Consider Eating

Age of plague, cancer, that scares me the most of everyone’s health problems. However, with the changes in the way we make against cancer, a team of nutrition we can start a war.
We’re talking in an every day way of cancer. Now, “the threat of arsenic in drinking water”, and “azo dyes in the shoes” came up. For me, cancer more frequently, we’ll talk. ‘The Earth ‘ the landfill was turned into CANCER. Well, what the end of it? What should we do to secure ourselves? The answers to these questions I packed them for you.
Nutrition is the most important step in the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, our genes can’t keep up with changes in the structure of our food, and into carcinogenic elements. As a result of this the number of cancer cases is increasing. Scientific studies shows that approximately 20 percent of the effect of genetic factors for death due to cancer. So, there is a much stronger relationship between cancer and lifestyle. Research, however, shows that only about 45 percent of cancer cases can be prevented with proper nutrition. Our first wrong sugar, 2 takes place while the UN! Why is sugar so dangerous? Cancer cells need energy to multiply rapidly. They can quickly find the basic source of energy is sugar. Sugar makes cancers, while the struggle more difficult. 10 sugar the human body burn more than per day when drinking any drink with sugar in a bottle of 11-12. First, sugar and sugary foods, then limit your relationship with flour and starchy food.
Hidden dangers
Stored in humid environments, moldy nuts and grains, and peanuts aflatoxin in red pepper is a serious trigger cancer of the article. Sausage, salami and meat products such as nitrites and nitrates in dangerous substances. These foods are primarily part of the large intestine can be associated with stomach cancer. Extreme consumed, smoked, and pickled foods, excessive hot drinks the digestive system especially the stomach and increases the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus. Ready foods, especially deep-fried foods, fast food (burger fries!) trans fatty acids are also known to carry a risk of cancer.
Give up now!
Prevent cancer the following to remove from your life.

Excessive alcohol
Sweeteners and flavorings have been added to foods, diet drinks).
Smoked, pickled foods
Excess salt and sugar
Excessive fructose (fruit sugar) foods
Fried, burnt food of all kinds.
Oil-fried food, fast food, mayonnaise and whipped.
Chips, French fries, oven heat famous products
Mouldy, damp, crushed red pepper, nuts, foods containing aflatoxin, such as.
Nitrosamine content questionable sausage and salami.

Repellant cancer Foods
The most important protection against cancer, fruits, vegetables. If we were to make a list at the top of the pomegranate must be BECE. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries natural medicine. Cherry, Sour Cherry and apricot power is unquestionable. Add the oranges and apples. Onion and garlic vegetables per attracts. Broccoli is also effective, but I suggest you consume foods that we know our genetics instead of unfamiliar foods. For example, cauliflower and cabbage. Prefer purple instead of white cabbage.Black radishes, beets, and turnips are also indispensable. Carrots, a-carotene, and tank and anti-cancer is indispensable. Tomato contains lycopene, abundant. This valuable article, especially prostate and breast cancer prevention. If it is a bit dense, the body benefit from the lycopene more effectively. Greenery in the first place, and parsley. Mint, basil, thyme and sweat is also important. Your spice list of cinnamon, turmeric and ginger you should add.
Anti-cancer recipes
A protective drink: pomegranate, orange, two carrots, a beet and ginger with a juicer top when you tighten it. Posa instead of throwing anti-cancer drink you add. You can drink a glass of it every day.
Anti-cancer mixture: one teaspoon powdered ginger, a teaspoon of flax seed into yogurt or kefir in a bowl with a teaspoon of milled grape seeds and a teaspoon of Nettle seed, again a teaspoon, turmeric and cinnamon add. You can eat it once a day. You can make cucumber and chop up food into an additional. (A suggestion that has been taken from Dr. Ahmet Aydin. We owe thanks to Ahmet teacher.)
Heating tomatoes makes lycopene more effective use of the information contained in the important vegetable. Beat you to it gently in the pan should be heated before or grated, the water should be bothered by.

No Red Meat Harmful?

