To Speed Up Your Metabolism Diet Menu

Your metabolism is too slow Are you complaining about? We do not lose any weight and eat less. Here are the list of 1 Week Diet to speed up your metabolism…
The first 3 days
Breakfast: 1 slice whole wheat bread 1 egg 2 tablespoons ricotta cheese and 5 pieces of rye bread with plenty of unsalted olives, dill, parsley, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, etc.
Mid-morning: 10 raw almonds
Lunch: 6 tablespoons dill weed, purslane, arugula salad containing bulgur 1 cup kefir or buckwheat Dec meal 1: 1 cup of seasonal fruit we can give you the link to the nutritional calendar.)
Dec meal 2: 1 can of plain probiotic yogurt
Dinner: 6 tablespoons of food legumes (lentils, mung beans, chickpeas, etc.) 1 thin slice rye bread 1 cup lush with oil-free salad
Dec meal: 1 cup milk cinnamon
4. and 5. day
Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal 4 tablespoons low-fat milk 1 cup of seasonal fruit we can give you the link to the nutritional calendar.)
Dec meal: 2 full Walnut
Lunch: grilled meat (100-150g) 1 thin slice whole wheat bread 1 cup lush with oil-free salad
Dec meal 1: handful of blueberries 1
Dec meal 2: 1 can of plain probiotic yogurt (1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon can be added)
Dinner: 6 tablespoons made with seasonal vegetables, vegetables 1 slice whole wheat bread 2 tablespoons of yogurt
6. and 7. day
Breakfast: 60 g of white cheese 2 thin slices of rye bread, plenty of dill, parsley, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, etc.
Dec meal: 1 cup of seasonal fruit we can give you the link to the nutritional calendar.)
Lunch: 1 bowl vegetable soup 1 bowl, milk 1 thin slice rye bread
Dec meal 1: 10 raw almonds
Dec meal 2: 1 can of plain probiotic yogurt
Dinner: grilled seasonal fish (fish you can look through the calendar.) 1 plate with lush oil-free salad 1 slice rye bread
Dec meal: 1 cup milk cinnamon
Important note: Women 10 cups per day, Cups 14 are attributed to men, should take care. 2 cups of herbal tea per day, unsweetened, 1 cup plain and 1 cup unsweetened tea Turkish coffee is suitable for consumption. This is intended as an example of nutrition program. Diet program the person’s gender, age, weight, height, and metabolism may vary according to.

