Benefits Of Herbal Tea

On cold days, warming a cup of herbal tea to your taste, will provide many benefits to your health. Herbal tea is beneficial to heart health and contains flavonoids with protective properties against cancer. In the Far East for thousands of years especially in wellness, antimicrobial herbal teas, which are seen as the key to happiness and Virtue, also lose weight, there are many benefits such as helping to lower your cholesterol and strengthen your mind.
Herbal tea is a great alternative to coffee. Do not contain less or no caffeine. Every food should be consumed in moderation as it is when you consume and if you have any disease, if you are being treated or if you are taking medication, you should consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant or you are breast-feeding.
Well what are the benefits of herbal tea?
Yesil tea contains powerful antioxidants. Prevent atherosclerosis and protects heart health, reduces the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure and regulates cholesterol levels. Bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreas and colon, helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Strengthens immunity, helps burn fat by speeding up metabolism, and oxidative stress in the brain reduces the risk of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by destroying. Help prevent tooth decay and gum disease provides protection against.
White tea, black tea and Yesil the same plant, produced from the leaves of. yet white tea for black tea the leaves are oxidised as they are immature and Yesil are collected and very little of the antioxidant properties are very high. May slow down the growth of cancer cells, helps to lower blood pressure by expanding blood vessels, stimulating the metabolism and by preventing the accumulation of fat in the body will support those who want to lose weight.
Peppermint tea is good for bloating and gas problems, nausea and vomiting is effective against body warm and sweat to get going is helpful. Peppermint tea relieves nasal congestion and spasm, Nov, relaxes stress and anxious situations. We encourage you to drink more if you are experiencing heartburn.
Linden is good for the flu and the common cold, sore throat and cough cuts, it is a natural expectorant, and reduces fever. Has a calming effect, prevents palpitations, insomnia, be used against. By helping you to sweat toxins. By stimulating the digestive system and wash it next morning.
Chamomile tea: antioxidants in diabetes-related vision, nerve and may have a protective effect against liver damage and may prevent the development of cancer cells. Chamomile contains amino acids called tryptophan that has a calming effect, is good for insomnia. You can drink to help digestion after the meal. Cough, bronchitis, fever, relieves problems such as. Chamomile tea relieves pain and suffering, you can relieve the abdominal pain in infants.
Fermented South African Rooibos tea. Flavonoids which help to fight cancer, vitamin C and rich in minerals. High in antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, has a protective effect against diseases and aging. Relaxing tea to help sleep. It is used against headaches and skin diseases such as eczema.
Rosehip is one of the best sources of vitamin C, strengthens the immune system, skin, tissue health, and protects the adrenal glands. It is diuretic and is effective against constipation. Protects against colds, coughing prevents, reduces cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, relieves allergies and eczema.
Fennel regulates digestion by relaxing the intestinal muscles, constipation, colic and flatulence it is good for. Diuretic, allowing it to be expelled from the body of toxins in the kidneys, thus helps you to have more smooth skin.
Ginger relaxes the digestive system that other tea variety.Vomiting and nausea, especially when used against motion sickness on the ride. Fresh ginger root, sweetened with lemon and honey it creates a powerful effect when consumed by germs that help you fight. Powdered ginger tea also colds away. Ginger, infection is effective in early intervention, by accelerating the circulation and expand the blood vessels, relieves rheumatic pains.
Sage has antiseptic, strengthens immunity by improving the functions of the brain opens memory, calms the nerves. Relaxes the lungs, relieves symptoms of bronchitis and asthma. The harmful toxins allows them to be expelled from the body, reduce the effects of menopause, it is good for inflammation of the gums and wounds in the mouth.
Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C and kafeinsiz. When consumed regularly, regulate blood pressure. Combats insomnia, helps control weight, is an antioxidant and fights free radicals. Regulate blood pressure, and heart and liver diseases it is effective against.
Rosemary prevents constipation by stimulating the digestive system, it is diuretic. It is effective against migraines and headaches, increase circulation and helps in the elimination of toxins.
Thyme tea is used against colds, sore throat and cough relieves, powerful against viruses and infections that contain essential oils. Antioxidants and antioxidant properties. It is good for wounds in the mouth and gums. It is good for indigestion and gas problems. It is used against headaches and rheumatic pains.
Lemon balm relieves stress and calms the nerves, helps against insomnia. It soothes the digestive system by relieving intestinal gas, reduces fever, and sweat to get going is helpful.
Cinnamon tea fights viruses, the stomach relaxes, stabilizes blood sugar. Can help to lose weight, relieves menstrual pains. Can be consumed by adding honey.
Prepared dried cherry stalk tea helps to lose weight, edema and has a diuretic effect, is used against urinary tract infections. Protects liver and kidney health, slows the formation of kidney stones.