Dr. Murat Tuzcu “meat is getting low the life of the Eater titled” In the news “increases the amount of red meat, heart and cancer deaths are increasing,” he says (1):
“The risk of death from heart disease in those who eat a lot of meat, 40 percent more than those who do not eat at all or eat less found. In fact, this is just one scientific study, similar results of other research. In contrast, many meat eaters healthier in the long term support that is similar to large scientific research, there is not one”.
Murat Tuzcu last year, he published an article, “red meat called Carnitine in red meat for heart health of these losses it was a matter of which” contends that (2).
Murat Tuzcu in another article, “made in the USA and how this research will be adapted in Turkey in addition to beef, sheep and goat meat, excessive consumption of meat is cooked it could be argued that in our country different,” he says, and continues (3):
“But in our hands no scientific data to support this view. Moreover, the major research data, veal, and mutton or pork between hamburger meat with steak or stew meat showed that were not different in terms of the danger of opening the road between”.
Which is harmful red meat or processed meat?
Murat Tuzcu said it’s because it’s not like the facts are very “red meat heart-friendly” thing and mainly red meat is harmful is not “processed meat” there is research that shows that.
Now, I offer this writing and previously published two research topic I picked:
I’m inviting over for a cookout they’re undergoing a heart attack (4)
“L-carnitine in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: Systematic review and meta-analysis” (5) the article with my readers “I’m inviting over for a cookout they’re undergoing a heart attack,” I announced:
“3 13 629 thousand patients is performed on controlled trials meta-analysis of these individuals in 250, 220’ s new heart failure developed, and 28% of recurrent) was determined to have a heart attack.
Associated with the use of all causes of carnitine-related deaths of 27 percent and 65 percent of a fatal arrhythmia ventricular arrhythmias, heart pain, 40 percent, and by the light of the infarct area was seen.
Who is the head of research Di nicolantonio, “this is to show that carnitine given to patients after having a heart attack lived longer the first meta-analysis,” he says, and adds:
“Applied for percutaneous coronary interventions acute coronary syndrome, dual antiplatelet therapy, beta-blockers, statins, ACE-inhibitors, omega-3 fatty acids and cardiac rehabilitation clinical consequences such as treatment with poor results although it is still often a very healing encounter.
Also one of the most promising treatments to improve heart health carnitine levels is the use of free fatty acids and glucose oxidation which will fix.
High-risk patients or after a heart attack, the pain continued, and ACE-inhibitors or beta-blocker therapy in the treatment of carnitine is very safe tolerate cost is low and which may be considered.”
Carnitine what is it?
L-carnitine, found in some foods, including red meat are recommended as nutritional support to enhance energy and athletic performance, “tri-methyl-Amine.
Carnitine in the treatment of diseases of the heart have been reported for the first time in 1970.
Of L-carnitine play an important role in energy production in the heart muscle and of free fatty acids into the mitochondria has been shown to move; thus, the substrate required for the increase of oxidative metabolism in the heart can be ensured.
L-carnitine also common in lethal ventricular rhythm disorders and ischemic events which lead to the accumulation of esters of fatty acids prevents.
If you have low carnitine levels during an ischemic event in the heart muscle from the outside, L-carnitine and left ventricular function of the heart by giving a metabolic improvement is also shown.
In a meta-analysis, also in the first year after a heart attack, L-carnitine placebo to reduce the use of left ventricular dilatation that have been identified.
The expansion of the left ventricle because this is a sign of a bad prognosis and the preservation of cardiac function after a heart attack prevention is very important.
Processed meat and heart disease and diabetes (6)
“Processed meat and heart disease and diabetes is doing titled” I also processed meat increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, but the process not exceeding cattle, sheep, lamb, or pork is not at risk from this type of revealed that I conveyed a study that was published in the magazine circulation and (7):
“According to a newly published study in the medical journal called Circulation, famous, sausage, salami, processed meats such as ham increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Previously attended by 1600 people in 10 different countries more than a million research meta-analysis of processed meat and those who eat 50 grams per day for the Harvard experts 42 percent in the risk of heart disease, they found that diabetes risk increased at a rate of 19 per cent.
With the term processed meat is smoked, salted, or nitrate or nitrite is added to prevent damage salami, sausage, and meats such as ham, it is understood.
Another important finding that emerged from the research process not exceeding cattle, sheep, lamb, or pork it does not have this kind of a risk.
Processed and unprocessed meats, emphasizing that it is not a difference in terms of saturated fat and cholesterol, the researchers found that processed meats increased the risk of heart disease and diabetes is caused by sodium nitrate and nitrite added to foods such 4 times and they think it could be.
Guides to today’s American diet, red meat, milk, butter, oil and cheese and restricting saturated fats found in foods such as not more than 10 per cent of their daily calorie requirement; does not exceed 30 per cent of total daily calories fats recommends.
Some saturated fats are shown to improve blood cholesterol levels.
A couple of months ago now from a published meta-analysis concluded that it was not a significant relationship between saturated fats and heart disease and stroke.
These two Harvard experts research evidence by showing it’s not the foods we eat for our health, and ethics underline the fact that these shapes contain additives preparation is more important.
Control calorie vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains rich diet is very important that those who wish to eat meat, not processed meat of beef, such as sirloin steak that hasn’t gone through the ones they recommend to use.”
Let’s see the result
Murat Tuzcu’ s meta-analysis, there is something to say about, or “my name is Hina I know is that he says”?




Clogging our veins, fat or sugar?

