Immunity Portrays Hunger!

Like the fasting period of 2-4 days could reinvigorate the immune system, it was determined that all repetitive. Chemotherapeutic drug used in the experiments performed on mice given recurrent periods of famine and weakening of the immune system, and mouse reduces mortality; the old was played by the immune system in mice.
In a small pilot study in patients with cancer being starved for 72 hours before chemotherapy, the stem cells showed increased production of white blood cells. Investigator Tanya Dorff says:
“Chemotherapy saves lives, but also serious hasralar to the immune system. This research shows some of the ways that can reduce the harmful effects of hunger.”
Could it be a cure for hunger, cancer and aging?
Research by experts at the University of Southern California who have suffered damage especially to cancer patients to chemotherapy and the immune systems are crucial.
It was known that only the healthy ones hunger ever fully would be useful. In this research, in good health, the elderly and the non-long-term starvation that they can benefit from reveals.
Hunger the body glucose, fatty acids, and ketones called, encourages them to consume organic compounds; the aged, weakened or damaged immune system is the destruction of cells. Due to the lack of white blood cells, stem cells can create new cells ensures.
Hunger and aging that are relevant to “PKA” enzymes and cancer risk and tumor growth enhancing effects named “insulin-like growth factor” (IGF-1), reducing it.
Let’s see the result
Intermittent hunger especially obesity, diabetes, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, can prevent many diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, there is research that shows that.
Just as it is eating twice a day in Ramadan to starve for 14-16 hours it’s to be protected from diseases and be healthy and argues that it is more accurate, and I’m trying to implement it.

How You Own The Fruits Of Summer?

Less Flour, bakery products, rice, sugar, fruit and fruit juice is advantageous in weight management consuming everyone.
This advantage is especially those with higher levels of blood insulin only “advantage” is not an “obligation” into a kind of comes. If you have hyperinsulinism, fasting insulin levels in your blood so if it is greater than unit 5-6, before you knew almost all of the above nutrients, the oil cevriliverir!
In the summer, most healthy diet plan, especially the menus GI diet for weight control purposes, i.e., “low-glycemic-load” will be more successful in the preparation according to the principle I believe. If you can reduce your consumption of grain, whole wheat or pumpernickel bread instead of white bread with every meal and limit your intake if you managed to eat a slice, pasta, rice meals and keep away from sugar if you can help, minimize in the summer, you won’t have much difficulty in controlling your weight. But on one condition! Get enough of the taste, that is too difficult to resist the taste of summer fruits, too, you’ll reduce. Send you on a vacation especially of fruit juices and sweet berries for a while. This plan has more vegetables, salads, less fat, smaller portions, more fish, meat, yogurt, eggs thoroughly if you can add your chances of success will rise. Let us underline this once more: the taste of summer fruits are hard to resist, but many summer fruits, especially figs and grapes contain too much fructose. Also on hot summer days–and some summer fruits, for example, they are juicy like a watermelon – the thirst for the water needs know our feelings before our resolve to eat a lot of summer fruits. This summer fruit is pulled is your life or in your mind “when it came time for a snack” before we drink a glass of water and wait for a bit. You will begin to eat less probably or snack, or something to give up.
“A small amount” when consumed, alcohol can have positive effects on the circulatory system that can damage our health, it is suggested that certain said. As it is assumed to only alcohol can cause liver damage. The nervous system, muscles, digestive system, sexual organs, many tissues and organs, such as destroys. The frequent occurrence of negative effects, but exactly one of unknown health issues is high blood pressure. In particular there is a close relationship between alcohol consumption and development of hypertension in young people more. Alcohol leads to problems similar to those in adults, excess in frequently and constantly drunk, on the one hand, more sodium and fluid retention as they lead to on the other hand, by facilitating the reduction of calcium and magnesium in the blood induced hypertension known and unknown values in many ways which shows there is reliable information. One important thing: among some negative interactions with alcohol used to treat hypertension can be observed. For instance, to compensate for your blood pressure, calcium antagonists, ACE suppressor and/or alcohol if you are taking a beta blocker medication, your heartbeat to accelerate, dizziness, and even fainting can result. Alcohol-drug interactions, especially in hot weather please make a note that could become even more important. You know, the one we write. Beware of alcohol consumption, especially during daylight hours!
