Which Will Get Filled With Nutrients That Your Body Needs Water?

Water contains the most important minerals for our health. Drink plenty of water is important for our health in general. However, a lot of water with nutrients if you are unable to tuketemi you will receive a portion of your water needs you can meet.

In order to maintain the immunity of the body needs plenty of water. Various minerals in the water will help to protect the health of your skin health also to a large extent. Do not drink plenty of water you absorb from the food you eat a large portion of your water needs. Soon we’re going to count that you will meet your need for nutrients and water and healthy, you will be nourished.
Here are a large portion of vegetables and fruits that will meet your water needs…

Very low in calories tomatoes and lycopene-rich tomatoes in your diet you can consume safely. Tomatoes contain minerals that energy to convert into glucose in almost 94% of U.

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Carrots: Carrots a vitamin store. The benefits to both your skin and eyes as well as your body provides several benefits. At the same time, 90% water ratio.

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Broccoli: although broccoli is very important for your health very much loved the taste. Just log C and vitamin K broccoli in a bowl with almost half of you have met. Broccoli is 90% composed of water.

Strawberries: vitamin C, potassium, and contain plenty of fiber. Rich in minerals, this fruit is the %of 92% of water.

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Watermelon: eat watermelon to cool off in the heat on the top. Watermelon contains very powerful antioxidants, and almost 95% water. Watermelon also helps to remove the pain of arthritis.

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Spinach: spinach is one of the sources of potassium and iron, which is almost 91%. This will increase the amount of food to be consumed raw.

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The Benefits Of Natural Mineral Water

Fluid from the right sources that meet your needs is vital. To balance the electrolytes lost with sweat for the summer months of natural mineral water is my favorite. Why should you drink mineral water? To our body what are the benefits? Let’s look into the details immediately…
Our bodies sweat we lose electrolytes. The sodium – potassium balance in the deterioration of blood pressure, feeling sick, headache, fatigue, weakness can create. Adequate fluid intake may be the solution to these complaints. Even for this natural mineral water mineral water mixed with fresh fruit juice or buttermilk in the summer are the best choices. Mineral water with balanced mineral and electrolyte support in the summer, the Home Office must be necessarily under your hand everywhere in the car.
Mineral water and soda is not the same as. Drinking soda water or other carbon dioxide obtained by adding the artificial drink is given to the water have been liquidated. However, the various mineral water in the depths of the Earth’s crust naturally occurring in suitable geological conditions during the journey spanning 60 years and the minimum content of minerals it gathers, from the source to Earth, spontaneous, or natural mineral waters extracted with technical procedures is called.
Mineral water is friendly to the digestive system. The kidneys, urinary tract and protects the stomach. Supports gall bladder and pancreatic functions, it is a good source for constipation. One of the most important benefits to strengthen the bone structure. Especially useful for the preservation and strengthening of the bone structure in growing children and women in…
What makes mineral water beneficial in terms of Health? Calcium strengthens bones), Magnesium (important for heart and vascular health), Bicarbonate (required for stomach and digestive system) and fluoride (strengthens teeth) as well as other minerals in terms of an exceptionally well-balanced structure.
For women of mineral water what are the benefits? Mineral water is important for women, Skin Health, and special mineral water in order to cope with edema that occurs during periods may be preferred. Clean up face clean your face with a cotton ball or wash the skin with mineral water and cakes in the kitchen.. cooking is a good choice to women when you add seltzer to the recipe when I make pie.
Mineral water is indispensable for athletes. For performance athletes, hydration is very important. The feeling of thirst develops when the body 1% of water is vital for the individual who has suffered a loss thirst with Sports Sports sweat loss electrolyte remains in the body that is why natural mineral water with mineral content is the best drink of the athlete.
There is no benefit in terms of weight control to lose weight or mineral water? When he feels hungry an individual is actually dehydrated most of the time my clients think of a time when they feel hunger, and this feeling can be to distinguish studies suggest, “maybe you’re hungry and drink a glass of water or mineral water reconsider not only the water you need, “ I say. Clients weight loss programs at least 8-10 glasses every day, and I would like to drink natural mineral water, bottled 1-2.
Mineral water is beneficial for skin health? Cleanse skin with mineral water mineral water mineral water drink and manufactured under hygienic and natural conditions but are useful to it is important. The skin through the use of components that provides a positive contribution to the content of the mineral water and is one of the best natural substances for skin cleansing and care. It is also important that assist detoxification.
Mineral water smoothie: 1 slice of melon, half 4-5 sprigs fresh mint 1 bottle of mineral water and some Apple Yesil robot over and over you can eat and drink with lemon.
Favorite summer natural mineral water

