with diabetes each day, six days a week, can easily eat 2 eggs. At the same time, which is followed lasted for 3 months and Weight Control Research, overweight, pre-diabetes or diabetes was performed with 140 people. The egg was supported by Australian research institution.
Subjects specific to the clinic increasingly took the advice about the food and how much food types of every month. 2 eggs per week from a group of them in a little group were asked to eat 2 eggs every day six days a week, and blood levels of both groups were measured. Less egg-eaters, I was told to eat a lot of eggs for more protein yiyenlerink.
During the research, both groups of good cholesterol levels (HDL-cholesterol), there was not a significant difference, and it was determined that people who eat more eggs tend to increase in the brain.Between groups LDL-cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar in terms of there was a difference. Both groups consume equal amounts of protein, but it was identified that those who eat more eggs have less hungry they feel, and it also was reported to be more beneficial compared to the conventional diet of losing weight.
N. Fuller, who is the head of research from the University of Sydney, expressed the following:
“About the limits of egg consumption and total cholesterol in the manual of the various countries there are differences and inconsistencies from country to country.
Healthy people who do not have heart disease diabetes by eating more eggs is not that there are studies that show a relationship between, but in patients with Type 2 diabetes, eggs are getting more and more accepted the idea that it would increase the risk of heart disease.
For example, in Australia the Heart Foundation poor diet and type 2 diabetes saturated fats are healthy people for the treatment of up to six eggs per week as part of USA more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day for healthy people to take manuals when I let allowing.
As the average cholesterol of an egg has 200 milligrams.
In this guide, it is recommended for diabetics type 2 eggs a week maximum.”
Let’s see the result
This is a kind of “we lost, we find again the donkey” and made for “Reinventing America” is one of the studies.
People to sell more cholesterol pills and margarine industry for years, “cholesterol lies” put to sleep, but the truth is revealed.
The release of healthy saturated fats could lead to heart disease, on the contrary, the real reason of these diseases is “oil poor nutrition” you can’t hide.
Everyone today is “butter eggs” I’m buying.


