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Use gloves when contacting meat
Things to consider when touching meat

Kurban Bayramı’da the indispensable part of the table is preparing and consuming meat must be careful. Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu, from the selection of the victim to the preparation of the meat until the feast has listed the need to pay attention during the,

Choose from among the veterinary control of sacrificial animals
In order to prevent the risks that may occur, it is important that the sacrificial animals are chosen under veterinary control. People who come into contact with sacrificial animals without the necessary health checks have the risk of transmission of many diseases such as hydatid cyst, tuberculosis, rabies, anthrax, brucellosis, salmonellosis, tapeworm and toxoplasmosis.
Always use gloves when contacting meat
Underlining that the place to be cut clean and should comply with the rules of hygiene Professor. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu lists the points to be taken into consideration in order to prevent disease-causing microorganisms: The animals to be slaughtered should not be fed up to 6-12 hours before the slaughter. It is important that the hands of the cutting tools such as knives and lines used in the meat cutting are clean. In addition, people who come into contact with meat should work with gloves, not naked hands. In order to prevent the transmission of disease by microorganisms to the meat; cutting, swimming and meat cutting operations should be done in a cool and clean place, stomach and intestinal contents should not be transmitted to the carcass, ie body. The body should be washed if there is only visible contamination. The outer face of the skin should not come into contact with meat at any stage of the cutting and swimming process. Yüzme
Soak in the cool place before meat, then put in the refrigerator
There are some points that should be considered after sacrificing the flesh. Large pieces of clean containers placed in a cool, clean place in the sun for 5-6 hours should be kept. Then it is important to remove them into small pieces and put them in refrigerator bags. In addition, during all operations when touching the meat must always be used gloves.
Do not consume meat absolutely raw or undercooked
It is recommended to consume meat for 24-36 hours after cutting. Also, it should not be consumed as raw or undercooked. It is important to pay attention to some points during the storage of sacrificial meat. The meat is expected to last at +4 degrees in the refrigerator, 1-3 days in the ground meat, 4-5 days in the meat and 6 months in the freezer. It is also important that frozen meats are not frozen again after thawing.
Do not give internal organs to dogs and cats
Underlining that inedible organs must be destroyed or buried in deep pits. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said, gibi When burying organs are put in depth that cannot be removed by animals such as cats and dogs, attention should be paid to excretion of lime on unmounted organs. Thus, both animals such as cats and dogs, as well as the spread of diseases is prevented. Internal organs such as the liver and lungs should not be given to dogs and cats. Kar

Those who should be in contact with meat

Sacrificial animals should be selected among veterinarians.
Cutting should be done by experienced butchers in hygienic conditions.
Preventive measures should be taken during cutting.
In case of injury, contact with the health institution should be treated.
When storing and cooking sacrificial animals, the bare hands should not be touched, especially if there are scratches or wounds on the hands.
If the patient has symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, headache, constipation, weight loss and night sweats after touching or consuming, contact your healthcare facility.

Where is the treatment of cartilage problems?

Injection treatments, dak Transplant Cartilage Transplant dak Enj
Where is the treatment of cartilage problems?

In addition to increasing the elderly population, many reasons such as sedentary lifestyle and incorrect sporting activities can cause cartilage damage. When it is not treated in the early period, it has a significant impact on the quality of life with the destruction of joints. In the edi Cartilage Symposium lar hosted by Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital, many orthopedists from different regions talked about the current and future treatment methods of cartilage problems.

It is known that there are important developments in the treatment of cartilage problems. The surgical method still remains important in young population under 40 years of age and especially in traumatic injuries. On the other hand, especially for patients between the ages of 50-60 and who are not eligible for surgery, biological therapies also come into question.

In the symposium hosted by Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital, all the aspects of cartilage problems were discussed. Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Yeditepe University Specialization Hospital. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, lar In the twenty-year follow-up of Nak Cartilage Transplantation from the Donor-, which has been conducted abroad for many years and achieved very successful results, 70-80% success has been achieved. This method is used in the treatment of cartilage in our country continues to initiatives, dak he said.
Future in the Treatment of Cartilage Problems, “Cartilage Transplantation“?
Cartilage transplantation is considered a salvage treatment method when the desired result cannot be obtained from other treatments.
Or Cartilage Transplantation from a Donor den is defined as the method of cartilage closest to the patient’s original cartilage when compared with closed / open surgery. In our country for some time self-made and “cartilage transplantation” is defined as a process to avoid mixing with some points should be noted.

In case of self-made cartilage transplant, tissue samples are taken from the patient. New tissues created in the laboratory are transported back to the patient. As for organ transplantation, cartilage obtained after organ donation is used in “Donor-made Cartilage Transplantation“.

