Beneficial Coffee Is Harmful To Health?

Coffee heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis are accused of being the cause of many diseases. But these claims are unfounded and that has been proven in recent studies, more than 3 cups of coffee per day to be provided for healthy individuals, there is a danger, on the contrary, we can say that your morning coffee is more useful than you think. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that help fight diseases. Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, liver cancer, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, as it can prevent able to reduce diseases such as tooth decay, increase your sporting performance, improves your mood, headaches, cuts the known benefits.
Coffee also reduces the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Regularly a few cups per day coffee drinkers as well as drinkers who don’t drink or Dec than 65% showed signs of dementia, it was observed that less. After eating dizziness low blood pressure at older ages as a result of Prevent.
Well, this coffee what are the nutrients that provide super powers?
Coffee contains antioxidants called diseases of grains that destroys the sheath. Quinine becomes even more effective when they are roasted. This antioxidant also regulate blood sugar levels in the coffee by showing the same effect with magnesium and shows the effect of reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
Coffee contains antioxidants, although this should not be an excuse for excessive consumption. Antioxidants a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you can get much more diverse.
Trigonelli an antibacterial compound in coffee, it just gives that wonderful aroma of coffee, but it also works to prevent tooth decay.
The benefits to our health of caffeine in coffee and the best-known is the content. Caffeine is a central nervous system, heart and muscles by stimulating effect. Allows you to be mentally alert and agile. Within days you consume drinks containing caffeine and in a controlled manner, it increases attention to clear thinking. In case of insomnia, allows you to be more vigorous in sporting activities. Delay slows the caffeine as Parkinson’s, headaches, many headache medicines as you might guess from the presence prevents.
Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system and regular use creates physical dependence. But the physical, social and economic impact that has had on the people of other addictive substances cannot even be compared. In the same way when we consume caffeine headaches, drowsiness, anxiety, irritability, depressed mood, although it was found to have symptoms such as trouble concentrating, you have only a couple of bad days, is not associated with harmful effects in the treatment of drug and alcohol withdrawal. Nevertheless, researchers that caffeine is a drug not to be forgotten, and a good night’s sleep or eating a healthy diet instead of the implementation that is quite unhealthy stress.
Caffeine can cause insomnia?
Our body very quickly absorbs caffeine, but it is excreted from the body as quickly. Of caffeine within 8 to 10 hours, 75% is excreted from the body, so in the morning you sleep better at night the coffee you drink has no effect. The rate of metabolism vary from person to person though, at least 6 hours before bedtime for a good night’s sleep you should stop drinking coffee. A lack of sleep as well as irritability and discomfort in the digestive system of caffeine as a side effect in some people may cause formation of to sleep with use.

Excessive coffee consumption what is it?
They suggest not to drink 3 cups per day of tea and coffee experts. Per day 4 or more cups a day coffee drinkers under age 55 who consume less and shorter than those taken me a lifetime it has emerged.
Many people may consume two cups of coffee per day is seamless. But more than that, nervousness, an increased heart rate, palpitations, and insomnia may result. If you do drink in the morning, you may experience caffeine withdrawal headaches.
Despite the potential benefits, contrary to consume high levels of caffeine have harmful effects. Consume excessive caffeine, high blood pressure, difficulty in going to sleep, general irritability, such as it can lead to problems.
5 mg each cup of coffee causes you to lose calcium. Can compensate this by drinking milk with your coffee.
You won’t get many calories from drinking coffee, unless you add something else for sure. A cup of black coffee only contains 7 calories. But milk, sugar, etc. as additions you make to your diet as it begins to be dangerous.
Pregnant women, children, heart disease, or those with peptic ulcers and elderly people were more vulnerable to the effects of caffeine and are advised to be careful not to consume caffeine.
More caffeine causes the release of calcium to the bones because it is considered harmful. Delicate bodied people, children and young people in caffeine consumption more diarrhea, acid reflux and heartburn may result. Both regular and decaffeinated coffee contain acids that will worsen the stomach burn.
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other caffeinated drinks allows you to be more attentive and energetic of low doses and when consumed in high doses, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia may result. Long-term consumed in high doses weakens the adrenal glands, vital nutrients hormone consume and disrupts our rhythm.
Although sometimes recommended daily fluid requirements were not included in coffee and tea, caffeine is a diuretic, so it causes more liquid to remain dehydrated and disposing the body during urine. Drink plenty of water make sure you consume too much caffeine at times.

How We Get Sick Less?

What we think, just what we eat, such as cancer, ulcers, asthma or blood pressure can exacerbate many health problems triggered can destroy it. So, Hippocrates ‘you are what you eat’ on the premise that we can add it easily: what if you think you’re…
There is a suggestion that health professionals often use. Thousands of years ago, Anatolia, right up your nose, opposite of the basement, Kos island (KOS), who lived in a legendary physician, Hippocrates this sentence: you are what you eat! Hippocrates shows that he was one hundred percent right to the data that are being added each year. For example, cancers of at least 30%, cardiovascular diseases by 40%, it is known that nutrition Associated one to one with style. Just sleep, nutrition, activity, stress level, because it is one of the determinants of health, such as basic, no doubt, but the matter of just ‘feeding the body, it is very certain that it will hallolama. ‘Emotional eating’ at least feed the body is important and especially so in the last 20 years this area has become a very important issue. In short, it’s not only what you drink and eat what you think is important. In other words, just “if you are what you eat”, not “what if you think you are’! A lot of emotions with the body and that there is a scientific field that examines the relationships of the immune system popular popular in recent years! The name of the field “NOROIMMUNOMODULASYON!” In this field, and our thoughts influence our mental state by the effect of changes that occur in our immune system, and explores the harms or benefits of these changes that create the biological. According to experts, what we think, just what we eat, such as cancer, ulcers, colitis, reflux, from, mother of Pearl vitiligo, allergic dermatitis, urticaria, asthma and many health problems are triggered or under pressure you take blood pressure and inflame can destroy it. In short, a life in which you look with the glasses, how you approach problems, an optimist or a pessimist, calm agitated, anxious, relaxed, brave, coward that you are you tame angry, jealous does he like to appreciate “who you are” and “how you gave the response” very, very important. Loses a loved one into a heart attack when solid, well-oiled who was paralysed, his brain, anything becomes too upset when you get angry suffering from stomach cramps and gas, and pour in hives psoriasis or overwhelmed, it’s the kind of thing where the majority of vitiligo arrested.
Not Teflon Sponge
Just while I was thinking to write something about it, Doc. Dr. Nezih in the box on the physician’s side you will read the e-mail message came. Written by Dr. drauzio Varella, Fatih Erden the language of the text that we have gained I decided to share with you. Hopefully the text when I read, “what your thinking” and ask yourself, “no matter how you feel,” and approached the events as “teflon sponge?” is a very important point why you are not only a better understanding of what your body, feed your soul and time to Remember: the way to get less sick, not just the body, the soul is going to stop good feeding…
The art of being the best
Unless you want to be patient if;
-Tell me about your feelings: excitement and suppressed emotions stored or gastritis, ulcers, herniated disc, back pain leads to such diseases as. Over time, the suppression of emotions develop into cancer. So, our secrets, our mistakes, we need to share it with someone! Dialogue, conversation, vocabulary and the excellent therapy is a very powerful drug!
-Make a decision: people are unstable, insecure, anxiety, and dies in agony. Instability issues, concerns and conflicts replicates. The judgment of human history comes from. Others to win for you to decide, give up and lose the advantages you definitely need to know. Unstable people stomach upset, skin problems, nervous disorders and victims.
-Live as you are: hiding the truth, pretending that the image is always happy, giving people who want to save tons of weight to look perfect. Bronze statue is the feet of clay. Living is bad for your health appeared and there is not a thing deceptive. Their fate in the pharmaceutical, hospital and angle.
-Face it: a lack of respect and self Reddedicilik yabancilastirir ourselves ourselves. Being at peace with ourselves is the key to a healthy life. This noes jealous, copycat, overly competitive and destructive they are. Accept criticism. This wisdom, cleverness, and therapy.
-Find solutions for: negative people and they will find a solution to the issues raised. Not to worry, rumor and pessimism prefer. Loves of my life to the darkness. Bee is tiny but it produces one of the sweetest things that I have. We think about what we are. Negative thoughts generate negative energy into disease.
-Trust: don’t trust people who can’t communicate, it is not clear, profound and a lasting relationship can’t develop, how that would make a real friend would know. Without trust a relationship can not be. Is the lack of belief in disbelief.
-Live life happy: Humor. Laughter. Peace. Happiness. It gives power to these health and a longer life brings. “A doctor protects you from us in good humor”. Happiness, health and therapy.