8 Effective Ways To Stay Satiated

Attacks are often recurrent hunger, her body, her soul is tired. First of all, we’ll be miserable if we open. Harder responses, giving angry, anxious we become one. Hunger at the same time is exhausting. When you get hungry, sluggish and exhausted we fall.For this reason, “feeling of fullness” is a very important emotion. Postprandial weight balance maintaining the state and US, providing a significant contribution to us and live the good life. To be able to get full and eventually we need to find a way to keep this feeling strong. Well, how do we achieve that? “Hungry, back one of many” are we supposed to be? Permanent toughness and robust status how will we win? Here you go…
Suggestion 1: stay away from the bad carbs!
There are emotional reasons but the primary reason for the feeling of hunger is a fall in blood sugar levels. If you want to stay satiated your blood sugar so your first job must keep within reasonable numbers. You should stay away from foods that can raise or lower your blood sugar quickly. There are carbohydrates in foods that affect blood sugar. Sugar added foods and drinks, famous, sugary sweets, fruit juices, sugar sources, our honey, molasses and sugar-rich fruits can cause blood sugar to a sudden jump in the fall and “bad carbs”. Chips, white bread, oven-bakery products, famous industrial packaged, sugary foods such as processed carbohydrates also included in this group please. One of the first things you need to do is get away from them. Note; your model, nutrition, celebrity, sugary, starchy, processed, packaged products increases, so it is difficult for them to maintain a feeling of fullness.
RECOMMENDATION 2: Choose good carbs!
Vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits are carbohydrates the right amount of sugar is not very high. Beans, peas, lentils, cabbage, chard, spinach, leeks, whole wheat, sourdough, made with whole grain bread, apples, oranges, apricots will keep you full for longer choices such as. Full and opt for natural carbohydrates.
RECOMMENDATION 3: give weight protein!
Animal origin (meat, fish, chicken, dairy products, eggs) or vegetable (lentils, beans), it doesn’t matter if they’re, all kinds of protein perpetuates a feeling of fullness. Vegetable and animal proteins to be married (!) (meat or pork, beans, peas, and chickpeas), such as this feeling deepens even more. Proteins with vegetables too important a detail to be married, such marriages (meat and vegetable dishes) also reinforces the feeling of satiety. Find a way to add more protein to your diet if you want to stay satiated.
Recommendation 4: Don’t forget the vegetables!
Create volume and fills the stomach, prolong the feeling of satiety and make it easier to get fed, thanks to their low carbohydrate content, does not lead to sudden and profound fluctuations in blood sugar at the beginning most of the nutrients that vegetables. On average, about 5 percent carbohydrate content of vegetables. This is about 5 grams of carbohydrates 100 grams of them, i.e., the presence of no more than 20 calories of energy around. The pulp content is very strong. The advantages of these vegetables does not extend the duration of satiety not only, also works to slow down the absorption of sugar and other nutrients from the intestines.
RECOMMENDATION 5: the Raw feed!
Cook the food facilitates digestion and increase the taste. However, the same process –cooking vegetables in the loss of some valuable articles, or worse, are absorbed more quickly into the intestinal tract of carbohydrates in them to be mixed into the blood faster and causes. For example, cooked carrots more than raw carrots makes me hungry late (Because when cooked, easier to digest, the glycemic load increases). In the same way different when eaten raw cabbage or spinach salad, stewed cabbage or spinach, when cooked, one of your toughness in the form of different effects (it’s in a state of raw cabbage, which was around 15 when the value of the glycemic index, when cooked, almost 50% can go to). In summary, more to chew raw food, the more quickly to get fed, by keeping you fuller longer and keep your blood sugar balanced more easily allows them to escape from feelings of hunger. Try to eat everything raw that can be eaten raw.
RECOMMENDATION 6: do not eat Frequently!
Required for one snack hypoglycaemic, but for some, that might provoke satiety and also reducing the feeling of hunger is a big mistake. This particular is an important point for those with insulin resistance problems. This new insulin in the blood of people every snack that is made unnecessary efforts in bursts, thus creating a sense of hunger as a result of the reactive sugar fall. On the other hand, the selection of snacks is also an important detail. Sugary, floury, salty snacks your appetite and makes you eat a lot of fast and open, rapidly raise your blood sugar, reduces excess then. Therefore, you can aciktirabi again. Therefore, breadsticks, chips, snacks such as biscuits, instead of protein, rich in fiber, low in calories, less glycemic load snacks to try. Yogurt, cheese or yogurt a good snack of protein rich foods such as they can be. Reinforced protein and fiber content snacks are also available. Pieces of raw vegetables (cucumber, carrot) low in calories and glycemic due to forces also in the same group can be taken. A high content of pulp, satiated captive nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts) can be included in the same group. But pay attention to the amount provided.
RECOMMENDATION 7: don’t skip meals!
Unable to suppress a kind of a sense of hunger, often eating any meal of the inhabitants of one of the mistakes is skipping episodes. We especially skipping the morning meal could lead to an eating disorder that can last throughout the day, we’ve seen that. Sometimes work, sometimes lapses, sometimes, “I’ll give you my weight stay hungry” that can cause the wrong idea to jump a meal like lunch is a big mistake. It doesn’t matter whether in the morning or lunch meal, the next meal that you consume at every meal you skip a snack, double the amount of food more often, causing triple your.Even worse, your chances of choosing bad from sitting at the table overly hungry carbohydrates are rising, the faster you eat, chew your food as your incorrect multiply.
RECOMMENDATION 8: don’t forget the juice!
The feelings of hunger and thirst can be mixed with each other. Most of us when we were thirsty, “I’m hungry we tend to eat thinking. On the other hand, we are not aware of regular drinking water that supports a feeling of fullness. In short, an easy way to manage toughness, adequate and regular water to drink. If you are experiencing attacks of hunger throughout the day, often remember to drink water at frequent intervals.