Frequent reports in newspapers and on television and one of ‘giving 30-40 pounds with weight loss surgery or this is water’ is the story of obese. Well, this surgery is suitable for everyone? Don’t have the complications? Are there any benefits? If you own more than 45-50 pounds from your ideal weight as you can manage your health and weight loss surgery if only 35-40 pounds to lose doesn’t make it better than ever, just ‘ twill never fit and you’ll look more than before. At this level, you weight loss with Type 2 diabetes may disappear completely. At least you can get rid of some of the drugs you use for diabetes. If you are hypertensive your blood pressure can return to normal. Severe obesity also creates joint discomfort, snoring and/or sleep apnea can get rid of problems such as. But unfortunately, these surgeries with a weight problem for everyone, not only “for special occasions” is recommended. Because of the problems you can create certain risks are serious ones that will benefit from certain levels of this surgery I mean “for patients with advanced obesity” is recommended. Also before you decide Endocrinologic, metabolic, and forced to undergo psychological evaluations.
Well, liposuction surgery, liposuction weight control? Unfortunately, almost all of the research in order to get rid of the fat just doesn’t work very well with this type of surgery also, shows that the results remain provisional. Fat stores –where oil is stored in the abdomen, the curves of the belly – how to eliminate your metabolism, to fix, to break the resistance nor insulin it’s not helping. This type of surgery is more “aesthetic” approach, we need to control weight or for metabolic purposes is not targeted.
First, “what’s the difference between the two?” let me answer that question: when you increase your daily activity, your lifestyle is so natural, while the more you move the more steps you take around if we’re walking, we’re walking, if you survive to go down the stairs, your hand, your arm, that means more use of your feet. The biggest problem we have experienced especially in the last fifty years. In the civilized world, every development, every new discovery us “the reduction of our work” affects the direction of. It doesn’t work, automobiles, minibuses, Metrobus we’re riding. We use the stairs and not the elevator. Even in the home environment with a remote control device with the mobile phone we’re lazy even to take a few steps. More examples you can duplicate. What we need to do first of all, this “lack of activity” must solve the problem. If if unable to do so, however, then additional “exercise” the efforts of back. If some natural movements in your everyday lives what if you could perform regularly, half an hour walk every day, every week, exercise and sweat 2-3 times what you will have to go to the gym. Come see it, unfortunately living in the city, this is a difficult goal to achieve. Per day average of at least 5000 7500, 10000 step, our bodies need the correct destination as planned to take the movement to the best way to get regular exercise, get in the habit of eating and drinking and it just like, just sleep or relax as a part of our lives. Behind many of the ills that happened to us, “the won-lost energy” of the balance has broken. If hypertension from diabetes, from arthritis to obesity, arteriosclerosis, cancer and many chronic diseases before our minds if we are trying to figure out a way to protect them from this “fix our broken energy balance”. For this, the first thing we need to do is to walk. For this reason, in these pages, even some of you tirelessly and squeezing the life out of “whatever happens, add the habit of walking into your life,” I suggest. The days grow longer. Almost 5 in the morning, then lightening, 9pm until late it’s not in public. Change your energy balance is still so much to walk a long time so that you have don’t you think?
FIRSTLY, this point is very important: Children exceptions ‘to eat a lot and not eating the wrong foods for weight gain. “Raised” is not “fattening” foods that store fat. “Fattening foods” during the first of the list, Cola, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, iced tea they have. Even fresh fruit juices contain plenty of fructose which is excess calories installations, hungry more often, consume more carbohydrates leads to get hungry. A child who drank 3-5 cans of soft drinks or bottled only 400-500 calories per day, gaining not only in time, “carb-loving”, “sugar buff”. The list of fattening foods to kids chips, cookies, wafers, confectionery, pastry and bakery products we must add. To raise healthy children if we want them to “eat what”, and then “how much they’re moving because” you should look at. Also please note that if you want cradled some of the foods: eggs, fish, beef, yogurt, all kinds of vegetables –especially spinach, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, decision fruit, especially oranges, peaches, strawberries, apples, grapes, nuts-almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts-, a group of food pulses –lentils, dry beans, peas, and bulgur.