Benefits Of Yogurt 9 Home

In a bowl per day for adults, children need to consume at least 6 tablespoons of yogurt per day home. Yogurt which is one of the important elements of healthy nutrition in the home, just a source of calcium, protein and beneficial bacteria with the Maslak Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet expert… the crown of the head of the table Özge Öcal, “the probiotic content of the yogurt milk, especially the daily Rising and increasing in the house with the intestines is where it gets more useful,” he said, and explained the benefits of yogurt 9 home.
Away from additives natural home made yogurt, probiotic yogurt contains higher amounts than ready. This nutrient absorption in the intestines with friendly bacteria located in the intestinal wall and regulates bowel movements preserving the structure of the villi that provides. In this way, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion problems such as is also prevented.
Levels of calcium thanks to the yogurt, especially in the abdominal area fat reduction is effective. Studies of weight loss compared to those who consume yogurt in their diet shows that those who consume more.
The American Heart Association and is made of a 15-year study consuming regular yogurt and a bowl of yogurt every day to reduce the risk of high blood pressure people who consume large is revealed in the normal value of blood pressure. Thanks to yogurt, it contains beneficial bacteria that provides this effect is considered.
Yogurt supporting your immune system, help fight disease and infection conditions such as the activation of T cells increases and makes us stronger. Friendly bacteria is important for intestinal health by supporting the body against infection through immunity resistant. At the same time, a food rich in immunoglobulin A. It strengthens the immune system.
Nutrition and diet expert Özge Öcal “calcium thanks to the yogurt supports tooth and bone formation in children and adults, that occurs with age, especially osteoporosis, decrease in bone density and prevents diseases such as. So the consumption of three servings of dairy products each day should not be neglected,” he says.
Home especially skim yogurt consumed as supporting to lower cholesterol. That allow the intestinal villi to maintain the health of this effect thanks to the beneficial bacteria is doing it. Disorders the intestines by preventing the absorption of excess fat and allows it to be expelled from the body with feces in this way can reduce cholesterol levels.
Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria scientific studies shows that is good for acne and rash of the skin. Thanks to the probiotic bacteria, also plays a protective role against vaginal yeast infections are common in women.
Protein thanks to the yogurt, especially involved in the repair of exhausted muscles after exercise. Protein growth and repair of tissues is a basic food item that allows you to. Development and repair of muscles by consuming protein sources able to provide true and Nov worn. One of these major types of protein sources milk and milk products.
You have heard wrong! Your request Can Prevent by consuming sweet yogurt in a bowl. Nutrition and diet expert Özge Öcal, “A bowl of yogurt, protein, carbohydrates and helps balance blood sugar levels because it contains the amount of fat in a balanced way. One of the cornerstones of a healthy diet to ensure that blood sugar levels are balanced. Moreover, the more balanced your blood sugar if it’s sweet and junk food will be the least of your desires. Especially you sweet if you want by making homemade yogurt, or fruit yogurt and a blender, you can get extremely healthy after spending freeze desserts,” he says.

Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Published in Annals of Neurology Clinical Translational, according to the study, pure extra virgin olive oil provides protection against Alzheimer’s disease.
Temple University 3xtg mice predisposed to Alzheimer’s research by experts was performed.
A bunch of mice showing signs of Alzheimer’s extra virgin cold yet of age, the first product from the oil-rich diet were given a normal diet and the other.
After 12 months in mice given olive oil and 9 more successful in learning and memory tests, while they didn’t get of excess weight.
Of olive oil in mice fed a diet rich in neurons (nerve cells) that provides the connection between the synapses and neurons to be activated in the bus station in the integrity protected were found.
Experts olive oil in the brain of amyloid-beta plaques and suppress inflammation and the formation of the norofibri dugumcuk and they think that otofaji is activated.
Briefly, the cell itself works as a mechanism to convert back to eating otofaji is being described as a type, and thus, useless components of a cell is destroyed, while the ones it will work to be re-used allow.
Otofaji, and delaying the aging process, such as obesity, cancer, prevents from infection, it is believed that many disease such as Parkinson’s disease.
Let’s see the result
Put butter in our kitchen and the other two essential oils that should be present one of the true cold-press olive oil.
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Low Sugar Fruit 10

Although fruits contain essential nutrients for our body such as vitamins and fiber, eaten in moderation because they contain sugar, your genes benefit. Lower the sugar content of the fruits consumed in abundance during the summer months we have 10 listed.
1. Lemon and lime
As is well known due to a lack of taste in terms of very low sugar lemon and lime, rich in vitamin C fruits. More than 1 or 2 grams of sugar per lemon and lime doesn’t fall. Your drinking water, you can consume comfortably by adding a slice of lemon or lime.
2. Raspberry
A bowl of raspberries only 5 grams (1 tsp) sugar. Thanks to its rich fiber content, both are very healthy and keep you full.
3. Strawberry
Considering the amount of sugar in taste strawberries, quite a few. 1 cup strawberries, 7 grams of sugar. This amount is mixed with vitamin C daily you can meet all of your needs.
4. BlackBerry
Berries berries like, include about 7 grams of sugar per bowl. Blackberries also very rich source of fiber and antioxidant.
5. Kiwi
Kiwi fruit high in vitamin C, low in sugar, some fruits. Each Kiwi has approximately 6 grams of sugar.
6. Grapefruit
Half of a medium grapefruit contain 9 grams of sugar. Continued to eat half a grapefruit for breakfast!
7. Avocado
Miracle fruit, avocado, sugar you remain in. A ripe avocado has only 1 gram is sugar.
8. Watermelon
Symbol type watermelon has less sugar than your estimate, but the portions need to watch. Approximately 10 grams of sliced watermelon in a bowl with sugar.
9. Orange
A medium orange contains 70 calories and 12 grams of sugar.
10. Peach
A medium peach has less than 13 grams of sugar, very sweet though.
Low sugar fruit 10

