What Should Be On Your Shopping List?

One of the most important steps to protect your health and your food choices are your culinary purchases that you make the right choice. The season are not appropriate for, and should not be included in the table foods that harm your health when you buy. Your kitchen-your food preferences and shopping lists at the table to ensure correct health and prosperity you must learn.
You should buy a variety of the right foods for a healthy diet appropriate to the season. Preparing a shopping list, weekly list of the meals you do that, you must prepare and determine in advance purchase. Autumn-and spring varieties in the winter time soup-vegetable dishes, you must cook it in your kitchen during the summer period. To provide healthy nutrition for your own health and your family, you need to prepare a shopping list for healthy.
Shopping for healthy food;

Buy at least 2 different fruit every week.
Ensure that it is appropriate to the season of greenery on your shopping list.
Every week, at least 2 purchase a variety of vegetables.
Types of milk and yogurt shopping list that you do not missing.
Meat, chicken, fish and cook with a variety of foods on different days.
The types of legumes for a healthy kitchen, shopping for note.
Try to buy eggs and cheese varieties of the amount you will consume.
Remember to use spices for a healthy kitchen.

Among the reasons that allows you to lose weight right food choices and portion sizes. Buy the foods you should consume to keep handy in your kitchen and cook your rate of weight loss slows. Your Harmony your diet program to increase your weight loss to slow down and cooked foods from your refrigerator to your diet program must be appropriate.
Shopping for weight loss in the kitchen;

You should consume chocolate, don’t buy foods with biscuits and sweets.
Milk, yogurt, cheese and low-fat buy the ones.
A weekly note on your list the materials you will consume salad.
Remember your vegetables for dinner every day a different seasonal vegetable.
Every week, buy fruit from a variety of appropriate to the season.
Dec oil seeds and dried fruit definitely on your shopping list for meals.
Instead decrease the frequency of consumption of red meat, turkey, chicken and fish to buy.
Flavored olive oil to give flavor to salads and dishes remember to take.


8 Why Is It Important For Honey To Eat

The oldest natural sweeteners for centuries in our history the need for our body’s natural sugar of honey greets you in a healthy manner. Also has many benefits to our health.
Healthy food component that hosts at least 181 ‘liquid gold’ honey, natural sugars, amino acids, C, B vitamins and calcium, iron, magnesium, composed of minerals such as potassium. This particular nutritional with the forces sweetheart, is quite beneficial for our health than pure sugar with empty calories. Many useful tasks this week, let’s look at the eight power of honey:
1) Body increase your energy: natural honey if you want to have a more vigorous body, eat plenty of ways and reduce your consumption of coffee that contain caffeine. Every morning, eat a spoon of honey, you will provide more energy than drinking a cup of coffee. A teaspoon of honey contains 17 grams of carbohydrate, glucose to the brain is required to supply a significant portion of support. Besides, honey, your muscles allows you to run more efficiently without getting tired. Before exercising, try putting one teaspoon of your tea or your water and stay more alert during the day.
2) sore throat treatment: according to many scientific findings, the best natural treatment for throat pain; to eat honey. Research on children in America; honey as effective as cough have shown that cough medicine is to treat, eating. An itching in the throat, if you feel pain or if you start coughing; one teaspoon honey, one teaspoon lemon juice method mix warm water with a natural treatment by drinking apply.

3) strengthens immunity: bees, honey enzyme called glucose oxidase is added into the production phase, thanks to the level of antioxidants in the honey rises considerably. Antioxidants also strengthens the immune system. In studies, individuals who consume honey every day shown elevated levels of antioxidants that help fight germs in the blood. Honey contains high polyphenol may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer with the property that is stated. Protect your body by eating a tablespoon every morning.
4) helps to lose weight: calories in a teaspoon of honey 21. After setting up your daily calorie balance, you can easily consume honey. In scientific studies, it has been shown that honey, when consumed at a dose of saturation. A teaspoon of honey and consumed before going to sleep, refresh and prevent crises it was reported that the cells in the body sweet.
5) provides a comfortable sleep:

The Importance Of Breakfast For Children

Pre-school and school age children in the bodies of the day to ensure adequate growth and development you must start with breakfast. The habit of regularly breakfast is important because it is a meal that supports the provision of the daily energy intake. The value of the blood sugar balance, strengthening immunity of the body and allows the fluid needs are met. Breakfast meal strengthens perception and concentration. Learning capacity and school performance improves.
In Children What Should Be For Breakfast?

