Eating Less Less Wrinkles

By consuming fewer calories, fat, famous, sugary foods eat less and slow down skin aging by paying attention to some basic principles of nutrition. Nutrition-the skin-when it comes to relationship “particular attention” we wanted to remind you that you will bulk up 20 point. That points…
A bit of skin ageing is the accumulation of errors, repeated some of the passing years. Some faces failures, the tip of a thick pencil, with some also written in faint pencil.
As previously mentioned, the depth of the mistakes hereditary properties as food and beverage lines, environmental conditions, lifestyle, health issues, and stress are also effective, but the mistakes of nutrition is most important. The nutrients that support the skin, besides, there are cooler ones, but this point is very clear: by consuming fewer calories (restrained eating), fat, famous, sugary foods eat less and slow down skin aging by paying attention to some basic principles of nutrition. Nutrition-the skin-when it comes to relationship “particular attention” we wanted to remind you that you will bulk up 20 point. That points…
Save Cut!
20 proposal for healthy skin
* Eat a balanced and varied diet. You should spread and limiting total calories in a balanced way. Always do breakfast, skip meals, meals Dec flavonoids, carotenoids and vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants that are the weight you should give.
* Add a little oil to your meals, give priority to olive oil. You must necessarily reduce saturated animal fats.
* Antioxidant-rich foods. BBQ foods and fried foods helps to stay away from more free radical production. When making your food choices, you should give priority to the higher ones antioxidant capacity. Premature aging, free radical fighter, antioxidants, rust up, you can significantly reduce your skin cells quickly.
* Give priority to organic foods and drinks. At least natural ones, germicidal antibiotics, hormonal waste, color, fragrance and flavor to eat foods that do not contain priority chemicals.
* Avoid processed foods. Products manufactured from refined white flour, overly processed foods (white bread, pasta, white rice, cakes, biscuits…) all the skin aging accelerates. Natural fortified cereals, whole wheat products, rye, oats priority. Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, rye bread, whole wheat bread, you might have the alternative to put.
Stay Away From Trans Fats!
* Reduce the sugar. The most dangerous factors in skin aging sugar. Particular pure the sugar industry rapidly accelerates the lines in your skin. Sugar and sugar dense foods and soak up the sun at least always remember that smoking has the effect of ageing. Your needs fruit dessert, carob, and other natural products to troubleshoot.
* Make a plan that is rich in citrus fruits. Just fresh orange, grapefruit, tangerine, orange or grapefruit juice do not drink or consume. Oranges, grapefruit, grapes, and citrus peel in “d-of the lemons” skin friendly substance.
* Nuts take advantage of. Walnut is a strong and reliable source of omega-3. Many beneficial nutrient elements for your skin oily with nuts, almonds and seeds. Each tip contains 100 grams is about 600 calories, keeping in mind that maintaining your weight and therefore use in moderation and you can take advantage of this natural phenomenon.
* Take advantage of flax seed. A powerful toxin cleanser and a cure for constipation flax seeds as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is a natural source for reliable.
* Stay away from trans fats. Some trans fatty acids produced as a by-product snack chips, crackers, famous, sweet, sweet bars, wafers, marshmallows, cookies and cakes avoid.
Yesil Tea Is A Powerful Skin-Friendly
* Squeezed lemon juice 1 cup water to a quarter of an hour before each meal. In this way, vitamin C which is an antioxidant sensitive soul and your body immediately evaluate.
* Full-grain bread to eat. Vitamin E, chromium and zinc with the return of parlatsin your skin.
* Eat with grape seed. It contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins grape seed oil for your skin and have antioxidants, which miracle did you know that? Proanthocyanidins and protects your arteries, keeps your skin young and healthy. Core raisins, black raisins, molasses and wine, therefore skin-friendly nutrients.
* If you get enough iodine check. Food source of iodine (seafood) to lose weight.
* Frequently eat fish. Try to extent your possibilities to increase your intake of fish. Especially salmon, trout, sardines and get your favorites.
* Remember to eat fruit. The fruits are dark-colored, and prefer fresh ones. From Rob if that’s possible, but counting eat!
* Tomatoes increase. Tomatoes high lycopene, the nutrient elements is one of most friendly to your skin now that you know. Almost a perpetual tan the skin, gives firmness and vitality. Also powerful sources of lycopene are tomato paste and dried tomatoes.
If you are using fresh tomatoes cook gently for a short time and don’t forget to add a few drops of olive oil. Easier to work with Arise and lycopene a fat-soluble substance.
* Do not salatasiz. Lettuce, arugula, radish each color, cucumber, non-don’t sit at the table!
* Steamed or roasted vegetables on a plate with a weight to give a try. Yesil and red pepper, zucchini, eggplant, in short, try each of the vegetables according to the season.
* Take advantage of Yesil and black tea. a strong tea Yesil especially skin-friendly that is doubt. Yesil and black tea (and less effective) this power is related to the polyphenols they contain.
Keep that in mind.
Why protein is important BEP
For healthy skin –for a healthy body and of course – to the extent you have the opportunity, try to gain protein at each meal. If you cannot find the fish, the chicken, no red meat, often milk, yogurt, cheese eat.
On occasion, lentils, beans, vegetable protein sources such as chick peas take advantage of. Because the human body (for later use) does not store protein. The proteins that holds the body sleek and taut every day we have to earn regularly.
Also animal proteins, especially eggs and yogurt and protein – keep in mind that is much more valuable. One important point is that you do not install unnecessary calories to your body animal protein products while earning too.
Take Note!
Dec skin-friendly meal recommendations:

1 tablespoon almonds or hazelnuts, 1 small apple, sliced low-fat cheese
Yesil 6 pieces of black or olive, 2 etimek, 1 slice of turkey meat (30 g)
Grilled or boiled chicken or turkey meat, 1 thin slice cantaloupe, 1 tablespoon nuts.
1 small apple (or orange, pear), 1 slice turkey breast, 1 tbsp chopped almonds.
1 cup low-fat yogurt 1 medium cucumber, 1 piece of whole wheat bread
6 fresh apricots, walnuts 2
1 medium peach, 1 thin slice low-fat cheese, 5 almonds
1 medium apple, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (on), 6 almonds

Basic maintenance: cleaning up!
On your skin a layer-shaped covering start by clearing the Dead Cells. Also note The Dead Cells on your face while cleansing your body from hydration and more. As we enter winter, their soaps and skin cleansers that you use is high in fat and replace them with natural ones.
During the winter months the sun’s Rays don’t you think that is ineffective. If possible, choose a moisturizer with a protection factor of 15 or sunscreen after your moisturizer apply a cream.
Increase the humidity of the environment you live in. His mouth wide in your room or in your office a cup of water to create humid air use. That will decrease the amount of moisture evaporation from your skin increases as note that the humidity levels are preserved, and of course drink more water.
On occasion, wash your face with water. The skin’s acid-base and oil in order to maintain balance, do not use the cleaner every time. Your acne leave it alone! Don’t go to bed purification of makeup thoroughly. Remember, clean skin, more vibrant and more fresh appear.
Source: Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu