Fat-Burning Miracle Dry Yogurt Recipes

How to get rid of belly fat for a more slimming effect the mixture of those who think that we’re giving out miraculous recipes! This will melt your heart soon after you apply the cures you will notice.
Dry Lemon Yogurt Recipe
Lemon yogurt dry ingredients:
3 tablespoons low-fat yogurt
Half a lemon
Half teaspoon turmeric (or 1 teaspoon red chilli powder may be genuine.)
Lemon yogurt dry ingredients:
Yogurt, the juice of half a lemon, and turmeric in a bowl. Do not eat anything after drinking this mixture before going to sleep the night and more.
We need to be careful when applying dry:
Still a person is very difficult, and therefore more to lose weight, you need to move. At least 1.5 litres per day. Pay more attention to your nutrition. In the process of slimming, salt, white sugar, white bread, pastries, desserts style, remove fried products from your life. If the advice is followed and you will have clear skin in a short time you will weaken both.
Fat-Burning Yogurt Setup
Fat-burning yogurt dry ingredients:
1 lemon
250 grams yogurt
4 sprigs parsley
4 sprigs dill
Fat-burning setup yogurt preparation:
After all dereotl parsley and finely in a bowl. Add lemon juice and 250 grams yogurt and mix well. This is dry apply at least 2 times per week. Remember to eat 3 hours before bedtime.
Dry Yogurt, Gold
The gold yogurt dry ingredients:
4-5 tablespoons of fat-free yogurt
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
The gold yogurt dry ingredients:
Fat-free yogurt, pour into a bowl. Put all the ingredients into one by one. The rate of prepared yogurt every day to consume on an empty stomach.

Yesil Tea Weakens?

Tea, Camellia sinensis (Theaceae)is obtained from the leaves and buds of the plant after water the most consumed and 2. is the drink. Yesil are produced by different methods from the same plant tea, black and oolong are divided into 3 main categories. Yesil tea is not fermented, black tea is fully fermented and oolong tea is semi-fermented, is a feature. The weight of the tea Yesil 20-40% of polyphenols that consists of 60-80% of catechins comprise. Yesil of tea flavonoids has a high rate of positive effects on health for it is believed that catechin is responsible for that. Studies, Yesil Yesil one of the many benefits of tea tea is the compound of his brother epigallokatesin basic gallate(EGCG) on the activities of connects.
Effective fat burning tea-Yesil
The New Year came between May give weight to our decisions. Feeding with tea catechins Yesil long-term and extensive research has been conducted on the impact a potential effect in some researchers suggests that weight control tea Yesil. At the same time, Yesil tea increase metabolism, is known to increase energy expenditure. Caffeine content in tea is ECGC Yesil asserts that studies together with the fat burning effect.
A meta-analysis-control studies Yesil brother tea + caffeine, caffeine only, and results evaluated Yesil brother tea + 1.38 kg of body weight in the case of caffeine, the waist has decreased from 1,93 CM have shown that.
A powerful antioxidant
Some beverages that are rich in phenolic ingredients tea has antioxidant activity higher than Yesil. Black tea and tea extracts which have antioxidant activity higher than Yesil breaking the chain of Free Radical of active oxygen is higher than the ability to destroy black tea. Due to the height of tea Yesil in the structure of the brotherhood, more potent than vitamins C and E has antioxidant activity. In these days when the weather is very cold, tea consumption is protective against diseases Yesil lemon 2 cups per day.
Protective against cancer
Some studies that have cancer protective properties of tea polyphenols Yesil ,has preventive effects against tumor formation and growth indicate that. Many of these polyphenols in tea is believed to have a cancer-protective effect especially Yesil ECGC. At the same time brewing tea to inhibit the metastasis of cancer cells Yesil effect was found.
Makes it easier to digest
Yesil tea gastro-intestinal disorders, individuals with you can easily drink tea. With the property that increase the activity of enzymes in the digestive system makes it easier to digest. Urine enhancer feature also assists in the discharge of the payment from the body. People who have digestive problems especially after dinner drinks a cup of Yesil will be quite healthy.
The effect on oral health
The antibacterial effect of tea Yesil with the biological activity of some bacteria that cause the formation of cavities and tartar on the teeth to suppress them prevents it from sticking to tooth enamel and helps prevent bad breath.
How much should be consumed?
2-2,5 g of the leaf tea is brewed by adding a large cup of hot water on Yesil. It is suggested that consume 2-3 cups per day for 3-5 minutes. The compound that is effective in cases of diarrhea of the Brotherhood because it can take some time for the water to pass into waiting 15-20 minutes to be infused by consume 3-4 cups per day is recommended. Excessive amounts(15 to 20 cups per day) tea consumption in humans nervousness, tension, palpitations, high blood pressure, insomnia, frequent urination and may cause stomach complaints. In addition, the vitamin K content in blood with a blood thinner for people who use drugs because of Yesil would make a buffet tea.