Getting Healthier Is Eating Nuts And Peanuts

And especially those who eat nuts live longer new research it was established that the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases decreased.
Drinkers nuts before it was determined that the risk of death was low, but those with higher socio-economic strata from the research that is performed on people.
Research was performed on three large cohort.
One of these cohorts 71.764 low socio-economic strata of African and European descent from America’ s Southern Community Cohort Study SCCs in the two other cohort 134.265 total in SWHS and Chinese living in Shanghai (Shanghai Women’s Health Study) and the SMS (Shanghai men’s health study) within the scope of the research.
How much of the food they consume nuts was determined with questionnaire participants.
Half of America while eating the peanuts, only peanut consumption in China in the LI group were evaluated; more men than women eating peanuts.
The average follow up time 5.4 years, which is SCCS in the survey, with 6.5 years 12.2 years, with total SMS and 14.440 SWHS has been identified as the person in research.
The consumption of nuts in all three cohorts and total mortality rates (mortality) between race, gender, body mass index, smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes, hypertension and diseases such as obesity, independent of an inverse relationship is found.
Accordingly, the risk of death overall in the USA most of those who consume 21 percent more nuts in China, li had 17 percent less risk in the group.
Deaths from cardiovascular diseases, these rates are respectively 38 percent and 23 percent.
The consumption of nuts or peanuts cancer and diabetes-related death risk was not found a significant relationship between.
Nuts why useful?
The unsaturated fats in nuts, protein, fiber, vitamins (B1, B6, folic acid, E), minerals (magnesium and zinc), antioxidants, fanatical, arginine, phytochemicals and staff.
All of them also have anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory effects it does have cardiovascular health benefits.
Half of the weight of nuts (48 percent) of the oil, and most of that single-or multi-unsaturated type.
Stay away from processed nuts
This is a randomized controlled trial for lack of a cause-effect relationship does not reveal, but the results are reasonable and logical and is compatible with the results of previous research.
Peanut is cheaper, especially because the socio-economic situation is not good and may be preferred by those who.
Not to salty and must be careful not to exaggerate the amount of raw nuts, roasted and packaged to have not been the ones that should be preferred.
Let’s see the result
Pomegranate juice reduces hardening of the arteries, every day of drinking yesterday, I wrote that leads to regression of plaques in blood vessels.
In this study, I, too, I strongly advocated “living healthy, being away from had nothing to do with the type of diseases,” reveals once more that it is the truth.
With dozens of Cardiology over the world to mention that it didn’t allow side effects cholesterol drugs (statins) are the most virile in the study, even if only helps so much.
Peanuts you a pill, the decision is yours.


Reduce Sweet Desire

When implementing your request for a diet program to lose weight, eat healthy and often sweet, will you? The answer to this question is yes, you should definitely pay attention to your diet and your food choices. Healthy–balanced diet program allows you to decrease and your sweet desire you feel less tired. Starvation diets are prepared according to the type of food but only limited and carbohydrate–sweet desire increases. Therefore, you want to snack after meals and in the Quiet Hours of night.
The increase of stress hormone insulin request and the level of sweet is affected by the era you live in. Healthy meals order health risks with a diet that is high in fiber and the Dec-sweet desire you can reduce. Dec meal of fruit, dairy and meat foods from the Grain Group, foods in addition to from the group by choosing a bottle of our fullness can increase.

Quinoa also

At least 3 days per week, 1 hour walk and meal helps you feel more satiated that you apply the scheme appropriate to the sport. Order enough meals balanced even though you control your weight while providing you sweet sweet drinking 1-2 cups if you have a request your request decreases. At least a sufficient amount Breakfast 2 slices grain bread you prefer a nutritional program to improve your health and helps you to pulp ratio is high.

