Genetically Rejuvenates The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is known to reduce chronic disease from cardiovascular disease to cancer. A registered nurse since 1976 700 120 thousand in the USA where the ongoing nurse’s health study’ (the Nurses’ Health Study) Mediterranean diet 4 676 thousand women participating in research that is performed on the’ DNA’ has been shown to protect Yi.
According to the research, women who have a Mediterranean diet are fed a rich diet of red meat and dairy products in the cells in women than different. Basically, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, salads, legumes, fresh fish, the age of the followers of the Mediterranean diet, cigarette smoking, such as motion, factors known to affect telomere length is also taken into consideration “when it was longer telomeres” appeared.
What is a telomere?
Telomeres, repetitive DNA sequences is composed of topics.
These genomic DNA at the ends of linear chromosomes and prevent the loss of they retain their physical integrity.
Each cell division telomeres are older and half half and half again until kisalirl from infancy until adulthood.
Telomeres oxidative stress and inflammation accelerates aging.
Telomere length as a biological marker of aging is considered.
Longer telomeres live longer than the ones previously in many studies they were found and they are so short how short of a life time.
As people live longer with longer telomeres in Hereditary and aging-related dementia, less heart disease and cancer are known to be caught.
Telomere length, may vary with lifestyle factors including nutrition.
Mediterranean Diet
The health effects of the Mediterranean diet “is thought to consist of foods rich in antioxidants.
This diet is “wine”, and claimed to be the most beneficial for every day drinking a glass of wine with food, but this completely “is the coin of alcoholics”.
Alcohol is definitely harmful because “alcohol is poison”.
Actually benefit attributed to wine “from grapes”.
Fresh grapes in season in the winter, a thousand times superior than the ingestion of drinking a reasonable amount of dry wine grapes.
Let’s see the result
Dr. Murat Tuzcu, and those who think like him, “see, dairy products and red meat shortens telomeres” this research would hold like a lifeline I know.
Again, they’re wrong!
In this study, the aforementioned red meat consumed in America, sausage, salami, ham, and other processed smoked meat.
Also meant for dairy products UHT milk, yogurt and their derivatives, such as industry stop my approval, definitely I want to beat the foods.
Without wine, Mediterranean diet, healthy red meat and dairy products, yes, yes, yes!