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The 5 Golden Rules To Permanent Weight Loss

The weather is getting increasingly hot and naturally reached its culminating point in the panic to get rid of excess weight. If you are living every rush this year, you also means you must follow the path solution with a strict diet. However, there is one fact you should bear in mind; shortly after went from fat with a strict diet, because the weight is rolled back. Maslak Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet expert told Jade Ozcan ways to permanent weight loss.
Dishes do not put salt in your diet
The accumulation of edema in the body in the transition seasons. So, your body can retain fluid with the result that in the hands, feet and swelling can be felt around the belly intense. The most accurate solution to the problem of the Salt Body oedema prior restrict. Between 4 to 5 grams per day restrict the consumption of salt. Use spices instead of salt to sweeten your meals. In addition, edema of the tea, you can benefit from the shooter. Teas blood pressure tea edema located between the shooter if you have problems you can consume 2-3 cups per day Yesil.
Missing breakfast do not diet from your list
The timelessness of many of us or we make breakfast in the morning due to lack of appetite, or doesn’t float. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fudge your appetite and affects your metabolism even more because skip breakfast or your next meal causing you to eat more food to OpenSearch. In this scheme, as a result of increased body fat stores tend to promote weight gain. Night eating syndrome can cause your blood sugar level, especially because it is broken even then. Numerous studies conducted on people who are more successful in losing weight, they start your day with a good breakfast for better control of appetite and shows that they ruled. For this reason, taking the time to make it easier for you to lose weight breakfast every day can help if you have sudden dining you can avoid your attacks.
Weight loss diet is through the path of
One other reason for weight problems you may be drinking enough water to live. Water is a nutrient that your body needs the most. Of fat burning and your metabolism working at the same time continuing and important place. Fat burning occurs when toxic substances in the body, and to be taken out of this article, the body needs water. For this reason, you must drink water in order to increase your fat burning. You don’t have to wait to feel thirsty to drink water. Women 10-12 glasses per day on average, men should drink 12-14 cups. If you have trouble in your water to consume water, cinnamon, apple, lemon, mint, you can add slices of. Thus, water consumption increases, and also if you have edema in your body, you can also assign.
To run a test, get
Trouble losing weight, you are not the only reason you can complain about your eating habits. Low metabolic rate, hormones, vitamin deficiencies, and weight of the thyroid gland that is not working well can have a negative influence on us. Meet with a physician who specializes in Endocrinology and metabolism and make sure you don’t have any problems that prevent you from losing weight. According to your test results that will be applied to drug treatment and diet weight loss will have a positive impact.
Without sports is not a diet
A healthy lifestyle and to lose weight 3 times a week, never neglect regular sports don’t. Accelerates fat burning walks in the morning on an empty stomach is given and providing it easier to lose weight. Medical problems such as hypoglycemia, insulin resistance or if you prefer to do it in the morning for a walk. Mid-day or evening meal if you are going to the gym in Dec 1 hour, 2.5 hours from main meals note that. When doing sports, proper diet is also very important. The mention of Sports-Rich in protein should be fed, it is believed. However, meat, milk and dairy products, protein sources such as legumes, whole wheat bread, rice, and fresh carbohydrate sources to include in your diet such as fruit. The reason for this protein as carbohydrate sources in order to recover your tired muscles after doing sports are also needed.

Weaken Here Are 10 Healthy Food!

Slimmer and fitter look, get rid of fat around the belly, is the dream of many people who have weight problems. However, to occur without adversely affecting health is also very important. Lose weight healthy and full of energy to spend longer 10 Super Summer Food…Dietitian Emre

Speed up bowel movements high fiber content and wash it next morning. Artichoke leaf has the effect of lowering cholesterol. Allows the excretion of toxins from the liver.
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A,B and C has a rich content of vitamins. Calcium, magnesium and iron. The content of folic acid helps protect the cardiovascular system by.
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Ensures efficient operation by regulating the kidney functions. It strengthens the immune system. Lutein protects eye health the content.

It is beneficial against arthritis. Cholesterol-lowering effect. Protects the health of your heart. To lose weight is helpful. For infections and inflammation in the body is good. Useful against poisoning. Prevents hair loss.
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Adenosine which is found in onions, reduces the risk of heart attack by preventing clot formation. Onion research also increases the level of HDL. Helps prevent high blood pressure.
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Rosemary has a decisive effect on weight and appetite suppressant. In the Prevention of cancer is a very strong plant. Strengthens the memory. Prevents allergies and infections. It strengthens the immune system.

Rich in fiber, because your digestive arrangement. Prevent cellular damage with the antioxidant capacity. Vitamin C normalizes the structure of connective tissue.

Daily vitamin C requirement too. Resistance against diseases increases. Helpful in maintaining heart and vascular health. Protects bone health because it contains manganese.
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Cholesterol-lowering effect. Reduces the formation of gallstones. Reduces inflammation in the body. Protects cardiovascular health. Regulate blood pressure potassium content. Low on the glycemic index.

10. Lemon
High blood pressure, obesity, dental problems, fever, constipation, indigestion, throat is beneficial in the Prevention of infections. Apart from this, lemon is also an important nutrient for hair and skin care.
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Source: http://www.hurriyetaile.com/fotogaleri/sizin-icin/iste-saglikli-zayiflatacak-10-super-besin-3401

Simple Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Buffet, which is challenging for most of us the holiday period began. You go on vacation to a hotel with open buffet and lose weight? Some simple but effective tips to lose weight during the holiday season, Fatma stating to not get outlined.
Your lunch or dinner buffet many delicious meals. Only 1 kind of food with a little calorie you can consume each day and love you. The other meal, you should choose a menu that’s healthy and low in calories. You go, you can eat a special meal at the hotel or the city for that region. But ubiquitous, simple and-calorie meals do not consume. The heat of summer, cold drinks are indispensable. Choose one of these only 1 a day and up to 1 cup. If you need liquid, by drinking water you must meet. You should consume approximately 2.5 liters of water per day.

Of course it wouldn’t be a vacation type dondurmasiz. Dec 2 servings of fruits or meals you can consume 2-3 scoops of ice cream mixed fruit plate meal summer to be Dec a good option. Finally, of course sports. You can increase your daily activity and even you can lose weight, you should consider the holiday period. Swim in the day and increase your activity by making a walk in the evening.
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Their weight with the diet say goodbye to autumn!

Do you want to lose your weight permanently? If your answer is ‘yes’ Dietitian Sea zunbulcan necessarily follow these suggestions! Type of shock that leads to many negative effects of the diet, indicating Zunbulcan, autumn shared the tricks with the diet you lose weight, speeds up metabolism, did not neglect to share a few recipe.
Slowly the sun on the sand of the sea, and kiss goodbye to a trio of summer, our vacation coming to an end, we welcome the fall season. With the coming of autumn, the sun is starting to show less of itself. Causes of changing weather conditions to change our mental state. For most people, Autumn sadness, unhappiness, depression is described as a season. This period through the way most harmless to the body after changing the sunny days are over, not better days started of the season, the winter season is a season to prepare for and to think that tool is going to get back to your form.
It’s Time For You To Lose Weight!
As summer approached in the summer or for the sake of being weak shock this shock is pretty much… the number of people who diet tend to make in the autumn months begin to show the negative effects of diets. At the beginning of the summer, very fast and short-term weight by giving fake happiness and unhappiness of the person bringing as much weight to these diets in the fall returns. In a short time, because a given weight, just consists of water and the loss of Nov. The important thing is to truly lose fat. Many people who hear the word diet the rest of the sentence stay open, eat, complements it with the words deadly to diets. But the word diet is the Greek ‘diaita’ the word comes from ‘lifestyle’ carries the meaning of. Prohibitions to live with it’s not so important to change your lifestyle. Because it is permanent, and fat loss truly, however, such a path is possible. For this reason, the autumn season, it is time for people to start losing weight with more weight.