10 Commandments For A Healthy Diet

1. Do not skip meals. Frequent and eat less. Every day, three main, two meals Dec the most suitable choice.
2. Eating a balanced and varied do not compromise. White flour, avoid sugar and starchy foods. Enough protein in each meal (meat and dairy products). Two servings of fruits and vegetables eat at least three servings of every day. (1 serving of fruit a tennis ball, with vegetables should be the size of a fist.)
3. Healthy, less processed and unsaturated oils (especially olive oil) is preferred. Take advantage of nuts, but nuts are fatty foods and consume in the decision. Full-fat dairy products, Cream, Cream, stay away from saturated fats such as fatty meats. Trans fats (fast food, chips, bakery and patisserie products) do not take your hand. Omega-6 oils (sunflower, corn oil, cottonseed oil) avoid.
4. Plenty of food, don’t forget to add the vinegar and lemon. Vinegar and lemon reduces the glycemic load, weight gain slows down. Limit your use of salt. Salt and eat it too, and increases water retention.
5. Don’t make any meal with a salad, with. Don’t buy food salad. A piece with salad-protein foods (meat, chicken, fish, yogurt, cheese) you need to eat. Add oil to your salads. Say no to mayonnaise and prepared sauce. Teaspoon olive oil until one of our experts or walnuts, and flax seed oil mixture suggests.
6. Never fry your meals. Stay away from the fries. Instead of fries, steamed in water for a long time boiling, baking or boiling method. No flour or bread flour find food, the more fat you gain. Your reputation into the sauce ready in no time. Ready cakes, pastry, pie, don’t eat. If you’d have a craving make yourself at home, and with a small piece of the Yeti’s. Your needs fruit yogurt dessert -prepare yourself-, added sweetener and coffee yogurt, milk, with honey to troubleshoot. Our experts stick with fruits,” he says.
7. Abundant and frequent water. Consume water as they come to mind. Water is inexpensive, both no-calorie drink. When you are tired of water, fruit tea, herbal teas, tea and especially Yesil is at your disposal. It’s not the coffee, extreme fear. Even a two cups of coffee can speed up your metabolism. If you exceed two cups per day is recommended. Even 100 percent fruit juice concentrate and no sugar added fruit juices while dieting, it is useful to stay away from. All types of beverages sold in bottles and cans-water, except it has more sugar in it. Also diet drinks are also not recommended.
8. Reduce your evening meal, your last meal of the day before going to bed for at least two to three hours to complete before it is useful. You’re not supposed to use alcohol while dieting. If you shake very much-social reasons, fun times, are organized awards given – don’t settle with a glass of wine.
9. One of the important points installed low-glycemic carbohydrates, protein and wholesome fats to eat with manage. While dieting, potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta made from flour from, stay away from foods made with white flour. Avoid large meals. Eat less, good quality and nice things to eat. After an hour or two if you are hungry, you can eat again. If you have to eat the second food portions of a protein (fish, meat, yogurt, cheese) is preferred.
10. Other suggestions: do not weigh every day. Sex once a week -two at most – is sufficient. Lose weight, look better, feel better, or move to a better spot to aim for for your health. Don’t be afraid to make getaways from time to time, but do not repeat mistakes often. More natural weed-Yesil leafy foods; basil, thyme, etc. – and spice-garlic, onion, pepper, peppers, mustard – use.

How To Prepare Your Detox Drinks?

Even as everyone began to encompass the excitement of summer, detox drinks face the day. When combined with a healthy diet program, these drinks will help you feel like it was worth it with a magic wand that you can enjoy the beach, sun and sea.
Time is running out, if you have people who still go on vacation, we get nothing, here we go. Don’t say summer is gone, this winter we say.
Detox Gold: Turmeric and ginger
Ingredients: 2 cups hot water 2 cups cold water, ½ teaspoon turmeric, ½ teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 pinch freshly ground black pepper
Ingredients: 2 cups cold water when boiling water combine all the ingredients and including stir. Take from the stove throughout the day the way you want to.
Yesil smoothie: Avocado and yogurt
Ingredients: 1 cup water, 1 cucumber, 1 avocado, spinach and mint 4 Leaf 5 leaf, 1 cup of yogurt.
Preparation: mix all ingredients blenderda during service, serve with a teaspoon of olive oil. Consumed in the Cold any moment.
Orange smoothie: Peach and mango smoothie
Ingredients: half a mango 1 small peach, half cup water, 1 tablespoon of flax seed.
Preparation: combine all ingredients in a blender and spend. Then putting ice into it in the morning on an empty stomach. Bon Appetit 🙂
Colored detox: blueberry and orange
Ingredients: 6 cups water, 2 Orange, 1 handful of blueberries, ice
Ingredients: oranges and blueberries add water and refrigerate for 24 hours. Drinking with ice, and serve. For a more intense flavor you can squeeze one of the oranges.
Detox rainbow: strawberry, lemon, cucumber, and liseli
Ingredients: 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup cucumber, 2 lime wedges, 10 mint leaves, water, and ice
Preparation: chop all the ingredients into a large pitcher, add water until the jug is full add. Let rest in the fridge for about 10 hours, and then serve it over ice.
5-in-1: form that will allow you to keep detox drinks