In the case of major injuries, which cannot be performed especially in surgical treatment, the only treatment method to be applied is da Cartilage Transplantation from the Donor tedavi. Dr. Gökhan Meriç continued his words as follows: ilm This method, which is performed by taking the cartilage of the donor and transferring it to another patient, has been successfully used abroad for almost 30 years. Surgical procedure in cartilage transplantation from donor is applied in one time. It can also be applied for damages greater than four inches. In cases where other cartilage therapies fail, it is considered as a salvage method. The success rate of patients under 40 years of age is high. It can also be used if there are suitable donors in people over the age of 50. Patients with professional athletes, especially after the önceki Cartilage Transplant from the Donor li have been done, they have returned to the sport at the previous performance level. Moreover, the problem does not recur. Üst

Early Diagnosis Can Reduce Wear Rate
The self-healing capacity of the cartilage tissue is very limited compared to other tissues in our body. Therefore, a damage that starts in cartilage can cause serious wear and even use of a prosthesis or surgery in the future. Conditions such as pain and movement limitation due to damage cause a significant decrease in quality of life. Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, tan The early diagnosis of the injury is of utmost importance. With surgical or non-surgical treatments, it is possible to slow down or prevent cartilage damage. Cerrahi

10 Correctly Known to Cancer

A cancer knife or biopsy can cause cancer to spread to the body.

False. Proper surgery and biopsy do not cause cancer to spread or grow. Biopsy is the only way for a person to be diagnosed with definitive cancer.

Sugar should nourish cancer, cut sugar completely in the diet.

False. All cells in our body, including cancer cells, use sugar for energy. Although cancer cells consume more sugar than normal cells, no study has shown that eating sugar makes cancer worse or that eating sugar does not reduce or destroy cancer. This should not mean that it is appropriate to have a diet that contains too much sugar. A diet with excessive sugar can lead to excessive weight gain, leading to obesity, and obesity is known to increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Foods that contain reasonable amounts of sugar and do not cause weight gain do not increase the risk of cancer. Some patients who try to be over-controlled and do not consume many foods with carcinogens may not be able to continue their treatment due to decreased nutritional deficiency and resistance.

Sweeteners make cancer.

False. None of the sweeteners studies showed that sweeteners had cancer in humans.

The cancer patient’s attitude towards cancer (morale) affects the recovery from cancer.

False. To date, no scientific data have shown that a person’s attitude to cancer changes the likelihood of cancer development or cancer-related death. It is normal to be upset, angry, sometimes feel rancid or overly optimistic after having a diagnosis of cancer. Patients with higher morale do not keep themselves away from social relationships, remain active and have better quality of life. The treatment process of patients with positive attitudes towards the disease is better. However, the lack of morale does not indicate that cancer treatment will be less effective and does not affect the success of cancer treatment. The patient’s extreme attitudes towards cancer (morale) may cause the patient to feel unnecessarily guilty if the treatment does not yield good results.

Herbal treatments, which are being sold as alternative or supportive treatments, improve cancer.

False. Although some herbal remedies available as alternative or supportive treatments may be useful in some side effects related to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, there is no scientific data indicating that these drugs treat cancer. Herbal medicines, already understood to be effective in the treatment of cancer, are now standard treatments and are not called alternative or supportive treatments. It should be kept in mind that some of the chemotherapy drugs are derived from plants. Patients who want to use herbal products or vitamins should talk to their doctors because these products can reduce the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on cancer cells.

Acidic diets make cancer, so alkaline foods and sodium bicarbonate should make the body alkaline.

False. Our body acid-alkaline balance is very well controlled. Otherwise it is incompatible with life. It is not possible for a person with normal functioning lungs and kidneys to alkalize his body with the food they eat. If an excess alkali diet is taken, it is excreted from the urine and the urine becomes alkaline. Although too acidic diet is made, the urine becomes acidic because it will be excreted from the urine. In this way, the body’s acid and alkali balance is maintained. It is true that the tumor cannot live in an alkaline environment, but this also applies to all cells in our body. Do not drink sodium bicarbonate to make the body alkaline.

Cancer kills more than cure treatments.

