Foods that nourish the brain and memory

The diet has to be done smarter? Research in order to have a healthy brain in old age suggests that we need to add some foods in our diet. Physical exercise and daily brain exercises such as puzzles, as well as keep your brain cells healthier by eating certain foods such as Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness, and it is possible to prevent brain damage. Our memory, attention span and learning ability in healthy foods we choose to eat depends on we also.

Which of the foods that can make us smarter in what place we come, let’s take a closer look. I can’t say consume these foods completely, you will protect against Alzheimer’s disease, but also the large increase will have on brain function, eating a healthy diet can not be ignored.
Blueberries reduce the effects of aging in the brain and Alzheimer’s and dementia with short-term memory loss can be effective in preventing and treating. Studies have shown that learning ability and motor skills it helps develop in advanced age. A handful a day-fresh, frozen or dried form, it is recommended to be consumed in.
Avocado is also an effective food for the brain as blueberries. Avocado is fatty, yes, but it contains beneficial oils that support healthy blood circulation. Supports healthy blood circulation and brain health. Because high blood pressure is a disease that affects mental abilities, to keep blood pressure low, will affect the health of the brain. Avocado avocados are high in calories because it contains half or a quarter of the day is expected to be sufficient to consume.
Fish, such as salmon, omega-3 fatty acids that are rich in essential for the functions of the brain to work well. Mackerel, sardines, anchovies and herring, omega-3 other fatty fish that you can benefit from. 2 to 3 times per week should be consumed. For those who don’t like to eat fish, rich in omega-3 other foods that contain flax seed oil, sage oil, kiwifruit and purslane. Olive oil, fish oils, flax seeds, and avocados monounsaturated and omega-3 and omega-9 oils it contains.
Like the rest of our bodies, our brain can’t work without energy. Long-term adequate and regular energy we have to take for concentration and focus. This mingling of sugar into the blood more slowly emitting energy, full-grain foods and fresh throughout the day keeps you from getting your mind.
Vegetables also contain antioxidants such as vitamin C carotenoids that protect the brain and Yesil. Spinach is a food that is rich in vitamins A and B, Polat a pinch. Folate is necessary for learning and thinking is helpful to blood circulation in the brain with the neurotransmitters. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes, especially tomato sauce and ketchup, and Polat’s has been observed to have effects against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. That protects soy protein and contain fiber and heart health. Understanding and increasing the power of the brain and vitamin K is found in abundance in broccoli. B6, B12 and folic acid also stroke, loss of consciousness, and is effective in treating Alzheimer’s. We must be careful to consume a combination of veggies of different colors every day.
Lentils learning, mood and behavior, which allows the development of dopamine leads to the formation of red blood cells that carries oxygen to the brain and that iron containing minerals.
Nuts rich in vitamin E, age-related weakening of consciousness prevents. 30 grams per day of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or flax seeds or peanut butter, tahini is sufficient to consume. It doesn’t matter much is raw or roasted, but unsalted ones in terms of salt consumption if you are on a diet prefer. The amount of zinc in a handful of pumpkin seeds daily meets all of your needs. Zinc is needed to develop memory and thinking skills.
Other sources of vitamin E, Yesil vegetables, olives, asparagus, eggs, brown rice and other whole-grain foods. Brown rice are rich in B vitamins essential for brain health. A large part of these vitamins when they are processed out of white rice to brown rice is more nutritious for going should be preferred.
At least 70% cocoa that contains a piece of dark chocolate and your diet will appeal to and also contain antioxidants called flavonoids that are associated with brain health. Flavonoid-rich apples and other foods, red and purple grapes, red wine, onions, tea and beer.
Excessive and chronic consumption of drinking serious memory issues, although between 1 to 6 cups of drink per week-less drinkers were seen where they were caught by forgetfulness. Your health condition can protect your health problem or heart and brain alcohol is consumed in small quantities.
The effect varies according to the amount received as well as coffee and alcohol that you beverage. More consumption may cause confusion, while when consumed in appropriate amounts, increase your attention span, allows to react more quickly. Your daily consumption of caffeine-300-400mg should not exceed.
Like all cells in our body, brain cells need water, even three quarters of our brain is composed of water. Studies have shown that they provide a noticeable success in the brain power tests, adequate water drinkers.
Are in need of vitamin D in the brain and mostly our body produces from sunlight. The task of keeping our immune system and healthy mood.
Don’t skip breakfast. Research shows that breakfast improves attention and short term memory. The maximum amount and high-calorie breakfast, your brain doesn’t make you more powerful, on the contrary, the concentration decreases. Whole grains, fruits, and dairy products, which includes breakfast, start your day with a balanced and understated.
If you can’t get the necessary ingredients for your body diet, your concentration ability. Too little or too much food can cause you to feel tired and need to focus on going to you live. Regular, eating a balanced and healthy diet you can protect both your physical health and your brain.
A good night’s sleep, physical and mental exercises, and also relaxing activities such as meditation in order to think clearly as our bodies age, we should forget to pay attention to keep our brains young.

