No Red Meat Harmful?

Dr. Murat Tuzcu “meat is getting low the life of the Eater titled” In the news “increases the amount of red meat, heart and cancer deaths are increasing,” he says (1):
“The risk of death from heart disease in those who eat a lot of meat, 40 percent more than those who do not eat at all or eat less found. In fact, this is just one scientific study, similar results of other research. In contrast, many meat eaters healthier in the long term support that is similar to large scientific research, there is not one”.
Murat Tuzcu last year, he published an article, “red meat called Carnitine in red meat for heart health of these losses it was a matter of which” contends that (2).
Murat Tuzcu in another article, “made in the USA and how this research will be adapted in Turkey in addition to beef, sheep and goat meat, excessive consumption of meat is cooked it could be argued that in our country different,” he says, and continues (3):
“But in our hands no scientific data to support this view. Moreover, the major research data, veal, and mutton or pork between hamburger meat with steak or stew meat showed that were not different in terms of the danger of opening the road between”.
Which is harmful red meat or processed meat?
Murat Tuzcu said it’s because it’s not like the facts are very “red meat heart-friendly” thing and mainly red meat is harmful is not “processed meat” there is research that shows that.
Now, I offer this writing and previously published two research topic I picked:
I’m inviting over for a cookout they’re undergoing a heart attack (4)
“L-carnitine in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: Systematic review and meta-analysis” (5) the article with my readers “I’m inviting over for a cookout they’re undergoing a heart attack,” I announced:
“3 13 629 thousand patients is performed on controlled trials meta-analysis of these individuals in 250, 220’ s new heart failure developed, and 28% of recurrent) was determined to have a heart attack.
Associated with the use of all causes of carnitine-related deaths of 27 percent and 65 percent of a fatal arrhythmia ventricular arrhythmias, heart pain, 40 percent, and by the light of the infarct area was seen.
Who is the head of research Di nicolantonio, “this is to show that carnitine given to patients after having a heart attack lived longer the first meta-analysis,” he says, and adds:
“Applied for percutaneous coronary interventions acute coronary syndrome, dual antiplatelet therapy, beta-blockers, statins, ACE-inhibitors, omega-3 fatty acids and cardiac rehabilitation clinical consequences such as treatment with poor results although it is still often a very healing encounter.
Also one of the most promising treatments to improve heart health carnitine levels is the use of free fatty acids and glucose oxidation which will fix.
High-risk patients or after a heart attack, the pain continued, and ACE-inhibitors or beta-blocker therapy in the treatment of carnitine is very safe tolerate cost is low and which may be considered.”
Carnitine what is it?
L-carnitine, found in some foods, including red meat are recommended as nutritional support to enhance energy and athletic performance, “tri-methyl-Amine.
Carnitine in the treatment of diseases of the heart have been reported for the first time in 1970.
Of L-carnitine play an important role in energy production in the heart muscle and of free fatty acids into the mitochondria has been shown to move; thus, the substrate required for the increase of oxidative metabolism in the heart can be ensured.
L-carnitine also common in lethal ventricular rhythm disorders and ischemic events which lead to the accumulation of esters of fatty acids prevents.
If you have low carnitine levels during an ischemic event in the heart muscle from the outside, L-carnitine and left ventricular function of the heart by giving a metabolic improvement is also shown.
In a meta-analysis, also in the first year after a heart attack, L-carnitine placebo to reduce the use of left ventricular dilatation that have been identified.
The expansion of the left ventricle because this is a sign of a bad prognosis and the preservation of cardiac function after a heart attack prevention is very important.
Processed meat and heart disease and diabetes (6)
“Processed meat and heart disease and diabetes is doing titled” I also processed meat increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, but the process not exceeding cattle, sheep, lamb, or pork is not at risk from this type of revealed that I conveyed a study that was published in the magazine circulation and (7):
“According to a newly published study in the medical journal called Circulation, famous, sausage, salami, processed meats such as ham increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Previously attended by 1600 people in 10 different countries more than a million research meta-analysis of processed meat and those who eat 50 grams per day for the Harvard experts 42 percent in the risk of heart disease, they found that diabetes risk increased at a rate of 19 per cent.
With the term processed meat is smoked, salted, or nitrate or nitrite is added to prevent damage salami, sausage, and meats such as ham, it is understood.
Another important finding that emerged from the research process not exceeding cattle, sheep, lamb, or pork it does not have this kind of a risk.
Processed and unprocessed meats, emphasizing that it is not a difference in terms of saturated fat and cholesterol, the researchers found that processed meats increased the risk of heart disease and diabetes is caused by sodium nitrate and nitrite added to foods such 4 times and they think it could be.
Guides to today’s American diet, red meat, milk, butter, oil and cheese and restricting saturated fats found in foods such as not more than 10 per cent of their daily calorie requirement; does not exceed 30 per cent of total daily calories fats recommends.
Some saturated fats are shown to improve blood cholesterol levels.
A couple of months ago now from a published meta-analysis concluded that it was not a significant relationship between saturated fats and heart disease and stroke.
These two Harvard experts research evidence by showing it’s not the foods we eat for our health, and ethics underline the fact that these shapes contain additives preparation is more important.
Control calorie vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains rich diet is very important that those who wish to eat meat, not processed meat of beef, such as sirloin steak that hasn’t gone through the ones they recommend to use.”
Let’s see the result
Murat Tuzcu’ s meta-analysis, there is something to say about, or “my name is Hina I know is that he says”?