You Need To Consume Foods For Healthy Skin

Radiant and healthy skin, makeup or beautiful clothes out of skilled hands much more than impressive. Some people genetically have a more healthy skin, but still with a good care, you can have a healthy skin. Many of you have a favorite cream or skin care methods are out there, but the first step to having beautiful skin will have a healthy diet. Aging cells are constantly shed and are replaced with new cells, this in order to sustain continuous development, so some of the micro nutrients our body needs. By consuming the correct foods that contain these substances in a balanced manner and a soft, supple and smooth skin you can have.
Fruits and vegetables contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from damage by free radicals. Smoking, environmental air pollution and the sun’s rays and causes the formation of free radicals, which leads to wrinkling of the skin and age spots. Be sure to consume at least five servings per day and fruits and vegetables of different colors. Beta carotene in carrots and lutein in leafy vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin and Yesil is effective in maintaining the color of the skin and development of skin cells.
Vitamin C also is a powerful antioxidant. Robust immune system, glowing skin and is important for proper healing of blemishes. Blueberries, broccoli, red pepper and Yesil, tomato juice, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kiwi, oranges, grapefruit, and strawberries. The skin collagen which strengthens the capillaries that supports all these foods, they help to produce.
It works with other antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins C and E is another effective antioxidant for the immune system is of great importance. By increasing the amount of selenium in our diet, skin cancer, age spots and protect from sun damage. Sunflower seeds, fish, chicken, red meat, eggs, tomatoes, and broccoli include. To take supplements unless recommended your doctor because excessive amounts of selenium can cause poisoning foods with try to take.
Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that your body produces called. But as you age, production decreases. Salmon and tuna, chicken, offal such as liver and whole grain foods. Effective against wrinkles and other signs of aging and soften the skin. It protects skin and other body cells from damage by free radicals, the body’s energy production and helps the immune system to work properly.
Vitamin E prevents oxidation damage that occurs in the skin cells, protects the skin from external factors and supports the development of healthy skin. Improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and keeps it soft. Almonds, avocados, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts,fish,olives, leafy vegetables like spinach and Yesil, asparagus, olive oil, sunflower and corn oils.
Avocados, fish, olives and nuts in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats contain essential fatty acids that acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. These oils also comes in combination with vitamin E protects the skin from damage by free radicals. Be sure to consume adequate amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 oils. Our body can not spontaneously produce these fatty acids, must be obtained through diet. Fatty fish, flax seeds, found in foods such as walnuts. The body’s anti-inflammatory helps produce beneficial substances, is effective against eczema and psoriasis. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and natural oil barrier that protects the drying of the skin allows the formation of the formation of stain. These essential fatty acids makes the skin look younger and smoother, protects you from sun damage. Extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, sardines and mackerel are found in.
The oil glands of the skin zinc work properly, and will help to keep skin supple and soft and helps repair skin damage. Fish, lean red meat, chicken, nuts and shellfish are rich in zinc.
No one wants dry skin and shed. You can get vitamin A by eating a slice of melon or an orange. Yesil dark leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, mango, tomato juice, eggs and low fat dairy products it is found in. Adequate vitamin A intake wrinkles and brown spots may look better. Healthy skin with vitamin A in the blood is directly proportional to the amount of research that has shown that.
That is a natural estrogen found in plants, and keeps our hormone balance. Soybeans and its products, whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables, flax seed include different types of estrogen.
Drinking water is one of the best Favors you can do to your skin. Keeps your skin moist, ensures that wrinkles and lines are less visible. To receive the necessary nutrients to your cells and remove toxins will help. Blood flow as it helps to makes your skin shine. Needs to be moisturized to keep skin supple. Not least intermediate level liquid you consume, even if your skin is dry, tired and slightly can lead to healing. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. Fruits, vegetables, milk, and decaffeinated herbal teas and can be consumed against dehydration.
You can find the best potion for your skin tea is also Yesil. Yavasalatir DNA damage, inflammation helps to stop the sun from burning your skin prevents it. Yesil prefer to drink tea rather than using creams that contain.
Your carbohydrate consumption products such as beans and oats you prefer. These release sugar slowly into the bloodstream, which allows you to have a balanced energy, keeps you fuller longer, and thus, allow you to eat less junk food. Biscuits or sugar-sweetened beverages, avoid accelerate the production of insulin, and can cause damage to collagen accelerates wrinkles.
Vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs, yogurt, nuts, monounsaturated fats, whole grain foods, tea, and water that includes those who have a balanced diet, – fat dairy, red and processed meat, butter, potatoes, and lot less compared to those who consume high amounts of sugar showed signs of wrinkles and premature aging was observed.
When you take weight constantly sagging skin, wrinkles and causes damage such as cracks. Sudden weight loss diets in terms of vitamins is weak, and this is a bad diet will show a bad reflection on your skin to keep going for a long time.
Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, both skin aging accelerates. Smoking and those who did not use protective products against the sun the skin appear more aged. More on their faces and deep lines, wrinkles and spots. With regards to skin care products, care products one of the biggest mistakes made is to use overloading. It can irritate the skin use of products with different content, or the contents may block the effects of the ingredients in each other. How do you keep your skin care simple, if your long term it will make application easier. Healthy nutrition and care, as well as exercise or yoga, like meditation, and get enough sleep, make a comforting gesture.

Hot Recipes

In the kitchen you will find everything you need for a vibrant sex life. Food which increase testosterone levels, boost libido, strengthens your sexual urge? All these recipes…
Breakfast pleasure potion
Full-grain ready-crisp
How it works: cocoa powder, walnuts, oatmeal for it’s combination of sexual life like a magic wand. How? Oatmeal lowers cholesterol. Dust in cocoa good cholesterol (HDL) cholesterol. Improve blood circulation, reduces the risk of blood clots. Plaque formation the blood flow in the veins slows. This slowdown applies to the flow of blood to the penis. Walnuts, the brain’s ‘pleasure chemical ” dopamine, is rich.
• 1 liter of water
• 250 grams organic apple puree
• 250 full-grain that can be cooked crunchy
• 1 small bowl of quinoa also
• 1 small bowl of multigrain oats
• 6-7 pieces of dried apricots
• 100 grams dried cherries
• ½ Teaspoon of cinnamon
• ½ Teaspoon ground nutmeg
Water and unsweetened organic apple puree boil. Full-grain cooked cereal, quinoa and oats also add. 15-20 minutes, cook on the stove until the grains are tender. Dried apricots, cherries, cinnamon, and nutmeg add. Kaselik divide in half portions. Raspberries, blackberries or forest fruits, such as blueberries or add any of the fat-free milk and add walnuts. Half portions kaselik put it into small bags and rotate it. Put it in the microwave with skim milk for about one minute after it is resolved.
Mineral lunch sex
Putting steak and mushroom potato
How it works: this lunch healthy libido, which is thought to increase the levels of testosterone the most important hormone for your level. Steak, sex is the most important mineral which is zinc-rich. Zinc blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Fungal species also performs the same function.
4-5 potatoes peeled and chopped
2 cloves garlic
½ Cup unsweetened soy milk
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• Pound lean ground veal
• 1 medium onion
• 1 medium diced carrots
• 1 chopped celery
• 220 grams mushrooms
• 2 chopped garlic cloves
• ½ Teaspoon dried thyme
• 1 bay leaf
• 1 tablespoon tomato puree
• 2 tablespoons flour
• ½ Cup soy milk
• 1 cup beef broth
• 1 teaspoon Worcester sauce
The oven pre-190° C heat. Lightly oil a baking tray. Cook potatoes and garlic in salted water for 15 minutes 2. Drain, return it to the pot and stir. Soy milk, olive oil, salt, pepper and mix well. Place a large skillet over medium heat. Add oil and Brown the ground beef for about 3 minutes until they turn. Onion, carrot and celery and add. Until onions are tender, stirring frequently cook. Mushrooms, garlic, thyme, bay and tomato puree and stir for 5-7 minutes add. To the mixture add the flour and stir 1 minute. Add soy milk, stir constantly. Add Worcester sauce and meat juice. Boil for 3-4 minutes. Remove the bay leaf, add salt and pepper. Fill the baking tray with a spoon on the ground beef mixture. Put on the mashed potatoes. Cook the potatoes for 20-30 minutes or until the light on kahvelesinc.
Evening menu that raises testosterone
Also quinoa salad and feta cheese grilled vegetable
How it works: best friends Testosterone fillet, quinoa and asparagus also. Lean meat, raises testosterone levels. Also include whole grains quinoa is a complete protein which is rare. Asparagus contains substances which is required in the production of histamine with a niacin. Histamine by expanding the blood vessels make the skin quite sensitive to touch and more enjoyable. Is a chemical necessary for orgasm. You can choose a light lunch of a salad with those who want to spend these characteristics.
• 150 grams of quinoa also
• 1 cup mixed grilled vegetables
• 85 grams of fat-free feta cheese
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• Pepper
Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
Store sweet Libido
Chocolate chip cookies
How it works: dark chocolate and banana contains bromelain enzyme that increases libido in men. The content of bananas in potassium and B vitamins also helps to increase overall energy levels. Dark chocolate helps to increase dopamine level, which helps to relax the arteries dilate bioflavonoids open up blood vessels inside.
½ Teaspoon vanilla extract
80 grams cocoa powder with no added sugar
(225 grams) canned beans
3 large egg whites
Artificial sweetener ½ cup crushed
60 grams dark chocolate covered cocoa beans
60 grams chocolate chips
Agave syrup
The oven 190° C heat. Place baking paper on two trays. In a food processor with vanilla, cocoa, and agave syrup blender blend for about 3 minutes until it becomes smooth by adding beans. Whisk the eggs until frothy on top. Artificial sweeteners add. Add to the mixture one third of the cocoa mixture. Pour the mixture into the egg whites. Add the beans into cocoa. Equal amounts stir a few minutes until it clears. Pre-taking a spoonful of the mixture into the prepared baking tray, 5-6 centimeters in width until it is broadcast. Sprinkle on the chocolate chips. Cook for 20 minutes.

