Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!

Reputable medical journal in an article published in the Lancet series, politicians, the World Health Organisation (WHO) by printing to ensure that your children eat unhealthy foods to encourage people to take measures to prevent were asked.
The world’s leading obesity experts, obese children, growth retardation that leads to “unhealthy food and beverages” of new initiatives is a condition for the cessation of marketing activities reports.
Article of any country in the world in the obesity epidemic be reversed, only that has stopped the increase in obesity in the USA and UK, but underline that it is valid for a poor family.
According to the WHO, in 2014, more than 39 per cent of the world’s population are overweight and also 13 per cent are classified as obese; 42 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese.
Introduce your kids with sugar and prepared foods!
Lobstein and his friends in the government who’ Children by printing what sweet drinks and unhealthy foods to be tasted ever wants to take radical measures.
Experts impose stricter regulations on the food and beverage industry, food companies promoting their products by lactating mothers have been taken away from them against similar measures be taken against unhealthy foods that stipulates that.
The goal of the food industry article, especially the children, with emphasis on “Companies only have direct impact on the dietary preferences of children, they do, flavor and brand of abuse in adulthood earned in the first year of life, they provide the passage”.
More beats, more money is spent
According to the article, children in the USA consume more calories today compared to 30 years ago and the weight is 5 pounds more than 200 per day.
100-calorie energy food the cost of 56 cents, and accordingly the extra money spent on food per day children 1.2 $ in one year and 400$’ s on.
50 million school children in the USA of 20 billion dollars a year in much of the food the amount of money spent.
The majority of these children in adulthood, they continue to eat more, and considering the food and beverage industry in the USA for $ 60 billion turns out to be a Sunday.
In the article, this is a big market for the food industry in order to lose measures that will reduce the sales of tobacco and alcohol industries reported that they go strongly against it.
People are just sated belly, but they are fed
Unhealthy diet “obesity” with “developmental delay” brings.
People are belly sated, but their bodies do not feed.
Research students from poor families compared to children from wealthy families, are obese and shorter shows.
Excess weight and obesity, “diabetes”, “heart” and “cancer” creates a risk that costs are very high and long lasting treatments for many diseases.
Food is too important to be left to the food industry
I found the article in the Lancet is particularly important in the following matters:
A: the food supply by multinational food industry, the commodity market cannot be left to financiers and speculative.
Two: for the protection of the health of children in food controls, under the control of commercial competition and fundamental changes in the preservation and promotion of healthy foods must be made.
THREE: today’s food industry, people are biological, psychological, social, and economic sensitivities by using eat unhealthy foods.
To break this vicious cycle, the regulatory activities of the government and the industry needs to exert a greater effort.
FOUR: the government, the multinational food companies marketing unhealthy food to kids should take measures to protect that lead against the policies.
Five: the nutrition labels on the packages providing access to healthy foods and junk foods and by making the right choice by taxation and the sales of unhealthy foods with deterrence initiatives must be provided.
SIX: the sale of unhealthy foods to children in schools from expanding the exploitation of sophisticated marketing methods that increases the sensitivity of the children should not be allowed.
SEVEN: a health care system struggling with obesity to be designed better, with the support of civil society should be provided.
Let’s see the result
I’m trying to tell for years “being health, prevention of diseases, the type of it’s not about” the fact is, the scientific world finally begin to be expressed and I was very happy to be seen by.
A: first for Healthy Living “Food and to be in good health” is a basic requirement.
Achieve this and control citizens “the business of government”.
TWO: processed and package food and drinks without ever so as much as possible, but of course I made the necessary checks should be brought to the citizens of.
Mothers, if you can keep your children away from foods and prepared foods, your child will be healthier both physically and mentally.
People are increasingly “unprocessed milk, the eggs” the increase in demand, many of them “yogurt at home to do it himself” promising developments.
THREE: research fitting in with the “egg fast food and cigarettes are more harmful than” next to last “he’s manipulative scientists” and the sky to the ground, unable to prepared foods, the industry who could not bear to be a single word “supply specialists” series, we invite you to be inspired from.