Milk or the sun?

Even just 20 minutes of sunning more than one glass of vitamin D milk drinker 200 the body, gives. Vitamin D is one of the most popular in recent years and that deserves more than nutritional elements. Due to the close relationship with calcium because it deserves, not only our bones density and strength for a lot of reasons we need him.
In many areas that are doing amazing things for our body. For example, I wrote often Inflammation –Inflammation of the problem, the problem of insulin resistance is a very important factor we have to control. Germs to strengthen our immune system and make us different can protect from cancer of tissues and organs.
Also, strengthens the memory, can protect blood vessels from the effects of atherosclerosis, prevents diabetes, rheumatic diseases there is strong evidence that an obstacle for you. Vitamin D is not the reason of this post is to oversell his abilities many times I’ve told you before. Today I want to tell you that’s a different topic.
Research Centre by the doctor in the last few years many “daily need for vitamin D” issue they asked me to reconsider.
Based on available data, it is certain that they are right. As a result of the review in need of vitamin D for every age group 2-3 fold increased. The daily dose for adults is 600-800 units were removed. Consumption rose to the highest acceptable amount of 4000-5000 units. However, vitamin D in the oil are resolved, and where it is stored should not be forgotten. Dose if needed, or too high should not be used. If you understand whether you need is not difficult, by getting a simple blood analysis, vitamin D levels in your blood, it is possible to olcturmen.
The best time to get the test done before winter is the period of one month. If during this period, 20 percent below the figures shows that if the measurements are severe, a medium level means you have a vitamin D deficiency if it is between 20-40.
In principle, vitamin D levels for healthy adults 50 to 100 mg/mL are considered appropriate in the range of to keep.
One important thing: vitamin D in our body because our reserve is constantly decreasing, you will use it constantly.
This decrease is Sunless during the winter months it’s becoming more and more apparent. For this reason, at the end of winter as we enter the spring and most of us are vitamin D levels are low.
Another thing that should be considered:
Nearly 60 percent of our needs for vitamin D thanks to sunlight that our skin produces.
UVB rays from the sun vitamin D vitamin D precursor in our skin is converted into the substance.
Hidroksivitamin this substance in the liver, 25 D, 1,25 D in the kidneys, then translated into hidroksivitamin.
Even just 20 minutes of sunning more than one glass of vitamin D milk drinker 200 the body, gives. Experts just before using sunscreen three times a week, arms, face or legs says that might be enough to leave it in the sun for 10 minutes.
However, to benefit from the sun’s Rays in the last year, it has become quite difficult especially for those who live in cities. Air pollution, high buildings, a sunless day, the UVB rays makes it difficult to benefit from.
Also an important part of the day we spend indoors out of the sun in homes and offices.
In short, our skin to produce vitamin D from the sun, it’s a little hard to benefit as much.
Most of us here already for exactly this reason, especially for women “vitamin D poor adults” we have become. For this reason, we benefit from the sun on occasion, our hands, our feet, the sun on our face we need to unveil.
Quite possible for foods to meet vitamin D deficiency, but fruit juices not fortified with vitamin D oily fish, milk and milk products and egg yolks have benefits both to benefit from.
If you ask me at least once a year have your vitamin D levels measured and your lifestyle does not allow you to derive enough benefit from the sun if you vitamin D take advantage of support. Vitamin D pills, drops, light bulbs extremely cheap. In principle, a more powerful form, which is cholecalciferol (D3) prefer to use. A little more expensive than D2 and D3, hard to find, but it is absorbed better in the body.
Tomatoes, “everything is good” is coming!
Tomatoes, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants “red miracle” thanks to lycopene, has become one of the favorite foods of recent years. Not only the tomato, tomato paste, ketchup in the same category of products such as. Even him is considered even more valuable.
Lycopene beautify the skin, prevents sunburn, heart attack, and helps prevent the risk of stroke has been known for a long time. Breast, colon, prostate, and ovarian cancer an important dam against the bone that acts as a powerful antioxidant to strengthen your memory much more than in many areas to protect the integrity of works. It’s not over!
With tomatoes to protect against the risk of Parkinson’s even been evidence that might support healthy sleep,. Recently added: the number of sperm in men with the lycopene in tomatoes is also increasing. Are not producing enough sperm, the sperm quality is poor if you are a man, open your place at the table tomatoes and tomato juice products.
Vinegar results weight
It is a debilitating food apple cider vinegar years ago in the form of rumors spread. Strong scientific publications behind it, but not quite found support. Later, drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal could help lower blood sugar levels, it became clear that.
According to experts, the main component of vinegar is acetic acid which vinegar of starch digestion of starch blocker can prevent you from being digested by the body and the power of weight loss support. How is this new knowledge that strengthens research, although a need for, reflux, gastritis, stomach ulcers, such as highly acidic foods that will lead to the problem of absorption of to drink apple cider vinegar if you have a problem you don’t see any damage.
For security and immediately add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with a maximum of a teaspoon of apple vinegar before a meal or add to salads, but just to remind us: don’t expect a miracle to lose weight, the secret is eating right and moving enough.