More Fit Life

Nutrition, sleep, activity, and peace in your soul, Jun and entertainment if you pay attention to requests, more beautiful and that you will have a private life, you are sure to live a life less sick and more energetic.
The problems of our world, don’t stop seem to stop. Moreover, the existing problems and added new ones to our everyday lives more unpleasant-no salt, complex and difficult. On the horizon a new and different life, and this life is isolating US imposed by new developments, othering, or panic rip out our belonging and leads to depression, tension and anxiety, our our, our bleeding internally multiplies. For this reason, “the good life” we need more than ever. This karartmam back in the days, “OLEM said ORT” the situation is better than ever, get away from ourselves, and more we have to look at. The good life is another name for “quality of life”. I’m not sure if the same thing or not, but “the good life” definition I like. Maybe this “quality of life” according to him, more humble, simple, warm and may be related with find simple. I’m not exactly sure. Front whether “good” or “quality” words come it doesn’t matter. In the case of “life” when it’s in front of us walks, we need to know two things: First, “The Good Life” the concept of only money-stamps, the asset-is not linked with poverty, and secondly, the road map and demarcated very complex of the good life. A good life, four main process which are the essence of life (nutrition, sleep, activity, and entertainment desires and fulfill the spirit of peace) good to be able to manage settings and take your dose, “divine pleasure-ends” to keep away from the dangers of “reasonable”and to keep our risks of life (health, social, environmental and Economic) there’s something about being to manage. We know about this, and I think a lot of our application.
Three Basic Factors
How do you live a life –and live – there are three main factors that determine: Genetic heritage, and how you’ve led a life how can you live in an area. Note also that these three factors influence each other. Of these three, especially for things that can be done is limited to: genetic inheritance! If you have bad if you have a genetic heritage to be more careful. On the bright side, it is not an unchangeable fate of genetic inheritance. Planned correctly it can be minimized with lifestyle changes damage. The disadvantages of the genetic heritage, a good environment, good lifestyle habits and by developing a piece of fruit before you turn into a poisonous Chichewa or damaged seed may remain in the opening. On the contrary, a perfect genetic heritage –just like the legacies of economic – environmental conditions and bad lifestyle habits with terrible ill, ill or may float. The environment, the other determinant. Where you live: air, water, temperature, humidity, mountainous or desert, or in the presence of the plateau height at sea level, chemical poisoning, radioactive pollution, electromagnetic influences also affect how nasiplendig your life. “Eco-life relationship” the water you drink, where you live in the home, such as whether the business is healthy when you are working you can demote lower their parameters. If it installed arsenic drink water for one day a year, bladder cancer, breathed the air for months, installed asbestos, or radon gas if you live in a house boiling, lung cancer, if you live in an area near high voltage lines, you are likely to develop brain tumors than those.
Lifestyle Is Important
Of the two, the more important thing is your lifestyle selections. “How do you eat? What, when, how along with what do you eat or drink?” are the first questions that comes to our mind when it comes to our lifestyle choices and “nutrition” is one of the main players in determining the good life, but on one condition: you only notice how fed you soul, not the body. “Every day organic oat bran cereals or yogurt added blueberries blackberries” started eating that “attention” if you’re one of every morning, unhappy, depressed, anxious and nervous if you’re getting the antioxidants in blackberries and blueberries, what, what the sediment load in oats, organic yogurt can guarantee you a good life, nor the power of probiotics and protein. “We nourish your souls, her vitamins (fun, pleasure, Jun), minerals (fad, good expectations), protein (belonging, in the sense of reproduction), oil (to promote morale, chat, touch, oksanma), carbs (love, affection) needs, you must bear in mind that. It’s not over! Just like the body, the Soul also reacted to certain things (fear, anxiety, insecurity), she was allergic to some things (otekilesme, loneliness, criticized) is also essential if you forget. In summary, feeding the body is one of the two fundamental determinants of the good life, the soul must feed the other. Two other factors that will determine your lifestyle choices also “sleep” and “activity”.
The three basic factors of Health:

Genetic inheritance
Environmental conditions
Lifestyle choices

4 main lifestyle factors:

Sleep quality
Mental health

Summary Of The Day
“Psychology without body without the spirit wouldn’t the medicine.” Jakob von Uexkull/the father of the philosophy of biology.
Sleep Quality
Sleep for body and soul “taking a break, resting, tear-quick fix, short-clear in the breach and self-renewal” is an opportunity for you. Very good use of this opportunity. Be done with good use, and, if possible, you must present gold in the trays. The meaning of this is clear: just “what time you sleep with”, not “how you’re asleep”, just “how much you eat” “you are what you eat” is an important detail just as it is important. Sessions snoring, episodes of apnea, bathroom breaks, sweating and sleep with nightmarish dreams last eight, but is useless if it takes eight hours, not ten. To give rest and hope does not provide the required benefit. Even takes it out of you! even if The next morning, sleep had not awakened as a nice staple during the night you wake up tired a truck driver, the steering wheel shook.
The subject of activity of at least “eat and drink” at least “the spirit is pleasant, happy and to keep calm,” at least we can sleep nice and soundly” is as important as. It also has it’s own “tricks”, “the truth, the mistakes, the sensitivities, the sine qua non of” there. My suggestion is to remember that your body is programmed to act constantly and on a regular basis, and a medicine for the body and soul were task based activity you know that. Regular activity not only on the body not the soul to sleep with antistress and antidepressant effects and serious benefits.
And Conclusion
In short, how a genetic heritage you have, and where you live is also important, but how you choose life you will make decisions relating to your life and those icsellestirip icsellestireme so much more effective as to what “the good life” is related to. Four your lifestyle choices is very important: “Nutrition, to obtain the peaceful pleasures, sleep and activity.” Your diet, your sleep, your activity and your soul peace and entertainment Jun more beautiful and have a private life if you pay attention to requests that you will, you are sure to live a life less sick and more energetic.