Nutrition 3N+1N Rule

The wonders of Mother’s milk knows. However, 6. months after your baby while breastfeeding him, we need additional foods to stay. Additional nutrients in infants exclusively breastfed 6. on the moon begins. Weaning infants, additional food if the appropriate conditions 4. months after can be started. 6. head to months before the mother’s milk reduces the benefits of foods.
The transition to supplemental foods in the first meal of the When, Where will you be and what would beat that family when determining how much food children determines. Foods to abide by this rule for additional work during the transition period, stating that the Tigris would facilitate child health and disease specialist Dr. Belief, additional nutrients in the first house, glass, grater, Apple or pear juice prepared with them, then puree, vegetable soup, again with homemade yogurt and rice pudding with milk should start says. Of these foods less easy to digest foods allergens and noting that Dr. Faith, continues:
Of our children “the transition to lumpy foods the appropriate months if it had been in ‘what we call baby blender, smooth everything-eating, oguren we’ll have to fight with kids. Before the baby hydrated, and then crushed with a fork then acclimated to the nutrients in pure form should be given to more lumpy foods. For a few months after the start of additional nutrients, breast milk is still a source of essential nutrients. Approximately 8. in the months of breastfeeding with additional nutrients and also thoroughly increase the frequency begins to decrease the variety of the 3 main meals in addition to breast milk intake to 3-4 times per day as arranged. Your baby fruit puree, vegetable soup, pudding, and yogurt after getting used to it, 7. may begin with breakfast on the moon. When he was about 8 months the baby, additional nutrients becomes more important.”
Set by the parents when, where and what will beat
Determines how much food the child
Foods to be avoided in infants
* The risk of allergies with citrus fruits such as oranges and tangerines, tropical fruits, egg whites, strawberries, tomatoes, honey and cow’s milk should not be given to babies in the first year.
* Again, a first year, sugar and salt foods should be added.
* The nutritional value of the cooking juices to fill their stomach only children is low and the water is not recommended.
* Brain and spleen foods such as well cooked as it carries the risk of infection and it is difficult to be is not recommended.
* Tea: it has no place in your child’s diet. Tannin content, iron deficiency causes of iron and other minerals due to binding property. Add the sugar, causes tooth decay, and loss of appetite.
* Honey: causes severe allergic reactions in children with content. Before the age of 1 is not recommended.
* Beans: Some children with enzyme deficiency because it can result in the destruction of the blood in infancy is not recommended.
* Eggplant: the nutritious value because it is not contain nicotine and is not recommended.
* Cow’s milk allergy, excessive consumption, anemia, and it is not recommended to be consumed before the age of 1 due to constipation.
* Nuts: Children like adults at the age of 5 develops and swallowing functions. By this time the nuts could pose a choking hazard.
* Shellfish: it is heavy because of the mineral content are not allowed.
* Full-uncooked-raw eggs can cause food poisoning. Egg whites, because of the risk of allergy after the age of 1 can be given.
* With foods that contain high sugar content or sweeteners are not recommended.
* Also made from raw eggs in foods like mayonnaise, sauces, ready-cooked chicken, cheese made from pasteurised milk, hot and spicy foods, instant soup, soda, carbonated and fizzy drinks on the label, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil from all the products that should be avoided in childhood, says.
Breakfast sample menu for 9 month old baby: breast milk or formula milk (50-100ml), 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of olive oil or butter, 1 tsp jam or molasses, 3 -4 pieces of biscuit or 1 slice of bread lunch: 1 slice of bread 2 tablespoons of minced meat and vegetables to eat Afternoon: puree ½ cup yogurt 1 small fruit dinner: 1 bowl custard Night: Mother’s milk
Measurements: 1 teaspoon:5 ml 1 tablespoon:10-15 ml 1 bowl:150-200 ml
Nutrition during 1-2 years period
1-2 age group of children collected in groups 5 to be able to adequate and balanced nutrients required for Tigris Dr Who stated that it was the belief of these nutrients should be consumed in recommended quantities in females.
Meat group: meat, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, and beans consist of. Besides being rich in protein foods in this group, especially in terms of iron they are very rich. 2 per day meatballs beef, chicken, fish, or 3-4 tbsp dry legumes should be consumed.
Milk group: milk, cheese and yogurt foods such as are included in this group. They are rich in protein and calcium. 2 cups of milk per day-yogurt is recommended.
Bread and cereal group: wheat, rice, corn bread, pasta, noodles foods in this group are included etc. Of energy for the body\constitute the main source of calories. 3-4 slices of bread daily can be consumed.
Vegetable-fruit group: constitute the most important source of fiber and vitamin C. Daily, 1 Medium piece of fruit, 2-3 tablespoons of cooked vegetables is recommended.
Fat and sugar group: Foods in this group, they are taken into the body by eating of the other groups. For this reason, should be consumed more than the recommended amount leads to obesity. Daily 1-2 tbsp oil, 1-2 tbsp sugar intake is sufficient.
Nutrition during the period of 2-6 years age
* Meals are arranged in the form of 4-6 meals a day.
* 1 Matchbox cheese with 2 cups of milk for calcium recommend.
* The requirement for Iron, 2 dumplings, meat, chicken, fish, or servings 1(3-4 tablespoons) of dry legume food can be eaten.
* Requirements for vitamins and fiber, – 1 cup cooked vegetables 1 Medium piece of fruit can be covered with.
* To meet energy requirements per day 4-6 thin slices of bread, rice or pasta, starchy foods like noodles can be consumed.
* Egg should be eaten every day or on alternate days.

Mediterranean Diet

Lifestyle and reduction of mortality due to all causes, especially cardiovascular diseases and the Mediterranean diet; obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome prevented or cured is very well known.
To date, research of the Mediterranean diet in the elderly, or those with chronic diseases living in the Mediterranean countries the effects have been examined.
For the first time of adaptation to the Mediterranean diet, cardiovascular diseases, bio-markers, body composition metabolic syndrome and its effects on the Mediterranean region in North America outside of living and working was investigated in a cohort of young (1).
In the Middle West firefighter’s medical and lifestyle data, including dietary habits of 780 over the age of 18 were analyzed.
Fire workers in the USA is known for the heights of obesity and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Participants improved their diet, a Mediterranean Diet modified to determine scoring.
The research performed by Harvard experts to the Mediterranean diet showing the greatest harmony “has decreased 35 percent 43 percent the risk of weight gain and the risk of metabolic syndrome, HDL-cholesterol and increased LDL-cholesterol is reduced has been detected.
The Mediterranean diet, olive oil, vegetables and fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, potatoes rich; a reasonable amount of Fish and poultry; small amounts of dairy products, red meat, processed meat, and desserts; meals with a small amount of wine is characterized by.
Also the width of the umbilical region, metabolic syndrome, high triglyceride and low HDL-cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and blood glucose is characterized by a table.
The government warns doctors
Two months ago, the UK’ s leading doctors wrote an open letter to the minister of Health “in the fight against dementia should be on the effect of the Mediterranean diet not drugs is questionable,” warned (2).
In the letter, for today the most effective strategy in preventing Alzheimer’s and other diseases that are related to memory and emphasized that people the Mediterranean diet fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and olive oil are being asked to encourage them to eat.
Dr. Simon Poole expressed the following views:
“He praises drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, but then most of them goes bust.
Including children of all generations teach the importance of a good diet to maintain health as we age is a project that will take a long time, but it’s definitely the real thing.
Currently only our politicians not to support the care and treatment of those who suffer from dementia, the benefits that will arise after a period of a couple of things we’re asking them to invest in.”
Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra say to add the following:
“The scourge of the Western world, especially cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the Mediterranean diet in the Prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer there is evidence that prove the effectiveness of numerous.
Politicians and the public for such a diet, the effect of many drug more effective than questionable, and need to know more side effects.”
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health “a healthy, balanced diet of dementia, heart disease, stroke and in reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, for everyone is very important”, underlines that.
Let’s see the result
A: for the Prevention of disease, “drugs as a propagandist advocates” but there are, thankfully, healthy living and lifestyle for scientists who clearly recognize the value of studies that reveal that number is growing rapidly.
TWO: me scratching my head,” man aware of the facts.
Millet, to be protected from diseases -some heresy, treason who carelessness of some drugs happens to people who appeal to you!