More Fit Life

Nutrition, sleep, activity, and peace in your soul, Jun and entertainment if you pay attention to requests, more beautiful and that you will have a private life, you are sure to live a life less sick and more energetic.
The problems of our world, don’t stop seem to stop. Moreover, the existing problems and added new ones to our everyday lives more unpleasant-no salt, complex and difficult. On the horizon a new and different life, and this life is isolating US imposed by new developments, othering, or panic rip out our belonging and leads to depression, tension and anxiety, our our, our bleeding internally multiplies. For this reason, “the good life” we need more than ever. This karartmam back in the days, “OLEM said ORT” the situation is better than ever, get away from ourselves, and more we have to look at. The good life is another name for “quality of life”. I’m not sure if the same thing or not, but “the good life” definition I like. Maybe this “quality of life” according to him, more humble, simple, warm and may be related with find simple. I’m not exactly sure. Front whether “good” or “quality” words come it doesn’t matter. In the case of “life” when it’s in front of us walks, we need to know two things: First, “The Good Life” the concept of only money-stamps, the asset-is not linked with poverty, and secondly, the road map and demarcated very complex of the good life. A good life, four main process which are the essence of life (nutrition, sleep, activity, and entertainment desires and fulfill the spirit of peace) good to be able to manage settings and take your dose, “divine pleasure-ends” to keep away from the dangers of “reasonable”and to keep our risks of life (health, social, environmental and Economic) there’s something about being to manage. We know about this, and I think a lot of our application.
Three Basic Factors
How do you live a life –and live – there are three main factors that determine: Genetic heritage, and how you’ve led a life how can you live in an area. Note also that these three factors influence each other. Of these three, especially for things that can be done is limited to: genetic inheritance! If you have bad if you have a genetic heritage to be more careful. On the bright side, it is not an unchangeable fate of genetic inheritance. Planned correctly it can be minimized with lifestyle changes damage. The disadvantages of the genetic heritage, a good environment, good lifestyle habits and by developing a piece of fruit before you turn into a poisonous Chichewa or damaged seed may remain in the opening. On the contrary, a perfect genetic heritage –just like the legacies of economic – environmental conditions and bad lifestyle habits with terrible ill, ill or may float. The environment, the other determinant. Where you live: air, water, temperature, humidity, mountainous or desert, or in the presence of the plateau height at sea level, chemical poisoning, radioactive pollution, electromagnetic influences also affect how nasiplendig your life. “Eco-life relationship” the water you drink, where you live in the home, such as whether the business is healthy when you are working you can demote lower their parameters. If it installed arsenic drink water for one day a year, bladder cancer, breathed the air for months, installed asbestos, or radon gas if you live in a house boiling, lung cancer, if you live in an area near high voltage lines, you are likely to develop brain tumors than those.
Lifestyle Is Important
Of the two, the more important thing is your lifestyle selections. “How do you eat? What, when, how along with what do you eat or drink?” are the first questions that comes to our mind when it comes to our lifestyle choices and “nutrition” is one of the main players in determining the good life, but on one condition: you only notice how fed you soul, not the body. “Every day organic oat bran cereals or yogurt added blueberries blackberries” started eating that “attention” if you’re one of every morning, unhappy, depressed, anxious and nervous if you’re getting the antioxidants in blackberries and blueberries, what, what the sediment load in oats, organic yogurt can guarantee you a good life, nor the power of probiotics and protein. “We nourish your souls, her vitamins (fun, pleasure, Jun), minerals (fad, good expectations), protein (belonging, in the sense of reproduction), oil (to promote morale, chat, touch, oksanma), carbs (love, affection) needs, you must bear in mind that. It’s not over! Just like the body, the Soul also reacted to certain things (fear, anxiety, insecurity), she was allergic to some things (otekilesme, loneliness, criticized) is also essential if you forget. In summary, feeding the body is one of the two fundamental determinants of the good life, the soul must feed the other. Two other factors that will determine your lifestyle choices also “sleep” and “activity”.
The three basic factors of Health:

Genetic inheritance
Environmental conditions
Lifestyle choices

4 main lifestyle factors:

Sleep quality
Mental health

Summary Of The Day
“Psychology without body without the spirit wouldn’t the medicine.” Jakob von Uexkull/the father of the philosophy of biology.
Sleep Quality
Sleep for body and soul “taking a break, resting, tear-quick fix, short-clear in the breach and self-renewal” is an opportunity for you. Very good use of this opportunity. Be done with good use, and, if possible, you must present gold in the trays. The meaning of this is clear: just “what time you sleep with”, not “how you’re asleep”, just “how much you eat” “you are what you eat” is an important detail just as it is important. Sessions snoring, episodes of apnea, bathroom breaks, sweating and sleep with nightmarish dreams last eight, but is useless if it takes eight hours, not ten. To give rest and hope does not provide the required benefit. Even takes it out of you! even if The next morning, sleep had not awakened as a nice staple during the night you wake up tired a truck driver, the steering wheel shook.
The subject of activity of at least “eat and drink” at least “the spirit is pleasant, happy and to keep calm,” at least we can sleep nice and soundly” is as important as. It also has it’s own “tricks”, “the truth, the mistakes, the sensitivities, the sine qua non of” there. My suggestion is to remember that your body is programmed to act constantly and on a regular basis, and a medicine for the body and soul were task based activity you know that. Regular activity not only on the body not the soul to sleep with antistress and antidepressant effects and serious benefits.
And Conclusion
In short, how a genetic heritage you have, and where you live is also important, but how you choose life you will make decisions relating to your life and those icsellestirip icsellestireme so much more effective as to what “the good life” is related to. Four your lifestyle choices is very important: “Nutrition, to obtain the peaceful pleasures, sleep and activity.” Your diet, your sleep, your activity and your soul peace and entertainment Jun more beautiful and have a private life if you pay attention to requests that you will, you are sure to live a life less sick and more energetic.