Milk, freshly squeezed fruit juice or herbal teas
– Grain bread, oatmeal, or cereal
Eggs, cheese or cream cheese
Fresh or dried fruit
Olive, oil seeds, peanut –peanut butter,
Honey, molasses, tahini
Tomato, cucumber, pepper

Breakfast Menu:

1 cup milk
2 slices white cheese
2 slices whole wheat bread
4-5 pieces pitted olives
1 teaspoon honey
1 chopped cucumber-tomato

Breakfast Menu:

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
1 egg omelette or menemen
2 slices whole wheat bread
2 Walnut
1 cucumber and tomato

Breakfast Menu:

3 tablespoons oatmeal
1 cup milk
1 /banana 2 PCs
2 dried apricots
2 dried figs
Broken almonds 4-5 pieces

Breakfast Menu:

1 slice cheese
1 teaspoon molasses
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 cup of lime tea ( No Sugar)

Breakfast For Anorexic Children, How Should It Be Regulated?

Appetite non-nutrients to consume in the early morning hours of the child’s request. Therefore, small portions of balanced foods that may consume calories and nutritional value.
That is a combination of different food groups should be prepared simple meals.
Favorite dishes for breakfast are foods that must be created.
Just milk or fruit instead of the preparation of meals energy and nutrient values food consume two favorite easy also makes it easier for you to get.
You must prepare your breakfast plate with your child. Help to give a variety of shapes. Breakfast is a meal, you must have a fun meal.
You should make breakfast a meal together. However, at meal times to avoid stress, you must reduce your sense of hunger to eat yourself first.
In response to a meal in between meals your child will feel that stress will increase.

Easy Breakfast Menu:

1 cup milk
1 banana
5-6 almonds
1 teaspoon honey

These foods pass from his when she doesn’t want to have breakfast prepare breakfast and a milkshake blender.
2. Easy Breakfast Menu:

1 egg
1 teaspoon olive oil
2 tablespoons whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons ricotta cheese

To have breakfast when she doesn’t want these foods in the blender for 3-4 minutes and stir. Heat oil in a pan, add the egg mixture and cook the omelet in the form of prepare breakfast.

Ways To Stay Energized

In admiration, we start the day early in the morning and energized throughout the day, allowing you to sustain this pace of people who are behind there is not necessarily a healthy diet among other factors. What would you rather eat your energy levels may remain consistently high during the day, or creep in places.
For breakfast a variety of reasons we jump out, and in the morning when we wake, we weren’t hungry anymore, we thought we’d give faster weight by going hungry, etc. But a healthy breakfast you are less hungry over the day and choose healthy foods instead of junk food it easier for you to it is a known fact. Complex carbohydrates, fiber, low-fat dairy products and protein-rich breakfast to start your day with the energy you need to give so that you will begin to burn more calories it will accelerate your metabolism, help your brain work better. Every morning breakfast is more resistant against fatigue and stress those who.
Reputed bad carbohydrates, but it is still the largest source of the body’s energy needs. Low-carb diets in the short term, although it felt energetic in the long run your body consumes. The best way to increase the potential energy of your body consists of a mixture of complex and simple carbohydrates for a snack. Complex carbohydrates should constitute the majority of the carbohydrates we consume slow cooked. Simple carbohydrates are burned quickly and very fast energy source, but we shouldn’t leave out completely. Fruits, vegetables, and you may prefer to consume the types found in honey. Sugary drinks, cakes, biscuits and candies, table sugar, white flour and processed foods such as simple carbohydrates after refined in a quick burst of energy that causes more energy to stay on as he lost.
Besides being a good source of fiber and also complex carbohydrates, helps control weight, reduces risk of certain cancers, blood sugar by allowing it to mix slowly in the body, more long-term stable energy provide. Whole-grain products, oats, legumes, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, nuts and kernel types to keep you healthy and energetic.
Fiber-containing foods are digested more slowly than carbohydrates. They provide a quick energy boost instead of a continuous energy. White rice, white flour and processed carbohydrates such as fiber contain very little or at all do not contain. Although the energy in the first place, then stretch and can cause a slight headache. Also fiber-rich foods, that contain sugar and white flour pastries digested for a longer period as compared to in a very long time and provides energy to your body. Ensures that that will cause you to feel energized for a longer period of hunger is suppressed. Complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber.
More long-term consume carbohydrates for energy as well as protein slows down digestion. Carbohydrates and fats provides energy to the body, but this energy is the job of Organize proteins. Allows the maintenance of cells, helps you grow, protect muscles, and it carries hormones and vitamins. Muscles consists of proteins, and many hormones. You need protein for your immune system. Good sources of protein red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts etc. nuts, soy and low-fat dairy products.
Carbohydrates are your energy are rising rapidly, while ensuring that the continuity of the protein and oil remain at high levels. Fat has a bad reputation. Bad fats heart disease, certain cancers and some chronic diseases associated with it. But the right types of fats are concentrated energy sources. Trans fats and saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease. All foods contain calories that gives energy, but not overly fatty foods affect the production of serotonin, you will make you feel tired and lethargic. In their place are olive oil, nuts and seeds polyunsaturated fats which are found in choose.
Carbohydrates, proteins and fats gives your body energy, vitamins and minerals. They are involved in the conversion of food into energy is awarded. Types of foods, especially of B vitamins plays a role in energy conversion. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, foods such as meat and fish by consuming the balanced way to get your body’s daily needs as much as all of the B vitamins be careful.
Increase your intake of magnesium. The conversion of glucose to energy this mineral is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including already. Your magnesium levels are low your energy even a little decline. Your daily nutrition a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews include. Full-grain, especially wheat, increase your consumption of food. Consume more fish, including halibut.
Caffeine provides the energy to wake up even the most weak ones. Coffee, tea, and consume a small amount of chocolate there is no problem. Dinner and drinks as we always say, the first rule will consume excessive. Instead of simply drinking your coffee, you can add a bit of milk, if possible low-fat products you can choose. So your favorite drink, protein and calcium it will take you. In addition, you can get healthy fats and increase your energy by eating a handful of almonds.
Two thirds of our body is composed of water. Without water we can live only a few days. Controls the body temperature through sweating, the food moves into the intestine, lubricates joints. The main construction material in the formation of energy molecules. Being dehydrated is one of the biggest causes of enerjisizlig. When you’re dehydrated, your body will produce energy instead of water, try to keep the balance constant. Remember to drink water. Dehydration cause fatigue. Do not forget to drink as much water as your body needs. If you do not feel thirsty and your urine is light-colored if you are getting enough water. Make sure to drink a glass of water a few hours.
Change your frequency if you are feeling tired and still eat healthy meal. Are some people just to cope with three big meals, although some will be more energetic with numerous meals in small quantities. Necessarily meals so as to include products from more than one food group you need to eat regularly. It is useful to consume a combination of different food groups. Different foods are digested in different times and thus continuously fed the brain cells, keep us more attentive and energetic. The amount of foods you eat is also important. Those who constantly eat the maximum amount as well as more weight gain it is also true that uyusuklastig. Less energy as long as you remain, you will continue to gain weight so you can do even less work. But if you do not receive enough food, your body produces by disrupting food tissues Nov yourself.
You’ll need to keep your blood sugar levels normal for a few hours, you should eat something. Dec the greatest problem most of the people about the meals he was forced to set the amount, and extremely exhausting. With you whole-grain crackers, dried fruit, low-fat foods such as cheese you can carry. A handful of almonds or peanuts are rich in magnesium and folic acid, and cells for the production of energy are of great importance. You can consume a banana as a quick energy source in terms of carbohydrates as satisfactory.
Cinnamon combats fatigue and keeps you more careful. The aroma of Mint is a good fighter against fatigue in the same way. Other foods that give you energy, especially: blueberries, varieties of beans, melons, strawberries, mango, spinach, salmon, nuts, tea, tomatoes, soy, low-fat dairy products, oatmeal, lemon juice and pepper.