Herbal Teas

Weight control ,healthy living , mother’s milk increase, maintain the sleep patterns, decrease stress, and so much more we drink the tea of plant varieties is increasing in importance as the day went on. Healthy ,properly prepared and packaged, you must remember to prefer herbal teas. The plants self-materials to be more easily taken into the body for healthy, you must prepare your herbal tea with the brewing method. So the taste and smell of your tea as it should be.

Boil your water before tea.
Glass or porcelain pot to prepare your herbal tea.
Before the pot boiled water, then stir in herbal tea.
The aroma and taste better to make sealed in the pot to brew.
Cover with a towel to prevent your tea during brewing.
Your herbal tea 5 – 8 minutes between demlemel.
Add a variety of spices and fruits if you want to put in your tea cup after you add.

Tea varieties plant open his mouth to let it affect your health negatively , shelf life ( expiration date ) certain non-teas are held in inappropriate storage conditions and the jars do not prefer. The expiration date is unclear ,opt for packaged tea plant varieties in a manner that is unaffected by light and moisture. If consumed in the correct amounts of plants that are used for making medicines and poisoning ( toxic) effect, we know that. Therefore, you should drink more than 2 cups per day same tea plant varieties. Health risk of herbal tea and learn appropriate varieties should be preferred.
Called catechins in the structure of the article your fat loss – accelerates your metabolism and anti –aging slows aging content. By brewing 2 cups of tea every day you eat healthy and Yesil healthy drink which helps to control your weight support.
Anti-stress relax with the effect that anxiety has the effect of improving sleep quality and reducing. Especially if you’re sleeping less than 6 hours per day, 2 hours before bedtime 1 teaspoon of honey and cinnamon will help you stay healthy prepare fresh herbal tea using the brewing method.
Spring fever and influenza infection often preferred in the period of Linden. The glands when the body is under stress excitation, calming and a comforting feature. If you drink 1-2 cups of cinnamon tea after each meal allows you to keep our digestive system healthy lime.
Has the effect of lowering your blood sugar and relieving respiratory passages. When it is hungry should be preferred. Drink 1 cup every day healthy helps increase your immune method of brewing.
Respiratory tract infections and strengthens the body’s defense system. 1 teaspoon honey and lemon drink with spring allows you to reduce fatigue. Those with diseases of the stomach, and sage to pregnant women should be preferred.
And aspirin for relieving the digestive system ( unit ) has the feature of providing the reduction of pain. 2 cups per day after meals be preferred calm you down and allows you to relax.Yesil jasmine tea or chamomile tea can enhance the flavor by brewing.

