Hug Drug More Effective Than

Hugging, kissing or even shake the flu and common cold that facilitates seeing was known, and the people, especially in times of epidemic, they were required to stay away from this kind of behavior.
New research in preventing these diseases has become a “hot or even a hug” shows that it is more effective than drugs and vaccines.
Conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, hugs the body in the survey, it was determined that increases its ability to cope with stress and to fight infections.
In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, 404 adults and the social support they receive through a questionnaire over the phone for 14 days in a row, provided information about interpersonal conflicts.
At the same time during these two weeks, participants were asked about how kucaklastik.
This 14-day quarantine after they were exposed to a cold virus by Healthy Subjects and social evaluation them later for signs of infection and disease were examined.
The likelihood of developing the common cold more in the areas of social support is less, and 32 per cent of this protective effect are sourced from the hug and as a result, we conclude.
The cuddle drug is effective
Psychologist Denise Janicki-Course says:
“Our research into the field of social support from a loved one stress-related infection risk blocking shows.
In those with low social support, Daily the frequency of conflict is high if we identified an increased risk of infection.
We saw that social support also have a significant effect, such as cuddling.
Social support and hugs regardless of the degree of conflict increases in the previous two weeks was felt less cold symptoms.”
There are two possibilities.
One of them a hug, a token of the intimacy and closeness of human relationships, and for us that person is having a strong support network indicates that.
The touch itself is beneficial and protective against stress.”
Stress and diseases
People who are under intense stress are known to be more vulnerable to the disease.
Stress and negative emotions, the body, particularly the immune and cardiovascular systems will affect you.
Infections stress facilitates the occurrence of asthma and lead to escalation, is known to increase the risk of heart attack.
Increasingly this research in reverse this time, hug-hug like behavior that can reduce the severity of symptoms of infection and reveal.
Let’s see the result
The peak times of viral respiratory tract infections.
So we gave a flu shot, don’t think yourself safe. The CDC even announced that the vaccine will not be effective.
Claimed to be the only cure for the flu or Tamiflu don’t trust any his illness the duration of a few hours (yes, just a few hours!) that didn’t work other than to lengthen understood.
Other cold medicine, cough syrup, expectorant of no benefit as it is already known that are not not to mention the damage that can lead to death.
Vitamins, minerals and drugs that allegedly strengthened the immune system of the story, “the surplus” from something else it’s not.
Against colds and flu, healthy nutrition, exercise, regular sleep, sunbathing hereinafter measures such as “Hug” needs to be added to, but beware!
All over everyone indiscriminately under the pretext of protection from infection-to be around isn’t true, I would like to remind the importance of the right person being hugged, you can do your job.