6 Must Have Holiday Food In Your Kitchen To Reduce Weight!

In a short time after the holidays to give yourself for weight you fit, healthy –a balanced diet with a program you must remember that you need to lose weight. Fast and low-nutrient content, losing weight causes your body to come under stress. Therefore, enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains, milk and meat group Foods varieties, serving size on your nutrition program must be appropriate for your needs.
To lose weight a high amount of vitamin C at the time of the request with the ratio of grapefruit pulp in the gut of fat in your body helps. Increases the feeling of satiety, and the meal is more than enough –balanced ensures that it is completed. You should choose fruit instead of fruit juice meals himself Dec. Every day, you must add 1-2 slices of grapefruit and consume drinking water 1.
Because of longer duration of digestion in the body increases the amount of energy spent on it. White or purple cabbage-it reinforces the immune system. Over the holiday period due to an increase in meat consumption and carbs in your body will increase edema. Edema is a choice to throw healthy vegetable cabbage varieties. Boil the cabbage ,soup, add to salads, or crushed red pepper as a main course 2 times per week, and you can consume it by adding lemon juice.
Healthy eating every day in your program that should be valuable fruit. Mail your sense of satiety because of high rate increases. By paying attention to the serving size you will consume the number of grams of Apple 1 should be between 150-200. Not necessarily every day, you should consume 1. Throw apples in the autumn months edema with dry mate tea to increase your rate of weight loss you can consume. When you feel the need for sweet, and cinnamon and cooked in the oven or boil, you must add tuketebilir.
Individuals who want to lose weight and diabetes ( sugar disease ) autumn –during the winter months in the group that has the highest sediment rate needs to eat that fruit a healthy fruit. Sweet as jam and not be able to increase the amount of fat deposition. You must eat the fruit itself. If you are struggling to consume raw or you can boil along with cinnamon and cooked in the oven you can consume.
In the autumn months by strengthening your immunity to lose weight you must eat a salad or as a meal 2 times per week. The pulp is high in antioxidant vitamins and minerals rich vegetable broccoli with a stress on the body helps to lose weight before I go under. To avoid bloating and indigestion because it is a sulfurous vegetable your meals by adding 1 teaspoon of cumin tuketebilir.
Fish, omega-3 and due to being rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, while maintaining your cardiovascular and digestive health allows you to lose weight. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the consumption of red meat is consumed varieties of fish that more times then 3 times a week helps to detoxify your body. The fish always consume the main meal, you will have a variety of salad and vegetables according to the season by ensuring that you should plan meals Yesil. Your fish steamed, oven, or grill you should cook.


The Tables And The Kids Make Together

To make a healthy future for our children the best education they receive only, you cannot. Eating a balanced diet and regular activity that we make every day about doing constructive advice and “diet at our house” at least lessons –training – is as important as. Long live the life, health expert, Dr. Altinel Universe hear what he said about it…
Indeed, to regain the habit of eating healthy at home you have to pay attention.
Of regular eating habits can be obtained easily, one way you take full advantage of this age habits are necessarily in the home.
Regular hours of hunger control provides meals, main meals and your side of Dec. Meal times and consume more junk food when they sit at the table is omitted as half full. This has become a habit after a while in front of the refrigerator to the table while a large portion of the day when they begin to swing.
Later that would threaten her life, “the habit of skipping meals to” make it breakfast enable you to to develop. One of the properties you’re talking about continuous nourishing foods, make sure you’re getting together at the table. They generally eat with their families eat more varied and nutritious meals for children. They will consume foods they are tasting with you more easily. Also “family meals”they just it’s not their bodies, will feed also the soul, family ties, humanitarian aspects, belonging, and please let’s not forget that their faith would strengthen.
It’s fine to eat with your family at least one meal per day. Finding it difficult in cases where the family together, some in the evening as a family dinner, you can decide. Allow them to choose their own food. When given the choice to eat better food. Therefore, the varied and nutritious foods that can give you the chance to choose Select table.
And Dec of nutrients in the main meal when given the choice, he refuses to consume one of his favorite foods by consuming a food that you can encourage you to eat with him. This method should be present in the meal plan food groups that will teach about the time for them to be able to.
Not Dec ogunsuz
Dec meals the main meal deficiencies (dairy – yogurt, fruit, etc) see it as an opportunity to help complement the meal. Constantly moving, active boy needs a take in the nutrients that help and promote growth. It will be healthier food choices and consuming meals on the table for their children Dec. Advancing age is also a threatening behavior which is very hungry sat at the table where the risk of also developing the habit of eating fast food will be eliminated.
10 suggestions!

When she briefed about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for your children following the implementation of the recommendations can help.
Make a variety of foods that you eat. At least three different kinds of food on your plate (meat, vegetables, and yogurt) do you have?
Fruits and vegetables in the development of the habit of delay.
At the television or computer too much time passes, not necessarily an activity at certain times of the day (walk, ride a bike, play ball, swim, etc) to direct.
Explaining the benefits of starting the day with breakfast while you definitely have breakfast with him.
Help you make healthy choices about drinks. (fresh fruit juice, buttermilk, etc.). Remember, the beverages consumed in the Home, plays an important role in the development of the habit.
Don’t let them eat excessive amounts of one food at one meal.
Typing while teaching the benefits of healthy food put it in the fridge.
To eat healthy and be active into a game for me to play with their friends to make it fun.
It is harmful foods that you say “why” that is harmful make sure to ask and inform.
When they are hungry packaged foods (biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, candy bars, Cola drinks) instead of fruit, milk, yoghurt, home-made cakes, eat cookies and give you the chance to choose proposals.

Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, you have to look!

Makes a perfect snack for your kids. The full amounts. Weight control support.
And heart-friendly foods.
As a source of omega-3 protect blood vessels.
Prevent constipation and are rich in fiber content.
Are a rich source of vitamin E. Owing to these characteristics, vascular friendly, and antioxidant-aging foods.
Blood sugar, cholesterol balance support.
They are the source of magnesium.
They are rich in folic acid and B vitamins.
High-calorie and rich in saturated fats, besides being extremely valuable vitamins and minerals of fruits. Hazelnut and almond 100 gr 600, 650 calories in 100 g walnuts. Walnuts regularly 2-3 per day, 4-5 nuts or almonds to use it will be enough.

We Must Eat While Preparing For The Exams?

Everyone’s learning style is different. Sinav time in various exercise books, tests, memory techniques, relaxation methods, line, bottom, boots, small grades, get a good night’s sleep, such as techniques, as well as an approach that works for everyone, ahead of our brains to digest all this information will feed in a way that helps. The work that lasted until the middle of the night, stress, not to lose any time eaten meals forgotten and without thinking, ready meals and snacks will reduce your concentration and your productivity.
How soon your test though, try to remain calm and not to panic. If you skip meals you can turn off the appetite Your Stress, Lowers your concentration. Stress, insomnia, or poor nutritional status when it comes to your immune system it’s important to pay extra attention to. Of cold or more serious diseases if you don’t want interfering with your success, your plates fruits, vegetables and whole grain products, don’t forget to fill it with.
Students ‘ low motivation, fatigue and concentration problems may be due to deficiencies of certain nutrients. For example, iron and zinc, and attention deficit learning difficulties are seen when levels are low. At least 3-4 times per week can prevent iron deficiency by consuming red meat and spinach, also protein, zinc, omega 3 and B vitamins. In fact, you can meet your daily nutritional needs properly. Vitamin B is needed for mental and physical energy, whole-grain foods, Bran, eggs, and nuts you’ll find plenty of. Your doctor will propose to you, unless you prefer real food instead of supplements. The pill only when you drink vitamin C you’ll get when you eat an orange, but instead, fiber, beta carotene and various minerals you will receive.
You want to have all your attention in the noise of your stomach sinav not paper, don’t you? Sinav during fatigue or distraction, a waste of all the work and effort you shouldn’t. Even though it’s cliche, consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast studies concentration, your memory and attention 20% and 40 has shown that can cause you to fall between. Carbohydrate-heavy breakfast, instead of those who eat a balanced breakfast have been observed to be more successful in mental activities. Oats, whole-grain bread with complex carbohydrates such as store energy. Consume eggs, the content of the substance choline improves memory, supports our cognitive functions. Eggs in many different ways that you can consume antioxidants, rich in protein and vitamins. To keep you satiated and energized till the evening, at lunch, choose foods that have a low glycemic index. For dinner, salmon, sardines, tuna, oily fish such as you can choose. The content of omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits, in addition to is known to strengthen brain functions. If you like fish, flax seeds, walnuts, beans and omega 3 in high amounts from other foods.
Protein-rich foods will keep the brain awake. Red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, and nuts such as walnuts, dairy products such as yogurt or you can choose. Foods that contain Protein in our body uses in the production of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of business intelligence that balances the neurotransmitters your brain cells and motivation.
Three large meals a day you both physically and mentally slow down, try to eat smaller positions more often. Sweet in the afternoons when you consume too much sugar or junk food crisis in this case begins if your energy instead of giving the reverse will lead to drowsiness. Among the fruits recommended foods for Brain Health in the first tier of ranks. Blueberries contain many powerful antioxidants and nutrients especially. At the same time, the natural sugars in the fruit provides energy to your body more balanced. Dried fruit and nuts, or high amounts of vitamin C, blueberries, strawberries, and citrus fruits you can consume. Vitamin C is helpful to think fast. Vitamin E and zinc are substances that have positive effects on the brain, so you can consume pumpkin seeds and walnuts. The benefits to the brain, known among other fruits, melons, figs, and bananas we can count. Vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli and bell peppers you can choose.
Sinav day which is more difficult to digest, especially containing white flour, biscuits, cookies, cakes, as well as products, and high amounts of processed sugar, chocolate and avoid candy. Opt for complex carbohydrates. In Hindi L-tryptophan may cause you to sleep.
The motion of chewing increases the concentration, but do not choose snack foods that will continuous your blood sugar increase and decrease. Protein, healthy fats and complex carbs will keep your blood sugar at a balanced level and slow your rate of digestion. While working on your side, yogurt, raw veggies, hummus and whole grain crackers or snacks like nuts you can get. It is rich in protein and healthy fats peanuts and peanut butter. Small amounts of peanut butter, whole-grain crackers with by consuming so you can stay satiated for a long time. If you eat regularly, your energy levels becomes more regular, less junk food you are turning.
Water enables the formation of many chemical reactions in our body, our brain will handle the extent of what we learned and how fast it will run depends on the amount of water in our body that we can say that. No sugar or less sugar if you consume tea consume tea and Yesil will help you. You weak dehydration may decrease, but do not consume sugary and acidic drinks for energy. Prefer a cup of coffee instead of energy drinks. Consume an excessive amount of stress can lead to an increase, although 1-2 cups of coffee per day has been shown to aid concentration. Constantly consume caffeine in the morning for a cup of coffee. Caffeine can cause a headache if you leave suddenly.
Don’t eat too much, overeating before weight digestion your body all the energy sinav crash and the routing of will cause. Sinav Pre-that you have not tried before, foods, drinks or supplements do not use. You don’t know how your body will react. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, physical and mental give a break and head to the dinner table. Stretch the body , a good night’s sleep, you can sleep in and get up the same time every day and work most efficiently and to determine the hours on the road to success are important points.