Your Review What You Eat For Healthy Teeth

The best thing we can do to maintain our teeth for a healthy smile. Fillings, root canal treatments, teeth cleaning, etc. with treatment, your teeth like it used to be it might be, but to protect them from decay and staining is Cheaper, painless and easy method. Regularly brushing, flossing, and mouthwash with tooth-friendly diet can support healthy gums and a bright smile.
To prevent decay and maintain oral health, it is very important that you eat what and how often. When you consume certain foods, changes in your mouth begins immediately. Bacteria in the mouth, especially carbohydrates and sugar converts to acid, and this acid attack the tooth enamel and the decay process starts. Are fed unhealthy also increases the rate of tooth decay. While the invitation what foods tooth decay, which prevents the formation of plaque?
While consuming many starchy and sugary foods and drinks in your mouth, not yourself alone means you can afford to feed the records that may be causing problems. Plaque in the form of a thin, transparent layer that covers all of your teeth is bacteria. When you eat starch and sugar, feed the bacteria in your mouth and teeth to produce an acid that does damage by attacking begins. The teeth of hard enamel on the surface of the melt and the repeated attacks can cause tooth decay and plaque. Plaque also can produce toxic substances that are damaging to the bones that support the gums and teeth.
Candies, caramel, cookies, cake, bread, pasta, rice, chips, cookies, crackers, French fries, bananas and dried fruits stick to your teeth and feed the bacteria in your mouth and it stays there for a long time can cause acid production to increase.
Pickles, sodas, energy drinks damage teeth when consumed consistently, such as acidic foods, especially sugary drinks damage teeth smoked slowly because it takes longer.
Wine, coffee and tea stain the teeth causes. We need to consume sugar with tea and coffee as much as possible. Alcoholic drinks reduces the production of saliva and dry the mouth.
What are the best foods for dental health?
Increasing the production of saliva by chewing sugarless gum helps to clean teeth. Saliva, a natural acid produced by bacteria in the mouth to throw as a method of protection works. Constantly chewing gum can cause jaw problems, but too should not be exaggerated.
Saliva and food particles in the teeth and cleans works such as water or acid. Florida also protects you contains minerals that damage the teeth. Water, milk and unsweetened teas are the best drinks for your teeth. Black tea contains polyphenols that prevent plaque and kills bacteria Yesil or damage.
Milk and other dairy products contain calcium which is of great importance for healthy teeth and bones. These minerals strengthens enamel business. Dairy products by increasing saliva production neutralizes acids in the mouth. Protein, calcium and phosphorus acids prevent. Especially cheese varieties contain caffeine, a protein and a good dribble of manufacturer, repairing and maintaining of the tooth enamel has a very important role in Kasein. The melted enamel in acids can replace the minerals calcium and potassium.
Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables improves digestion, regulates cholesterol, and almost create the effect of a detergent in the mouth by increasing saliva production because it requires more chewing, they are useful to your dental health. Saliva is the best natural protection against cavities and gum disease. After 20 min after eating sugars or starches, saliva begins to reduce the effect of enzymes and acids attacking the teeth. Because saliva also contains calcium and phosphate, bacterial acids and helps to repair damaged due to the mineral layer. I like to eat out a plate of spinach or beans. Aching occurs in the mouth as saliva is divided into small pieces and fibrous foods, while the outer surface is clean. Apples, pears hard fruits and vegetables such as high water content reduces the effect of sugar they contain. Strawberries and apples contain malic acid a natural tooth whitener called. Tomatoes and citrus fruits like orange and lemon is acidic, it should not be consumed in excess amounts. But at the same time although they are acidic, because it contains acids that increase the production of saliva can protect tooth enamel and helps remove large amounts of water.
Can have a significant impact on dental health. Bacteria accumulate in the tissue that connects bone and teeth cavities may cause damage to the inflammation occurs. Omega 3 fatty acids is anti-inflammatory and are found in especially high amounts in flax seeds and fish. Omega-3 Good Fed, inflammation and infections, and thus are better protected against gum disease.
Some substances in cocoa, reduces inflammation and decay it creates a protective effect against wear. Unlike other snacks, even if sugar was added to chocolate milk, increase the risk of caries observed. Dark chocolate because it contains less sugar may be preferred.
A, C, vitamin D, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and nutrients is vital to oral health, such as Florida. More saliva your mouth produces while eating pieces of food stay in your mouth and reduces the acid production, so eating sweet food with food. After 20 minutes the saliva cleans the mouth and teeth largely produced the food, but always something to eat that are open to the back teeth bacteria. Limitlemel meals to prevent cavities, tooth decay should stay away from foods that will cause meals Dec. Eating a balanced diet, be careful not to consume food that contains sugar and starch between meals. When you want a snack, chew sugarless gum , cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt or fruit prefer to eat.
Outside of your diet for the health of your teeth and gums you need to pay attention:
Regularly brush your teeth, choose toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is recommended to brush at least twice a day and 30-60 minutes after a meal. Floss once a day to clean it. Every day gargle. Go to the dentist twice a year. Teeth very strong and resilient. But teeth with fillings or a root canal is weak. Hard things break, it can cause it to fracture and crack. Break the ice, olives, be careful when eating foods such as broccoli core. Avoid unexploded corn kernels.


What Is Chia Seed? What Are The Benefits?

Chia seeds, in history, based on the Mayan and Aztec cultures in Mexico called Salvia hispanica, which grows the seed of a desert plant. The power of the word refers to China, since ancient cultures have been known to use to increase the energy of these little seeds. Healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, fiber and rich in antioxidants, chia seeds about unfair or not.

