Don’t eat Sahur olives and sausage

Specialist Dietician Serkan Tutar, – in the morning, holding excess water in the body foods, especially olives and sausage, he told me to stay away from.
Upcoming fasting month of Ramadan as a result of notices found in the prior and long hours that your body needs will not be a sufficient amount of water keeps stating that, “in this case reveal the need for more water to avoid foods that may be the right choice. For this reason, you should pay extra attention to the foods you consume during the meal. If too much salt content foods, or spicy foods will increase the propensity to consume water during the day if you prefer. In this case, Ramadan may be much more difficult. Generally preferred because it is practical for sahur breakfast. Which are high in protein, especially eggs, cheese and yogurt are also to be preferred foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and Greens consumption by addressing the water needs of both toughness and your day will allow you to stay more comfortable. In particular, an intensive quantity, which is high in salt content with salt and spices olive-sausage-in the morning, that will definitely increase the need for the presence of water for suhoor should be consumed as foods that can be considered. If you prefer unsalted ones if you wish, you can just olive,” he said.
1 litre of water should be consumed during the meal
I propose to drink 1 liter of water during the meal, and the amount, any other advice you gave:

Water is indispensable for people in need. Many people in the month of Ramadan you do not starve, but are forced due to lack of water. Therefore the stock of water which could not be sufficient for sahur during the day the need for water will increase. You can drink at least a liter and a half liters with the requirement to have a maximum. But how much water you need to drink water within days will be again.
Also the water in addition to abundant greens you can consume. Yogurt, buttermilk or yoghurt, such as holding both for the food and drinks that will reduce your need for both full of water again-in the morning, may be an alternative for you.
One of the questions generally asked Is ‘When should I drink Water?’. Any time you drink water after drinking a feeling of fullness although it is not sahur allows it to be slightly higher. Before sunrise Samarkand time interval, for regular operation of the water you should not neglect your body’s functions.