Increase Your Energy In November!

Allows you to feel tired due to seasonal changes in the autumn months. The changes of the seasons, you must also change the foods you consume and increase your energy at least to live. Enough vitamins, minerals and fiber to consume foods that contain reduces your fatigue. Pay attention to your meal plan increases the resistance of your body enough to make meals.
You consume daily servings of fruits 4 to 6 servings per day for the fatigue you feel in the autumn of measure must be between. Seasonal fruits contain the nutrients necessary for the fulfillment of the vitamins that your body needs. For this reason, the consumption of fruit may be useful in suitable for every season. Fruit food meal to be made to the Dec and not on consumption of vitamins, minerals, and pulp to be used more easily in the body will allow.
Lemon vitamin C content of your body increase the immunity, reduce fatigue and speed up blood circulation can help. Slice 1 lemon into 1 gallon of drinking water daily if you add seasonal help to reduce fatigue. Provides you you drink enough water every day also protect your health. Consuming 30 to 40 cc per kilogram of water that you drink enough water each day.
To provide your body weight gain weight and reduces energy, causes you to feel more tired and sluggish. That will help keep every body in your body, your life feels at least twice as 1 Weight and stressed. Therefore 5% if you have started to experience an increase in weight, or lose weight to reduce fatigue you should seek help from your dietitian if you are unable to seasonal.
The degradation of the quality of your sleep, causes you to feel tired restless follow and decrease your energy. Before going to sleep to reduce fatigue and improve your quality of your sleep, you must make some changes. Before you go to sleep don’t watch TV, listen to calm music, read books instead of playing games, and reduce the light in your room. Consume chamomile tea 1 hour before bedtime you will sleep will facilitate your transition to or St. John’s wort. Healthy sleep means a healthy life. 7-8 hours per day and your sleep pattern.
Exercise cannot decrease your fatigue. You must do regular walking for your muscles to work regularly, and balanced energy expenditure. Therefore you can not do on the days of sufficient energy reduces fatigue hiking, a pedometer you can use. You can exercise at home. With a busy work life and social life of the most forgotten exercise habit. If you are in the habit of regular exercise to increase your energy allows.