Welcome Spring!

In this first week of April when opening a new spring of joy in your arms, you also have more toxins in the form if you want to get rid of your weight and your if I say it like a harpoon, which will begin today “spring diet” to follow carefully our directory.
Even though it is beautiful in all seasons of the best of the season “spring” it is certain that. Spring is so beautiful that people said, “Rose has bloomed in spring/my heart scattered joy” is such a beautiful song, and it’s even besteletir. And every spring, joy, peace, joy. The longing to meet again with sun and soil and water is re-laid. It’s not over! Spring is to enter into the form, lightness, grogginess.
In this first week of April when opening a new spring of joy in your arms, you also have more toxins in the form if you want to get rid of your weight and your if I say it like a harpoon, which will begin today “spring diet” to follow carefully our directory. If you need to apply at the same time…
Long live dietitian life simple, easy, cheap, entertaining, effective, and have developed a diverse programme. Which will require the use of insulin diabetes, severe hypertension and organ failure, non-breastfeeding and healthy adults, almost all children can apply to this program.
My suggestion is to be more active in implementing the program, during the program almost every day, at least 45-60 minutes of brisk walking you have to do.
For two weeks, starting today, you will find more suggestions on our page for nutrition and diet.
To read about the new developments in the world of diet, activity and you’ll see our recommendations about nutrition. We hope you like it. You get the benefit hopefully of use to you.It’s not over! Live life dietitian if you have any questions regarding the program, they’re going to try to answer them. Life dietitians in the box Long Live e-mail addresses. You can contact them without hesitation.
Extremely hard from the last troubled days of the New days in the spring some more, take a deep breath and new hopes, I wish you will bring more peace and more happiness.
To practice you can start tomorrow. Good luck!
Important suggestions for healthy weight 20
Eat a balanced and varied diet. Every meal with protein, carbs, fat you get. Don’t eat or drink the same things.
* Do not skip meals.
* Do not eat frequently. Dec if you do need to meals (if you’re not hypoglycemic) leave the habit of snacking. Especially belly, wide waist circumference if you are one of this point is very important.
Avoid alcohol.
* Opt for water and herbal teas.
* The fruit of the liquids limit. Don’t eat fruit in the evening! Leave the day that arbitrarily.
* Gluten-rich foods (bread, rice, pasta, Oven bakery products).
* Eat slowly and chew every bite at least 15 to 20 times.
* Don’t eat fast. Make it a habit to eat sitting down.
* Don’t sit alone for dinner. Share your meal with someone by talking and chatting. Do not eat while watching TV.
* Reduce your portions.
* No disruption to ban sugar. Remove it from the table all kinds of sugar.
* If you have suffered a lot of things that are forbidden in your life, you taste it and leave it.
* Do not drink the water until half an hour before a meal and after.
* Make sure to drink plenty of water often throughout the day.
* Early in the evening and eat light.
* Never jump breakfast and protein foods (cheese, yogurt, eggs) empower.
* When you hear from feeling hungry, eat anything that contains flour and sugar touch. With vegetables (cucumber, carrots, lettuce) or almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios (pay attention to the quantity).
* If possible, get into the habit of taking a 15-20 minute walk followed by dinner.
* At least five thousand steps per day, taking yeddi thousand five hundred don’t forget to catch my name. Your goal is ten thousand paces every day.
What should a good diet be like?
* Easy to implement
* The cheapest foods you must include
* Permanent and must suggest a proper diet
* Flexible (open to change) must be
* One-way should not be
* You should keep in the forefront of a variety of nutrients,
* Have fun
* It should be fun
* Compelling formats should not be
* Must be based on scientific data.
Do both diet and detox
Long live the daily life today we are broadcasting from the dietary recommendations prepared by the dietician. Note that these proposals are not private. Those who can’t afford the time that is preparing for those who find those who have problems make a note of 5-6 pounds over weight.
That targets the main principle of every diet permanent weight loss “diet planning, personalized” we also know very well in our clinic we apply this principle uncompromising. Seven-day diet the purpose of the spring on it, we worked hard to plan too. To the extent possible our products in our kitchen, food, drinks I have used. Different drinks and food recipes as you can in this two weeks we tried to bring fun and enjoyment. When you have questions or doubts, our dietician by e-mail, don’t neglect to notify.