Today, those who pay attention to your healthy diet and often athletes consume chia seeds which, let us examine more closely the properties of a point:
Chia seeds are unprocessed, whole grain food, seeds, unground flax seeds in a good way unlike when you have consumed is digested. 2 tablespoons chia seeds about 139 calories, 4 grams protein, 9 grams fat, 12 g of carbohydrates and 11 g fiber.
Chia seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids is one of the sources richest vegetable. Omega-3 reduce inflammation in the body, improves mental performance and has the effect of lowering high kolesterol].
Rich in fiber in the body eating an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces cholesterol and regulates the functions of the digestive system. 2 tablespoons chia seeds so it can meet nearly a third of our daily fiber needs is a very good choice to increase your fiber intake without excess calories.
Rich in protein and fiber, chia seeds form a gel when mixed with liquids such as water and milk field can provide a feeling of fullness more quickly. 12 doubles in volume when mixed with liquids, and thus gives a feeling of fullness in less time by consuming a smaller amount and control the appetite.
The harmful effects of free radicals, aging, and antioxidants which protect our body against cancer, rich in Chia seeds. Bilberry effective as extends the shelf life of chia seeds high antioxidant content.
In the content of the minerals calcium strengthens the bones and teeth; manganese supports bone health and helps deter the body’s thiamine and biotin; Phosphorus is important for healthy teeth and bones and protein synthesis are involved in tissue formation and repair. The amino acid called tryptophan content of the appetite, sleep and mood balance.
Because it is not intense and the dominant flavor foods and beverages can be added easily. Typically, breakfast cereals, sauces, vegetables, rice, yogurt, and pastries are added. Dry chia seeds can be embedded in salads or soups, you can use such as Sesame. By resting, you can melt in water, chia seeds, beverages such as lemonade and smoothies, you can add higher nutritional value. By resting in milk and honey by adding a small amount of the pudding-like dessert you can get. the flavor doesn’t ruin the taste of the food because it is not you add. Chia seeds 3 tablespoons water, and mix thoroughly with a spoon, pastry kept waiting for 15 minutes we get a material that can be used to replace eggs in recipes.
By adding chia seeds into your meal it is recommended to consume about 40 grams per day. Does not contain grains, gluten or gluten-free diet who need may consume. If you are allergic to foods such as sesame and mustard seeds, if you are using high blood pressure medication or blood thinners, you should consult your doctor before it runs out.
Like all other foods, just by adding chia seeds to your diet or to lose weight you should expect to be energized in a miraculous manner. If you want to have a healthy body, unfortunately don’t have a seed or food that creates a big impact for that alone. Never forget that a healthy diet and more physical activity need to lose weight and by consuming a certain food just don’t expect miracles.


Provide Weight Control During Pregnancy

It is important that you do your healthy weight management during pregnancy. The nausea can make easy to gain weight in the first months of your pregnancy. You must be careful ! The amount of weight gain during pregnancy depends on your starting weight. If you start a pregnancy at your ideal weight 9-12 pounds , you must complete your pregnancy if you have excess weight between 7-8 pounds. Your baby’s development by taking more weight. Healthy – adequate nutrition program and give you support baby’s development by choosing the right food to be healthy.



Meal hours edit. Make a meal plan at main meals and a 2 hour Dec.
In the day you should drink ½ cup every hour if your stomach drinking water adjust the amount of water increases.
By eating 2 pieces of whole wheat bread as uyunun out of bed get up slowly and start the day.
Wear comfortable clothing that do not make print your waist.
Reduce the amount of caffeinated drinks and balance.


When he wakes up 2 pieces of Whole Wheat Gris
1 egg (Boiled )
2 slices low-fat white or yellow cheese ( 50-60 grams)
Walnuts 2-3 pieces
1 teaspoon molasses
Plenty of chopped salad ( tomatoes,cucumber,parsley,pepper, etc.)
2 slices rye bread


1 cup water ( the food 15-20 minutes ago)
1 pear
Cinnamon 1 cup jasmine tea ( No Sugar)


1 cup water ( the food 15-20 minutes ago)
Lentil soup 1 cup ( 2 Scoops )
Stew meat 1 cup ( 2 Scoops –without water)
2 slices rye bread
1 cup yogurt ( 200 grams)


1 cup water ( the food 15-20 minutes ago)
3-4 pieces-grain bread
2 slices white cheese
7-8 pieces raw almonds
1 cup lemon lime tea ( No Sugar )


1 cup water ( the food 15-20 minutes ago)
4-5 pieces of grilled meat
1 bowl salad ( 1 teaspoon, one teaspoon of olive oil)
1 serving spoon of rice (about 3-4 tablespoons )
1 cup buttermilk


1 cup water ( the food 15-20 minutes ago)
1 cup milk or yogurt
1 Apple


Drink Insufficient Water Are Fattening!