The pharmaceutical industry tirelessly over the years to increase the sale of prepared foods and “saturated fat are thrown into the mud”. Margarine and vegetable oils is being removed to the skies; eggs, butter, red meat, “the number one enemy of heart health” are banned. However, lifetime of a subscriber made pills cholesterol, saturated fats, there’s a lot of banned the world’s heart patients.
A new study of the cause of diabetes and heart disease eaten more saturated fat, not sugar that could be revealed. From Ohio University Prof. J. Volek “there’s a common misconception about saturated fats,” he says:
“Research shows that there is a relationship between heart disease and saturated fat in the diet, but still recommends limiting saturated fats the nutrition guides.
It’s not clever, it’s not scientific, but blood saturated fats and research shows that there is a relationship that evaluates the risk of heart disease. It’s not a good thing to have too much saturated fat in the blood.
Question: in membranes of saturated fat in the blood or tissues of people or what’s the reason for more storage?”
All of the metabolic syndrome (at least three risk factors that increase the risk of heart disease or diabetes) with the 16 a study on adults was planned.
All participants for a period of 18 weeks in total, changing every three weeks and a dwindling amount of saturated fats, carbohydrates an increasing amount were given. 47 grams of saturated fat and 346 grams of carbs and 84 grams and it started with a diet of carbs and 32 grams saturated fat ended up with. The series prior to this diet, reduced carbs diet for three weeks each subject of the basic imposed.
Meals every day, 2,500 calories and 130 grams contains protein. The highest level of per cent of your daily calories carbohydrate 55% accounted for, the percentage of the energy in the average American diet was up and down.
At the end of the study, the subjects, on average, 22 pounds lost, blood sugar and insulin levels, they showed significant improvements in blood pressure. Throughout the study, all participants total saturated fat levels in the blood remained fairly constant, even folded in half, oil consumption initially fell.
Increases and decreases in contrast to this the consumption of fat, carbohydrate intake, obesity, inflammation, insulin resistance, high blood glucose, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer, which facilitates the emergence of many diseases such as elevated blood levels of palmitoleic acid. The increase of palmitoleic acid in the blood means that more carbohydrates is converted into fat instead of burning it.
Prof. Volek expressed the following:
“As the consumption of carbohydrates is reduced and controlled the oil when it is added diet, the body burns fat instead of storing it.
There is very little carbohydrate in the diet allows the burning of saturated fats”.
Published in the journal Public Library of science of Medicine named one study carbohydrates in the diet increases the levels of palmitoleic acid in the blood increased, but showed that the amount of the increase changes from person to person.
This finding shows that the carbohydrate tolerance varies from person to person.
Let’s see the result
Still in the realm of cardiology including ours saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease the diet will increase claims.
Not of the relationship of saturated fats in the diet heart attack and stroke doesn’t know either or don’t know they’re coming from, “fat if you eat fat it clogs your arteries.”
Between diabetes and heart disease with the amount of saturated fat in the blood, of course, there’s a correlation, “palmitoleic acid increases the risk of disease increases”.
As shown in this research, “increase the ingestion of excess fat palmitoleic acid not eaten more carbs”!
Canan Karatay, banging our heads for years this fact is as much as you want eggs, chops, says Eat butter.
Also cholesterol theory “is nonsense,” I add.
I wonder when the sleep of heedlessness wake up from the realm of Cardiology.


Hug Drug More Effective Than

Hugging, kissing or even shake the flu and common cold that facilitates seeing was known, and the people, especially in times of epidemic, they were required to stay away from this kind of behavior.
New research in preventing these diseases has become a “hot or even a hug” shows that it is more effective than drugs and vaccines.
Conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, hugs the body in the survey, it was determined that increases its ability to cope with stress and to fight infections.
In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, 404 adults and the social support they receive through a questionnaire over the phone for 14 days in a row, provided information about interpersonal conflicts.
At the same time during these two weeks, participants were asked about how kucaklastik.
This 14-day quarantine after they were exposed to a cold virus by Healthy Subjects and social evaluation them later for signs of infection and disease were examined.
The likelihood of developing the common cold more in the areas of social support is less, and 32 per cent of this protective effect are sourced from the hug and as a result, we conclude.
The cuddle drug is effective
Psychologist Denise Janicki-Course says:
“Our research into the field of social support from a loved one stress-related infection risk blocking shows.
In those with low social support, Daily the frequency of conflict is high if we identified an increased risk of infection.
We saw that social support also have a significant effect, such as cuddling.
Social support and hugs regardless of the degree of conflict increases in the previous two weeks was felt less cold symptoms.”
There are two possibilities.
One of them a hug, a token of the intimacy and closeness of human relationships, and for us that person is having a strong support network indicates that.
The touch itself is beneficial and protective against stress.”
Stress and diseases
People who are under intense stress are known to be more vulnerable to the disease.
Stress and negative emotions, the body, particularly the immune and cardiovascular systems will affect you.
Infections stress facilitates the occurrence of asthma and lead to escalation, is known to increase the risk of heart attack.
Increasingly this research in reverse this time, hug-hug like behavior that can reduce the severity of symptoms of infection and reveal.
Let’s see the result
The peak times of viral respiratory tract infections.
So we gave a flu shot, don’t think yourself safe. The CDC even announced that the vaccine will not be effective.
Claimed to be the only cure for the flu or Tamiflu don’t trust any his illness the duration of a few hours (yes, just a few hours!) that didn’t work other than to lengthen understood.
Other cold medicine, cough syrup, expectorant of no benefit as it is already known that are not not to mention the damage that can lead to death.
Vitamins, minerals and drugs that allegedly strengthened the immune system of the story, “the surplus” from something else it’s not.
Against colds and flu, healthy nutrition, exercise, regular sleep, sunbathing hereinafter measures such as “Hug” needs to be added to, but beware!
All over everyone indiscriminately under the pretext of protection from infection-to be around isn’t true, I would like to remind the importance of the right person being hugged, you can do your job.