10 Medicinal Food For Fall

The flu and the common cold is rampant on all sides, but it’s not that hard to protect against diseases. Simple but effective measures to fight viruses at the beginning of it comes to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits.
Nutrition and diet expert Müge North Akansel, that came with Fall Seasonal fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system while emphasizing that it is offering the opportunity to each she told a shield defense against disease forming nutrients, important warnings and suggestions contributed.
Fresh walnuts: fresh coconut, now’s the time. In the autumn months should be consumed plenty of fresh walnuts and omega-3 with a double effect because it contains vitamin E and strengthens the immune system. People who do not consume fish, and for vegetarians a good omega-3 and protein source. 100g 654 calories to lose weight or in an effort to protect walnuts in those days must not exceed 3-4.
Spinach: vitamin C, spinach which is rich in vitamin E, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene-containing antioxidant compounds such as glutathione and almost a store. Constipation of heart and vascular diseases, cancer, diabetes is good for many diseases, and the rate of both high-water and low-calorie vegetable. Some spinach is rich in purine because the uric acid or gout patients controlled should be consumed.
Pumpkin: the healing nutrients of autumn pumpkin orange color gives himself, and contains high amounts of beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidant vitamins, vitamin C, pumpkin is rich in properties which strengthens the immune system, defending the body against disease and maintain eye health. Pumpkin with high fiber content while lowering the bad cholesterol, helps to regulate bowel movements. This medicinal vegetable is very high antioxidant capacity which also prevents premature aging.
Broccoli: broccoli is high in content of amounts located at the beginning of the list of super foods, vitamin C, carotenoids, survivors, quercetin, and indole-3 Cabriolet strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C, which can be quite successful in meeting the needs of people who smoke increasing because it is low calorie broccoli can be consumed easily. Just like spinach, “purine” some rich gout sufferers must be very careful about the amount of consumption.
Pomegranate: pomegranate antioxidant capacity with the crimson color reveals. Pomegranates strengthen the immune system, diuretic effect and facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body also. Fruit can be eaten as a salad by adding it into aroma as to give you can be consumed.
Celery: high fiber can help you stay satiated with a structure, while the diuretic effect reduces complaints of edema, constipation. Strengthen the immune system, the protective effect against cancer, “luteolin and apigenin” which is celery called flavonoids, potassium content helps to lower high blood pressure. Cooking celery with olive oil in the form of a salad or a fruit smoothie with vegetables you can consume in the form of a blenderz and Yesil.
Persimmon: the Persimmon vitamin C content and beta carotene and its cancer-protective, a powerful antioxidant, strengthening the immune system in store. With high fiber content, lowers bad cholesterol, protects from cardiovascular diseases by helping to control blood pressure. 1 Medium 2 servings of sweet Persimmon, which is quite successful in suppressing the request, and the fruit are equivalent. Add walnuts and a persimmon for dessert on a diet broken into half 2-3 pieces of dessert or yogurt and a sprinkling of cinnamon for breakfast you can get a spectacular breakfast with oats you can consume it as an alternative to the classic.
Citrus fruits: citrus fruits on the count of the protector of the immune system vitamin C is known to mind, no doubt, but not only with vitamin C vitamin content of citrus fruit is not limited. The front matter, which is another antioxidant vitamin vitamin A (beta carotene) and contains the vitamins that the body through increases the resistance of both double and protects against cold. A squeeze of citrus juice such as oranges tangerines and in the form of fruit instead of consume, weight control and help control blood sugar levels.
Radish: radish has diuretic effects which helps flush toxins with strong antioxidant capacity and protects against cold and cough, helps reduce. Slices in salads or meals as a snack can be consumed easily in the form of Dec. Moreover, low-calorie and help provide satiety.
Leek: leek is rich in vitamin A and C. It contains the compound, stating that many of the immune system strenghtening, “leek you need to consume in Season necessarily. A low-calorie vegetable because it is a healthy alternative for people who are doing the weight loss diet.

The Elixir Of Youth Yesil Apple

Apple, which can be found in all seasons, sour, sweet, with options of healthy nutrition are the sine qua fruit. Especially protective against aging skin with antiaging property shows that high antioxidant levels in Apple Yesil.

By increasing the immunity level of the body, especially a protective food against diseases. Especially in the parts of the shell close to the Shell and an important source of vitamin C.
It has antioxidant properties and vitamin C content against cancer illustrates the Ranger feature.
The potassium content is high with the proper operation of the nervous system and is effective Nov.
It is diuretic and very good fiber source.
When consumed in conjunction with apple peel Yesil, the fibre content increases. It lowers cholesterol and helps control blood sugar levels. Especially when consumed with milk, balances your blood sugar better.
Yesil apples with high content of vitamin C and fat loss to lose weight is helpful.
Calms the stomach and helps in the stomach emptying of the stomach easier to digest.
Careful of individuals who have chronic problems with constipation should consume. 1 medium apple contains 55 calories Yesil.