Should We Get The Flu Vaccine?

America’ s famous Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC’ s: Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), vaccine in protecting against influenza in healthy children between the ages of 2-8 the classic instead of the “FluMist” vaccine against.
OPEN’ s advice, FluMist’ s the standard vaccine in preventing flu in children, according to the “twice as much” is based on the work of demonstrating.
This expression at the same time, has been practiced for many years and claimed to provide protection against influenza in healthy children within the range of 90 percent of the vaccines indicate that protection is very suspicious.
The validity of this advice, which is a common decision for all the 15 members of the CDC’ s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report must be published in relevant and approved by the director.
However, federal health officials open and’ s recommendations to be taken into consideration if they generally, it is possible that this advice may become formal in a short time.
Already last year, 13 million doses of vaccine 18 million this year announced the release of the company that manufactures this amount.
What is FluMist?
FluMist, manufactured by AstraZeneca that is applied by spraying the nose and only the influenza vaccine in the market.
In 2003, FluMist licensee’ s license, it is applied to persons between the ages of 2-49.
The price of the classic vaccines in USA 8$, FluMist’ s 23$.
Needle killed viruses injected under the skin in the form of the classic in preparation for flu vaccines, called FluMist, vaccine, live but weakened flu viruses”.
Experts, FluMist’ s never yet created a stronger immune children who have not been infected, but whether the same is true for adults that has been proven reports.
It is recommended to make two doses of the vaccine to be more of protection.
FluMist’ s immune suppressing diseases and is not recommended for children with asthma.
The vaccine is less effective than the classic half
The industry, supported by multicenter, international, randomized, double-blind study with vaccines sprayed in the nose children between 6-59 months were examined on the effectiveness of vaccines classical 8 352 thousand.
Nose spray vaccine for flu-like illness preventing needle-shaped were found to be much more effective vaccine for: 153 against 338 cases; attack rate, 8.6 percent versus 3.9 percent per cent.
Nose spray stuffy nose and slight fever was seen more in the vaccine group, but high fever was rare in both groups.
Medically meaningful within 6 weeks after vaccination, wheezing, wheezing, and before the story of the non-children were found in the same proportions; in an age, this possibility was a little more.
Nasal vaccine the rate of hospitalization for any reason under the age of 1 were more numerous in the group: 6.12 percent versus 2.6 percent.
There is no opposition
The American Academy of Pediatrics, the vaccine could not be used by everyone and the cost of this recommendation on the grounds that it is opposed.
OPEN’ s decision, made before most of the flu vaccines for children is that much incentive, and new research that is based on studies where immunization rates are lower, there are those who claim that it would not support such a recommendation.
In spite of this, in the case of not being able to get the vaccine nose spray vaccine are being asked to classical.
Rebel classic, nose spray vaccine?
In fact, in terms of logic is applied in the appropriate manner to the formation of the course of the disease, vaccines, and the use of attenuated viruses instead of the murdered ones is more accurate.
Of course, immunity from infection and often lasts a lifetime is stronger, and this is true of flu.
5 years ago during the swine flu epidemic, those who are born prior to 1955 have been caught with a virus like the swine flu virus that have infected people previously as antigenic in the fact that it was explained.
Vaccines that is provided with “systemic immunity” next “local immunity” is also very important, and nasal spray vaccines may be more effective to the finding of the important role of these factors.
Accordingly, just as a flu shot injected under the skin to obtain a more effective immune response when injected into the cervix of the HPV vaccine may be possible.
Nose spray vaccine in adults and children is also noteworthy that needs to be considered as effective in the absence of a feature.
Flu vaccines are not effective
At a rate of 70-90 percent of the flu vaccine for years it has been reported that disease could be prevented, but it “is not real” appeared:
A: last year, subsequent events 3 months of influenza vaccination studies in Europe “zero percent”.
TWO: the CDC, although it is the same virus that causes sickness in the 2012-2013 season with the rebels, including the effectiveness of the 9 percent of residents over the age of 65 reported that they were.
This last recommendation also OPEN for 50 years, the ineffectiveness of vaccines injected under the skin of a new “confession” is another thing!
Flu vaccines “are vaccines Commercial”; what was done it is not beneficial for discovered.
Let’s see the result
The facts are clear that while the flu vaccine which the CDC recommend everyone to CCDC’s actually more correct to say:
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s comedy!”