Benefits and uses of apple cider vinegar

The addition of a layer of flavor to dishes and salads, vinegar health, natural cleansing, is used in hair and skin care did you know that? 5000 BC the Babylonians used vinegar as a condiment and food preservative from the turn of the century. Hippocrates took the medicinal benefits of vinegar. Here are our other health benefits and uses of apple cider vinegar:

Drink straight vinegar can damage your tooth enamel and your esophagus, so internal use by adding 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water can be drunk with meals, for a maximum of. In this way apple cider vinegar when consumed regularly, the body helps maintain healthy alkaline pH balance. A high acid value and the energy loss has been observed in studies to increase the risk of infection. Diabetes and helps to control blood sugar. Known to help increase the circulation in the vessels of the heart and the liver cleanse. Cleanses lymph glands, sinus congestion and reduce mucus in the body in the event of allergic can reduce the effects. To spend is said to be effective for heartburn, but apple cider vinegar if you have an ulcer in your stomach won’t be good. In cases of diarrhea that occurs due to bacterial infections, add water and drink it if the pectin in apple cider vinegar helps relieve spasms antibiotic effect. Gargle with vinegar in the water to block the smell and stains from the teeth to oral.
Half liters of water add 2 teaspoons of vinegar and apple cider vinegar when taken little by little throughout the day to lose weight acid has been observed in a study in 2009 that helped. The acid of vinegar when consumed regularly for 12 weeks body weight, abdominal fat, waist circumference and thickness which lead to the formation of bad cholesterol, it is seen that there is some reduction in triglyceride levels.
Nov and can lighten the pain of arthritis. Vinegar with water and apply a wet cloth to the affected area.
Marinating the meat the night before and put the vinegar to kill bacteria. Before cleaning, you can add the spices and cook. You are thinking of making your soup or nuggets cider or white wine vinegar add a teaspoon more of the spices if you miss. Allows for easier peeling eggs shells 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water and add vinegar.
Removes food stains and the smell pervasive in your hand, chop and prepare vegetables such as carrots and beets with your hands while it is painted, you can clean it with vinegar. Fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables Yesil when cleaning, soak them in water with vinegar.
Vinegar for cleaning purposes in the use of detergents with bleach and definitely should not be confused with similar content. Empty dishwasher and put vinegar in the washing machine and detergent you can clean just by running a reservoir. If anyone has information to the contrary in the user’s Manual of the dishwasher, the shine can be used instead of. Sweat and deodorant stains with vinegar to clean your laundry, you can print cloth. Smoking, etc. smells bad the clothes smell of vinegar have been added in the steam of hot water and leave it and you can purge the smell. You’ve burned food in the kitchen or if you have a smoking room, the smell is intense in the regions where you can put a bowl of vinegar.
If you use a cloth to clean the inside of the refrigerator with vinegar, will destroy bad odors. Stainless steel, chrome and glass surfaces when cleaning can be used. Copper, brass, or tin utensils for cleaning you can use vinegar and salt mix. Granite, marble or limestone surfaces when cleaning, do not use vinegar and lemon. Half a cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda your silver when you add a cap in water for 2-3 hours you may rinse with cold water and Polish with a soft cloth to kurulayar. Your scissors with vinegar you can clean it with a cloth.
Helps to remove tea and coffee stains from your porcelain. By cleaning your cutting board with vinegar can prevent the formation of bacteria. When frying, oil drops scattered all over the place with a sponge with vinegar and delete it.
You can pour apple cider vinegar to the bathroom and leaving the night Clear. A unit of Measure half vinegar mix with water and oven, countertops, tiles, window glass and mirrors you can use to clean. It is effective in removing mildew stains. Tiles, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, plastic shower curtains can be cleaned with vinegar and water.
The computer and the keyboard, the mouse, electronic accessories such as you are sure that they are closed after using a cloth moistened with a mild vinegar and water you can clean. To remove white water stains on wood furniture, mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil and apply to the stain.
Ballpoint pen stains, sticky marks and labels can be used to remove. To help remove the labels affixed to your vehicle, if you put a small amount of vinegar into the glass of water ensures that your glass will remain bright, if you use vinegar water when cleaning the inside of the glass prevents fogging.
Wipe and dry to leave your carpets with vinegar and Water, old and dirty takes an image, removes odors pervasive. If you have half a cup vinegar 2 tablespoons salt stained if the stain is dry you can rub this mixture with a vacuum and vacuum.
When shampoo residue has been rinsed off with vinegar water after shampooing your hair cleans your hair, strengthens and makes shine. It is effective against dandruff rinse your hair with vinegar water. Empty a shampoo bottle and shake it and put half a tablespoon into a glass of vinegar and water after shampooing apply it several times a week. A few drops of vinegar to the mixture if the smell bothers you in your hair, natural oils such as lavender can be added. 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar by mixing 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 egg whites mask, you can prepare natural hair care. Apply the mixture and keep covered with a bonnet in about half an hour, then rinse and sampuanlayin.
Keeps the pH balance of your skin. Measure vinegar, two parts water, mix it with a cotton pad, gently wipe your face with. In the evening or in the morning before applying moisturizer on your face after washing your face you can use. If you leave in the evening on face and neck, age spots and acne scars with fights.
You can apply to your body to relieve the pain of sunburn vinegar water. Equal parts water and vinegar, and mix thoroughly you can use to relieve the skin after shaving. You can get hand and feet massage with apple cider vinegar fatigue.
Mix equal parts water and vinegar, squeezing and stroking your pet’s fur several times a week to all dissolve into the skin if you can remove the fleas. Mix with 4 parts water to clean your dogs ears with a cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe a measure. Keep cats away if you have a place you want to spray the vinegar to tighten in that area, the Cats will keep away.