5 Foods That Increases Hunger

Hunger, insulin resistance or blood sugar was very high only, and then the fall resulted in a situation in which it is not. Hunger, desire to eat, which allows the unfolding of the circulatory system, pancreas, brain, stomach and intestines as a result of physiological hormonal released a request for interaction with eating. Hunger; suffering from weight problems under control that should be taken when implementing the diet first should be the goal. Doyara teach the person eating end fat, on a diet slimming is the most important way that will ensure success. Most overweight people have been eating constantly hungry for food, he says. Except for a few special metabolic problem appetite can be controlled. Or lower the selection of calories fiber-rich foods in a very successful manner, preferring toughness with transport can be provided. But I’ll explain to you the five food fullness by blocking signals to the brain even though the stomach is full, how much you take yourself and causes you to feel more hungry. For this reason, I suggest to be careful to trap for these five appetite control food:
1. Salty Snacks: salt is a scientific reason for the request to come out of a sweet tooth after eating. To end the rise of blood sugar created by the body excessive sugar, salty food will be directed to. Watching television or at the computer potato chips, popcorn, and greasy and salty popcorn, pretzels, and salted nuts when you begin to eat, the desire to eat constantly increases. The reason for this is these foods fill your stomach enough to eat, we are also blocking the signals of satisfaction in the brain, salt, and simple carbohydrates that contain protective additives.
2. Ready fruit juices: fruit juices are healthy when it comes from the idea that our minds immediately. If you want to drink fruit juice, fresh fruit shake and consume immediately. But ready, a generous amount of sugar added, pasteurized, extended shelf life by adding vitamins and fresh fruit and drinks all created a perception of participating in the aroma of insulin sensitivity causes. Also pancreas, brain still trying to wrap satiety mechanism that prevents it from receiving the signals give rise to. Ready to fill your stomach juice; 10 minutes later you’re starving again.
3. Alcohol: alcohol is the most unhealthy beverage that triggers hunger. When they consume alcohol, which is a hormone that triggers hunger and leptin is also secreted in abundance. For that reason, the fields of alcohol constantly feel the need of eating something. Alcohol in the body by increasing the electrolyte causes the reduction of water loss. Accordingly, by disrupting nerve transmission to the brain the feeling of satisfaction go limp.
4. Refined grains: the bran of cereal grains and sugar, separated from all ready prepared by adding all the satisfaction that do not provide a risky food. Research show that people are achieving satisfaction when you eat cereal. Nutritional scientists reveals that those who prefer refined breakfast cereals suffered from this problem. Oatmeal and whole-grain cereals, by creating volume in the stomach increases the saturation. Also the refined ones, the intestines are absorbed quickly and raising your blood sugar too satiety signals reaching the brain prevents the mechanism of pancreas to warp again.
5. Foods that are made from white flour and sugar: a lot of research, and put sugar in their tea two or three slices of white bread at every meal until even those who eat 80 percent of 40 percent shows that it takes it easier to lose weight. Flour made from white bread, pastry, cakes, and Cookies, not necessarily regularly people who ate weight have struggled to lose weight sooner or later and it is reported that you’re having problems. Again, studies people who ate bread made from flour and pasta has not been purified they get full more quickly, more antioxidants hinders the body’s fat storage ability by taking the fixed points of and bowel problems. For this reason, whole wheat grain that has not been purified so not whole wheat, oat, cracked wheat, bulgur and pasta from Whole Wheat Flour, Bread missing from the diet, you shouldn’t.

Health Of The Day
Healing Potion
For those with high blood pressure lowering blood pressure, potassium content is very high, I would like to share my drink prepared with fruit nectar. About 140 calories and 60 grams of nectarines is equal to a large. Therefore we will prepare, that has the effect of lowering blood pressure quickly I will suggest that you drink a special drink once a day.

1 large skinned nectarines pitted
Very small piece of fresh ginger
1 teaspoon vanilla

Put the fresh ginger and squeeze the juice and nectar solid juicer. Mix with vanilla and ready to service you.

Scientific Notes Of The Day
Calories is a unit of the fuel to be obtained from food. Our body provided nutrients for calories from sources of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol. Carbohydrates and proteins 4 per gram, fats 9 alcohol 7 calories to give you energy. The calories we take our body; fat, glycogen and protein in the form of stored fats and glycogen store energy in them and the main short-term acts as the energy store. Proteins, however, after prolonged fasting is used for energy purposes. The transformation of carbs glycogen in the body cost is quite high. Developing this metabolic events in the liver 3 grams for every 1 gram of glycogen to store water should be added. When storing oils that need water, they won’t even hear it. In this context when we look, it is my scientific opinion; it does not take similar weight calories certain foods when eaten at the same rate, and that you are not to store fat.
Calories Important
The complex structure of storing calories calories from different foods has on the human organism and similar saturation, metabolic rate, brain activity, blood sugar balance and other hormones, depending on the study will enable the body to store fat in very different ways. Same calories in different foods that are different speeds, and in the form that we know is absorbed from the intestine. In this case, a lot of the calories from the food we eat, our bodies lose weight eating less than the daily calories spent, that is a fact. The food is basically carbohydrate, fat and protein ratios; much consumed in the correct amounts to illness if eaten, when it manifests itself in the form of protection. For that reason, primarily in every moment of your life eat less, choose foods low in calories but high in nutritional value, the basic principles to make.
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The Benefits Of Dry Beans