Eating Less Less Wrinkles

By consuming fewer calories, fat, famous, sugary foods eat less and slow down skin aging by paying attention to some basic principles of nutrition. Nutrition-the skin-when it comes to relationship “particular attention” we wanted to remind you that you will bulk up 20 point. That points…
A bit of skin ageing is the accumulation of errors, repeated some of the passing years. Some faces failures, the tip of a thick pencil, with some also written in faint pencil.
As previously mentioned, the depth of the mistakes hereditary properties as food and beverage lines, environmental conditions, lifestyle, health issues, and stress are also effective, but the mistakes of nutrition is most important. The nutrients that support the skin, besides, there are cooler ones, but this point is very clear: by consuming fewer calories (restrained eating), fat, famous, sugary foods eat less and slow down skin aging by paying attention to some basic principles of nutrition. Nutrition-the skin-when it comes to relationship “particular attention” we wanted to remind you that you will bulk up 20 point. That points…
Save Cut!
20 proposal for healthy skin
* Eat a balanced and varied diet. You should spread and limiting total calories in a balanced way. Always do breakfast, skip meals, meals Dec flavonoids, carotenoids and vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants that are the weight you should give.
* Add a little oil to your meals, give priority to olive oil. You must necessarily reduce saturated animal fats.
* Antioxidant-rich foods. BBQ foods and fried foods helps to stay away from more free radical production. When making your food choices, you should give priority to the higher ones antioxidant capacity. Premature aging, free radical fighter, antioxidants, rust up, you can significantly reduce your skin cells quickly.
* Give priority to organic foods and drinks. At least natural ones, germicidal antibiotics, hormonal waste, color, fragrance and flavor to eat foods that do not contain priority chemicals.
* Avoid processed foods. Products manufactured from refined white flour, overly processed foods (white bread, pasta, white rice, cakes, biscuits…) all the skin aging accelerates. Natural fortified cereals, whole wheat products, rye, oats priority. Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, rye bread, whole wheat bread, you might have the alternative to put.
Stay Away From Trans Fats!
* Reduce the sugar. The most dangerous factors in skin aging sugar. Particular pure the sugar industry rapidly accelerates the lines in your skin. Sugar and sugar dense foods and soak up the sun at least always remember that smoking has the effect of ageing. Your needs fruit dessert, carob, and other natural products to troubleshoot.
* Make a plan that is rich in citrus fruits. Just fresh orange, grapefruit, tangerine, orange or grapefruit juice do not drink or consume. Oranges, grapefruit, grapes, and citrus peel in “d-of the lemons” skin friendly substance.
* Nuts take advantage of. Walnut is a strong and reliable source of omega-3. Many beneficial nutrient elements for your skin oily with nuts, almonds and seeds. Each tip contains 100 grams is about 600 calories, keeping in mind that maintaining your weight and therefore use in moderation and you can take advantage of this natural phenomenon.
* Take advantage of flax seed. A powerful toxin cleanser and a cure for constipation flax seeds as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is a natural source for reliable.
* Stay away from trans fats. Some trans fatty acids produced as a by-product snack chips, crackers, famous, sweet, sweet bars, wafers, marshmallows, cookies and cakes avoid.
Yesil Tea Is A Powerful Skin-Friendly
* Squeezed lemon juice 1 cup water to a quarter of an hour before each meal. In this way, vitamin C which is an antioxidant sensitive soul and your body immediately evaluate.
* Full-grain bread to eat. Vitamin E, chromium and zinc with the return of parlatsin your skin.
* Eat with grape seed. It contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins grape seed oil for your skin and have antioxidants, which miracle did you know that? Proanthocyanidins and protects your arteries, keeps your skin young and healthy. Core raisins, black raisins, molasses and wine, therefore skin-friendly nutrients.
* If you get enough iodine check. Food source of iodine (seafood) to lose weight.
* Frequently eat fish. Try to extent your possibilities to increase your intake of fish. Especially salmon, trout, sardines and get your favorites.
* Remember to eat fruit. The fruits are dark-colored, and prefer fresh ones. From Rob if that’s possible, but counting eat!
* Tomatoes increase. Tomatoes high lycopene, the nutrient elements is one of most friendly to your skin now that you know. Almost a perpetual tan the skin, gives firmness and vitality. Also powerful sources of lycopene are tomato paste and dried tomatoes.
If you are using fresh tomatoes cook gently for a short time and don’t forget to add a few drops of olive oil. Easier to work with Arise and lycopene a fat-soluble substance.
* Do not salatasiz. Lettuce, arugula, radish each color, cucumber, non-don’t sit at the table!
* Steamed or roasted vegetables on a plate with a weight to give a try. Yesil and red pepper, zucchini, eggplant, in short, try each of the vegetables according to the season.
* Take advantage of Yesil and black tea. a strong tea Yesil especially skin-friendly that is doubt. Yesil and black tea (and less effective) this power is related to the polyphenols they contain.
Keep that in mind.
Why protein is important BEP
For healthy skin –for a healthy body and of course – to the extent you have the opportunity, try to gain protein at each meal. If you cannot find the fish, the chicken, no red meat, often milk, yogurt, cheese eat.
On occasion, lentils, beans, vegetable protein sources such as chick peas take advantage of. Because the human body (for later use) does not store protein. The proteins that holds the body sleek and taut every day we have to earn regularly.
Also animal proteins, especially eggs and yogurt and protein – keep in mind that is much more valuable. One important point is that you do not install unnecessary calories to your body animal protein products while earning too.
Take Note!
Dec skin-friendly meal recommendations:

1 tablespoon almonds or hazelnuts, 1 small apple, sliced low-fat cheese
Yesil 6 pieces of black or olive, 2 etimek, 1 slice of turkey meat (30 g)
Grilled or boiled chicken or turkey meat, 1 thin slice cantaloupe, 1 tablespoon nuts.
1 small apple (or orange, pear), 1 slice turkey breast, 1 tbsp chopped almonds.
1 cup low-fat yogurt 1 medium cucumber, 1 piece of whole wheat bread
6 fresh apricots, walnuts 2
1 medium peach, 1 thin slice low-fat cheese, 5 almonds
1 medium apple, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (on), 6 almonds

Basic maintenance: cleaning up!
On your skin a layer-shaped covering start by clearing the Dead Cells. Also note The Dead Cells on your face while cleansing your body from hydration and more. As we enter winter, their soaps and skin cleansers that you use is high in fat and replace them with natural ones.
During the winter months the sun’s Rays don’t you think that is ineffective. If possible, choose a moisturizer with a protection factor of 15 or sunscreen after your moisturizer apply a cream.
Increase the humidity of the environment you live in. His mouth wide in your room or in your office a cup of water to create humid air use. That will decrease the amount of moisture evaporation from your skin increases as note that the humidity levels are preserved, and of course drink more water.
On occasion, wash your face with water. The skin’s acid-base and oil in order to maintain balance, do not use the cleaner every time. Your acne leave it alone! Don’t go to bed purification of makeup thoroughly. Remember, clean skin, more vibrant and more fresh appear.
Source: Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu

The Benefits Of Dry Beans

Legumes is one of the basic foodstuffs consumed in abundance all over the world, is one of the best sources for healthy protein and soluble fiber. At the same time rates are very low because of the very high amount of fat and protein for a healthy diet is one of the best options you can opt. Therefore, before turning to the pantry foods you’ve never even heard of fashionably standing in your cabinets, its price in the world most healthy and also nutrient you should give dried beans a chance easily accessible.
Nearly 13,000 varieties of legumes in the world in almost all varieties but especially in the dry protein, fiber, vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin K, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium are very nutritious in terms of. Red meat, poultry and fish are the foods that contain the most protein after. Especially lentils, beans and varieties of selenium, phosphorus, calcium, and folate it contains.
Soluble fiber also helps to decrease bad cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease. Can prevent a sudden rise of blood sugar level by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates. Legumes contain fibers that are not dissolved at the same time, thus help you to troubleshoot problems like constipation and indigestion.
Complex carbohydrates, as they are rich in protein and fiber are very satisfactory. Taking in lower calories allows you to stay fuller longer, and protects against unhealthy snacks and excess weight thus weight once breakfast. When you consume legumes several times a week, your digestive system work more regularly and enables you to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.
Most of us often incomplete in nutrition, folic acid, copper, iron and magnesium rich in terms of dry beans and other foods. Particularly legumes, should be consumed by plenty of people who do not consume meat or who consume less. Especially common in women with iron deficiency iron rich beans and meat content it is effective against frequently.
Dry beans soak them in water for at least 8-12 hours before cooking, then pour the water in and fresh water, water and more quickly by rinsing alone, so that you proceed to the cooking stage Cook allows you to both prevent the formation of gas-producing carbohydrates. Mung beans, lentils and Black-Eyed Peas are the types of legumes that may cause gas less.
If you do not like meals cooked to juicy salads and soups, you can increase your intake by adding a handful of dried beans, or vegetable, you can prepare meatballs.
Take a closer look at the benefits of the most commonly used dry beans:
Dry beans contains high amount of protein the most popular foods of Turkish cuisine. Helps to strengthen bones and the nervous system. Potassium is a high rate when it is consumed regularly reduces high blood pressure. Iron, folic acid and antioxidants also is plentiful.
Lentil varieties also contain a large amount of protein and fiber. Including B vitamins and iron, calcium, manganese, sodium, copper, zinc and is rich in phosphorus. It gives abundant energy, strengthens our immune system, is protective against heart and vascular diseases. Increases the energy burned during digestion, the excretory system operation, ensures good fiber keep you full and healthy, including plenty of sugar is a source of decline owing to all these features is a big help for the employees. The content of potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure, do not contain cholesterol. With iron and folic acid anemia.
Kidney beans protein, fiber and carbohydrates, as well as vitamin E, iron, calcium and a good source of zinc. Vitamin E is required for healthy skin and cell development. Zinc also prevents the formation of skin spots, smooth skin provides us with. Pinto beans added to the meal with a pinch of parsley with vitamin C facilitates the absorption of iron in goat fish.
Chickpea is higher than the other legumes in calories and protein, as well as the amount of starch is in excess of. B vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and phosphate it contains. It helps to maintain gives energy, strengthens the digestive system. Flavonoid content relaxes and creates many menopausal women in estrogen in chickpea etksi.
Fresh or dried pods can be consumed. B1, B2, B6 and vitamin K as well as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. Protects stone and sand to be expelled from the body makes kidney health when it occurs.
Depending on the season, as we can consume fresh or dried Black-Eyed Peas, dry contains much more than protein when it is consumed fresh. It is the repository of vitamin B1 and carotene. Also, the phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium.
Mung beans also have protein, fiber and is a storehouse of B vitamins. It regulates the digestive system and lowers blood sugar. It has the feature of cell renewal.