The Secrets Of Living Longer

USA’ s Conrad Johnson which has the title of oldest person’ s life ended in the last days of 110 years 338 days. Deteriorating health after a stroke in the month of April Johnson in a television program long to live exercise every day, eat oatmeal for breakfast, tied to bed and early to pray.
Born in Sweden, who has nine siblings who migrated to the USA at the age of 19, Johnson married twice, had no children. Parkinson’s disease with his first wife passed away with cancer in 1988 and the second in 2002. The title is currently the world’s longest-living of the person who will be 112 years old owned by Japanese Momoi clumsy in the month of February.
Johnson “rest in peace saying,” Let’s take a look into the secrets of living over 100 years.
Born in November January and live longer
For more than 100 years of living, I mean, ‘who is Dahlia’ and the numbers are growing every day, thousands of ‘Young’ on Earth.
I don’t know the US numbers, but Dahlia exceeds 100 thousand of people in America, in Japan it is known that 40 thousand is approaching.
100 years in 2050, leaving behind the number of subscribers is estimated to reach a million in America.
Research on ApoE and FOXO3A to the longevity secrets of 100 persons over the age of is stored in the genes shows that three out of four people over the age of 100 but the interesting part be a woman.
A survey on living in America for more than a century, life chances of the months of January and November born in the April-June period, the highest and born in the west of the country to the east of his passing 100 years old, born in Born 3 times more compared to the chance of that is determined.
This finding should not be incidental, because Austria and Denmark, October-December, born in the months of April-June born in the months of research that shows that live longer than the other.
Seasonal differences of exposure in the first months of life in accordance with bacterial and viral infections, allergens, temperature, humidity, pressure and the effects of weather conditions such as I think that should be pursued.
Humans are born have a role in the determination of the conditions of the environment it is possible that the duration of life.
Here cultural, social, psychological and economic factors must necessarily be taken into account.
For example, in the first year of life nutrition-related features that can affect the life time of there’s a lot of reason and logic.
Indeed, most of 100 years old in big cities, people who consume natural foods and living in the villages and on farms.
The first child of the family better luck
According to the same study, many children in families with first-born girl than their sisters to be 100 years old the chances of his passing the other child is 3 times higher.
Their other siblings first born male child in terms of Long Life, 2 times more chance.
Here, too, the number of children increases, the interest in families and consideration in the course of the reduction can be significant.
Therefore, these children incurring various accidents and increasing the possibility of exposure to various negative health.
In addition, their subsequent medical nutritional care of children and it could be worse.
The first child taken to the doctor immediately when the slightest discomfort, subsequent to the diseases of children starts running increasingly ignored.
When the first child was born, mom and dad and you need to focus on being younger.
In time the mother’s egg and father’s sperm to damage is possible.
The parents of the older children have more genetic health problems as evidence that can be shown.
Optimists live longer
More than 100 thousand women over the age of 50 by the University of Pittsburg research work carried out in optimists healthier and long-lasting.
If this claim is correct, the universal symbol of optimism, Pollyanna,’ s are also the world’s longest living person.
The author of the book, Eleanor H. Porter, passed away at the age of 52 must be numbered according to pessimists.
What gender, what our birth month, what, where, what we were born the eighth child of the family, we will be long since we don’t determine that for a living seems like the only thing we can be more optimistic.
Long live to 20 recommended:
A: the Rose. To laugh in a way, it reduces the level of stress hormones, on the other hand, of course, the defense mechanisms of the body and strengthens the immune system.
TWO: sleep for 6-7 hours per night on average. More than 8 hours and less than 4 hours of sleep shortens the life expectancy. Not exceeding half an hour sleep at lunchtime (siesta) very useful.
THREE: soak up the sun at noon every day for 15-20 minutes.
FOUR: one of the keys to longevity and a happy marriage. Keep in mind that died early than those who marry more than one.
FIVE: now, everyone knows that those who exercise regularly live longer. This is the most suitable for Sports, regular walking and swimming.
SIX:increases the chance of living a regular sexual life long. Sex reduce stress, increase happiness, and allows you to sleep better.
SEVEN: those with many children are living longer. Of life increases motivation and happiness of children and grandchildren.
EIGHT: your parents, your close relatives to stay with them and meet often.
NINE: if possible, at least not in the city live in the village in the town.
Front: do not use the car. Walk or go bike riding.
Eleven: get rid of excess weight soon. Obesity, heart disease and some cancers risk.
Twelve: no matter what your age, to learn something new. For example, play a musical instrument or learn a new language.
Front-end: smoking and drinking alcohol, do not engage in smoking environments.
Fourteen: those who worship regularly live longer. Provides protection against heart disease and cancer by reducing the stress and burdens and pray.
Fifteen: 50 percent of cancer is related to diet. Refined sugar, flour and trans fats stay away from. Don’t salt 5 grams per day.
Sixteen: Yesil every day for tea. Yesil antioxidants in tea protects you from heart diseases.
Seventeen: stress and high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and bring work home.
Eighteen: pet owners are becoming more optimistic and are exposed to less stress.
Front nine: the doctors, hospital, checkup stay away from.
TWENTY: My read my articles, follow my advice.