What We Should Eat Sahur

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and mostly is not given much importance iftar dinners, TV, celebs, and your body need to be able to withstand the rigors of fasting meal since it is real, it definitely should not be overlooked. During your hours of fasting, your body has to last depends on the durability of the food you consume. Summer days come while fasting and fasting, thirst and fatigue as the duration of the chance of problems increases gradually. Skip and take a nap during the meal might appeal to the more undivided, necessarily must rise. TV, celebs, to be able to withstand long hours of fasting your body enough energy it must be carefully crafted that will provide a hearty meal. Weight gain and unhealthy eating during the iftar meal at the same time will cause it to jump much.
If you are unable to cope with lack of food and water during Ramadan if you feel sleepy during the day, your faith and your life in this broken it’s not a weakness, relates biochemical. That you make simple changes in your diet and stay energized throughout the day you can spend with stomach scrapings.
The health benefits of morning prayer in the month of Ramadan are endless. Throughout the day, fatigue, drowsiness, headache and prevents us from. When beslenild correctly reduces the sensation of hunger and thirst. Prevents cell loss. It strengthens the digestive system. Fasting will help you prepare your body physically and mentally.
A healthy suhoor as required in our normal diet, should contain a balanced amount of healthy options from all the food groups. Unlike a normal meal, our body will quickly burn energy, we recommend choosing foods that are high in fiber and water.
During the meal before the sunrise to make it more durable during fasting, will. You can start your meal with 2-3 dates as iftar. It can be difficult to prepare the morning meal. Raw, or cold, choose foods that can be prepared within 10-15 minutes that you can consume. If you plan meals beforehand and know what to prepare when getting up at night and evening, according to him by doing your preparation, the less time you will lose. Eat a healthy diet and yourself and to those around you in the process that you are fasting with a positive attitude, energetic approach and with joy or care.
Necessarily Sahur vegetables or fruit, eat only fruit every morning of your choice. They help to keep foods full of fiber and slow digesting. Also contain ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that are vital for our body to remain healthy.
Every morning-fiber foods you must add to your dish. The normal way of running will get your digestive system as these keep you full. Legumes, whole-grain products, oats, brown rice, nuts, bananas, pears, apples, vegetables, and so forth-fiber, carbohydrate-rich foods takes longer to digest, keep our energy levels high.
Protein is also absolutely necessary to provide energy and the daily requirement to prevent a hunger crisis. Protein consumption also helps in the formation and repair of body tissues and strengthens the immune system. Eggs, yogurt, beans, soy, fish, lean red meat and white meat. great foods that you can get protein by blocking your fat intake. When eating eggs, especially whites, consume, and try not to prepare as boiled in the pan. When you change your blood sugar too fast a glass of milk, both liquid with high protein content that can keep you satiated for hours to meet the needs of people with support for sahur is an ideal option.
Be careful not to consume fries as iftar. You will need to survive for a much longer period compared to fried foods, avocado, nuts, olives, healthy fats such as olive oil consume. When you prepare cooked meals, cook with a small amount of olive oil.
Try to meet a portion of your water consumption eating. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, consuming foods that are high in water content like melons and oranges. Do not prefer fruit juice because it is high in sugar. During the meal, 2 cups each. Although usually the soup is hearty because it does not contain enough calories in the morning alone, do not consume.
Sahur meals are certain points that you should avoid; fried and fatty foods, too much tea and coffee, too much sugar and salt is consumed, sugar will trigger hunger thirst with salt.
A healthy, balanced diet aim for, but try to eat from all the food groups mentioned in this article do not over eat.

Type What Should We Eat?