The Name Of A Miracle: Kefir

Lowering blood pressure, protein, liver-friendly,… the enemy of the Caucasus kefir health potion panacea of diseases. How a food is good for and appetite and helps to lose weight loss? It assumes the task of restraining get against excessive fat or lose weight. So that it is a miracle how a high-protein, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In the liver the effect of alcohol when you are editing allows you to achieve a balance of minerals vitamin A deficiency.
As Long As I Drank Rejuvenate
Consider it a more beneficial food milk, yogurt from better quality you get. Keep both satiated and may give weight gain and health. From childhood until old age, pregnancy, menopause tukettireli own and in every phase of our lives without any fear. Gencleseli and iyileseli as they consume. College graduation thesis which is the subject of a miracle in the name of kefir.
The secret to the youth of the Caucasus, kefir is almost long and healthy life with a potion it cures everything. The oldest known Turkish drinks too a myriad of the benefits of kefir are many. The brain then works as the gut the second brain hosting the maximum limit. Our 1.5 to 2 kilograms of bacteria and fungi in our gut. The case of beneficial and harmful microorganisms in the digestive system are divided into two groups.
Beneficial micro-organisms ‘probiotic microorganisms’ is called. Probiotics when consumed in the activities of the liver’s important enough and has no effect, adhesion to the intestinal wall and prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms in the intestines. The disruption of the balance of healthy microorganisms in the colon leads to many diseases. The right diet with the health of the digestive tract must be protected. For this we need to consume a sufficient amount of probiotics are necessarily.
The most effective food that contains probiotic bacteria, kefir is beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system and it has a miraculous effect on strengthening. In the intestine allows bacteria and fungi to grow in a healthy way to be useful and beneficial. A healthy bowel system protects you from many diseases. For example, such as kefir probiotic-rich foods, it works as a laxative against constipation. The removal of the poison also prevents the accumulation of nutrients and rhythmic.
In our country the Department of nutrition and Dietetics Dr. Ayse Baysal who is the founder of We, the students, however whether it is able to perform a miracle in the treatment of diseases of no food, turnip juice, boza, kefir, milk, buttermilk beverages such as consumed since the age of infancy, is important in terms of protection from many diseases told.
There Are Many Benefits Of Regular Drinking

A calming effect on the nervous system, sleep disorders, and hyperactivity disorders plays a role in the fight against depression.
Will have an effect on the development of intelligence. Provides mental calmness.
In the beginning the reproductive hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormones, including cortisol, insulin, thyroid, serotonin (happiness hormone) makes a positive impact on the adrenal hormones.
At first many natural probiotic bacteria in food, including yogurt and kefir strengthens the immune system.
Perfectly organizes your digestive system.
Increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. If this number is how much immune system is so much stronger, increasing the production of vitamins in the intestine, the possibility of passing into the bloodstream of harmful substances is reduced.
For a healthy diet is important, and prevents weight gain.
Has positive effects against fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Prevents or reduces the progression of tumor formation of what you have. According to research kefir, the risk of cancer reduces the rate of 55 per cent. Use of drugs, the figure comes out to 70 percent.
Chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, reducing the side effects of chemotherapy the condition of the kefir was examined and nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and a reduction in symptoms such as pain were observed.
The miracle mineral shows the antioxidative effects of selenium on cells in the composition. Rated as a very important factor selenium against cancer, slows down aging by preventing heart disease.
Provides continuous renewal of the metabolism.
By increasing the secretions of certain organs such as the stomach and pancreas, heals digestive ailments, including ulcers.


Science Progressing Diseases Is Increasing Why?

Uz. Dr. Yavuz Dizdar’ s post: no matter what anyone says, our country shows a substantial increase of overall disease burden, and it is not possible to be unable to get out by trying to cure it. Important to prevent diseases before they occur.
“Early detection saves lives” under the motto “check-ups” by having to determine the disease at an early stage is not sufficient. Even now when you get to know early because it means you have a disease, so that therapeutic interventions applied to most of the important to prevent the disease altogether.
“Well, why is there so much disease?” the answer to the question, except if it is unreasonable to call for a change of diet.
Factors such as smoking and alcohol a serious disease such as cancer compared to 20 years ago now, allegedly there is a significant change, however, the content of what we eat has completely changed. However, business is not here. Incapable of understanding the causes of diseases in western medicine seems to have lost the ability to use your mind to cure them.
“Advancements” every day use of the technology except for the claim is not true. Altogether, except for a couple of newly developed drugs in medicine, namely, there is a significant progress in the functioning of the human body and how diseases emerge.
In contrast, CT, MRI, PET, such as a substantial increase in and expansion of technological methods for making a diagnosis is available. One reason for this is that the patient no longer listening to nonstop audit and inspection to request a viewing who appear to have lost the ability to doctors.
But the real reason of course is the lack of real progress in medicine. However, one way or another, whichever way you look at the years of medical research at the level of the money is spent trillion dollars.
Today only pharmaceutical companies R & D activities, even hundreds of billions of dollars level. This university funds, if you add a trillion dollars you can easily access.
Medical diseases has already lost curiosity.
The question to be asked then, “despite the expenditure of this research, why progress is not”.
So the main approach is incorrect because there is an error in perspective, if the mean error were made on the basis of the building yet, if you install the structure on it will be wrong.
Let me give you an example of our traffic to be more easily understood words. Let’s say that there are too many accidents at an intersection in the search of the vehicle that crashed in brake pads, it is unreasonable to try to connect whether they are alcoholic drivers.
First it is necessary to investigate the junction, pointing out an error You Made been with you about blind spots plates the right way, the lighting is missing, the slope is wrong, doesn’t look at them with the tools to win as long as you can explain it.
Now let us examine the matter in the context of cancer disease. They have changed compared to 15-20 years ago about this? Among the factors which has increased the use of pesticides known? 20 years ago they still smell, taste and consistency?
The answer to all these questions is no. Nothing is not the same, of course for a long shelf life of food endustrilesip access to a team will result in biological consequences.
This change of packaging to decorate for the industry because it is a “privilege” and garnish with hygiene packaging, and offers.
In America the disease has rocketed in the 1950s
As in other areas of medicine for cancer today and find out why find out the cause of the disease is not well understood. Medical experts to “cigarettes and alcohol” and most recently “genetics” tries to get by saying.
However, cancer is a genetic disease that can be really said that it’s not even close to five per cent of the patient group, the genetic unchanged from yesterday to today.
However, the relationship between disease and nutrition draws more attention to a standalone whole. Because when you look historically, the disease has been climbing in the 1950s in America.
This period the industrialization of American food production, animal food production are becoming linked to the period when the eating of it.
Our teacher us late the next American tour, held in 1947 memoirs, says: “pigs and turkeys are growing very fast here.”

