Healthy Cooking Methods

Today after a long day’s work and walk into the kitchen to prepare meals from scratch, people are either too busy or too tired. One of the other reasons that prevents us from entering the kitchen to being afraid of making mistakes. Eating out great as it saved us time to get food or ready will save you the stress of making a meal. If the worst comes to eating, it’s not our fault, will be the chef at the restaurant.
But we don’t know how to eat healthy if we want to prepare our food and our food healthy and low-fat, low-calorie what do we know? Fondly you eat the cookies at home for example when you prepare yourself, when you see that so much in fat and sugar is in the recipe, or more recipes for healthy head, you will eat significantly less than you normally would or you will begin to consume you.
To control the contents to be able to prepare yourself dinner, as well as more attention to flavors and odors, thus you will eat more slowly, you will come to know your food, the labor to provide you with pleasure, without haste and more you’ll eat.
Recommendations although there are completely different nowadays nutrition experts meet in the middle at the point where the vegetables that you eat. Vitamins, minerals, and our bodies to show the full performance of other nutritious foods and who need to a strong immune is one of the richest in terms of ingredients are vegetables. Regularly eat vegetables of every kind to increase, the heart, such as Type 2 diabetes and some cancers has been observed in studies to increase our resistance to chronic disease. And while it is so important for our health, why so few vegetables that we consume? Because it seems like it was difficult to prepare vegetable dishes. But actually all except for deep frying cooking methods for vegetables it is ideal to consume raw or you just consume plenty of it.
Well that we can choose healthy cooking methods instead of frying. Low-fat, you don’t need to be a master chef to prepare healthy meals. The important point is to choose healthy foods and avoid bad fats and excessive salt while cooking.
The raw foods diet is quite popular lately. Because of the high heat may result in the loss of 15 to 20 percent of vitamins and minerals in vegetables. Especially vitamin C, Polat and potassium. Eating raw vegetables would be more beneficial so that you can consume with the cooking. But some vegetables, for example carrots, spinach, tomatoes, such as takes place with the release of some antioxidants. Which raw foods, we can eat their cooking is more useful than that which we have shared with you previously, you can read it here: “you should not be cooked finish baking?“
Healthy cooking steam cooking is the exact counterpart. Vitamins and minerals are better preserved vegetables in water because they are not. You do not need to add oil. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and peas, leafy vegetables such as spinach as well as Yesil also this way you can download. Various spices can be added to the water in the bottom of the pot. Foldable metal or bamboo steaming baskets, which can be found easily in the market you can use. If a small amount if you can’t find a basket with wax paper or aluminum foil on a pan over the boiling water you can prepare. Cook in Steam ensures the preservation of both flavors and vitamins. A good method to cook chicken and fish. Reduce the heat and bring to the boiling point of water, the vegetables put it in the basket and cover the pot. During baking, do not add salt because it will just go away. A few drops of lemon juice can add a different flavor.
Cook in the microwave and nutritional value in terms of their protection is similar to steam cooking. Nonfat or low-fat cooking and ensures. Vegetables, meat, poultry and fish products are cooked in a short time, while preserving the colors and vitamins. Pay close attention to the door that you use when using the microwave. Sometimes cooking can cause the food to dry out in the microwave, before cooking you can sprinkle some water on it to prevent this.
The grill is a cooking method most popular especially in this nice weather. The meat as well as corn, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, onions, vegetables such as tomatoes, you can cook this way also. Also, while maintaining the flavor of nutrition quantity so as to lose one of the best methods to grill. You don’t need to add a lot of fat, and the meat juicy and adds a nice smoky flavor to your food, like vegetables, it makes soft. But overcooked meat on the grill of the chemicals that occur in some cancer types has been shown to increase the risk of. Over high heat fry the meat in fat and harmful substances that may cause vascular diseases and diabetes and the protein that creates the chemical reaction is well-known. So you may prefer to prepare lean meats using too much cooking.