False. It is a fact that cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery) have uncomfortable side effects. However, as stated on some websites, er cancer treatment is effective only in 3% of patients er is incorrect. The number of patients benefiting from cancer treatment is increasing day by day in the light of new developments. While the pıi of patients diagnosed with testicular cancer improved in the 1970s, the rate of recovery is now

Now he can run freely thanks to surgery performed in Turkey

He was told his country had to have his leg cut!
Nikolazi, who is only 7 years old, was in danger of losing her leg as a result of a traffic accident she had with her family during her vacation. Upon her being told that there was nothing that could be done for treatment in her country and her leg could be cut, she came to the Yeditepe University Hospital. Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl’s hard surgery and treatment of the foot and leg after healing.
The summer holiday, which started in August last year, ended with an unexpected accident for the Edilashvili Family. Little Nikolazi, walking on the road with her grandmother on an ordinary day, as her family called her, Nikon suddenly jumped out of her grandmother’s hands. Just then a truck hit Niko and crossed his leg. His mother explains the following:
. As soon as I hear the news, I don’t remember how we got to the crash site. It took hours like a few minutes. There were hundreds of scenarios in my mind. Fortunately, Niko was alive. But his leg was in very bad shape. We got him to the hospital right away. They said all of the foot bones were broken and there were bruises between their knees and their toes. The real bad news came later. Because they told me you might have to cut your feet. Can you imagine a child who was only 7 years old and couldn’t live anything could lose his leg. Ebil
After this news, the father of the Presidency of Georgia, the first Vice-President Iakob Edilashvili, to seek the health of his son. Nikon approximately 15 days after the accident in Turkey, was brought to Yeditepe University Hospital.
M The last resort for us is cutting the leg “
Yeditepe University Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ugur Anil Bingol “cutting the leg is always the last option for us and we will try every way to save the leg,” he said about Nikolazi.
Tik We first contacted the family through the internet. They informed us about the assessments made in Georgia and the status of the leg. They asked if they could be rescued without being cut. We said the chances of redemption are high. Nikon came to Turkey. First we looked at the condition of their veins and then we started to clean them by cleaning their wounds. Önce
Thin veins interfered with hair strands
The child’s bones and soft tissues were smashed. There was no skin from the bottom of the knee to the ankle. First skin was taken from both thighs. In the meantime, supportive treatments were continued for Niko’s body to be ready for major surgery. However, the main problem was the construction of a heel because it was not possible for a person to walk without a heel. For this reason, a very frequently performed surgery was performed in young children, such as Niko. Assesment about the operation requiring an free flap ilgili requiring microsurgery and completed in about seven hours. Dr. Uğur Anıl Bingöl gave the following information: una The foot was transferred to the heel, with a muscle in the thigh, which would not cause a dysfunction in the body. Hair follicles were stitched together in thickness. As a result, a new heel was created and the foot was rescued and allowed to walk. Everything went well after surgery Am
He can now play football freely
Nikon hospitalized for a week, a month to be kept under observation until he returned to his country after staying in Turkey. During the period of her growth, she continues to have regular checks to ensure that she does not experience any shortage in her leg. His mother said,. Niko is extremely healthy and can walk away without any pain. Bugün Niko loves football very much. Every day he’s chasing the ball. Her

Knee Calcification

What is knee calcification (gonarthrosis)?
Knee cartilage is a tissue that provides mobility by creating a flat surface in the knee joint. Damage in cartilage tissue is poor. The deterioration and weakening of the structure of the cartilage in the knee is called calcification (gonarthrosis).
What are the symptoms of knee calcification?
Especially in patients over the age of 50, knee pain, movement limitation, knees deformity (O shaped leg), during the movement of the knee sound from the knee, such as the increase in pain when the stairs up and increase complaints can be seen.
Causes of Knee Calcification

Rheumatic diseases
Inflammatory diseases (lupus, gout, etc.)

Treatment Methods in Knee Calcification
The treatment modalities vary according to the patient’s age, expectation, the severity of the complaints, the cause and degree of calcification. If the age of the patient is young, if the complaints of early stage calcification are not advanced, non-surgical treatment methods are recommended. If the patient is overweight, weight loss is recommended. It is asked to move away from heavy jobs, stairs or downhill. Exercise therapies are especially recommended for strengthening thigh muscles. The use of pain medication (NSAID) drugs, ice treatment applications, knee medicine applications (hyaluronic acid, PRP, stem cell) are the methods that can be recommended.
How to Diagnose Knee Calcification?
In the physical examination of the patient, the knee tenderness, the knee joint space in the knee joint due to the loss of cartilage loss, joint surface deterioration, osteophyte (bone sharpness) is seen with the diagnosis is made.
Surgical Treatment Methods in Knee Calcification


It is a method that aims to treat knee pathology by using two small holes without fully opening the knee joint. When applied in calcification treatment, it was shown in the literature studies that the patient provided temporary improvement and then the complaints could be repeated.