Water, make up 60 percent of the body, and then the oxygen is the most necessary component for the body. But, especially lately, in place of the water, lots of coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks began to take. Unfortunately such habits to increase your daily calories intake and also insufficient water in our body triggers. According to studies, the average 200 calories more daily drinks of water began to take place that is going to take. This weight gain means with an average of 10 a year. We are also drinking enough water, in other words, when our body is thirsty, digestive enzymes slows down the pace of the work. Slowing the digestive system may cause an increase in weight. Speed up fat burning, and toxins from the body on a daily basis to maintain ideal body weight 2-2,5 liters you need to drink.
Insufficient water consumption can cause health problems are as follows:
1. Weight gain: when the body is thirsty, or in other words, when the amount of drinking water isn’t enough digestive enzymes of the intestine and slows down the pace of the work. Slowing the digestive system may cause an increase in weight.
2. Constipation: being dehydrated by as a result of the work of the intestines slow down the pace of digestive enzymes due to constipation may develop.
3. Mental problems: drinking water average percentage of 75% the brain uses. If the average daily fluid intake falls; headaches, loss of concentration and forgetfulness may occur.
4. Depression: depression with chronic fatigue due to insufficient water in the body may develop in the later stages. The reason for this is due to insufficient water in the body to desist from the energy production of the brain.
5. Nov pains: actively engaged in sports, extra water intake is of importance. The lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles due to insufficient water in the body cannot be eliminated from the body the result nov pains may occur.
6. Drying of the skin: skin dryness from inadequate water consumption, loss of flexibility of the skin and premature aging problems may develop.
7. A rise in pulse, heart palpitations: the heart caused by insufficient blood flow to decrease in fluid intake and electrolyte Nov kind of an increase in the density with the rise in pulse and heart palpitations may occur.
8. Fire: Water plays a critical role in maintaining body temperature. When body temperature rises, sweat comes to balance. The result of inadequate fluid intake sweating stops and body temperature rises.
Tea, coffee, water instead of hair
An adult of average daily 2-2,5 liters of liquid. The need for many people with liquid; tea, coffee, fruit juice, buttermilk and cover with the broth. These liquids water beats. Your daily fluid needs at least 1.5 liters of water must be completed. The sport is performed and show an increase in this amount in the summer period.

Wake up in the morning, 2 glasses of water
The acquisition of the habit of water for 21 days, takes 3 weeks. 3 weeks of regular to drink water this is a must try for people who want to make undaunted. When he wakes in the morning, 2 cups, 2 cups before meals and before bed a glass of water to complete your daily total fluid intake may be sufficient.

Do you consume enough water?
The simplest indicator is indicating that your water intake is sufficient, frequency of urination and urine color. Light yellow colored urine 3-5 hours 1 times in enough water intake points. Daily water intake is completed, the urine is dark yellow in color and the smell may be intense.

You should drink without susamad
The need for water when we feel thirst and water in the body water intake then means that a loss has occurred and 1 percent occurs. Therefore must be brought into the habit of drinking water without susamad. Never drink water with meals because it will make it harder for them to digest also shouldn’t. 2 hours before or after meal should be preferred.

What Are The Benefits Of Asparagus?