Liver-Friendly Foods

The liver is our body’s filtering system, which are necessary for many functions to sustain a healthy life. Digest foods and helps rid the body of bad substances the blood, toxins, drugs, harmful substances such as alcohol cleans. Converts to nutritious food items, a necessary component in the blood, stores vitamins and minerals, our body produces enzymes and proteins that regulate hormone balance. At the same time our immune system fight infection, bacteria and bile required for digestion, it helps to produce his expulsion from the blood. The body’s sugar levels fall below normal for the sugar to be used when stores. That is required for the digestion of fats, especially produces bile. Destroys old red blood cells.
If you eat healthier, your liver would be left vulnerable, overly greasy or fried foods when you consume excess salt, or white sugar when you use your liver is under attack. Continuing as a result of malnutrition, liver disease and might lead to health problems that would affect your other organs as well. Those who suffer from obesity approximately 30% of fatty liver problems; it can cause cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer creates greater risk for. High fat and high cholesterol levels in the blood is one of the most common causes of fatty liver disease, make sure you’re getting unsaturated fats. Get a blood test regularly, fat, cholesterol and sugar test. Get your hepatitis shots. Hep A if you haven’t sushi, stay away from raw or undercooked seafood.
Well what are the foods that are known to benefit the health of the liver?

First, forget to include all food groups to your diet plan, grains, fruits and vegetables, meat and legumes, dairy products, and healthy fats. Fiber foods allows you to work in the most ideal way to the liver. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, rice and cereals opt for.
The greatest need for the survival of oxygen then the body is water. Water, toxins and waste materials allows them to be expelled from the body, since your body gets enough water when you need to be careful and more energetic.
Oats are high in soluble fiber have a low glycemic index and full tahilli so many vitamins and minerals. In this way, decrease your cholesterol levels by eating oatmeal on a regular basis, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Instead of oats you can consume brown rice or couscous.
Salmon is a fish that is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, prevents blockages of the arteries and helps lower blood pressure. Try to eat oily fish like salmon two to 4 times a week.
Dairy products, calcium-rich foods are beneficial for a healthy heart and strong bones. Yogurt also contains probiotics essential for digestive system health. Eggs, high-quality protein source that contains all 8 amino acids that we need to work. Amino acids plays an active role in the process of cleaning the body of waste products. Egg yolk provides choline which is a substance for heavy metals to dispose of, while it protects the liver from very toxic substances.
It activates liver enzymes that helps your garlic sweated out the toxins. The content of allicin and selenium are natural substances that are responsible for cleaning your lungs. Onions, leeks, shallots contain sulphur that cause the liver to produce glutathione.
Broccoli, brussels sprouts help our body to produce enzymes for digestion vegetables such as glycosaminoglycans, which increase the amount of. Broccoli calcium, potassium, folate, fiber and diabetes, some cancers and against heart disease protective plant foods. Vitamins A and C and is rich in terms of antioxidants. Protects the cells, strengthens the immune system. Substances which are found in cabbage, is helpful enzymes that help in the elimination of toxins.
Yesil leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, which can be found in our eating the metal, reducing the impact of chemical substances and pesticides for the liver and acts as a protection mechanism.
Like all other legumes, Mexican beans, red beans are full of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and thiamin (vitamin B1) contains. High cholesterol is protective against diseases such as high blood pressure. Beans, soy, cholesterol or animal fat that does not contain good quality protein source. Low in saturated fat and rich in fiber, known to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Pumpkin is nature’s anti-aging secrets. The body was transformed into vitamin A, and anti-aging, and beta carotene rich in antioxidants. Real vitamin A as beta carotene is not harmful to the liver if taken in excessive amounts. Fat-free, low-calorie source of fiber and B6 vitamins C and E, and Polat, potassium. Carrots, rich in beta carotene and glutathione which is an antioxidant that cleans the liver. Beet, vegetable contains flavonoids, these antioxidants reduce inflammation, promotes the growth of healthy blood vessels of the liver maintains the overall health. Strengthens all the functions of the liver eat beets and carrots.
Asparagus, help with the cleansing process and detoxification of the liver with the kidneys to help share the burden of a great diuretic. Artichoke increases bile production and prevents the formation of kidney stones.
The lycopene in tomatoes absolutely must be taken from food since it is not produced in the body, can raise cholesterol values. As an antioxidant, lycopene also found in tomatoes as well as glutathione.
Blueberries, cranberries prevent urinary tract infections vegetable food is rich in terms of content. Has anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C keeps capillaries and blood vessels healthy in content. Rich in fiber and potassium, low calorie fruit option. Two servings per day or alternatively blueberry strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, cherries, or raisins you can eat.
Regular antioxidants called glutathione in avocado helps to consume your body produce the antioxidant protects the liver from harmful substances. The pectin in apples provides the digestive system and clearing toxins from other substances. The cleaning process helps to keep the toxic substances in the liver.
Eat grapefruit or drink the juice helps in the elimination of carcinogenic substances and toxins. Contains abundant vitamin C and antioxidants. Rich in vitamin C such as lemon and other citrus fruits, but also helps remove toxic substances from the body and the digestive process easier.
Walnut, glutathione and omega 3 acids are very valuable in terms of the liver, supports, and accelerates the cleaning process. Almonds fiber, riboflavin (vitamin B2), magnesium and rich in iron, they contain more calcium than all other nuts. Other nuts, such as a natural protein source because it contains unsaturated fats reduce cholesterol levels, protect heart and liver health.
Ginger regulates circulation, lowers cholesterol and supports the liver. Turmeric is a spice found in Curry, as it is used on its own. It helps our body digest fats and stimulates the production of bile. Shows the effect of a natural detox for your liver.
Olive oil produced by cold press method, oils harmful substances in the body by creating a liquid foundation that will engulf your liver support.
Do not forget to complement your meal or a cup of black tea Yesil. Contain antioxidants that protect against cell damage and mutations. Strengthening the immune system black tea, while tea contains a powerful antioxidant that prevents the growth of cancer cells Yesil. You can drink a glass a day. Tea contains antioxidant called catechins that enhances the functions of the liver Yesil.
If you have liver discomfort, what you may not necessarily need a special diet that we should consume of your illness talk to your doctor.