Treatments And Remedies For Cough

Respiratory tract infections caused by viruses are very common nowadays and, unfortunately, for this disease is antibiotic, expectorant and mucus thinner, cough suppressant, antihistamine, steroid, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, strengthen immunity as “myriad drug” are used. However, both of them have proven benefit and many side effects they also cause. Harcana millions of pounds of these drugs work, too!
Respiratory tract infections cough is a defense mechanism, the patient (child) must not be manipulated unless a very serious degree definitely didn’t bother at all; i.e., “stop oksursun“.
Seriously disturbing the patient transcend and purpose (very severe or keeps you up at night or piss) in cough, “husband-wife” stick with the meds. Lots of liquids, herbal teas, ginger, honey, more effective humidifying the room, harmless, and free methods to boot.
Viral respiratory tract infection in US and for this reason it is a very wrong practice coughing in children “remover of phlegm” or “phlegm softener, also known as” the drugs should be given. In this case these drugs are “absolutely contraindicated” is given that is incorrect.
It is of no use as not to dislodge phlegm, cough unlike increases will ruin children. My precious colleagues in this kind of “questionable effectiveness and safety” in the field of chemicals I want to warn you one more time.
Cure cough honey-roasted coffee
A cough that lasts longer than three weeks and emerging respiratory tract infections (ESO: coffee with honey in treatment of cough after infection, the steroids was shown to be more effective.
Primary care Respiratory Journal named Journal of Medicine study, published in the upper respiratory tract infections and emerging with complaints of ongoing cough for more than three weeks 97 patients were divided into three groups.
70 grams honey 500 grams of instant coffee in each of the first group and the second group in each of the 320 milligrams “prednisolone” so, cortisone, and the third group within each of the “guaifenesin” in the form of a paste of 600 grams was given. This three different product packages, views, colors, and tastes were the same.
The patients given to them decay a tablespoon (25 grams) of taking a glass (200 ml) by dissolving in hot water, one-week and were asked to drink three times a day 8 hours apart.
Cough scores after treatment groups before treatment 2.9 0.2 honeyed coffee drinker; smoker cortisone in Group 3 before treatment, and after treatment 2.4; 2.7 and 2.8 before treatment after treatment in the smoking group was found in guaifenesin. Accordingly, honey-roasted coffee and developed after the infection of a cough that lasts for 3 weeks in patients with more effective than cortisone as a treatment that could be recommended to patients it was concluded.
Why does coffee with honey and let the good times roll?
Is honey good for a cough that is already known, but the mechanism for this is unclear.
Honey acid, and hydrogen peroxide may be important in the production of high osmolarite it has been reported that.
The effect of honey, reduce prostaglandin synthesis, no level increase, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are explained.
The high osmolality of honey, naturally sweet foods stimulate the salivary reflex secretion of mucus in the airways and thus more muko-correcting ciliary and cough clearance may alleviate.
Coffee is also one of the drugs recommended in alternative medicine for the treatment of cough with honey is given and both of them together (“synergistic effect”) it was thought that they could be more effective.
Honey and coffee that can be consumed by all people of safe, loved by many people, drugs are substances which are much cheaper can be found everywhere, all the time.
Honey in the US, especially in the treatment for cough with ginger is frequently used by our people; many patients got good results with honey and ginger from what I heard.
Free advice for cough
Very common viral respiratory tract infections in this season that can be easily applied by everyone in my coughs, no side effects, all non-cough medicine more effective, and more “free advice”:
Primarily breathing through the nose. For this, the temperature of the House 20-21 degrees, humidity between 45-50%.
The house is very dry, for example, 40 percent’ s a lot of devices that would benefit from if you work under 40% of heat to radiators or a wet towel, put the water container is enough to hang.
Smoking in rooms and indoor spaces should be ventilated every day and that will irritate the respiratory tract, perfume, detergent, etc should not have scents.
Bedroom can accommodate the lack of that stuff see the sun and dust is also very important.
Plenty of water you drink, the better; a sage, a teaspoon of ginger with honey in the morning also hot drinks such as lime can be beneficial.
The most effective treatment against nasal congestion if you live in a city that you buy from a place with sea clean “sea water to wash the nose with nicely”.
Or boiled water put a teaspoon of salt to a liter of sea and you can wash your nose with this liquid, and carbonate mix, but please in the pharmacy is “saline” or “sea water” or “ocean water” from liquids sold with names like Don’t buy.
Let’s see the result
Viral respiratory tract infections using drugs for any risk to your health, do not throw your money away.