Diet suggestions for autumn:

From the moment we open our eyes to a new day the energy requirements of our body affects us physically and psychologically. The day when we open our eyes, physically the act of waking up takes place, however, when the wake is important biological. So you had better wake up also wakes up your metabolism doesn’t mean. Go hungry after all night wake up your metabolism and also providing energy to the importance of breakfast is very great. So breakfast your metabolism accelerator. Breakfast is not done, increased with a slowing metabolism slows down your metabolism and bring an appetite. The increased appetite throughout the day with eating in a way involuntary. Appetite control and slimming in the period for the acceleration of metabolism therefore breakfast is very important.
When the sun is abundant serotonin, melatonin, the secretion of hormones and adrenaline is high. The release of these hormones, which enables you to feel happy ourselves more energetic and autumn and decreases in winter. Therefore, we must increase these hormones regulate our diet in winter. Which is known as the happiness hormone serotonin, improve performance, vigor and happiness is a hormone that provides. The hormone serotonin there are more than B1 and B2. By stimulating the release of endorphins in the body that stimulate the production of serotonin, a hormone foods: Wheat, peas, milk and dairy products, chocolate, bananas, turkey meat, red pepper, orange.
Watch out for calories in a great little getaway. Hazelnut, pistachio nuts, salami, sausage, pepperoni, such as delicatessen products, biscuits, dry pastries, cakes, high-fat prepared foods such as eating foods high in calories but small makes it difficult for you to lose weight. For example, the 560 calories in 100 grams pistachios, 100 grams of sunflower seeds calories in 584, 628 calories in 100 grams of nuts.
Research says most people eating stems from emotional hunger more than usual 75. Emotional hunger are above normal for the autumn season is the season where. In times like this we need the high water and fiber beneficial compounds, a low calorie food. ‘Is there food?’ I hear you ask. At this point, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables for us I must say that it is the value of the gift. Other individuals individuals consume two servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day research that 11% of have shown that are healthier.
Almost anyone who wants to lose weight first carbohydrate-containing foods makes one of the meals. This is one of the biggest mistakes made. Adequate, an individual who wants to stay satiated, eat a balanced diet and the daily energy from carbohydrates should provide 50 to 60 percent. Every meal should include foods that contain carbohydrates. Important here is the authenticity of the selected carbohydrate source. Fiber carbohydrate sources and does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar does not raise your blood sugar quickly. Therefore, you should choose complex carbohydrate sources. Wholemeal bread, whole wheat pasta, dry beans, rice are examples of complex carbohydrates.
Daily fluid needs with the need for water is the same thing? ‘Tea, coffee I’m having. I just have a glass or two or water’ has become a phrase we often hear the phrase. However, it should be known that drinks like tea and coffee because they are diuretic, increase your fluid intake lessens the need for water. Consume 2-3 liters of water per day will provide convenience to individuals who are in the process of slimming. The water smoked a little bit when she’s afraid and would not meet the needs of the body, even disguising himself tea 1 cup of juice edema. Therefore, it begins to get difficult to lose weight. Attention, the color of your urine is yellow and dense, if you are getting enough water.
If you want to lose weight just changing your diet but your way of life a healthy life while you are editing when you should increase your physical activity. Increase your physical activity will enable you to increase your metabolism rate. 40 minutes 3-4 times per week that you will do regular exercise, both physically and spiritually will affect you positively.

Accelerating The Metabolism Tea Autumn
(This recipe makes 9-10 cup of tea turns out tea.)

1 teaspoon flavored mate tea
1 teaspoon of white tea
2 teaspoons tea Yesil
1 dried bay leaf
1 sprig of cinnamon bark
5-6 cloves
1 teaspoon ginger
1 lemon

After a few minutes, you can consume approximately all the ingredients in 1 liter of water demledik.
Sweet Happiness That Accelerate Metabolism
(Recipe 4 servings-out, 1 portion 180 King)

5 tablespoons chia
250 ml semi-skimmed milk
4 dried figs
The size of 6 sugar cubes with fresh coconut
For garnish fresh mint, dry coconut

By adding chia to milk an oven is expected. Dried figs, fresh coconut with warm water is passed to the robot were minimized after relaxed. Mix this mixture in milk with chia surging. Into the bowl after they are imported, dry coconut and mint are decorated with age.
Note: Individuals with any disease, it is important to consult a doctor and a dietician before applying any recipes.
Autumn is the healthiest products you can consume in the diet tazemasa.com’too!

Source: hurriyetaile.com

Does breast milk make jaundice?