Fish Oil Didn’t Work

Their bodies really a vitamin, mineral, antioxidant or fatty acid, except for those who lack these items as “nutritional support” as the provision in pill form, it is not possible to prevent any disease(1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
Added to this is the research that proves my theory.
Classic rhythm drug regulatory patients with a history of atrial fibrillation who do not use “high-dose fish oil does not prevent the occurrence of atrial fibrillation,” was identified (6).
Who cannot afford the high-dose fish oil in the study short name inflammation and oxidative stress-related markers (marker) is also decreasing it turns out.
The study was performed on 337 patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation between the year 2009-2012.
These patients were randomly divided into two groups of the “group of 4 grams of fish oil per day,” and the other is given a placebo and were followed for 16 months.
The recognition of asymptomatic patients for atrial fibrillation were checked once a week.
The research gives expression to the primary or the emergence of signs for asymptomatic atrial fibrillation longer than 30 seconds, the secondary equipment at the beginning and after 6 months follow-up measured hs-CRP (CRP is very sensitive) and MPO (myeloperoxidase).
The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, according to a survey published in the magazine, atrial fibrillation, fish oil 4 grams per day did not reveal any difference between groups with the placebo fields.
Atrial fibrillation with high-dose fish oil placebo 63.1% 64.2 percent in the areas in fields appeared.
Fish oil didn’t work
The researchers say these results “come in the form of fish oil seizures or persistent that they had a role in rhythm control in patients with atrial fibrillation”, says prove (7).
Similar results were obtained in previous research.
In the study performed on 586 patients with atrial fibrillation and a high risk of a period of 1 year forward 1 gram of fish oil each day for the benefit of drinkers was seen.
In another study, 6 months 4-8 grams per day for omega-3 the provision in the Prevention of atrial fibrillation, it was determined that also didn’t work.
Omega 3 should be taken with nutrients
See Omega 3’ s pills to be taken at a dose of 4 grams per day and very high are useless in preventing atrial fibrillation, but the Mediterranean diet is preventing this dangerous arrhythmia (8).
One third of the subjects in the study performed on the person in 704 6 nuts to the Mediterranean diet which is supported by a third of the Mediterranean diet, in addition to pure extra virgin olive oil and one-third a low-fat diet underwent.
The risk of atrial fibrillation, after five years, low-fat diet, according to the group of 38 percent in the group given pure extra virgin olive oil Mediterranean diet, Mediterranean diet nuts less than 10 percent in the group appeared to be aided.
Let’s see the result
All the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients such as fatty acids on the elements of my basic views are:
A: These of course are indispensable for healthy living.
TWO: healthy people and fed them like a man as there is a benefit of getting extra remedy.
THREE: just as in the body and this has a real lack of these pills with food can be given to those who will be able to be.
FOUR: the leave of any of them taking high doses of any disease, to prevent the possibility of harm is much higher.
FIVE: Anchovies eat and fill your stomach up, go into the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry tatlansin both your money and your mouth.







The Immune System Is Strengthened?