Why Do Diet Easier In The Spring?

A good diet program is without a doubt, the most important thing will apply with the correct prescription stability and manage. According to research, healthy nutrition and special dietary awareness does increase with each passing day, although some important points may be overlooked. For example, in the spring… a few of them do diet and the advice of experts like:

A healthy diet of strict prohibitions, there are no measurements. Note that from Whole Foods in moderation and a balanced diet and consume sufficient.
For example, put 2 tbsp oil in a pot for dinner. Add oil if you’re going to cook without meat for dinner. Olive, hazelnut, walnut, almond oil instead of regularly consuming these foods more than stay away from while from the past.
Forget the salad with the sauce for a while.
The chicken salad in addition to grilled meat or a glass of buttermilk.
In the evening instead of eating red meat, low fat fish such as sea bass and sea bream prefer.
It is perfect for spring because spring is the season to make an ideal diet.
Less exposure to sunlight the metabolic rate slows down. For that reason, on hot days it is easier to lose weight.


Summer What Do I Need To Enter On The Form?!

Fed in moderation to lose weight healthy and elanur Yilmaz said that the secret is nutrition and diet expert, movement and drew attention to the importance of drinking plenty of water.
Fast weight loss is experiencing a rush in the transition seasons. Losing weight is a process, to the application of the discipline of a healthy diet and life so it is necessary to start in advance. The only dietitians to guide the process. Actually the formula for losing weight, it’s obvious. Eat healthy and in moderation, create a layout of your own nutrition, move, and drink plenty of water.
Summer what do I need to enter on the form?!
Eat little and often: your metabolism is constantly alive, slow down and your blood sugar will remain in balance. Throughout the entire day of food that is consumed as 6 meals a day to lose weight will cease to be too painful a process when it is shared. Dec 3 main meals taken in small quantities at frequent intervals, with 3’ meals must comply with the rule. For more than 3 hours to stabilize blood sugar levels, care should be taken not to be hungry. In this way, suppressing and triggered fresh crisis in the day to get rid of the desire to eating too much food in a single meal it will be easy.
Water: water is required for the continuation of life and the beginning of life. You should drink 10-15 glass of water per day.
Eat 2-3 times fish per week: fish and omega-3 fats protect heart health and cognitive function, enhance your metabolic rate raises. A person’s daily omega-3 fish 2-3 times per week should consume in order to meet your needs.
2-3 cups milk: Milk is the best source of calcium in nutritional sources. You must eat 1-2 slices of cheese and 2-3 cups of milk per day.
Choose whole grain: whole grain products, cereals form the group of the healthiest because they contain the pulp. Whole grain bread instead of white bread, opt for brown rice instead of white rice raise your quality of life does not allow you to be successful in controlling your weight.
2 times per week, consume legumes: dry beans is rich in fiber and B vitamins. The balancing of blood sugar, blood cholesterol and plays an active role in this group, which should be 2 times per week diet.
Every day eat raw vegetables: raw vegetables because they contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the diet has a very important place.
Dessert seasonal fruit meet your needs from: Dec meals, nuts, peanuts, almonds and sweet to consume fresh fruits and your diet meets the needs of the health value of raises. Accelerating your metabolism is effective.
Exercise: with the warming up of the air must be made at least 1 hour every day. The exercise will help in fat burning by speeding up metabolism at the same time, by increasing serotonin symptoms allows you to be happy, then I wish you a Happy Summer feet moving each pouch plenty.