Bilim ilerliyor, ama kanser artıyor, bu nasıl iştir?

Carb Be A Hunter!

Maybe we don’t eat too much, but now we all consume more than enough carbohydrates for you that’s for sure! Especially liquid carbohydrates (Cola drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks group) with flour-sugar-and starch-rich refined carbs (chips, biscuits, desserts, bakery,-bakery products, rice) is a very frequent and abundant we’re eating and drinking. Already “weight explosion” at this point “boom” went! For this reason, we all knowledgeable Hunter and a carb smart”, especially “sugar-flour-starch” should pass the life of a trio as much as possible. The reason this is…
Low glycemic index (GI) foods, if you prefer, you’ll become healthier. “Low GI” Model diet plan is an indispensable requirement for those with insulin resistance, but whether or not you have insulin resistance, you have a weight problem or don’t have it doesn’t matter if you ask me, you try to adapt this system to your diet plan. With some minor exceptions because I try a “low GI” diet every sex, every age, body model, the optimal diet looks like. For this, your first step is to reduce carbohydrate consumption and “the right carbohydrates – ”select. Eat and drink group Food and beverages in a day, you reduce the amount of total carbohydrate total daily calories to come from carbohydrates and half of your gains you must ensure maximum.
As a principle, the total amount of calories at every meal a day and don’t forget to download reasonable you earn. So, “less” to eat from the table a “full feed”. In the meantime, also carbohydrates with a low GI slowly get used to. For it to make a little effort to learn, to get information you work, then we need to bring this information into your eating habits permanently!
Your choices are very important
In short, the main goal of the GI diet; whole, natural, unprocessed, sugar, flour, starch and carbohydrates often consume less carbohydrate is to learn not to overdo it on food and drinks. If the amount of carbohydrate in a meal or consume a day if your blood sugar rises if you eat the lowest ones often tax the value of insulin secretion increases. After all, your blood sugar and increases the value of triglycerides, fat storage, triglycerides in your fat cells become more difficult to control your weight and eventually you begin to cram. After a while, they also have health problems (for example, episodes of hypoglycemia) will occur. (Wheat and similar grains), potatoes, rice, dry beans, garbanzo beans ( and other legumes), fruits and vegetables that are consumed the most carbohydrates. Into them sugar, honey, syrup, jam, too, you need to add. As a principle, most of carbohydrates from a healthy diet plan, you need to ensure half of your daily caloric needs. The most important common feature of foods from the carbohydrate group in the body “glucose”, “sugar” was to serve as. If you eat carbohydrate food group about which to eat, drink, it doesn’t matter, these foods will have an effect on your blood sugar. Your postprandial glucose rises in response, Your Blood is pumped more to the insulin hormone.
Sugar=sweet poison!
The carbohydrates that cause the most problems in terms of health (i.e. the ones with the highest GI values) are those that are rich in simple sugars and white flour. Grocery sugar (sucrose), fruit sugar (fructose), corn or grape sugar (glucose), milk sugar (lactose) are simple carbohydrates that are the most dangerous. Certain foods (sugar, honey, syrup, jam, baklava, cookies, brownies, chocolate, confectionery, pastry, almond pudding, custard and similar desserts, soft drinks, fruit compote, sugar added fruit juices or concentrates, puddings, sugar, add chocolate enriched with cream and biscuits) this type of simple sugars that contains the highest concentration of nutrients are. Therefore, don’t provoke the secretion of insulin, episodes of hypoglycemia lead to diabetes insulin resistance and sail to inflate and develop the most appropriate foods they are. These are the most dangerous foods in terms of weight gain. In memory of the same nutrients, sexual life, sleep have negative effects on that note. These foods you feel angry, irritable, lethargic, sleepless, sweaty, tired, and fat keep in mind that you can do one of.
Hot, not cold!
The most effective way of nutrition with low GI, a high GI foods with low GI is to replace the Americans. High GI-white bread made with whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat bread or rye bread you can eat. When you eat white bread, fresh and hot, not cool, and consumes a small amount. The GI of white bread or toast, as prepared in the fridge and waited, and lower than warm bread fresh from the oven. Flour you soup when you pull your preference, pasta or vegetable soup or lentil soup instead of cream soups enriched with you can use in the direction of.
Flour or pasta produced from whole wheat pasta instead of spinach, tomato enriched with egg noodles, ground beef Polonaise added When you eat, you will be nourished with a low GI. If you cook the pasta less, how cold it would be note also that if you eat so low GI. Add vegetables to pasta sauce or even tomato paste can reduce use as GI. Their shells also eat berries if possible. Full fruit, fruit salad, fruit salads, fruit puree and fruit juices opt for their.
Example is “the GI diet” menus
For those under 70 pounds breakfast:
30 g (1 thin slice) cheese 3-4 olives, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers (lean)
DEC MEAL, fresh fruit, walnuts
Lunch Salad (vinegar and lemon juice 60 g (2 meatballs) with vegetables chicken 4 tablespoons olive oil 25 g (1 thin slice) of brown bread
DEC MEAL fresh fruit, nuts
Dinner Salad (vinegar and lemon juice 60 g (2 meatballs) with vegetables red meat 4 tablespoon olive oil 25 g (1 thin slice) of brown bread
DEC meal 1 cup milk (you can add 1 tsp cinnamon)
For those over 70 pounds:
BREAKFAST 60 g (2 thin slices) 3-4 pieces of cheese, olives, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers (lean)
DEC MEAL, fresh fruit, walnuts
Lunch Salad ( vinegar and lemon) soup ladle 1 90-100 g (3 meatballs) with vegetables chicken 4 tablespoons olive oil 25 g (1 thin slice) whole wheat bread
DEC MEAL fresh fruit, nuts
Dinner Salad (vinegar and lemon) soup ladle 1 90-100 g (3 meatballs) with vegetables red meat 4 tablespoon olive oil 25 g (1 thin slice) whole wheat bread
DEC meal 1 cup milk (you can add 1 tsp cinnamon)

Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

According to research one in five men in their twenties, they begin to lose their hair. Hair loss in women is very common and is seen as a problem for men but women can have a psychological impact more devastating. Genetic factors play a major role, while there could be many other reasons for hair loss: drug use, chemotherapy, rapid weight loss, smoking, chronic stress, sleep disturbances, excessive dandruff, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and blood circulation problems. In addition to these, it is known that some deficiencies in nutrition can also cause hair loss, like every other part of the body, a balanced diet and specific nutrients your hair needs to grow and to stay healthy.
Acne and similar skin problems immediately feed you a bad time shows itself, and you receive the measures, but the repercussions for the health of your hair, however, is seen within a few months. What should consume to have healthy hair and prevent hair loss Come, let’s take a closer look:
The building blocks of hair protein, protein diet to have healthy hair, it is imperative for a weighted. But this doesn’t mean you have your diet by eating steak every day. On the contrary, high-fat foods the level of testosterone increases, and it is known that this condition also can induce hair loss. Fish, chicken, liver, low fat cheese, yogurt, eggs, almonds, legumes, soy milk and tofu are healthy sources of protein.
In the blood, which is Hemoglobin a protein that carries oxygen to the organs and tissues at a healthy level is levels when blood flow to your scalp for hair growth in a healthy way is working. The body’s haemoglobin to produce iron is a mineral that plays a key role. Instead of trying to consume every day to meet your need for iron liver, your life is sweet grape and cherry juice that is store remind yourself of the iron when dry. Except for these, eggs, dates, Yesil dark leafy vegetables and whole-grain foods are also rich in iron. Vitamin C increases iron absorption, so your shopping list according to season, orange, strawberry or lemon to add.
Zinc deficiency has been observed in a small proportion of men with hair loss problems. The balance of zinc from the cells of hormones, various body functions that affect the health of the hair effect. Most importantly, zinc is required for gland connected to hair follicles. If you have a zinc deficiency, which weakens your hair follicles and cause it to fall and break easily. Shrimp, mussels, oysters, nuts, chickpeas, red meat and poultry zinc-rich foods. Excess zinc also, because it is not good for your health, your doctor will propose to you, unless one of zinc supplements is not recommended that you take from food.
Silica is not in the list the name of nutrition. But our body of vitamins and minerals to digest in a good way, there is a need boat. Hair, nail and skin health which is vital to silica, bean sprouts and cucumbers, red peppers and Yesil, is found in the peel of vegetables such as potatoes.
Omega-3 fatty acids on cell membrane reaches your hair and scalp, nourishes the follicles and grow healthy hair can help. Your hair will give you the flexibility to prevent breaking and spilling. Omega 3 fatty acids because our body are generated spontaneously, flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, tuna and sprouts, don’t forget to consume.
Magnesium is one of the most needed minerals in the body, can cause other health problems as well as lack of hair loss too. Almonds, spinach, cashews, lentils, brown rice, and halibut.
Selenium supports growth by stimulating hair follicles and hair production. Whole-wheat products, fish and shellfish, offal, eggs, and nuts.
Copper also increases the production of hemoglobin. Gucsuzlesip deficiency hair thin and is easily broken. Sesame oil, soy, cashew nuts, wheat, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, beans, peas, red meat and seafood. Our bodies needs a very small amount of copper, but even that to prevent hair loss helps strengthen the hair shaft. At the same time, it enhances your hair color and their teeth additionally the delays are being considered.
Sulfur is found in every cell in the human body, and hair, skin and nail health is essential. It is known as nature’s beauty mineral, improves blood circulation, reduces skin inflammation and supports hair growth. Signs of sulfur deficiency in hair loss, hair thinning and dry skin and nails. Protein-rich foods found in red meat, chicken, eggs, seafood, dairy, and legumes. Also garlic, onion, lettuce, cabbage, brussels sprouts, radish, seaweed is found in.
Vitamins A and C, produced by hair follicles called sebum, is required for the formation of oily substances. This prevents you from tearing your hair natural hair conditioner. Substances such as zinc vitamin A also when consumed excessively which cause more harm than good. Swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potatoes you can get vitamin by eating. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron from foods such as those mentioned above, and also necessary in order to hold the hair tissues together is essential to the production of collagen in your body. Sources of vitamin C, oranges, lemons, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes. To take maximum advantage of vitamin C with vitamin E is recommended to be consumed. These two vitamins are more effective when it is consumed together and protect each other. Vitamin E will help reduce hair loss by increasing blood circulation. Cereals, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, olive oil, fish oil, egg yolk, tomatoes, potatoes, a handful of nuts or walnuts in a large proportion of your daily vitamin E needs are met.
Healthy, strong hair if you want to have, vitamin B-rich foods consume. Especially B6, B12, B9 (folate), B7 (biotin), B5 and small amount of vitamin B3 intake has been shown to be beneficial for the health of the hair. Slows hair loss and graying hair it is believed that biotin and B5. B6 helps your body produce melanin which gives color to hair. Prevents hair loss and promotes the absorption of zinc. Biotin for healthy hair, which is of great importance, oats, bulgur, lentils, sunflower seeds, soybeans, liver, fish, milk, cauliflower, broccoli, Brewer’s yeast, and nuts.
If you have hair loss problems, definitely see a doctor and have iron, thyroid, cortisol and vitamin D is measured in seconds. Try not to consume sugar and other processed foods, vegetables, fruits and increase your intake of high quality protein. Yoga your body to cope with stress better, exercise, take time for various hobbies or get professional help. Establish a good sleep pattern quality.