Sotelemek means to cook hot food in a lightly greased pan. Fast and relatively low-fat cooking method. Vegetables when cooked this way they will not lose their taste and color as they protect more of the vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms, onions, peppers, ideal for cooking vegetables such as soft method. Small pieces they will cook faster and more evenly into the vegetables. Thoroughly heat the pan, add oil and allow it to warm up the oil thoroughly before adding the vegetables.
Fry in a little oil in the pan has changed color and then a little slow up until yourself dishes with the cooking sauce with water or chicken broth can also be prepared.
Wok sotelemey is similar to cook in. The difference when using the wok, foods at very high heat, stirring constantly to roast. In a wok or skillet over high heat-resistant and the soles are thick you can use a pan. The two methods for cooking using a small amount of canola oil after it is cooked and the vegetables such as high temperature-resistant oils, olive oil can add taste by adding.
Blanch, easy and fast method need to add just water and a little salt. But the high temperature and plenty of water, the water-soluble vitamins, and especially minerals in some vegetables, 60-70% of a loss. Carrots, zucchini and broccoli is one of the best methods of cooking, preserving vitamins. Vegetables such as peas and broccoli into the boiling water, you can cook quickly over high heat. Potatoes, beets and other root vegetables over low heat, but before long, slow cooking gives better results. Throw in a small amount of salt into the boiling water will improve the flavor of vegetables. But remember that too much salt can cause high blood pressure, and notice each time your amount of salt.
Just in the oven, cakes and pies, seafood, chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables you can cook. Onion, zucchini, eggplant and vegetables such as 200 degrees in the oven with a little oil on the meat is a quick way to cook your dishes caramelized, sweet and crunchy, it creates a result that is. The lost tastes of poaching protection. Chicken or fish with vegetables you can prepare a quick meal by adding spices renklendirip in this way.
Use healthy oils instead of butter, use a small amount of calorie. That means you can add more than 100 calories of fat when frying you put the spoon. Adults 20 to 35 of calories should come from fat per day that receives. If we’re taking that 2000 calories per day, that’s 400 to 700 calories should be fat. Steam cooking fries by adding extra fat the fat in food so you don’t only get rid of flies.
The most important step of healthy cooking is to have the right foods in your kitchen. Fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cheese, eggs, low-fat meat, chicken, turkey and seafood, vegetables or whole-wheat pasta and noodles, dried beans, whole-grain flours, the status of bread, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, healthy oils, spices, and vinegars such as.
Healthy recipes in your recipe book, your computer, or accumulate on your Pinterest page. Plan ahead your meals. Recipes way not only prepare enough for one meal for a few days. Once a cooker to prepare vegetable soup for days you can consume, you can keep in the freezer and reheat in the coming days.
The vegetables are pre-packed, clean way to chop and store in freezer. Chop the potatoes, you can keep it refrigerated in a container of water to strip. It is possible to prepare a wide variety of sauces with vegetables. A quality blender or food processor will make your work easier. Pesto sauce or tomato sauce, such as sauce that can be prepared easily by storing in airtight container for days and you can use. Arugula pesto sauce with fresh basil and other similar herbs you can prepare with the season.
Almost all garlic and onions will add flavor to dishes deep. Add spices and fresh herbs to meals, without adding salt and fat is a wonderful method to sweeten food. Add your fresh herbs after food is cooked. The food in the initial stages of the dry spices you add will give better results. You can halve the amount when you use dried spices instead of fresh. At the same time they will make sure to use less salt. Mixed spices usually contains salt, so prefer to buy spices separately. Use fresh when possible. Like vinegar and lemon juice brings out the flavor of the spices. But the food just before serving it add. Yesil vinegar can be used especially in vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, some fruits and vegetables like blueberries, contains more aroma when they are dried. You can use it to add spice to your salads and meals.
Increase your use of yogurt instead of cream and mayonnaise. Cheese flavored with a small amount of vegetable dishes and salads. Opt for lean meats. Use the whites of eggs from the yolk.