Do Not Eat Cold Watermelon

The effect of antioxidants watermelon are effective when consumed at room temperature, noting that EXP. Dr. Betul Coral, “eliminates this effect and cold in the fridge waiting,” he said.
The most preferred summer season fruit, watermelon, and a refreshing taste with the feature in the table takes place. Internal Medicine, MD. Dr. Betul Coral, watermelon after eating, resulting in nitric oxide that relax the muscles of the body’s interactions stated. EXP. Dr. Coral, “Nov Watermelon relaxant effect around the blood vessels relaxes the muscles and allows for more expansion of blood vessels and arteries this. Hence, blood pressure decreases, blood flow is ensured.Watermelon, B,C vitamins vitamin A precursor beta-carotene, which contains. The content of lycopene, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory (inflammation reducing). All of them have high water and fiber ratio, owing to the influence of a hearty diet,” he said.
You can obtain more weight when consumed
The weight of the watermelon, which is seen as the way to slimming that you could get underlining, Exp. Dr. Coral “low calorie, high fiber and water satiated with an easy way of keeping a ratio because of the glycemic index as well as high slimming weight may have consumed more unlike seen,” he warned.
You can eat walnuts and nuts
It will raise your blood sugar more consumption of watermelon too, emphasizing Exp. Dr. Coral, is found in the following warning: “DO NOT eat melons alone diabetics. Also your main meal of meat and vegetable dishes could include a slice of watermelon. Just as in the days Dec with cheese meal with additional nutrients such as walnuts and hazelnuts can be consumed. Watermelon and and also a source of potassium it is diuretic. For this reason, it can have a negative impact on the health of patients with kidney failure. You need to consume carefully.”

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