Foods That Are Good For Insomnia

Did you sleep well last night, the new day fully rested and energized you wake up? Sleep duration and quality studies there was a relationship between certain health problems; diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression is among them. Stay sleepless immune-system damage, leaves you open to infections and increase your appetite, causes weight gain. Usually 7 hours of sleep per day is regarded as the ideal, even though an exact figure is not for everybody. The older we get, in general, somewhat reduced sleep we need, but you need to do in order to live a happy and fruitful life a person will vary according to hours of sleep. By making small changes in your diet and enough quality sleep you can get into.
Drinking a glass of warm milk at bedtime allows you to sleep better. Dairy products are rich in protein and other foods that contain Tryptophan, an amino acid named tryptophan in the brain chemicals such as serotonin and melatonin allows the production of sleep by allowing the transmission to. Yogurt, milk, cheese, oats, bananas, chickpeas, eggs, chicken, beef, shrimp, lobster, and tuna consuming tryptophan can meet your needs. Foods that contain high protein fights with reflux when you sleep, usually at night can cause difficulty falling asleep because of increased stomach burn.

In addition to walnuts being rich in tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin, which sets your body clock and your sleep patterns it contains, the faster it can make you to fall asleep.
Sleep a few hours ago, carbohydrate-rich snack a little to make it triggers the release of insulin. The diversion provides blood tryptophan to the other amino acids in this way of fighting, and thus more tryptophan reaches the brain.
White rice have a higher glycemic index, shortens your time to fall asleep. Especially with all the rice varieties jasmine rice in most of it has been seen that allows you to fall asleep fast.
According to research, also some minerals, it is effective against insomnia. For example, magnesium and calcium work together to calm the body by the muscles helps to relax. Deficiency of these minerals cause most back asleep and waking up in the middle of your slumber. Calcium allows the brain to use tryptophan melatonin. This is another indication of the best foods that promote sleep from milk and other dairy products. The biggest symptom of magnesium deficiency is chronic insomnia. Magnesium-rich foods include almonds, spinach, bananas, nuts, fish and whole-grain foods. Restless Leg Syndrome (involuntary contractions, pain, and with a request to move his leg a little tingly and they mostly come at night, they also may be due to a lack of iron.
Salmon, tuna and halibut are rich in vitamin B6 that the body needs in the production of melatonin and serotonin. Store vitamin B6, which pistachios raw garlic and other foods.
Cherries naturally raises melatonin levels. Cherry juice drinkers a reduction in symptoms of insomnia were observed.
Chamomile, passionflower and Valerian has soothing and calming effects such as out of herbal tea.
The natural sugar in honey raises the level of insulin and allows tryptophan to reach the brain more easily. You can get more restful sleep by eating a teaspoon of chamomile tea or your clerk.
It has a calming effect in the content of lactoferrin also lettuce.
In addition to the diet, one of the things you can do to add to your life a relaxing bedtime routine. A warm bath, some light yoga, TV, or mobile phone using computer to sleep an hour ago and said goodbye to like to read the book. At the same time each night and wake up in the morning so try to sleep at the same time set your body clock according to the time you’ll have.
Exercise and fresh air will help you sleep better also. Exercise releases endorphins when you do, you know, it also raises our mood and accelerates the metabolism. Exercise relaxes the brain but the stimuli that can be stopped very quickly, because at the end of the day, it is not preferred to be performed in the early morning.
Make sure the room is not too hot or cold you sleep. Turn off all the lights. Your brain secrete more melatonin in the dark. Drops of lavender oil put a drop on a pillow where you will have a relaxing effect.
Let’s see what it takes to consume if you have sleep problems:
After dinner, Turkish coffee or a mug full of coffee late to say goodbye. After 4 hours of through the roof, depleted by the stimulating effect of caffeine, could last up to 12 hours in some people. Note that some flu medications also contain caffeine and headache.
Your body to digest large meals eaten late in the evening can interfere with your sleep to fuss with. Try not to eat within at least 3 before going to bed.
Meals that contain fat or high amounts of carbohydrates and processed, sugary foods in the evening do not eat.
Cheese, chocolate, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, vitamin A stimulating effect on the brain, an amino acid found in wine is named and they do so very late hours should not be consumed.
Although it is a glass of alcohol it easier to fall asleep, it reduces REM sleep and too much alcohol consumption disrupts the natural rhythm of the body. Alcohol your blood sugar to fall, hence causes you to wake up in the middle of the night. Alcohol also causes the body to stay hydrated, dehydration and even wake up.
Nicotine is also a stimulant. It takes longer for smokers to fall asleep, and are more prone to have sleep problems.
Finally try not to consume the excess liquid before going to bed. Especially the task of diuretic drinks containing caffeine from what you see, you may have to divide up your night’s rest.

Stay Away From Sugar!