Winter has arrived. Along with the cold, colds, flu, colds, fever, fatigue, trouble at the gates. To get rid of them, at least some light to work out the most important way to strengthen our immune system. What should we do? Here are your choices…
With the winter approaching it’s getting cold. This year also problematic ventilation places (buses, minibuses, trains, subways, theaters, schools and homes) with lots of people, someone had left the air with a sneeze and a cough we will be forced to breathe air contaminated with particulates. After all this winter, upper respiratory tract illnesses (sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis), lung infections (bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia) and Ear our siklasaca. This year, the flu, the common cold, problems such as peak, our fire will rise, malaise, fatigue, Nov-will deliver us from joint pain. That being the case again this year we will be on the agenda and strengthening immunity. Some flu vaccine, some onion, radish, honey, molasses, nettle seed, black seed, and some will propose. Health we the writers of “how can strengthen immune?” articles we’ll try to help you with that tastes like. What should we do? This what’s the truth?
Immune to crashes?
Like every system in our body, the immune system also, however, certain requirements on the condition of the fulfillment of regular work. Again, like every system in our body, the immune system may also become vulnerable for one reason or another. May even crash. But neither attenuation nor an evolving situation that is not so easily collapse. More common than expected in the winter of the diseases already mentioned above, the reason most of the time our immune system is weakening. The problem is not in the system. For example, the wrong besleniyoruz. Faulty diets we may be doing. “Detox Dry” hunger stupid applying models under the name of “juice cocktails” spend the day with our gut and our immune strength personally and the lives of premeditated getting pumped with pressurized water (!) we okuyoruz. More importantly, enough quality protein for a sufficient amount of natural vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes doesn’t eat the system, it needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants kazanamiyoruz.
Mood, sleep, activity
Feeding our immune system does not always have to be connected to the problem that made the body tired. The problem is that sometimes (or even often), “feed the soul” is related to. Sorry keyifsiziz. When in doubt, tense, endiseliyiz. Depresyondayiz more importantly is that our immune system is suppressed. If you want some more let’s do what will be one of the people who decide how strong his immune system is sleep. A good night’s sleep and reduce insomnia most effective immune booster matches the root water even while his power plant. It’s not over! Your activity is also an important decision makers on your immune power. If you are still having the time and lazy, so if you slept, your immune system will come to the side of, at least that pisiriklasaca make no mistake. The increase of alcohol you consume, multiply the number of you swallowed the pill, and always you keep repeating that meaningless antibiotic cures, arrive at that point your power probiotic, vitamin D, iron, B-12, and times of the reduction, such as smoking, will negatively affect your immune system they are also incorrect, and even will finish it.
What to do?
Well, what should we do then? Things are extremely simple and easy. Cleaning the usual conditions, we will respect the rules of hygiene. We’ll stick with tokalasmak set aside to kiss koklasmal unnecessary. Even if it’s the flu, if you suspect that the other guys are or if we are cold, we will refrain from even the shake. Wash our hands frequently. Keeping isn’t going to stop just under the water, rubbed with soap thoroughly for at least 5-10 seconds, and we’ll make it sparkling. Regular, accurate, knowledgeable, we are going to eat. Especially vitamin C-rich vegetables and fruits –orange, lemon, tangerine, Yesil leafy vegetables, probiotic high-power foods –natural yogurt, kefir-quality animal proteins –eggs, fish, Bony meat, meat offal – and often we will duly benefit. Sleeping, resting our activity we will make our effort. Vitamin D, vitamin B 12 and if we are missing we will complete. Omega-3-rich foods, we’ll give priority to. In short, today we will begin preparations for winter.
Do you have to support immunity?
Well, we’re able to reap the benefits of immune support pills would that help? Have very different opinions on this subject. Especially vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, probiotics, and omega-3 containing, I believe that could use the support. The condition of rational utilization good/proven patented active beta glucan bioavailability their support, at the right time be used under the condition that N-acetyl-NAC – I am of the opinion that it can work to benefit. In recent years, there is a prominent supporter of the immune: Glutathione. However, glutathione supplements by mouth doesn’t work very well when they are taken, through the arteries, therefore, can be used. NAC and glutathione safe and more but still we need to investigate. The data at hand is not in yet.
Triple top 10 for the immune

Eat right
Have fun
Have a nice sleep
Stay away from stress
Don’t worry
Protect yourself from depression
Lose more weight
Follow your health no good
Follow hygienic rules


Cold and flu prevention program

In autumn, the changing seasons due to temperature and weather conditions, the epidemic increased rapidly and it affects everyone. In order to strengthen your immunity and to live in this state your body, eat healthy, and you should choose foods that strengthen your immune you should consume enough water. However, herbal teas and will help to strengthen your immunity.

You should consume 4-5 servings of seasonal fruits every day. Fruit instead of consume fruit juice that will maintain your immunity and digestive health to itself increases.
You should consume enough water. To determine your needs, you must consume water 30 cc’s per kilogram.

Ex. A person who is 60 pounds 60 kg ×30 cc = cc 1.800 ( 8 to 9 cups) of water you should consume.

Probiotic yogurt which is structure every day ,you should consume foods such as buttermilk and drink 2-3 glasses of kefir.
You should consume 4-5 cups of herbal teas. Your tea and lemon, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves by adding foods such as pepper, you can purge toxins from your body.
Increase your immunity with 1 teaspoon of honey instead of fruit you can consume in your tea and your breakfast.
In the period when the seasons change you must remember to consume enough vitamin C to get a salad in your main meal.
Your vitamin D levels must be adequate to prevent cold and flu. The office staff and if you are a person who spends a long time in the indoor environment are a source of vitamin D enough of the foods that you must eat. ( Eggs ,milk, yogurt, fish types, etc. nutrients)
Spices also strengthens your immunity. In your dishes, soups and salads to your cumin, oregano, black pepper, spices such as sumac and saffron, you must add.


2 tablespoons rosehip tea
2 tablespoons dried apple
3-4 cardamom
1-2 cinnamon stick
Freshly ground pepper 2-3 pieces
1-2 lemon slice
2 cups boiling water

Preparation, glass or porcelain teapot and brew the tea for 7-8 minutes and add the spices into closed. Before serving add a slice of lemon.

Encourage them to eat fruits every day meal of fruit salad with a variety of Dec.
Breakfast every day should consume 1 egg to increase their immunity.
Let it consume salads along with the main dishes for the season.
Check you’re not drinking enough water. School-age children at least 1.5 litres ( 7-8 glasses of water to drink.
The resistance of the body to increase the sources of vitamin D foods that are (eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc) they consume every day and should receive enough sunlight during the appropriate hours for 15 minutes.
Season fish with omega-3 rich fish ( sardines, anchovies, etc) they consume 1 serving 2 times per week.