1. Yesil, 10-12 raw almonds 1 Apple (100 calories)
2. Ricotta cheese and sliced 1 Apple 1-2 2-3 tablespoons crushed walnuts on Yesil (165 calories)
3. 1 Apple 1 Yesil tea with semi-skimmed milk (105 calories)
4. Yesil sliced 1 Apple 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1-2 chopped nuts (115 calories)
5. 1 cup of oatmeal with 2-3 tablespoons semi-skimmed milk and 1 Apple Yesil (175 calories) now take an apple from the fridge immediately.
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2018 the trend of Food: Peas

Food the most popular food in the coming years, Dr. Morgane futurolog Gaye “chickpea” as explained. The eyes of course after the press release was surrounded by these legumes. Are you ready to become different chickpea?
On New Earth, might be only discovering him now, but when we think in our mind with lots of butter rice or chickpea our first mother’s day in the school cafeteria Monday for lunch. The mention of hummus kebab’s supper appears instantly in our minds. Those of us who are lucky still remembers his grandmothers dinner chickpea tripe.
Chickpea flour is increasing the consumption of
So recently speaking at brand week, food futurolog (geographic, economic, and sociological conditions, considering the trend of the following years researching foods expert) Dr. Morgaine Gaye’s food trend of the year 2018 description chickpeas as most of us attracted much attention. Yet we often second-class citizens treated like chickpea at a time, became the star of your world.
Purpose, according to one of the outside soft on the inside covered in chocolate they will take on a different flavor, crispy chickpeas. Hummus is popular in the West for quite some time. Sometimes a sandwich and sometimes cooked with lemon grass and served at the coolest events are being driven into. Chickpea flour is preparing to live in the Golden Age. Because it does not contain gluten. Not just those with gluten allergies, wheat flour chickpea flour also started using swelling of those who want to deal with. Gluten is a certain protein; when flour and water come together, take the dough consistency and the fact that the biggest factor in… gluten-free flour chickpea flour consistency although it is the best field varieties.
Discoveries should start soon with chickpea flour, chickpea recipes, chickpeas… or even forgotten the light of Day dinner bread with yeast you should take off to try and quickly throw it in the air the curious audience in the new world he should…

– Chickpea flour, water and salt and mix with the dough of the consistency of Boza with little status with them preparing and Bangkok.
– The secret to smooth hummus is simple: Chickpeas hasladik shells after extract pull and pass through a fine sieve into a blender with cracked ice. Finally, tahini, salt, lemon juice and, if desired, by adding garlic flavored.
– Martinez lentils Istanbul, Yesil crushing olives, fresh mint and pomegranate salad which is served with the Special taking inspiration from, you can create your own combination at home.