Eat more fish type! Fish, especially oily fish is an excellent skin support. Fish is a food that has almost everything, are beneficial to the skin.
This week a short “Skin” series we have done. It was great! We haven’t had the opportunity to address this skin problems for a long time. It’s also summer you know. The sun is more intimate than usual, more intimate, gears. Ultimately, our skin more and more threatened and consider it. In short, being more familiar with the issues that prevents skin aging and support the skin for it’s time. Today, skin-friendly foods, we will talk about. The first fish we will. Fish, especially oily fish is an excellent skin support. The reason is obvious: to help protect skin from the fish is a food that has almost everything. The structure of quality protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and packed with minerals such as zinc selenium and vitamin D-rich composition and a powerful Omega-3 ownership structure, the fish oturtuveriyo right to the top of foods that are beneficial to the skin. You want your vacation to the Black Sea (Black Sea to cold water an awesome mullet omega-3 repository), the Aegean or in the Mediterranean Sea spend, on occasion eat fish. Just a reminder: to eat 100-150 grams of fish three to four times per week in terms of Health a perfect decision. My advice, Stay away from farmed fish as much as possible. “A fish that eats fish” and “large/giant pieces of fish, not small fry, or baby fish, not fish (for example red) is preferred. Prepared baked or grilled or steamed instead of frying the fish you should eat. Fish, especially fried in vegetable oils that has been used before to benefit from Don’t wait! Skin-friendly, in addition to other nutrients can be found in the boxes…
Sugar crinkles the skin (42-18293325) each fuel cell the most important of which is sugar (glucose) is not used, when it builds up in the blood, proteins, DNA and other molecules with the chemical compounds that can become harmful to cells and tissues by creating we know. “Glycation” or“; mix well-agdalasma-being caramelized, known as” the most important result of this chemical process, and disrupts the structure of the newly formed protein cross-links. Cross-linking, the elasticity of that substance, leading to an increase in the tendency to tear or crack. Remaining under the sun for a long time in your garden this dry and hardened in the sun can be compared to a garden hose or mop. Cross-linking the first effects of aging in a body, following hardening of blood vessels and joints, wrinkling of the skin also. The increase in blood sugar even to the extent of light accelerate the aging process is associated with this process. Sugary foods can cause insulin resistance and carbohydrate tolerance in delaying skin aging therefore be protected from that disorder is an important step. Carbohydrates will be protected from disturbance that may occur against the aging of the skin, it’s not only a tolerance, in fact is a measure that can slow down the aging process is completely physical. “For this there are three basic keys: the consumption of carbohydrates, especially to reduce the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index to give priority to the pulp -fiber high nutrition content and turn into a style…
Don’t give up yogurt (42-17620747) although it is not clear beautify and rejuvenate the skin kefir for yogurt until at least a scientific study available that I trust. Yogurt, full of skin-friendly because it is no doubt. Especially reduced fat if possible under 1% opt for those that contain fat – yoghurts a full skin-friendly. Yogurt contains good protein, rich in minerals and vitamins. Our suggestion: after age 30, every day a cup of low-fat yogurt to consume. “Yogurt, milk?” the answer to the question is very clear. Opt for yogurt instead of milk after the age of 20. Yogurt instead of buttermilk, kefir, too drinkable.
10 basic nutrition rules protective skin (42-28847957) 1 – vegetable proteins, carbohydrates (fruits and/or vegetables), olive oil or fresh unsalted nuts from essential fatty acids (gamma linoleic acid – GLA – Alpha linoleic acid – ALA) at every meal you should eat. 2 – three times per week, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon olive oil consume. You can eat yogurt for breakfast or between meals meals Dec. 3 women every day from 10 until meatballs lean protein, and 2 servings of fruit (1 apple or pear, half cup strawberries 1.5 cups chopped fruit or vegetables at least 4 servings should be consumed. Men consume the same amount of fruits and vegetables they should, but you should increase your daily consumption of lean protein a bit more (12-14 meatballs). 4 – 8-10 glasses of water every day. Yesil water instead of tea (2-3 cups per day), you can drink rosehip tea. 5 – 1-2 cups of coffee per day limit. The ones that prefer decaf. 6 – recommended vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements take the recommended dosage. (Vitamin C, vitamin E, beta Carotene, primrose oil, alpha lipoic acid…) 7 – Calories lean proteins, and carbohydrates should be taken from, the fat should be reduced, and the total calorie consumption should be restricted and spread throughout the day should be consumed by. 8 – to keep your blood sugar levels steady, don’t stay open for more than 3-4 hours without eating anything. 9 – do not add oil when cooking your meals unnecessary. Do not use butter and animal fat. 10 – do not consume excess calories. Do not take weight. Note that it is understood from your skin before your hips nutrition mistakes.