Autumn Fatigue Prevention Methods

Collapsing into the darkness of the cold early winter weather and some people conform. Mostly the sadness of Autumn up or chatting with a friend over hot tea can be treated with a gripping novel, although depending on the season developing long-term depression and caution should be exercised in case of fatigue necessarily. Increases your fatigue and your sleep patterns is disrupted accordingly as the days shorten with the coming of spring, the days start to grow longer, the symptoms spontaneously begins to disappear. The least amount of fatigue as a result of exposure to sunlight in autumn and controlling appetite that allows them to feel good about ourselves, which is a hormone is thought to stem from a decline in the levels of serotonin, especially in women more visible. Autumn or winter depression, fatigue, known as this condition between symptoms of depression, constant desire to sleep, self-confidence, a decrease in intolerance, lack of motivation, shyness and panic attacks can be seen. Most people in the winter does not feed correctly. When we’re depressed, especially in the fall and winter months our lives are often carbohydrate-heavy foods pulls. Although it is unclear whether a chemical reason or is learned, it is a fact that relieved us a slice of chocolate cake. Carbohydrates and affects the body’s serotonin levels it makes us happy for a while. Simple carbohydrates creates a sudden rise in blood sugar and then a rapid decline, so oat, wheat, legumes, brown rice, whole-grain foods such as complex carbohydrates we must choose one. Stay away from processed foods that contain sugar. Elevation of the blood sugar is not controlled as by consuming the nutrients at a time that provides we can be energized for a longer period. You consume too much sugar slows down your brain functions and changes. A lot of white flour in pastries and fried foods with oil and fat, which is a combination that causes you to feel tired.
Diet the main foods that you have to remove the front:
Omega-3 our body can not produce it spontaneously. Ensures proper operation of brain and behavioral features as well as its benefits for the heart, are known to reduce symptoms of depression. Deficiency loss of memory, lack of concentration, mood changes, fatigue, and depression is common. Flax seeds, walnuts and salmon, sardines and halibut are found in high amounts in.
Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, and even stand for 10 minutes in the sun, our moods, our upgrade is known. The lack of light is thought to be linked with seasonal depression. Light therapy in seasonal depression fatigue and so holds an important place in the autumn. Vitamin D deficiency our bones soften and starts to weaken our immune system crashes and Nov our power is reduced. Vitamin D milk, egg yolk, salmon, tuna fish such as stringy is located.
Low selenium levels are known as shown depressive symptoms, sunflower seeds, fish, chicken and red meat facility.
Olive oil, fish, nuts and sunflower seeds in the oils try to choose. Provides the energy your body needs fats and carbohydrates, proteins but this power is the job of the edit. Low-fat protein sources, managing your brain chemicals that can affect your mood in a good way contains many amino acids. Also fights fatigue. Muscles and many hormones and proteins is composed of protein we need for a strong immune system. Red meat, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts, soy and low-fat dairy products are abundant.
Our bodies uses folic acid the production of serotonin. Yesil leafy vegetables, oats, sunflower seeds, lentils, black-eyed peas, and soybeans.
Vitamin B12 folic acid deficiency also causes depression, such as. Low fat steak, mussels, oysters, crab, salmon, eggs, and cottage cheese curd, yogurt, and is found in foods such as milk.
Stress improves the symptoms of depression. You don’t have a good mood when your body is tired of stress and energy to safeguard and maintain it becomes. Blueberries, raspberries, fruits such as strawberries in times of stress, parts of your brain containing the memories, and your emotional reactions, and affects the parts that govern your sense of direction, allows you to make more accurate decisions.
Citrus fruits increases our energy levels quickly and allows our body to continue to operate. Apple is a fruit both nutritious and energizing. Especially the antioxidants found in the peel, try to eat it without peeling.
He’s been known to fix both your mood and taste chocolate, but if you choose the right kind. At least 70% cocoa dark chocolate that contains a chemical that increases dopamine levels in the brain, it is believed that the production of provides. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline bloklayan a different angles. Most high cocoa percentage you can find yourself when you’re feeling better and eat a piece of chocolate will make you feel more energetic very quickly.
Turkey contains tryptophan and melatonin, calms and relaxes you. When you are stressed your body helps.
Like turkey, bananas contain tryptophan also. Besides, carbohydrates, natural sugars and potassium, because it contains our brain power increases. Banana, spinach, and nuts found in potassium will make you feel energetic and annihilate fatigue. beta carotene of carrots, radishes, beets as season vegetables to eat. Also magnesium in bananas it enhances the quality of sleep and reduces anxiety.
Especially beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E to combat fatigue are the foods you should consume foods that contain autumn. Pinto beans, collard greens, citrus fruits, kiwi, walnuts, almonds, spinach, carrots, radishes, beets foods such as to your place at the table.
Also one of the main causes of fatigue is dehydration. Add some lemon or mint with water and increase your intake of water you will add vitality. Thyme, mint and some spices such as Basil smell wakes you up and the motion passes. Spices also revitalizes your body, but heavy in sauces, especially for use in dry foods, such as meat and fish.
Natural hormones, such as adrenaline, caffeine increases. your heart beats faster, breathing faster and allows you to ask to be notified whenever you receive, but these effects takes only a few hours. At the end of the effect, also in sugar, such as extreme fatigue can cause headaches. Iron deficiency, also excess alcohol consumption, stress and depression can cause.
A healthy breakfast, your concentration, increase your energy and your attention during the day, it prevents you from excessive eating, and thus protects against diabetes and heart disease. Protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats that contains spend the time to have breakfast. Still eat healthy and try to increase your meal frequency if you are feeling energized and tired. You do not need to sleep more in winter than in summer. More than 8 hours to sleep, try sleeping the same time every day. Airy your bedroom dark and keep quiet. In the morning, the weather may be more dark because it is becoming increasingly difficult to get out of bed. When he wakes, the curtains open. Try to spend time outside during Light hours during the day. Be sure to keep your home and work environment as much as possible, light and airy.
In addition to a healthy diet, light therapy, regular exercise and yoga also can decrease the symptoms of depression. To reduce on caffeine, try to consume a small amount of protein at every meal. Among the causes of fatigue anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, the thyroid glands does not work properly, diseases such as hypoglycemia, and if symptoms persist see a physician.