Drink Insufficient Water Are Fattening!

Water, make up 60 percent of the body, and then the oxygen is the most necessary component for the body. But, especially lately, in place of the water, lots of coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks began to take. Unfortunately such habits to increase your daily calories intake and also insufficient water in our body triggers. According to studies, the average 200 calories more daily drinks of water began to take place that is going to take. This weight gain means with an average of 10 a year. We are also drinking enough water, in other words, when our body is thirsty, digestive enzymes slows down the pace of the work. Slowing the digestive system may cause an increase in weight. Speed up fat burning, and toxins from the body on a daily basis to maintain ideal body weight 2-2,5 liters you need to drink.
Insufficient water consumption can cause health problems are as follows:
1. Weight gain: when the body is thirsty, or in other words, when the amount of drinking water isn’t enough digestive enzymes of the intestine and slows down the pace of the work. Slowing the digestive system may cause an increase in weight.
2. Constipation: being dehydrated by as a result of the work of the intestines slow down the pace of digestive enzymes due to constipation may develop.
3. Mental problems: drinking water average percentage of 75% the brain uses. If the average daily fluid intake falls; headaches, loss of concentration and forgetfulness may occur.
4. Depression: depression with chronic fatigue due to insufficient water in the body may develop in the later stages. The reason for this is due to insufficient water in the body to desist from the energy production of the brain.
5. Nov pains: actively engaged in sports, extra water intake is of importance. The lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles due to insufficient water in the body cannot be eliminated from the body the result nov pains may occur.
6. Drying of the skin: skin dryness from inadequate water consumption, loss of flexibility of the skin and premature aging problems may develop.
7. A rise in pulse, heart palpitations: the heart caused by insufficient blood flow to decrease in fluid intake and electrolyte Nov kind of an increase in the density with the rise in pulse and heart palpitations may occur.
8. Fire: Water plays a critical role in maintaining body temperature. When body temperature rises, sweat comes to balance. The result of inadequate fluid intake sweating stops and body temperature rises.
Tea, coffee, water instead of hair
An adult of average daily 2-2,5 liters of liquid. The need for many people with liquid; tea, coffee, fruit juice, buttermilk and cover with the broth. These liquids water beats. Your daily fluid needs at least 1.5 liters of water must be completed. The sport is performed and show an increase in this amount in the summer period.

Wake up in the morning, 2 glasses of water
The acquisition of the habit of water for 21 days, takes 3 weeks. 3 weeks of regular to drink water this is a must try for people who want to make undaunted. When he wakes in the morning, 2 cups, 2 cups before meals and before bed a glass of water to complete your daily total fluid intake may be sufficient.

Do you consume enough water?
The simplest indicator is indicating that your water intake is sufficient, frequency of urination and urine color. Light yellow colored urine 3-5 hours 1 times in enough water intake points. Daily water intake is completed, the urine is dark yellow in color and the smell may be intense.

You should drink without susamad
The need for water when we feel thirst and water in the body water intake then means that a loss has occurred and 1 percent occurs. Therefore must be brought into the habit of drinking water without susamad. Never drink water with meals because it will make it harder for them to digest also shouldn’t. 2 hours before or after meal should be preferred.