The newly published study, those who eat a low fat diet away from carbohydrates and saturated fat even more standing compared to those who lose more body fat was found to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported research in the annals of Internal Medicine was published in the magazine.
Randomized, parallel group research, without the risk of clinical cardiovascular disease and diabetes was performed on 148 people from different races.
Without limitation to a group calories low carb (under 40 grams per day) Group low-fat (less than 30 per cent of daily energy intake; saturated fat less than 7 per cent) in the diet was administered.
Both research groups was a consultant throughout regular diet.
The subjects ‘ weight, cardiovascular risk factors, and data on diet composition, 3, 6, and 12 months after was collected.
The low-fat group and 60 people (82 percent) and low-carb 59 people in the group (yuzde79) a year-long study is completed.
Ate what?
The high-fat diet was a minor variation of the Atkins diet: They eat mainly fish, and more protein and fat, choose unsaturated fats such as olive oil and nuts I was told to, but cheese is also rich in saturated fats foods such as red meat was allowed.
Eggs for breakfast; lunch tuna salad; dinner with vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish, pork or tofu ate.
Low-carbohydrate food from the group they were told they had to cook with olive oil and canola oil, but butter was allowed, too.
These are generally slightly more than 13 per cent of daily calories from saturated fats they took out.
This corresponded to more than 5-6 percent of the advice of the American Heart Association two times, and most of the fat unsaturated fats.
Low-fat diet group was fed mainly grain and starch.
Total fat less than 30 percent of daily calories they of 40 per cent of daily calories total fat while the other group had.
Both of these groups when they are asked to eat their vegetables, low-carbohydrate group also recommended legumes and fresh fruits.
Low-carbohydrate diet more healthy
After 12 months, low-carb diet people on low-fat diet group compared to those in weight, body fat mass, total/HDL cholesterol ratio, triglyceride levels decreased more and HDL cholesterol was found to increase more.
Low-carbohydrate diet group change in physical activity in spite of the low-fat group on average than 8 pounds (3.5 kg) if they give more weight to their body oils was found to increase the mass of lean is reduced and even more of Nov.
The low-carb group, inflammation markers and triglycerides went down, while HDL low-fat group increased more than.
Blood pressure, total cholesterol and LDL in both groups remained the same.
These results, low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss and is more effective than a low fat diet in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
Those who wish to reduce their risk of heart disease researchers of carbohydrates lose weight and reduce their need to stress.
Calories what you’re eating is not important
Celebrity nutritionist Dariush Mozaffarian says:
“Made without any calorie restriction, this is the first long-term research focusing on reducing the weight that can be given because it shows the calories from carbohydrates is very important.
Because the replacement is easily accomplished without reducing the calories of foods eaten more.
The low-fat group also weight they gave them, but they seem to be losing muscle not fat.
Lean mass and fat mass to weight ratio is more important than the Nov.
Stop banning people health authorities fats, especially in processed food to stay away from refined carbohydrates should encourage”.
Atkins’ s and 1970’ raised where low-carb and high-fat diets in losing weight since then became very popular.
Diets of this type, not fat and water weight verdirdik him more meat and dairy products increased cholesterol and other heart disease risk factors for criticism was getting eaten.
I recommend saturated fats
Spiderman who is the professor of McGill University and Dr. Allan also says:
“Low-carbohydrate diet group reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and other vascular diseases, the decrease.
In this study have not been inspected, but the quantity and size of LDL particles is particularly important in terms of heart disease.
The levels of LDL may be the same two people, but small, dense LDL particles to more of those big, soft particles are completely different than those of the risks.
Refined carbohydrates, increases LDL particles, and small dense particles to the side as you scroll; flours, saturated fats, the LDL particles become more enlarges and softens.
Small, dense LDL particles, heart disease, high triglycerides, and metabolic syndrome seen in those with wide belly circumference.
I believe that we should give weight to dietary recommendations for saturated fats”.
Let’s see the result
This study proves for the years we’re trying to tell the facts one more time:
A: to protect against both cardiovascular and other diseases, Healthy Living enough for “fat we need to eat.
Two: this animal fats are saturated fats and unsaturated fats; trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable margarine which is harmful.
THREE: the cause of atherosclerosis not eat much fat, refined flour (starch), and carbohydrates. More sweet fruits is harmful.
FOUR: a way to stay away from heart diseases medication, but not “such as Man will feed on.”



First Day Of School

Your child is growing up and life on being titrenile any attempted so far is taking its first steps. His game right now, apart from objectives, activities, and responsibilities. The first day of the course will not be easy. Exercise into her new life in the most important task is of course, if you will fall…
Every child could hear little concern
Undoubtedly the safest home environment for children and family. The outside world have legitimate concerns about whether it is safe. For this reason, with varying degrees of intensity from child to child each child of the school can be intimidated by. Separation from family anxiety, my fear causes you to experience difficulty in children to adapt to the new environment. Some children worry about their parents thinking they will not get themselves out of school. The youngest group also will go to school or get involved in that might scare him. From kids to elders can experience damage from anxiety.
Anxiety may cause physiological disturbances
Children’s fears, at the instant of separation, don’t come, don’t cry, and parents may show behaviors such as into the hands of a tight hug. In some children, this condition in addition to physiological disturbances may also occur. Fever the child may, such as nausea and fatigue it can cause problems.
Changes in social life of the school can increase anxiety
In recent years, concerns much more intense than in the past the school children live. Increasing the concerns of parents of the dangers in the outside world increases, and the more protective of their children they treat in daily life. In addition to this, each of their children what they wanted to be done School are among the reasons that are hard to match.
Measures to be taken before the opening of schools;

Emotionally and psychologically prepare your child for school.
In the first few weeks tell her that it is normal for some to live in stress and anxiety. Talk to about this before they start school.
Have we checked your child’s physical and mental health. Children’s doctor, dentist and eye doctor checkups if you need to interview a psychologist organize together.
Sleep and meal times to reschedule before school starts at least a week ago. Try to limit hours spent in front of the television and the computer. During the summer months in these periods may increase. However, the opening of schools requires the reduction of this time period.
Of course training materials that can enhance motivation. Go school shopping together and respect his choices as much as possible.
Share with the rest of your student years. Sharing this might help to give them advice.

8 suggestions that must be followed from the first day of school.