Food Oil Fire

Fat burning has the effect of certain foods, and some also contains nutrients that accelerate your metabolism. You even burn calories when you chew your food quickly, let’s take a closer look to the foods that will allow you to:
The fat burning effect of a high protein food. Carbohydrates the body digests protein more calories than it consumes. During digestion, food that contain protein food to burn 30% of your calories you spend. For example, 90 to 300 g chicken digest burns calories while your body goes. Protein also keeps you satiated for longer stays in the stomach. To make the best use of this feature is that you can consume animal products, meat and poultry, fish, low-fat yogurt, milk, and eggs.
Fish varieties due to the protein, chicken and red meat than satisfactory. You can also get omega-3 content protects your immune system and your heart health while helping to lose weight.
Skimmed milk, milk fat, contains nutrients that are contained in all normal except for the beneficial. Protein will keep you full for a longer time compared to free drinks. Low-fat dairy products are also rich in calcium and vitamin D, because it is their audience which helps create and maintain a solid metabolism is required for running Nov.
Eggs contains very few calories but rich in protein. Carbohydrate-heavy breakfast keep you full for much longer in comparison with you spend more calories to digest the egg. If you are at risk of high cholesterol, an egg a day is close to all of the cholesterol you need to take, so we suggest that you consume just the Whites.
Compared to processed foods, whole grain products such as brown rice and oats while to digest, our body burns calories two times more than normal. A hot bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, the property has 3 important for losing weight: Bol, whole grain oats, plenty of water and have a hot meal. It takes a longer time to consume hot foods, plenty of fiber so you stay fuller longer thanks to the oat and water also. You can use a small amount of fruit or cinnamon to sweeten. Cinnamon balances blood sugar levels. Cuts the appetite, especially in patients with Type 2 diabetes.
Quinoa is an ideal food for Weight Control also. 8 grams of protein in a cup that you can easily cook both rice, a food that contains 5 grams of fiber. Also iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E contains.
One cup of lentils 35ini meets daily iron needs. 20% of people suffers from iron deficiency. If you lack a substance the body, your metabolism slows down because she doesn’t get everything it needs to work efficiently.
Bean varieties and vegetables also helps build Yesil Nov, provides to burn fat, regulates digestion. Raw vegetables as a snack is also a very good choice. They contain very few calories and water quantity is high.
Lipotropic substances which the bitterness of hot peppers, the appetite and increase body heat to burn extra calories off for as short a time causes. Raw, cooked, dried, or chili powder the same result as we get, don’t forget to add to your meals. Those who consume spicy meals also tend to eat less often. Our metabolism and fat burning while giving you a taste of our food stimulates our digestive system to regulate other spices: Ginger, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and sweat.
I keep foods that are high in water more room in the stomach. This left less room for other foods and eat enough the body signals. Many raw fruits and vegetables high in water such as watermelon, high in nutritional value, but very low in calories. Watermelon, pineapple and kiwi fruits is one of the highest fat burning property.
Pears and apples are fruits with a high water content such as watermelon. Their shells to eat extra fiber intake, thus helps you feel full longer. At the same time, while it takes more time to chew because it contains more fiber, at least allows you to burn amount of calories.
Grapefruit because it contains high amounts of fiber much less calories allows you to keep a lot more powerful. Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice or eating half a grapefruit before a meal helps you eat less. grapefruit is found in abundance in the context of vitamin C, which reduces to a considerable extent the effect of fat mass. Vitamin C also allows you to burn fats easily thanks to the lemons.
Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, fruits such as water and fiber as it is hearty, sweet enough to ease the crisis by eliminating the need for eating a cake of sugar cookie or allow you to take fewer calories.
Nuts are another snack that you can opt for meals Dec. Protein, fiber and heart-are rich in beneficial fats. They help to lower cholesterol and lose weight when eaten in moderation. If possible, buy the way shell, the shells will decrease your risk of excessive consumption and waste more time while opening.
Popcorn without oil or salt also contains very few calories. It is visually satisfying as it is to eat a bowl of popcorn as it will take time.
Only about four cups of tea per day to lose 3 pounds in 8 weeks Yesil in research it has been seen that provide. A substance that temporarily speeds up metabolism after drinking in the content. So consume a few cups per day, and drinking that will take a long time AHA, if the reputation of the candle is recommended to drink hot. The rate of metabolism and burning fat in the liver tea Yesil Kate is accelerating.
Is there a feature to accelerate the metabolism of coffee, but only a little. If you’re not hitting the coffee simply this effect if there is a button.

Baking Finish, You Should Not Be Cooked?

