Diet It’s Not The Intent

If you have a weight problem, and solve this problem if you want to follow a different path this year. Spring “it’s not a diet, change the beginning of” you decide to make. How? Here you go…
Tears our souls are also thought of “diet” was the subject again on the agenda. Apparently this spring, the birds, the flowers much to talk about diets. Formulas miracle in front of us again, the new herbs will be put in the trash, “giving five pounds in three days diet foobar, foobar, like candle wax melting pill” will be written or drawn stories of celebrities.
Come, let’s do something different this spring. 3-5 more pounds from the winter whether we look for our solution approaching the border of obesity or obesity, the problem is plain, ordinary, simple there is a window.
Should we believe the following important information before you: your thyroid gland is working, it produces more cortisol in the adrenal glands, ovaries cysts when occupied, but we know their effects to lose weight a total of 5% of the maximum percent explains it.
Metabolic problems also are fattening. Especially the “insulin resistance” from the point of detonation is the main cause of weight problems recently, but its effect is 30% does not go above. In short, the problem with the “I like genetics, my metabolism is not working well, if it’s water, it’s working” like that excuses sloppy is not the right approach. Weight problems is usually based on two basic mistakes: “we eat more than we need” and “we act less” for weight gain.
We should concentrate on if we want to confront these two as intimate with weight problems. Wrong, our bodies that do not meet food, drinks, eating and drinking more than should consume foods that our reverse genetic fiction shouldn’t be enough, we must act.
Like 3-5 pounds of excess, whether it’s obesity, it doesn’t matter whether we are to solve the problem, the first thing we need to do is to review our way of life, should have to give up our wrong. If active, energetic, fit/fit, laid in front of us, what if we want to be a person of diet, drugs, herbs, garbage, nor “miracle diet”should be faster Le Bel, and our aim to increase our activity and give up wrong eating and drinking, and these changes we need to get into the habit of. In short, the solution is “diet and not” the call, “properly fed, even the uneventful life who doesn’t spend” someone we need to be.
Repeat my call: if you want to solve your weight problem if this year follow a different path. Spring “it’s not a diet, change the beginning of” you decide to make. Believe me, after that will come naturally.
Intent is important in the diet of
“It’s not a diet change, with the slogan” out on your journey, there are key points that need your attention, especially in the early days.
In the beginning of the “intent” it sounds. Determined, ambitious to make a start, the exchange to continue, and those around you MANAGE, and keeping away from factors that may adversely affect you keep the process under control is coming. You eat, eager to drink persons, environment, smells, and feelings from your friends who’s trying to seduce you, it is important to stay away from.
The saboteur often come together with people who motivate you to not get caught in your pants and need to find a way of being. “Positive” saboteurs example “you can have a slice of baklava,” said Mom, “if you don’t eat a” kiss of death, he suppresses your grandmother, “Negative” saboteurs “if the death of the horse, barley!” and you can be anyone who tries to talk him out of your decision.
A very important point is to make your motivation constantly. Especially the first few days are difficult. Was intense feelings of deprivation and lack, “I wonder if they have? such as” you would stop tickling their inner voice the Holy be on the lookout in the early days. Ha Oh My she sounds blew away do not get sucked in. You will have the stress of fighting with them. You need to find a way to cope with stress. You very yedirten, which may lead to fatty foods, sweet attack, pie, pastry bouts of stress that put efforts to stay away from the “stresses abstinence” create will be able to Bother You. Pay attention to this side of the business.
Sugar be a hunter!
The first step in your journey of change more restrained to eat.
To eat sitting down, chew slowly and thoroughly, to give up junk food, complete and healthy foods –and much more – begin.
Remember to drink water! “FAT DETECTIVE” find a way to be. Eat and drink, without compromising on taste and they contain too much fat in your low-fat diet investigate ways of eating. Just fat enough to be a detective. A resourceful “SUGAR HUNTER” you must be. The things that has sugar in it slowly walk away.
The Deuce, one more thing you need: flour and starch DOUBT!
Full your diet with foods, it’s also important to choose natural foods. The problem is that diet, not change the slogan” the best part is, you to approach it with a full, active life-your passion.
Create an activity program that you enjoy. Thirty minutes of activity every day pass but is not essential. More your weight, knee, hip, waist if your joints are problematic, start with 5-10 minutes per day and gradually increase it. Be sure that you’ll get pleasure from what you do to do the whole thing.
Wants to get rid of excess weight, but the following sign, symptom, or if you are the one carrying some of the symptoms, you may be gaining weight because of some health issues in the background. You have solved these problems and a thousand insidious progress of the disease that you will gain back the effort that you gave me. Here are some…
-Insulin resistance and weight: 100 cm waist 88 your woman with men.s, waist-hip ratio is greater than 1.1 0,8 of men with your woman. The lack of good cholesterol, uric acid, triglycerides, height, blood sugar rise or fall, if you have problems such as hypertension. Excess weight with cardiovascular disease.
-The problem of hypothyroidism and weight gain: excess weight which accompanies dry skin, constipation, forgetfulness, fatigue, edema, muscle loss, nail and hair problems.
-Cushing’s disease/syndrome and overweight/obesity: Hypertension, percent yuvarlaklasma a lump in the neck, pubescence, purple stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen, progressive if you have problems such as fatigue.
-Polycystic ovary (PCOS) and weight problems: young girls and women in irregular periods, hair growth, acne/pimples and the formation of blood sugar, eating disorder, sweet addiction, the skin around and especially under the arms, back, shoulders, neck, if you have black spots on.
-Weight problems and depression: Depression that creates both psychological issues, both because of drugs can lead to weight gain. A depressed person “under medical observation” should lose weight.
-Obesity: obesity does not lead to multiple health problems, not necessarily medical in obesity treatment plan, follow-up and weight must be given under observation.