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Does breast milk make jaundice? however, there are two reasons for the jaundice seen in breast-fed infants. From the Department of Child Health and Diseases (Neonatology) Dr. Tuğba Gürsoy explains these reasons for you:

The mother’s inadequate milk production or the baby’s not absorbing the baby as a result of the baby is not enough breast milk is seen due to. These babies lose excess weight and blood bilirubin levels rise. In this case, to increase the amount of milk, you should feed your baby as often as you like and ensure that your baby’s breast is fully understood during feeding.
Breast milk jaundice may be seen in newborn babies due to inadequate liver and intestines. It is usually seen after the first week of life, reaching its highest levels in the second week and then disappearing in weeks. Blood bilirubin levels rarely occur to require treatment.

Breastfeeding should be discontinued if breast milk is jaundiced in infants?
You should not stop breastfeeding your baby even if your baby has had jaundice; on the contrary, you should continue to breastfeed at frequent intervals. Make sure your baby is well fed and weight gain. You can get support for breastfeeding your baby. You can request breastfeeding counseling from the health personnel of your hospital.

How is Jaundice treated?
The most common treatment modality for jaundice is light therapy (phototherapy). The blue light that breaks down the bilirubin and releases it from the body is applied to the baby’s skin. Babies are naked under the light only with a cloth. The baby’s eyes are closed with specially produced tapes so that they are not damaged. Phototherapy is successful in most babies and no other treatment is required. Phototherapy is stopped when the baby’s level of bilirubin in the blood drops to safe levels. Phototherapy is a safe treatment method, with little side effects. May cause diarrhea or skin rash.

Blood exchange is applied in emergencies such as blood group incompatibility, where the level of bilirubin increases to dangerous levels and should therefore be rapidly discarded. The bilirubin-rich blood of the baby is taken, instead of the blood from the blood bank is given.

What can be done to prevent the development of severe jaundice in infants?
Various measures can be taken to prevent the development of serious jaundice in infants:

The amount of bilirubin is measured before the postpartum baby is discharged from the hospital and the control is adjusted according to this result.
Family members are given training on how to follow the baby’s jaundice at home and signals of danger. Considering the increased jaundice, the hospital is immediately referred to.
In the babies who need treatment, treatment is started as soon as possible.

Click on the link to get detailed information about the Department of Pediatrics at Koç University Hospital.

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Find out more about tuberculosis treatment

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How is the diagnosis of tuberculosis?
We have listed what you need to know about the treatment of tuberculosis.
The diagnosis of the disease is made by showing the tuberculosis germ in the sputum or in the organ that the disease holds. Since drug-resistant tuberculosis is an important problem and makes treatment difficult, it is also important to look at the drug susceptibility of tuberculosis microbe. Thus, the drugs that do not affect the microbe can be replaced by the effective ones or the treatment time can be changed accordingly.

What is the treatment of tuberculosis?
Tuberculosis treatment consists of maintenance therapy, which is traditionally administered in the first 2 months of intensified drug therapy and with fewer drugs to be continued for at least 4 months. It is necessary to take up to 10 times a day during the intensive medication period. It is important not to discontinue treatment, to take medication regularly, to avoid any resistance to the drug and to have full recovery. Tuberculosis treatment in Turkey is given free of charge by Tuberculosis Dispensaries. Again, these medications are drunk under supervision of patients. During the course of treatment, the sputum is checked again and the treatment is regulated according to whether or not the microbe is lost.
How is the benefit in treatment?
During the treatment of tuberculosis, the patient can be understood by the reduction in the cough, the weight gain, improvement in the chest X-ray and the inability to detect the microbe in sputum. Although the disease is healed after tuberculosis treatment, the lung film may not completely return to normal and the traces of the disease can be carried over life.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease!
Since tuberculosis is an infectious disease, it is very important to screen the patient’s family and their immediate surroundings for the presence of active disease, and to initiate early treatment for the patients with the disease. At the same time, if there are young children, adolescents and people with low immunity who are at risk of getting sick in the immediate vicinity of the patient, they should be given protective medication from tuberculosis. There are also some tests showing contact with tuberculosis microbe. A skin test called PPD and blood contact with IGRA tests can be shown. Tuberculosis-protecting medication is only given to people who are in contact with this microbe and have a high risk of illness. This medicine is continued for at least 6 months to be taken once a day.