Some foods are most nutritious when Raw, while in others the emergence of the nutrients it needs to heat. The benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables in abundance are numerous. Nutritious properties, but are low in calories. The preferred diet for protection against cancer and prolong the life time. By consuming only raw food but it is not correct to eat. Because raw fruits and vegetables are very low in calories, only in this way it is very hard for Fed to meet daily energy needs for our daily also meet our energy needs we can experience a lot of health problems from hair loss dental diseases.
Although many cooked food is unhealthy, this does not mean that all cooked foods are harmful. Harmful substances occurring in foods such as fries and BBQ cooked to a very high temperature and it is true that the health beneficial enzymes are destroyed. But especially for steaming your meals, soup and is prepared by the boiling method, when you give your body the ability to absorb even more of the feeder, it retains the properties. Some vitamins are water soluble, sensitive to heat, and is particularly an important part of the vitamins you lose when cooked, for example the amount of vitamin C in just two minutes even cook the tomatoes of 10% leads to a decrease. While some antioxidants also caused the destruction of valuable vitamins such as vitamin C, but cooking allows you to come to the fore.
When you make soup, a fraction of the nutrients you will lose. When poaching vegetables or making soup, so the heat stays at 100 degrees of boiling prevents the emergence of harmful substances in foods does not exceed the degree of the blink. To make soup at the same time, water-soluble vitamins is not the way, but allows liquid to be consumed within. Making vegetables and legumes increasing their ability to be digested, and many of the essential ingredients and increase your intake of nutritious. Cooked foods without spending a lot of digestive energy in the body enables you to be after our teeth and our digestive system, it raw-fiber foods makes it easy for you to consume and meat. At the same time, an increase in the amount of protein our nutrition from vegetables, we’ll be more for those who do not consume meat, this is very important. But on the contrary, the roasting of nuts and dried fruits and cereal products to be cooked in the oven reduces the amount of protein in the content.
To increase the consumption of raw food to a healthy diet is absolutely essential. Raw foods for digestive health is very important. Fruits, avocados and nuts is much more beneficial when consumed raw. At the same time for employees to lose weight raw fruits and vegetables because they contain more water when they are fed allows you to get more volume and more quickly.
Because it is unstable to heat vitamin C citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, parsley, and pepper should be consumed raw. Vitamins E and B6 are losing influence as a result of warming. Some minerals are also being undermined as a result of cooking. For example, the per cent of magnesium 60-75% is destroyed. Therefore, a source of magnesium be sure to consume foods that are raw as much as possible. Cook foods that contain water soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C vitamins to maintain your if you need to, if possible, without using any water or very little water to cook with. Then save the boiled water for use in soups and sauces. A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A is not affected by the temperature.
Carrots, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and a lot more vegetables, especially when boiled or steamed when cooked, the antioxidants in our body can benefit from the content. Was transformed into vitamin A in our bodies and is found in carrots, beta-carotene, which the asparagus ferulik acid, such as tomato antioxidant called lycopene in making our body more easily absorb. The loss of vitamin C in cooked tomatoes though, we were able to easily get a lot more out of vitamin C foods, lycopene in tomatoes is much more significant in terms of rare cooked food. This antioxidants that our cells we’re talking about environmental damage and protect against some cancers, is beneficial in terms of heart health. Yesil vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and carrots by adding a small amount of healthy fat found in fat soluble vitamins should be consumed to uncover that is recommended. When cooked, spinach, calcium, iron and magnesium absorbed by the body. Potassium, when cooked, it frees our muscles essential for in Cork. When the eggplant and potatoes are cooked, neutralizing harmful substances in the content.
Some vegetables are more beneficial when consumed raw. For example, an enzyme important in the content will be damaged when cooked broccoli and watercress, this also leads to a reduction of beneficial effects in combating cancer. Garlic when cooked in a garlic antibacterial oily liquid content is reduced so beneficial health it’s not getting up to cook dinner, it is better to add up in the end. Of vitamin C in red peppers is cooked to a high temperature when it is lost, it is more beneficial to consume it raw. Cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, folic acid, is extremely rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. A large part of their nutritional value when cooked they lose. For this reason, should be eaten as a salad raw or should be cooked in Steam. Zucchini, are eaten raw or undercooked, if 50 percent of the daily folic acid requirement for an adult meets.
Milk, cheese and yogurt that can be eaten raw dairy products such as vitamins and rich mineral resources. Eggs nutritional values when cooked for a long time are disappearing, to a runny consistency should be consumed. Meat products, boiled, steamed or grilled on a basis more beneficial in terms of Health and consume.
Grains and legumes easier to digest when cooked at the same time increasing the nutritional value of fibers that are included. But these foods also lose their nutritional value so they didn’t cook, we must make sure to keep it alive.
Raw or cooked foods that are healthier to consume, it is difficult to say. But no matter how prepared should consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. The food actually tastes better, so we could cook more easily. If it tastes better if we consume more. How much to consume foods beneficial for our body so if we’re going that way, prepared food ever being eaten is always better.
Should you prefer to eat raw or cooked food you eat the next to make other points to look out for:
Prefer local products. Thus the transport and storage of the vitamin loss is reduced in time, the more fresh produce you will find below.
Tomatoes and berries in the refrigerator instead of at room temperature, store in this way, the maturation process continues and rises to the level of lycopene.
Prepare your meals ahead of time to cut out vegetables and fruits.
Eat in a balanced way. Vitamin C which strengthens immunity, when buying raw foods, antioxidants do not overlook to consume cooked vegetables preserved. As mentioned, some foods when consumed raw separate, distinct benefits when cooked, because there are different presentations of the same foods with your nutrition plan to add.

Your Body Is Ready To Fall?

Climate change in the autumn months reduces the resistance of your body. Kalinlassa to slow down your rate of metabolism and even the clothes you wear, the immunity is adversely affected. More healthy and increase your body resistance as we enter the autumn to prepare for the winter months, you should review your diet. The last days of summer in a healthy and balanced vitamin-mineral-rich diet.
The proposal that gives rise most important nutrient your immune your calorie and nutritional healthy meals in accordance with the content of your layout. Your food choices are balanced and adequate spring reduces fatigue. Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables in the transformation of the seasons enough vitamins-minerals and roughage intake.
Purslane of foods from the vegetable group, tomatoes, dark leafy vegetables daily, consume a diet program you Yesil. Foods from the fruit group, cranberry, black grapes, blackberries, consume 1-2 servings of fruits such as figs, preserves immunity every day. Weight control whole grain foods to provide reduce from the group. Varieties of salads and legumes calorie foods to maintain balance of your soup 1 cup (4 tablespoons) add. To increase your protein intake with a protein content of healthy eggs, fish, and turkey meat consumption, ensure that it is adequate. Eggs every day, 2-3 times per week, and prefer fish or turkey meat. Get enough calcium every day in order to balance weight and 2 cups of milk, yogurt or drink buttermilk.
That allows you to protect the immunity of the last days of summer are filled with fruits. Fresh walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios every day and make sure that consumption of the appropriate portions for your needs. ( Ex. 2 pieces of fresh walnuts 10-12 fresh Dec your meals like nuts…)
In the autumn of immobility, and slow down your metabolism with easy weight gain it allows to lowers the immunity. Keep track of your physical activity daily to strengthen your immunity and to provide weight control. You should take a healthy living step every day for 5000. If you want to speed up your metabolism and lose weight, you should increase your step count every day you must complete step 8000 step 50.
If you have a habit of regular exercise, your metabolism slows down in the autumn. Therefore, you can do the type of exercise that you will keep and constantly valuable to you. It protects your body, enhances immunity, enhances motivation, reduces fatigue and spring stress.
Autumn also support the body’s resistance of plants to benefit from their content. Among the plants that increase your immunity, sage, lime, thyme, rosehip tea and Yesil takes place first. When the seasons change especially at the Times of the day to consume 2 cups of herbal tea increases the speed of regeneration of your body. Drinking herbal tea 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, cinnamon stick, peppercorns, and ginger helps to protect your health during intense periods of infection add.