Fruits, vegetables?

Tomato fruits and vegetables? Or cucumber? If you want your head I think I can confuse you even more, but these two examples: tomato, cucumber or fruit, but it’s been years since we gave them vegetable a member of the family. Well, is there a downside? No! Let’s “fruit and vegetable” distinction tricks…
According to scientists, the Botanical, the fruit of the plant, from the flower part. At the same time is the part that contains the seeds of the plant. Other portions of the plant, vegetables are considered. These plants are stems, leaves and roots.
Avocado, beans, corn, cucumbers, grains, nuts, olives, peppers, squash, gourd, sunflower seeds and tomatoes are technically fruit.
Celery (root), lettuce (leaf), cauliflower and broccoli (buds), beets, carrots and potatoes (root) vegetable.
If we take as a kitchen perspective, it is less sweet and can be served as a main course with vegetables. Sweeter fruits and Dec meal or served as a dessert. Replenishing both vegetables and fruits can be used for making beverages.
Speaking as nutritional, fruits and vegetables is similar. Pretty low compared to animal foods in terms of calories and fat and high fiber sources. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants beneficial to the health of the components. Sources of vitamins and minerals. Calories 1 serving of fruit and vegetables is slightly higher in compared to. Potatoes, vegetables such as beets in this case is the exception.
The most important thing you need to know about the fruits and vegetables, a sufficient amount of individuals tuketmedik. 2-3 servings every day of fruits and 1.5-2 servings of vegetables you should make a habit to consume.
To consume enough fruits and vegetables cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes increases the risk of.

The Thing That Makes Fatigue 15

Fatigue from becoming repetitive or continuous please. In particular, we investigate to find the reason for your ongoing fatigue, even at rest.
Of fatigue, quality of life, lowering all depressed, unhappy, it’s a common problem. Much longer do you think your work efficiency also can be reduced. Origin of one’s psychological, physical What is the origin. Psychological fatigue, all the dynamism, energy lost, unhappy and weary “even a wiggle the tip of his finger” unwilling, “unmotivated, hopeless, empty, even out of batteries, she’s lethargic” tell someone.
With physical fatigue heaviness in arms and legs, the body is difficult to explain in a burnout, even with the pain is felt. This feeling of discomfort immediately, “a bad situation” should not be perceived as “wrong, inappropriate, disorder or conditions that enforces a kind of alarm who tried to warn the organism against invasion” sign should be considered. Occur if signs of fatigue after intense physical activity is normal. That does not feel that would be abnormal! Fatigue “lived before irreversible destruction of body and soul to renew itself, you sent to yourself about the last warning” as you can think of.
That is why fatigue from becoming repetitive or continuous please. In particular, we investigate to find the reason for your ongoing fatigue, even at rest.

Wonder less sleep than your body needs could it be? This condition can affect your general health also your cognitive skills. Suggestion: you get a regular daily life. Make sleep your priority. A computer in your bedroom, a cell phone and unplug the TV. If you are still having trouble consult a doctor.

Unable to sleep due to sleep apnea, you may be efficient. The moment when your breathing stops during the night without realizing it is being divided in to sleep. Ultimately, even though you have spent 7-8 hours in bed in the morning tired and sleepless. Suggestion: lose weight, stop smoking, pay attention to your alcohol consumption, if necessary, called a CPAP device.