10 Foods That Keeps You Satiated On A Diet

Refresh yourself with spring. If you have decided to diet, unable to cope with cravings while dieting the perfect time today… if you are fighting with yourself not to eat will help you with the food that keeps you satiated. Bakirkoy Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet, Phytotherapy Sila Knowledgeable Expert, you will need to survive for a long time, both while dieting and food that will make you feel more energetic for the readers 10 spokesman said.
Knowledgeable, high fiber content foods with more volume, easier to cover in our stomach creates a sense of saturation, while “also does not raise your blood sugar slowly and are absorbed quickly intestines; keeps it stable and allows you to get hungry later, so your blood cholesterol levels. Supports weight loss the body burns more calories in the digestion of food and fiber,” he says. Healthy and good quality to prolong the feeling of satiety for the digestion of fats, also stressed that support our immune system.
Oats: high amounts of beta-glucan fiber and a good content of vegetable protein thanks to oats for breakfast you will consume, helps you stay satiated and energetic for a long time. You can consume it with milk sweetened with dried fruits.
Chia: many people haven’t heard of, even though China, more calcium than milk, more than salmon omega-3, that contains the seed of a plant from the mint family Yesil more antioxidants than tea. Full grip. By making it a part of our daily diet, you can use one to two tablespoons per day.
Eggs: egg-free breakfast. Bioavailability and a high quality protein is eggs, which takes place at the beginning of holding full of foods. Prefer the egg boiled to the consistency of the apricot as much as possible. You can consume vegetable and sunflower seeds as well as Dec.
Yesil cinnamon tea epigallocatechingallate and caffeine In tea have a positive effect on metabolic rate in Yesil. Research regularly Yesil tea-drinkers, non-smokers have shown that you lose weight more slowly than 45 per cent. Cinnamon is also sweet that you put into it your request can contain. Therefore be sure to consume two cups of tea every day Yesil.
Fresh red pepper: a salad with fresh red pepper, added olive oil, diet and nutrition, Phytotherapy informed expert sila, “vegetables with high pulp content more quickly in the stomach and occupies a large volume and density, they fed us support. Vegetables are very low in calories also possible that the constipation problem is the solution. The salad fresh red pepper and some olive oil added to the inside of the holding period is extended when it is full,” he says.
Instead of buckwheat bread: the bread of the stomach instead of food, and later abandoned, which is slower to digest buckwheat, is an ideal choice for those who want to lose weight. Also stabilizes your blood sugar, as the fat content is low. Very rich in terms of vitamins minerals.
Chipotle yogurt sauce: the capsaicin in crushed red pepper flakes Pain substance thermogenic (body heat riser) effect metabolism and allows you to burn more fat. High calcium and protein source when added on top of yogurt, which is easier to digest and consume. Also getting rid of fat waist circumference than those who consume those who consume yogurt is easy.
Broccoli: thanks to the content in many substances, health-friendly broccoli, the slimming process is indispensable. When consumed in conjunction with meat dishes as well due to its high content of vitamin C supports the treatment of anemia by increasing the absorption of iron. The color and texture of steamed broccoli causes it to use while on abundant lemon, drizzle with 1 teaspoon olive oil. You can add flavor with spices.

Coffee milk: prepared with skim milk coffee, in the weight loss process by suppressing hunger signals can be a great meal Dec. In this way, you can feel yourself satiated for a long time.
Avocado: diet and nutrition, Phytotherapy sila informed expert, “especially when consumed one serving of half an avocado with dinner full time is growing. 22 per cent of women who do this research, consisting of three hours of eating and feel more satiated revealed that 24 percent declined. Avocado is also a good store of vitamin B6. Holding the avocado when you feel hungry you can eat yourself full,” he says.
10 foods that keeps you satiated on a diet