Protect your babies with the tuberculosis vaccine!
Another method of protection from tuberculosis is the vaccination of infants. Vaccination is a compulsory vaccination in our country conditions and it is performed at the left shoulder head in the second month of infants. If the vaccine is shelled and the shell falls off, it leaves a scar on the spot. The vaccine does not protect us from pulmonary tuberculosis. Although pulmonary tuberculosis is one of the most infectious types of tuberculosis, there are more types of tuberculosis that are more lethal. Vaccination is very valuable because it protects us against a very lethal brain tuberculosis, tuberculosis meningitis (inflammation of the brain membrane) and the widespread tuberculosis throughout the body.
Tuberculosis is a controllable and preventable disease.
Tuberculosis is an important public health problem in Turkey and early diagnosis, treatment and contact screening can be used to control the spread of the disease.
Click on the link to get detailed information about the Department of Chest Diseases at Koç University Hospital.

What is TB tuberculosis test tuberculosis test tuberculosis test tuberculosis test tuberculosis test tuberculosis test tuberculosis

What causes the growth of the nasal flesh in children?

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Growth of Genetic Meat in Children
Fungal growth is one of the most common diseases in children. Geniz is the name given to the space behind the nose that combines the mouth with the nose. Adenoid tissue in the flesh or medical language is a lymphoepithelial tissue in this region. Aphimous meat with tonsils, nose and mouth through the body as a part of the immune system to fight against infections. The growth of pubescent meat usually occurs between 3-7 years of age, when children are most frequently confronted with infection. As the age progresses, the growth decreases and the nasal passages in adulthood are almost lost. From our Ear Nose Throat Department. Ozan Gokler informs about Geniz Meat:
What are the symptoms of flesh growth?
Nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing through the nose, accordingly mouth breathing, open mouth, snoring, frequent upper respiratory tract and middle ear infections.
How is a flesh diagnosis made?
The history of the patients and the families are almost sufficient for the diagnosis. In the Otorhinolaryngology examination, the nasal lobe can be seen endoscopically with special instruments by mouth and nose. X-rays can also help diagnose if necessary.
How is the process of treating the flesh meat?
Treatment of the growth of pheromone is surgery. Surgery can be performed at any age when the indication is correct. The operation is very easy for both the surgeon and the child, it is performed under general anesthesia and the duration is about 5-10 minutes. Different methods can be used as surgical technique. No matter what method is used, the complications related to surgery are very low. The operated child is discharged on the same day. Children may continue their normal life the day after surgery. Surgery should be avoided in children with cleft palate or blood clotting problem.

Be careful!
Nephrine growth, which is not properly treated or not treated timely, may lead to greater and permanent problems. Enlarged nasal flesh may adversely affect middle ear ventilation due to its anatomical position. As a result of the inadequate ventilation of the middle ear, fluid collection in the middle ear can cause hearing loss and chronic otitis media. Sleep quality is reduced due to nasal congestion and snoring. Decreased sleep quality may lead to distraction and, consequently, a decrease in course achievement.
Untreated chronic nasal flesh growth, obstructive sleep apnea in children, upper airway resistance syndrome, swallowing and speech disorder, decrease in taste and odor, abnormal facial and tooth development, growth and growth retardation, sinusitis, pharyngitis and lung infections may cause.
It is very important for the healthy development of children that it is very easy to diagnose and treat this childhood disease, which is very common and easy to diagnose and treat.
Click on the link to get detailed information about Koç University Hospital’s Otolaryngology Department.

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What is autism? What are the symptoms of autism?

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What is Autism? Dr. Koç University Hospital, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, pointed out that autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social interaction, problems in verbal and nonverbal communication, repetitive behavior and limited interest. Tuba Mutluer said that the symptoms usually started within the first three years. Dr. Mutluer, which is defined as a fan disorder, draws attention to the fact that autism contains many clinical manifestations with different severity and symptoms.
What are the Symptoms of Autism?
The symptoms of autism mainly consist of issues that lead to functional disruption in two areas:
Social communication and interaction deterioration:

No eye contact, short-term establishment,
When I’m called by his name,
Improper use of gestures and gestures,
In your own case, in your own world,
Indifference to peers, failure to develop appropriate peer relations,
To be more concerned with objects and details than people’s faces,
Emotional unresponsiveness,
Difficulty playing games like imitations or pretensions
Not to share their feelings and interests spontaneously.

Limited and repetitive behavior patterns and interests:

Stereotypes (swinging, flapping your arms),
Extreme interest in rotating objects,
Non-objective playing with toys,
Repeater, unique, uniform speech,
Insistence in solicitation,
Restricted and unusual interests,
Hypersensitivity or insensitivity to some senses (such as sniffing, hearing, touching),

Click on the link to get detailed information about the Koç University Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department.

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