Legumes is one of the basic foodstuffs consumed in abundance all over the world, is one of the best sources for healthy protein and soluble fiber. At the same time rates are very low because of the very high amount of fat and protein for a healthy diet is one of the best options you can opt. Therefore, before turning to the pantry foods you’ve never even heard of fashionably standing in your cabinets, its price in the world most healthy and also nutrient you should give dried beans a chance easily accessible.
Nearly 13,000 varieties of legumes in the world in almost all varieties but especially in the dry protein, fiber, vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin K, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium are very nutritious in terms of. Red meat, poultry and fish are the foods that contain the most protein after. Especially lentils, beans and varieties of selenium, phosphorus, calcium, and folate it contains.
Soluble fiber also helps to decrease bad cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of heart disease. Can prevent a sudden rise of blood sugar level by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates. Legumes contain fibers that are not dissolved at the same time, thus help you to troubleshoot problems like constipation and indigestion.
Complex carbohydrates, as they are rich in protein and fiber are very satisfactory. Taking in lower calories allows you to stay fuller longer, and protects against unhealthy snacks and excess weight thus weight once breakfast. When you consume legumes several times a week, your digestive system work more regularly and enables you to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.
Most of us often incomplete in nutrition, folic acid, copper, iron and magnesium rich in terms of dry beans and other foods. Particularly legumes, should be consumed by plenty of people who do not consume meat or who consume less. Especially common in women with iron deficiency iron rich beans and meat content it is effective against frequently.
Dry beans soak them in water for at least 8-12 hours before cooking, then pour the water in and fresh water, water and more quickly by rinsing alone, so that you proceed to the cooking stage Cook allows you to both prevent the formation of gas-producing carbohydrates. Mung beans, lentils and Black-Eyed Peas are the types of legumes that may cause gas less.
If you do not like meals cooked to juicy salads and soups, you can increase your intake by adding a handful of dried beans, or vegetable, you can prepare meatballs.
Take a closer look at the benefits of the most commonly used dry beans:
Dry beans contains high amount of protein the most popular foods of Turkish cuisine. Helps to strengthen bones and the nervous system. Potassium is a high rate when it is consumed regularly reduces high blood pressure. Iron, folic acid and antioxidants also is plentiful.
Lentil varieties also contain a large amount of protein and fiber. Including B vitamins and iron, calcium, manganese, sodium, copper, zinc and is rich in phosphorus. It gives abundant energy, strengthens our immune system, is protective against heart and vascular diseases. Increases the energy burned during digestion, the excretory system operation, ensures good fiber keep you full and healthy, including plenty of sugar is a source of decline owing to all these features is a big help for the employees. The content of potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure, do not contain cholesterol. With iron and folic acid anemia.
Kidney beans protein, fiber and carbohydrates, as well as vitamin E, iron, calcium and a good source of zinc. Vitamin E is required for healthy skin and cell development. Zinc also prevents the formation of skin spots, smooth skin provides us with. Pinto beans added to the meal with a pinch of parsley with vitamin C facilitates the absorption of iron in goat fish.
Chickpea is higher than the other legumes in calories and protein, as well as the amount of starch is in excess of. B vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and phosphate it contains. It helps to maintain gives energy, strengthens the digestive system. Flavonoid content relaxes and creates many menopausal women in estrogen in chickpea etksi.
Fresh or dried pods can be consumed. B1, B2, B6 and vitamin K as well as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. Protects stone and sand to be expelled from the body makes kidney health when it occurs.
Depending on the season, as we can consume fresh or dried Black-Eyed Peas, dry contains much more than protein when it is consumed fresh. It is the repository of vitamin B1 and carotene. Also, the phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium.
Mung beans also have protein, fiber and is a storehouse of B vitamins. It regulates the digestive system and lowers blood sugar. It has the feature of cell renewal.