The flavors together are among the spring, asparagus is a vegetable that you have not necessarily tried before, you should familiarize with the table. It is known that in Greece were being planted asparagus about 2500 years ago. The Greeks, asparagus was thought to cure toothache, and they believe that is protective against bee stings, purifying and healing, it was known as a vegetable. The Romans especially loved, and were spread out to the world.
Consumed by what is believed to be an aphrodisiac since ancient times Asparagus, stands out with a high nutritional value. Folate, potassium, chromium, fiber, protein, thiamin (B1), A, B6, C and K, is rich in vitamins.
Avocado and Brussels sprouts contain substances that have an effect that is found in a detox. Helpful to the excretion of free radicals and carcinogens from the body. So if consumed regularly, bone, breast, colon, and may have a protective effect against cancers such as lung cancer. Cell-damaging free radicals, is rich in terms of antioxidants which can neutralize. In this way, has the effect of retarding the aging process. Protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and environmental pollution.
These delicious vegetables are another effect of anti aging of our brains is that it helps in fighting cognitive decline. Yesil like other leafy vegetables, asparagus also contains folate, folate, vitamin B12 prevents this by working with a mental slowdown. Studies folate and vitamin B12 levels tests of people over the age of 50 who are at a healthy level in their mind the mental react faster and more flexible. Make sure you have adequate amount of your intake of B12 absorption decreases with age.
Contains natural amino acid that has a diuretic effect. Increase also provides for the fluid discharge from the body to dispose of the excess salt. The problem is that those with edema, high blood pressure and is quite beneficial for those with heart ailments. Helps in the elimination of toxins in the kidneys, prevents formation of kidney stones. But those amounts are already advised to avoid with kidney stones to consume asparagus.
Due to its high folate content, especially those who want to get pregnant, and it is recommended that pregnant women consume each day. Folate central nervous system defects in babies, and prevents the formation of certain heart disorders, low risk tavsandudag, protective effect against neural tube birth defects such as cleft palate and problems is quite high.
Asparagus is anti-inflammatory and its antioxidant effect thanks to protective against type 2 diabetes. The pancreas, insulin production, storage and release control, which ensures that the cells will work properly.
5 branch is only 20 calories asparagus, fat or salt does not contain. Contains soluble fiber reduces the risk of heart disease. Vitamin K helps your blood clot. A high fiber, protein, and regulates digestion of food to the advancement in the intestines, during digestion, is a Vice being forced.
You can consume raw or with very little cooking to enjoy as the Romans do. In the oven, on the grill or cook in a little oil in the pan, turning it. These fast cooking methods will keep the nutritional value with and without water. Can be consumed raw as in salads. Diuretic effect to get the most from salt, oil or sauce without adding a try to consume.
Vegetables such as asparagus may be sensitive to those with allergies to onions and garlic. Runny nose, difficulty breathing, swelling of mouth and lips can show the effect of as.


Osteoporosis Prunes Every Day From 10

Osteoporosis osteoporosis is the first milk that comes immediately to everyone’s mind when it was called.
However, in a survey in Sweden found that people who drink 3 cups of milk per day increases the risk of bone fractures is more to be seen next, it was determined that of Death (1).
Published in the British Journal of medicine, according to another study, there is a food more potent than milk for strong bones (2):
Research, prunes (Prunus domestica L) is a fruit that is very effective in relieving and preventing bone loss.
Work, 1-10 years past menopause and hormone therapy or any other drugs that may affect bone metabolism was performed on 236 women who do not use.
Among these, 160 women were randomly divided into two groups which are suitable for you; 100 grams prunes 100 grams of dried apple per day for one group the other group.
Was taking 500 mg calcium and 400 U vitamin D per day for women.
The participants at the beginning and end of the study, the lumbar spine, forearm, hip and whole body bone mineral density (bone mineral density=BMD) initially and at 3, 6 and 12 months after bone bio-markers (bone biomarkers) were measured.
Forearm and spine BMD’ s amount to increase significantly in the group who ate the Apple than those who eat prunes appeared.
Compared with the initial value of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase-5b bone, including the conversion of bio-markers it was established that participants in the group that was given only prunes declined significantly.
The researchers note that these results of BMD in postmenopausal women partially by suppressing bone prunes click fixes in the form of the transformation is interpreted.
Erik why useful?
This positive effect of prunes on the bones especially the “polyphenols” (hydroxy cinnamic acids) and flavonoid anthocyanin antioxidants is thought to stem from (3).
Plum, that are important in bone formation and the trace minerals boron, copper, and it should be noted that is rich in.
Erik is a rich source of simple sugars, although it does not raise blood sugar rapidly because it contains more fiber (low on the glycemic index).
There are 240 calories and 100 grams prunes prunes vitamins A and K close to.
Meanwhile, the pH of the blood of Amber’ class can shift from alkaline to acid, because it is not right for me to beat you more.
The increase in acidity of the blood acid-alkaline balance to the deterioration of lead can accelerate calcium loss from the bones (4).
Let’s see the result
It is not correct to rely on one food and drink to live a healthier life.
Plums and prunes, of course, is very useful, but it is not just possible to have strong bones by eating a plum.
Although it is not a miracle food that, when eaten in Whole Foods it is a miracle from the decision.
Healthy eating for healthy living in general is very important for bones and mobility.
Meanwhile, the delegation of dried plum Research California (California Dried Plum Board) that is supported by it should not be overlooked.