Eating more or less than enough can also cause fatigue. A balanced diet maintains your blood sugar levels within healthy limits. Lived and you will not feel fatigue so sudden sugar slump. Suggestion: don’t skip breakfast. Each meal, with protein, unsaturated fats, and complex carbohydrates to consume enough.

One of the most important reasons is the cause of fatigue especially in women. The most common cause of anemia is excessive bleeding of the menstrual period iron loss. Decreasing red blood cells and transport oxygen to tissues and organs because of the reduced iron is reduced. Suggestion: use brackets iron, lean meat, liver, shellfish, beans and iron rich foods such as fortified cereals should be consumed. Let me remind you that vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency can also cause fatigue.

Applicants to the doctor with a complaint of fatigue of at least half of psychological fatigue. Because of the mental health concerns of fatigue followed by depression. If other common causes of Psychosomatic fatigue, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, lifestyle, and business-related factors. Depression can be classified as an emotional problem, but over time it causes physical pain. Fatigue, headache, insomnia or sleeping too much, loss of appetite and depression are the most obvious indicators. Suggestion: by contacting a specialist psychotherapy, it is useful to experiment with methods such as drug therapy.

If your thyroid is running slow you may feel weak and tired. You will also be prone to weight gain. Suggestion: share your test results with a specialist in blood at low levels, you can speed up your metabolism and your hormones by supplementing with drugs.

Could it be that overdoing the caffeine? When taken in appropriate amounts of caffeine has a positive effect on your concentration skills and your attention. If your heart rate increases your blood pressure and a high dose. There is even research that states that this is the cause of fatigue. Suggestion: coffee, tea and caffeine-containing medications, navigate to the path gradually drop. Experienced sudden caffeine deprivation can lead to fatigue even more.

A hidden it may make you tired urinary tract infection: infection in the urine, burning, frequent urge to urinate begins with symptoms such as malignancies. Sometimes fatigue may be the only symptom of infection. If you persist, fatigue, the urine test may be sufficient in determining. Suggestion: antibiotic with expert advice, so that you can use antiseptic drugs can get rid of the symptoms within a few weeks of fatigue.

In diabetic patients, the sugar that is found at high levels in the blood instead of entering into the cell continues to circulate in the blood stream. Who can’t get sugar into energy to the cells cannot be converted. If you consult your doctor if you have a prolonged fatigue, you should analyze. Suggestion: lifestyle modification, diet plan and exercise, medications and insulin, if needed to use.

Fatigue stems from your thirst? Whether exercise or working at a desk in order to work your body’s regular need water. Suggestion: drink enough water throughout the day to make your urine a light yellow color. Try to drink 1 glass of water per hour. If you have a physical activity that if you plan to do more.

If you plan to run into the symptoms of fatigue during your daily activities more often, this may be a sign of heart disease. Pre-if you are having trouble finishing tasks that you can handle easily, consult your doctor. Suggestion: lifestyle modification and medications will help you control your heart disease. Thus, you can bring your energy levels.

Night work or shift work disrupts the hormonal balance due to hours. Both cortisol and ACTH hormones from the adrenal gland, such as in a certain rhythm sways between day and night. Order broke down yourself when you feel tired. Suggestion: restrict your contact with sunlight to be able to relax if you are working at night. Dark, quiet and rest in a cool environment.

If pushing to sleep after dinner if you eat in that meal to a food intolerance, you may. Reactions some individuals are sensitive to foods that gas, flatulence and other weakness, exhaustion, and fatigue. Suggestion: you think your fatigue triggered by very careful of the foods that you eat. Quantities and take care of their coming together.

Lasted longer than six months, a complex virus that is difficult to do your daily activities that come to a point. There can be various reasons a lot of chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, but persistent, unexplained, deep and persistent fatigue is the main symptom. Suggestion: treatment is long and arduous to make changes to several problems in life this is a good suggestion. Make changes in your daily program, better sleep habits, and mild physical activity will help you in starting up a program.

Fatigue, organ deficiencies and also makes. Liver, kidney or heart failure may be the first sign of fatigue.


Sugar Addiction, How Can We Be Saved?