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Nutrition Trends 2018

Nutritional habits, perhaps it’s because we can’t depart just as easily as the most traditional. However, especially those who live in cities, increasingly abandon these habits, one must turn to the healthier and more natural. Moreover, the dietician also revealed that certain foods were proposed by different features of the passion of when you need to look for alternatives in their place. Emre dietitian long, in 2017 to 2018 under our hands, much praise, we have food and drink, nutrition summed up the trends for you to meet us in 2018.
Ready to say goodbye to fruity yogurt
Emre dietitian first detection longer “ready fruity yoghurts”. Emre longer than practical, although many of them now it’s time to leave this yogurt because it contains sugar. Long, “a portion (190gr) is about 122 calories of fruit with yogurts 2017 ‘is taking place between out.
Greek yogurt is also the throne. Greek yogurt regular yogurt is more than delicious. Also in yoghurt obtained by the filtration of water, Total Protein and the ratio of about two times higher. This also it makes you feel fuller longer so. Only 58 calories per 100 grams! Fruit yogurt, if you say not necessarily into it, add 2-3 slices (20-30 calories) Apple or other fresh fruit along with you can eat. In short, Greek yogurt in the New Year!”
Vinegar Water Instead Of Alkaline Water
Emre dietitian Long, of white vinegar after now as old as the history of mankind is reminded that the point refers to a compound useful: “there are countless benefits of vinegar, but the body much if taken, can lead to stomach problems. Vinegar and how much water will be consumed varies from person to person. For example, some people 1 cup is enough, while people it’s too much, it’s touching. For this reason, cider vinegar, water, of 2017 ‘out between.
On the other hand, get ready to be immersed in alkaline water in 2018! Alkaline water fairly well absorbed in the body cells can more easily reach the needed. Especially in low water consumption, or water to drink because you don’t like the trend of people who are unable to include them in their diet programs get ready to consume alkaline water to 2018.” It seems out of 2018, which is alkaline water, drinking water is preparing to open a new page in the trends!
Great Change Of Dry Fruits!
Nuts and dried fruits in Turkish cuisine is indispensable in the shop, both iron and a source of energy, but a dietician Emre Long, obtained by drying of fresh fruits dry fruits of the mind he talks about: “the amount of water decreases, the sugar in fruit rates are rising! Even tropical fruits dry sugar is being added.
Evidence of this situation, which increases the amount of calories of fruits, 100 grams of dried fruit is approximately 395 calories. Naturally, one teaspoon of sugar with dry fruits 2017 we have to say goodbye.” Emre Long, the one that is going to be out of 2018, explains: “apple, pear, pineapple, orange cinnamon over any desired fruit, such as carrot, dried fruit which you will get by baking at a low temperature for a long time! This sugar-free and delicious of dried fruit the calories will be less. For example, about 37 calories contain 100 grams of baked apples!”
Gone Passiflora, Come Pataya!
Pataya, or better known as dragon fruit, abundant with vitamin C and calcium just by showing not only the antioxidant properties strengthen the immune system, it also promises to be the most popular fruit of 2018. Emre found positive effects on long bone development dietitian about 55 grams and about 40 calories from 100 grams of edible pitaya property is carrying contains.
Soluble fiber, potassium, and 2018 with low sugar content % of iron beating in the face of Pataya between wheel of Fortune (Passiflora) slowly we are leaving. Though wheel of fortune is very beneficial. Vitamin C is a fruit that is extremely rich in terms of calcium and phosphorus. Even with a unique relaxing and calming effect. 1 Number 17 contains calories, and fruit juice cocktails, dessert, ice cream, fruit is consumed by adding in salads, but due to the effect of blood thinners, should not exceed 2 per day.”
Konjac ‘S’ Noodle ‘OUT’
Konjac, a starchy root that grows in certain parts of the Asian continent that is recognized by the plant. Konjac, which is also between approximately 9 out of 100 gram calories in 2018. Emre Dietician Long tells why: “Konjac fat, sugar, does not contain gluten. Of weight it can hold 200 times as much water, and both this feature thanks to both helpers is one of the best diet dietary fibers known.” Well, together with the 2017’s what we’re going to leave? “Noodles… noodles of about 384 calories per 100 grams. Most noodle type also a high amount of fat, carbohydrates, and sodium while containing micro-nutrients, low in fiber and protein content!”
Seaweed ‘S’ Castle ‘OUT’
Seaweed also entering in 2018 in conjunction with the preferred list. Emre Long, “seaweed contain easily digestible and strengthens the digestive system with plenty of fiber. High amounts of vitamin K, selenium and iodine for thyroid because it contains effective in maintaining the body’s balance. 4 calories and only 10 grams a portion. Moreover, it is consumed easily by saying,” he explains the benefits of seaweed. Well, which food ‘out’ list? “Curly kale is known as the castle of; in a, C and K vitamins A contains. Weighs 16 grams and 8 calories a portion contains.”
Don’t eat the same kernel!
We all at every opportunity “citlemey” she fainted, and finish in 2017 consumption stood before the package kernel mold “OUT”s in the list will replace it. In fact, the core iron, healthy fats, nuts are rich in E and B vitamins but the problem is another. Emre dietitian Long, “the problem is not confined to the consumption of” explains it. “In cases like this in the body, sodium, selenium, and phosphorus accumulation of causes. Selenium toxicity include fatigue, irritability, and causes breakage of the nails. Excess phosphorus is also damaging to the kidneys, and calcification in skeletal tissues is able to,” he says. Moreover, the core 582 calories in 100 grams!
For this reason, 2017 ‘out from the nucleus, instead of entering It you could say the Edamame soybeans Yesil. The Japanese is a gift to humanity! Our kernel is just addictive in humans as edamame, not only with a wealth of vitamins and minerals contained in vegetables is very low in calories and high in fiber. Emre dietitian Long, “the ratio of carbohydrates and fats is very low. The ratio of protein, on the contrary, is very high.
About 121 calories per 100 grams. Fat nuts in front of the TV, unnecessary if you have a habit to consume foods such as chips, edamame in 2018 entering between the need to meet urgently,” he says.
Sit around sipping changed!
Coconut water is no longer a traditional beverage. Moreover, vitamins, minerals and is especially rich in antioxidants. Supports the immune system and it is well known that it has antibacterial properties and high amounts of medium-chain fatty acid antivirutik. But… “but approximately 50 calories… 1 cup 2017 ‘out that took place between we can say,” after announcing the Long-Emre Dietitian, also reminds us that we have an alternative: “we call the barbed cactus juice obtained from the fruit of the Cactus fig, I suggest you to try.
Primarily because of the high content of vitamin C is a good antioxidant. Is extremely rich in terms of vitamins and minerals. Cactus juice also has anti-inflammatory properties it has compared to both water and coconut lower-calorie and contains less sugar. Moreover, the less time you’ll get used to the taste by saying,” in 2018 ‘S’ lists the properties of the fruit of the Cactus.
Pineapple Juice Is Delicious, But…
Dietitian long into the new year, we would consume as much as Emre says that the pineapple juice used. For the reason, as “portions of pineapple juice 1, i.e., approximately 227 ML 160 calories. It contains a very rich antioxidant source with vitamins A and C and supports the immune system. But it just won’t work! Stomach related problems and allergic reactions and create health problems in people who are using anticoagulant drugs. For this reason, 2017 pineapple juice ‘out.
Instead, the aloe vera, a,b, c and E rich in vitamins A, aloe vera, is a good source for vitamin B12. Protein, minerals and vitamins and thus delays the skin aging and increases the production of collagen. Cholesterol balancing, soothing effects on the digestive system. The antioxidant property of aloe vera beverages are prepared using additionally thanks to can protect the body against diseases.”