Go together. Go with your child to school. Acclimate to reduce anxiety and try to chat with him.
Meet with the teacher. Meet with your child’s teacher your concerns and can help reduce your child’s anxiety and reduce. In this regard you can develop a long-term relationship with the teacher.
Be patient. Grew up and your child can stay in school without you. But no doubt needs some time. Don’t expect him to adjust immediately.
Don’t compare to someone else. Look at the other kids and say, “Look, are you afraid?” do not say, or brother, sister, don’t compare her with.
Reassuring make. Trust you to him a few days later at school, highlight how it would make himself feel more comfortable.
The school and the teachers don’t talk about in a critical way. Parents attitude towards school and learning are shaped with the thoughts of your child. Parents can look too cold to be critical of the student teacher.
Try to reduce your concerns. Students who don’t want to go to school in body temperatures, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain may experience physiological disturbances, such as. In these cases, frantically every time ‘ oh, well don’t go to school today sick’ or say you Helter-Skelter take her to a doctor instead of a more dispassionate approach.
Don’t do the child everything he wants. Every request expects to continue these behaviors in the house the kids made at school. Would it be too disappointed when that doesn’t happen. No one is as concerned as you are with him outside the House. The child must get used to this situation over time. The school the child Re-if necessary with publicity and promotional initiatives, an hour before, then half a day to go to school at the end of a full day may be provided. If possible, the child sitting next to the mother for a short while, can help your child adjust to school. However, despite all these efforts, discuss this with a specialist if the child fear of family is decreasing. Parents certainly desire to support the child should remain at home.


Why We’re Tired?

I don’t know if you realize, what we are complaining about fatigue. Go on vacation and we had fun, we rested handing out the head, and kicking back, so throw the stress, but still we’re tired. Enough sleep and resting, we’re supposed to relieve the work force, but it wouldn’t go away our tiredness. Well, then what’s the problem? Why we’re tired? So how do we solve this?
Physical or psychological?
I wrote before, there are many different reasons and we can collect them simply fatigue three main categories. Fatigue sometimes “physical” reasons arises. So is triggering a physical problem, fatigue. You get exhausted your heart’s not pumping, the lungs can’t absorb enough oxygen, carbon dioxide you’re tired, your kidneys cannot tasks you are staying sluggish, ill, you’re not suffering from liver exhaustion. Physical reasons are sometimes a rheumatic disease, a Nov weakness, nerve damage it can be. At least a hundred able to fit just under the main title of this health problem. ”Psychological” too tired for reasons we can get. Some depression, some stress, some panic, some mental tension due to tired. The problem is a bit bigger and serious psychiatric problems because of the ones who became tired too. In short, there is a health problem or disease under this title dozens.
My question is I want to in the type of fatigue that is different from both. One of the main causes of the epidemic fatigue to me lately “lack of motivation”. Fatigue fatigue experts this kind of “motivational fatigue” follows, and are grouped under the name of the title explained: this tool think of yourself as a car and your body to simulate. Brand new car, safe and sound. The gasoline you put in your spiritual balance is also the vehicle’s fuel tank –the fuel – I agree. You cram those rugged or you can fill the proper fuel in your new car. But what of your car strong, nor the fuel tank to be overfilled to have a new sound your car won’t move. Because the third need one more thing: the ignition and turn the engine to move the car. These are already called simply, and motivation. So, you Drives, You “Go!” command returns the key that simple movement. If your motivation as much as you want your back or your stomach satiated get out much, walk around, wander in the gardens in the park, a tour of the throat, or shopping, to visit a neighbor, go for coffee and backgammon with friends, track, wouldn’t mind playing pool. Moreover, go to work, even if you start thinking about giving up. I recently we are experiencing a lack of motivation to all of us and this is a serious we need to find a way to work.
An Answer
Healthy life quality of life?
Catch up with the standards of healthy living and quality of life should be the goal of all of us. In fact, the two concepts are intertwined it needs to be, but which it is also undeniable that there is a confusion about that priority will be given to you. First, a point it should be well known: to improve quality of life rather live a quality life regardless of our level of income, everyone has the right and quality of life contrary to general belief, stamps can be purchased with just about the money, it’s not just something that can be achieved with the training. Rich but very low level of life quality of life keeping up with the standards have received excellent training, but also the number of those who struggle with extremely poor living conditions is considerably higher. First of all for healthy life a healthy life… physical, mental, social and moral well-being is important. This quartet a “good environment” to add the condition forced. Improve the quality of life without them doesn’t happen. But those who raise the quality of life, although it is a kind of healthy, too. Sugar, blood pressure perfect, extraordinary sleep, low stress is low, the food is pretty good, close to almost organic, and safe living environment as clean as possible, but there are ones with poor quality of life. The duration of training these people the lack of inadequate infrastructure, communication and transportation due to the lack of good standards of life such as essential they are a kind of upgrade to their quality of life. As a result, healthy life quality, a high standard of living without the other one enough all of us need and it’s not working, provide the expected benefits.
A Note
Insulin why is it important?
Insulin is a vital hormone in the metabolism of proteins and fats and also hold the balance of blood sugar in so many things he does, but unfortunately also lack the sheer number of is a problem. A significant problem was the lack of the early 1900s that we learned in produce enough insulin, diabetes was revealed. The 2000s taught us new information, an excess of insulin also is a problem, make us sick and that’s just a lack of insulin, excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) at the beginning of the diseases that are linked by “adult-type diabetes” and “weight-the obesity problem.” But are not limited to only losses of excess insulin diabetes. Which is accepted as the epidemic of the new millennium diseases “chronic diseases” almost all an excess of insulin is associated with. Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hyperinsulinemia places memory disorders/linked with an excess of insulin, so in a relationship. Successively published studies that showed people who have high levels of insulin are more likely to develop hypertension. Invites excess insulin Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems. Hyperinsulinemia, and the risk of coronary heart attack and stroke many times the insulin is higher than the lower ones. In short, the earlier and faster is old and more insulin shortens your life. All these negative developments but what’s the reason? The most important reason why excess insulin inflammatory processes in the body i.e. non-microbial inflammatory processes, triggering medical name for “inflammation” to lead! These substances are secreted during the inflammation process there are many different substances and reactions that create cells, tissues and organs, e.g. blood vessels, joints, nerve conduction wreak havoc on systems. Eventually, the insulin-too much of it makes us sick.