Egg and avocado Duo Burns abdominal fat


A, D, E, B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, zinc, minerals.
Lecithin, phospholipids and are the best sources of choline for brain development.
With food and cannot be synthesized in the human body that are required to be taken outside of the ‘essential amino acids’.
Breast milk, then the second protein is the best quality and ‘hypothetical protein’ is regarded as.
Our two eggs daily protein needs 20% of Meet. Its digestibility is high because almost all protein in the body and can become utilized by the body.
One large egg contains about 70 calories; this egg 6 grams Protein, 5 grams fat, and 186 milligrams of cholesterol.
Sodium and magnesium in egg white; the yolk in iron, calcium, zinc, greater amounts of choline include.
Egg yolk; a, D, E vitamins, and contains quite a lot of choline compared to your whites. Two sections of the nutritional value is high because the egg be consumed when doing sports as a whole, both to increase the strength of both heart and liver disease as well as it is important for you to stay satiated on Nov.


Fat-burning oils, although it is accepted in the group, actually it is a fruit.
Half of a medium avocado is about 142 calories, and more calories than most fruits-fat. However, the content in avocado monounsaturated fatty acids and supporting the burning of fat to show the effect holder and satiated for a long time. These fatty acids are also found in olive oil and the rise in the level of cholesterol in the blood by preventing stands out as the best natural remedy for cardiovascular diseases.
Known as the fertility fruit, the Avocado; a, C, E and B6, vitamin E, lutein and is a good source of fiber.
Iron, magnesium and folate rate is also pretty good. Contains more potassium than a banana.
Of the energy in avocados 85% comes from oil. Other fruits with a higher ratio of soluble fiber and therefore helps the digestive system work better.

The addition of avocados to prevent them from being robbed after they kararmam lemon or vinegar is recommended. Especially for use in salads and sandwiches. Grilled meat, chicken or grilled vegetables on the side of a dipping sauce can be made. 1/4 avocado, 1 teaspoon of the oil equivalent, and for paying attention to the relative amount of diet to consume is important.

Avocado Pie Recipe:
Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 egg white, ¼ avocado, 2 tablespoons ricotta cheese, 1 tbsp oats, ½ tsp crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon black seed
Into a mixing bowl add all the ingredients except avocado and black seed are added and mixed. 1 tsp olive oil into a fireproof skillet and added to the mixture. Cook sliced omelet on top of avocado are added, And finally they are sprinkled with Nigella.

Belly Fat Burning Smoothie With Guacamole
Ingredients: 1 cup soy or almond milk, 6 strawberries, 6 berries, ¼ avocado, 1 tbsp chia seeds, baby spinach 3-4 leaves, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, ½ teaspoon ground ginger
Preparation: add all ingredients from the blender is passed. Ice can be added. Can be consumed as breakfast.
Glorious Dietician Jane Ak

Fat-Burning Miracle Dry Yogurt Recipes

How to get rid of belly fat for a more slimming effect the mixture of those who think that we’re giving out miraculous recipes! This will melt your heart soon after you apply the cures you will notice.
Dry Lemon Yogurt Recipe
Lemon yogurt dry ingredients:
3 tablespoons low-fat yogurt
Half a lemon
Half teaspoon turmeric (or 1 teaspoon red chilli powder may be genuine.)
Lemon yogurt dry ingredients:
Yogurt, the juice of half a lemon, and turmeric in a bowl. Do not eat anything after drinking this mixture before going to sleep the night and more.
We need to be careful when applying dry:
Still a person is very difficult, and therefore more to lose weight, you need to move. At least 1.5 litres per day. Pay more attention to your nutrition. In the process of slimming, salt, white sugar, white bread, pastries, desserts style, remove fried products from your life. If the advice is followed and you will have clear skin in a short time you will weaken both.
Fat-Burning Yogurt Setup
Fat-burning yogurt dry ingredients:
1 lemon
250 grams yogurt
4 sprigs parsley
4 sprigs dill
Fat-burning setup yogurt preparation:
After all dereotl parsley and finely in a bowl. Add lemon juice and 250 grams yogurt and mix well. This is dry apply at least 2 times per week. Remember to eat 3 hours before bedtime.
Dry Yogurt, Gold
The gold yogurt dry ingredients:
4-5 tablespoons of fat-free yogurt
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
The gold yogurt dry ingredients:
Fat-free yogurt, pour into a bowl. Put all the ingredients into one by one. The rate of prepared yogurt every day to consume on an empty stomach.