Kino The Moon, So Why Do We Love?

Hometown from South America is spreading throughout the world at a time we’ll get done if we consider the benefits of henna. The proportion of people from different amino acids in other grains, the value is one of the main characteristics of the higher grain content of wheat and rice. Also useful against such illnesses as edema and high blood pressure with magnesium contains. Stop count doesn’t really count, right? I could go on.
Slow The Aging Process

It contains the enzyme super oxide dismutase that is the most important feature of kinoa. This enzyme also delays the skin aging and protecting against wear and tear. Renews tissues and cells and protects against damages brought by modern life.
Easy To Digest

Quinoa is also low in fat and easy to digest. Especially recommended for infants and children a nutritious grain. Due to the abundant fibrous structure, is good for constipation.
Is A Cure For Constipation

Quinoa is a good protein source that also contains valuable amino acids. The ones who have problems with anemia and Vegan living recommended due to a high iron food that are included.
Vitamin Store

Also quinoa, a, B, C, D,E, K vitamins. By keeping the body strong and healthy, providing protection against diseases in the transition seasons.
Calcium Source

Thanks to Rich Ratio of calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth and also quinoa at the same time, is rich in terms of protein. For the elderly contain an important type of grain and low in fat and cholesterol allows it to be.