Healing, In The Heart Of The Artichoke!

Chichewa is actually an immature artichoke is a Bud. You must take advantage from being allowed to mature artichokes. Dietitian Cascade Falcon, explained the benefits of the artichoke are unknown.
Bothering everyone in the middle of the artichokes, inedible, feathered thorn-like texture. If allowed to do so matured in gain, the flower that turned out this tissue. In ‘the heart of the artichoke ” a place called there. The texture is feathery and the leaves around the heart is reached and removed when this side is the most worthwhile place. Cooking the leaves are also an appropriate method of consumption is possible.
When we consider the nutritional value, calories in the sense of a food that we see that there’s many of us won’t. A large artichoke calories 25 calories, and contains trace amounts of fat. 170 mg of potassium, plenty of vitamin C, folate, magnesium, and Mail.
Cholesterol and Artichoke: Artichoke increases the excretion of cholesterol in the liver by promoting bile secretion and reduces the production of cholesterol in the liver. Give the artichoke leaves a pleasant bitter taste and is usually condensed in “cynarin”in the 1970s it has been discovered that it lowers cholesterol. Luteolin in addition to the item called bad cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol lowers was supported by some research.
Irritable bowel syndrome and Artichoke: Artichoke leaves can reduce the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome found that people with the disease. 208 people: a study on artichoke leaf extract gave positive results in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome was observed.
Artichoke and abdominal pain: indigestion, characterized by discomfort and abdominal pain, dyspepsia, insufficient secretion of bile secreted from the gall bladder is usually connected. Studies indicate that artichoke leaf extract stimulates the secretion of.
Liver function and Artichoke: Artichoke thistle plant belongs to the family. This family is generally very effective in protecting the liver and gall bladder. Considering that the liver is the body cleaned up, this herb also the liver protects the body from toxins and infections. In some Mediterranean countries, the artichoke leaf juice mixed with wine or water.
Diabetes and artichoke dip: Artichoke, diabetes, it is a great helper in balancing your blood sugar. In addition, the effect of insulin in the form of carbohydrates is the only requirement to be fresh in order for it to be seen.