1 cup lemon juice
Cinnamon 1 cup rosehip tea (No Sugar)
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 teaspoon molasses
1 slice cheese
1 egg (1 tbsp olive oil extra tomatoes menemen)
Plenty chopped salad (green pepper, fresh mint. Dill )


1 cup water
7-8 pieces of fresh unsalted almonds
1 cup of Turkish coffee ( no sugar)


1 cup lemon juice
Vegetable soup 1 bowl ( 2 scoops )
200 grams grilled fish
Yesil lentil 1 bowl grilled chicken salad


1 cup lemon juice
2 pieces of fig
2 pieces of fresh walnuts
Yesil 1 cup tea ( No Sugar)


1 cup lemon juice
1 cup pinto beans ( anhydrous)
1 scoop of stuffing
1 scoop of rice
1 cup yogurt


1 cup lemon juice
1 bunch black grapes
Ginger 1 cup sage tea ( add 1 teaspoon honey)


What Should Be In Your Child’s Lunchbox?

Brand new fall and back to school lunchbox for the kids and the joy of kirtasiyelik, this bag comes with worrying about filling up with a nutritious meal for your mother. As all parents know, children eat their lunch boxes to convince us that we want to eat healthy food and filling it with food really is quite difficult. Mostly of the nutrients your child needs a balanced diet that contains a lunchbox that was not prepared in accordance with, or even chocolate, was found to contain harmful foods such as candy and chips.
School-age children daily vitamins, minerals, and calories in need of a child’s gender, age, height, Health, and mobility depends on special needs. An ideal lunch should contain calories and nutrients as the needs of the brain and motor functions. One of the biggest mistakes ever made and parents the wrong foods to fill with an excessive amount of Lunchbox. By following the amounts your child normally eat and your portion sizes, you can set up a consultation with her idea of the ideal. Hyperactivity excess calories, or on the contrary may cause drowsiness.
At least one third of daily nutritional needs required to meet your child’s lunch. After noon gather the attention that the child is fed in the course in a good way, too. Poorly fed children who can’t get enough calories and getting weaker immune systems, hence they become more susceptible to germs. A nutritious and hearty menu is enough so your child’s lunchbox since they contain empty calories that make sure that unhealthy foods.
The decision to assist you in your child’s lunchbox in the preparation of food and allow. Children are more prone to assist the preparation of their own choice or that they eat your food. Taken too soon from some of the kids eating the same things, eat the same food every day but finds reassuring to some. Children who are choosy eaters will be happier when presented with few options in front of them. If he’s choosing only 1-2 varieties of food, slowly to increase the diversity and try to be patient with him. The key is to teach her to respect your child’s eating behavior and choices to eat right. Your child whole grains, choose healthy options such as protein, to guide him the right amount of portions to prepare. Balanced, colorful and healthy as your children is a diverse menu you might like even more. Food, it is also important to be fun and personal. An every day bag that you can throw a little message into simple you draw a different picture, maybe you can draw a funny face on a banana or peel a boiled egg.
Never do not use unhealthy food as a reward, in this way children sugary, fatty foods from healthy foods such as fruit and dairy products that you are persuaded of better.
An ideal lunch choices include 4 Food Group: foods containing carbohydrate, preferably whole-grain foods, vegetables and fruits, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, protein sources such as legumes, milk or dairy products. To increase interest in your child’s lunch to bring together the different flavors and foods of different colors, roll, can present in different forms such as triangular.
Whole-grain foods they don’t want to eat don’t be hasty. Hearty and digest excessive fiber foods the stomach can come some children can be enforced. The need for fiber legumes such as beans, salad, or sandwich you can correct it by adding it to Meat Loaf. Pasta, bread and brown rice versions in the more advanced age of your child, you can try feeding it again.
Some sample lunchbox that can be put into foods:
Carrots, cucumbers, slices of raw vegetables such as red peppers, whole-grain pretzels and dip them to eat yogurt, hummus, cream cheese toppings such as
Sandwich / toast varieties: white cheese, cheddar, low-fat meat, light tuna, or peanut butter
You can prepare situations that are soft and Bangkok and with the leftovers from the previous day
Meat or meat, vegetables and legumes prepared with meatballs,
Of various colors prepared from vegetables, grated cheese, lean chicken, eggs, walnuts, such as different flavors, prepare salads with low fat dressings
Fruit and yogurt smoothies are prepared with
Fruit, yogurt, oatmeal or whole-grain cereals and raisins, nuts such as walnuts by adding that you can prepare simple, healthy desserts
Drink buttermilk, milk, or unsweetened 100% fruit juice
Donuts that you will prepare in advance and have waiting in the freezer
Prepared at home is low fat, cereal, donuts, bagels, and veggie / fruit cakes
1-2 slices of thin crust homemade pizza
Walnuts, almonds, nuts such as hazelnuts
Sliced fresh or dried fruit or mixed fruit salads