Life without sugar is not possible, this information is finalized in case if you will be so much healthier and consume less sugar. Well, this is easy to achieve? Not because our life is the taste of sugar, and it’s an integral part of a tool for happiness! However, our flavor palate that creates bursts of unmanageable good, especially the “dependency” if it comes to that point, the drug has the effect of a poison.
First, remember this: mind is only when we think of Sugar, tea, coffee or sugar that you add to the powder in your mouth you take a piece of chocolate, or a delicious cake to accompany your coffee on top of sweet food you eat, it shouldn’t be a piece that could not stand. Carbonated beverages and fruit juices you consume at least half of the sugar comes from. A “hidden/hidden sugars” there is a danger of, and that is another issue.
We fondly drink, café latte, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, ice cream and candy store. Moreover, salad dressings, ketchup, breakfast cereals have high amounts of sugar. Don’t be surprised if you want some more let’s continue. Yogurt fruity sugar bomb.
It’s like we’re literally swimming in a sea of sugar, therefore you already have. 50 years ago 5-10 solid sugar we consume. In addition, we also “fruit-like” we are a nation of intensive genes. Consuming fruits is one of the world’s most societies, perhaps we are the first.
From the grocery store, at the market, from the market a few different fruit-we have a culture that carries home in pound packs. This is at a significant disadvantage, I’m going to tell him soon.
Well, how about a candy, so “tu-poo” has become a food. The reason is this: the amount of energy you need to consume in a day for women, 1800-2000 for men close to 2000-2300 calories. These professionals we can’t afford you no more than your daily calorie needs percent to 7 percent sugar, he says, but that much is allowed. This “powdered sugar” is taken as the basis for women is 6 teaspoons (100 calories) and for men 9 teaspoons (150 calories) means that you can consume sugar.
Well, is it possible to make do with all of this candy?
Of course it’s not. Not five in a day because you drink tea, your quota is filled with 3-4 and even a cup of tea immediately. A mug of cafe latte or hot chocolate milk contains almost the same number. A box of soft drinks, carbonated beverages, also a bottle of soda, so there is 8-10 teaspoons of sugar.
Not even if you pay attention, in addition to more fruit! That part is a separate problem…
We’re eating more fruit
Each culture of sugar/sweet sources are different. For example, the juice of living in the United States and Europe, we we like than the fruit itself. Our people are fruit juice, fruit salad, puree, there’s not much of indulging in concentrate products such as. Fruit we are!
Exchange house at the mention of fruit, bread, dried beans, spinach, until meat is indispensable. Moreover, we can buy fruit by the kilo.
Well, a bad thing? Each one of the fruits of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, polyphenols and fiber, taking into account that a source is not wrong.
Also eat the fruit itself, juice, drink, concentrate, pulp, more than a rational choice to eat the salad, but on one condition: the quantity will pay attention, will not overdo it.
Two at a time Mandarin Orange, an orange, an apple or a whole plate of strawberries, cherries, figs, grapes, your stomach “Jumbotron” download.
Because the fruit “FRUCTOSE” and fructose is a sugar called sugar acts as more than just a grocery. It also insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, increase in uric acid, triglycerides and weight increase.
For this reason, “those who plan to get rid of sugar addiction first, pay attention to the fact how much fruit to consume, reducing the consumption of fruit and especially in the evening hours need to trim your fruit consumption!
Beware of hidden sugars
Unbound sugar that may contain sugar, many foods we think we should recognize. Just sugar, sweets, syrups and candies, it’s not different kitchen products.
Ready soups, fruit yoghurt, salad dressing, ketchup and mayonnaise, breakfast cereal of concealed/hidden sugar. Therefore, careful “sugar Hunter” is to examine the way that food labels need to be carefully.
Examine the tags. Sucrose, maltose, fructose, or wrote something you know, this “trick”!
What else can be done
Coffee, tea, you can drink without sugar. You may opt for ice creams and desserts prepared with natural sweeteners. Fruity yogurt instead of plain yogurt you can eat. “Fruit!” you say then if you add fresh fruit on it. Desserts with protein-rich ones-desserts – to choose a more rational way. Drinking water more often, if you’re going to choose something else instead of water, unsweetened ones select-mineral water – the rational choice. The bitter chocolate contain less sugar thing. As an alternative to drink herbal teas can be used, provided of course not to add sugar.

Fokurdatara To Infuse Your Tea

Tea is an indispensable part of our culture. Many of us however we’re brewing of tea in an unhealthy manner. Demlemen well tea healthy?
Tea is exposed to high ambient temperatures on human health causes serious losses. There is a plant that contains tannins in the tea and tein. This tein and tannins are compounds that are produced by plants in order to protect themselves. A proper method of tea activates the compounds to be cooked. This condition can lead to damage that will create negative situations that can lead to cancer. Don’t tea in order to prevent this, while these compounds should be kept at temperatures that prevent me to be active.
Caution if suffering is the taste of tea
Citizens in places such as stoves or tea café, drinking tea, she could tell by the taste of tea that is left exposed to high heat, too Prof. Dr. Bekir pointing Bend “Normally when we drink tea we are all aware that left a pleasant taste in the mouth. Stale tea or the tea leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when it becomes active tannins. While drinking fresh brewed tea absolutely can be, but also we must be careful,” he said.
There are a common misconceptions. Besides the dried tea into the teapot usually on top, bottom in the pot we are boiling water. This is very wrong and should not be done. We left dry tea to the pot if it is to be done if we have to add a bit of cold water. Then, when the water boils in the bottom pot, we have to add on to the tea. Bubble tea will definitely be stirred to the degree we shouldn’t. To put harmful to our health or our tea, we can help.