In Step 5 Destroy Your Heart!

The accumulation of fat in the belly area formed as a result of man or woman in the image is an image that everyone dislikes. Irregular eating, eating larger amounts after prolonged starvation or excess weight the fact that is the place where the result is stored does not change. MWT. Nilberk Karaman, gave advice to those who want to get rid of belly.

Reduce or completely remove your consumption of fluids during meals.

The stomach is like a balloon. If you put you how much food your stomach is just as great. A menu of dishes that occupies a volume of 3 CC 650-750 average prior to, during, and after drinking water, buttermilk, soda, or tea if you add 1 liter of the volume of liquids such as reaches. This will also work your abdominal muscles every meal and even more growth in your stomach if you do not, after a while to create the image of the belly leads.

Don’t expect to be hungry to eat.

After feeding a meal on an empty stomach, the immediate removal of physiological needs. A hungry person eat or eat less so will not be very meaningful. If you sit down to dinner without waiting to get hungry, and will decrease the amount you eat and also your digestion and your bowel movements will breathe easier.

Breaking down your meals to eat.

Although for today’s working people appear unlikely, although it is actually possible. How?
2-course dinner instead of for lunch eat 1 cup and bread, side salad, or fruit or yogurt to get is actually sufficient. After 3-4 hours add 1 cup sweet milk, such as plain biscuits or dry fruits or that you will 4-5 light snacks at lunch you don’t receive 2. keep the location of the container and will prevent you from sitting open for dinner.

The same meal in a high-volume foods do not take together.

1 bowl soup, usually 1,5 scoop and 250 CDI. Beside it when you add the 1 cup yogurt + salad and also when you put 250 cc + 500 cc, is added. Products such as high fiber whole wheat products, of course, but all of them essential for health it would be a big mistake to get in a single meal. Instead, you are about to drink the soup with the meal instead of yogurt or buttermilk meat group, a fruit salad to add to the group instead of your stomach volume will prevent the growth of a single meal.

Sip the juice is not blood.

Recommended daily water consumption may change according to the person, although on the bottom of the 2 liters you should not basic land. However, if I’m gonna drink 2 liters of water per day stomach should not be filled with water. A complete glass of water, hook a sister up hook a sister up instead of looking for the sink to sip water and drinking water drinking water in the body to be more efficient and allow longer use.