High Tibial Osteotomy

It is the treatment method applied for the calcification of the knee joint in patients under 65 years old. The purpose of this treatment is to reduce the pressure on the inside of the knee by taking the loading plane of the knee to some extent, thereby slowing the progression of calcification. After treatment, the patient is able to burden the knee after bone union.

Unicondylar Knee Prosthesis

It is a treatment method applied especially for the wear of cartilage that has an inner face of the knee joint. The purpose of this treatment is to replace the damaged cartilage in the inner part of the knee joint with the implant and form a painless and mobile knee joint. After surgery, the patient can start to move on the following day and put the load on the knee.

Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Diseases
Cartilage damage that may occur in the joints due to different reasons, especially in the knee and hip joint over time, pain, and eventually causes arthrosis, which is defined as arthritis. Moreover, the cartilage can not regenerate itself when the cartilage cell dies from a very special structure groove. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the damage in the joints and prevent their progress.
Stem cell therapy is a method used to reduce the progression of cartilage damage in patients with early-onset cartilage damage, with painful insertion, but early on for surgery or who do not wish to be operated. In addition, stem cell therapy is used in meniscal rupture which serves as a support and prevents the friction of the joint faces within the knee joint.
Stem Cell Application Process How?
Stem cells prepared from bone marrow or adipose tissue are injected into the knee by an injection, where the knee is damaged and the cell is expected to heal. In case of damage to the knee cartilage, it is provided that the stem cells interact with the collagen or hyaluronic acid based carriers in order to act only in the damaged area without spreading into the knee. Because the stem cell is the individual’s own cells, the tissue is intended to heal and regenerate itself.

What is Stem Cell?
Stem cells are the main cells that have the potential to turn into all cells in the body. Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells are divided into two. Adult stem cells have the ability to regenerate adult tissues and take part in the repair of the body.
How to Obtain Stem Cells
Stem cells are derived from adipose tissue and bone marrow. Cells are taken under mild sedation and local anesthesia to prevent pain. Stem cells in the pelvic bone or core are filtered and separated in sterile conditions. After approximately 20 to 30 minutes of stem cell preparation, the resulting pure stem cells are ready to be administered to the patient.
What are the Factors Affecting the Success of Stem Cell Therapy?
The main factor increasing the success of the treatment is the selection of the right patient and obtaining the stem cells with the appropriate technique. However, life style changes such as weight loss and regular exercise increase the long-term effect of stem cell therapy.
Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Diseases

Obese and overweight patients with a body mass index of more than 30
Calcification has reached the advanced level and the cartilage is completely finished,
Those who have weakened the immune system for different reasons,
People with rheumatic diseases.

Which Orthopedic Disease Stem Cell Therapy Applicable?

Knee, hip, shoulder, hand and ankle joint calcification,
Avascular necrosis of the hip, shoulder, knee, ankle,
Meniscus tears,
In non-union fractures,
Muscles and tendon ruptures

Varicose Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy

Varicose Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy
In the treatment of capillary varices, the patient is able to return to his daily life by the method of sclerotherapy. The process can be completed in as little as one hour.
The spider web is also known as varicose veins, but does not cause serious problems. In case of progression, it is beneficial to be treated as it may cause pain. The main factors that determine the way of treatment of varicose veins is the size. Sclerotherapy method is applied to varices with a diameter between 1-4 mm. The opportunity to complete the process in a very short time and return to daily life on the same day constitutes the biggest advantage.
In this method, the liquid or foam-shaped drug is injected into the vein and the vein is closed. Because the blood flow is directed to a different side, the veins that are not used in time are eliminated by the body. Destruction of varicose veins does not give any harm to the person.
The physician decides which treatment approach is applied to the patient in the treatment of varicose veins according to the condition of the varicose veins. Therefore, in addition to physical examination, Doppler ultrasonography should be performed to determine the condition of the vessels.
Foam Sclerotherapy
Foam sclerotherapy, which is widely used in recent years, is preferred because it is possible to reach larger areas by using less drugs. In this technique, because the drug is mixed with air, more dense and more substances can be obtained. Thus, a larger area can be treated within the vessel. Less drug use is advantageous, but it is important that the method is practiced by experienced physicians. Although the procedure is completed in a short time, the number of varicose veins is determined by the patient. People with extensive thin vessels may need to repeat this procedure several times.
After sclerotherapy, the patient can walk home. He can start his business the same day. And there’s no need to rest. It may be necessary to use a compression stocking according to the physician’s control. Final results are taken within a few weeks.
Provided by Sclerotherapy

It does not require any preliminary preparation outside the physical examination before the procedure.
It can be completed in as little as an hour.
It is possible to make the process during a lunch break.
The patient does not feel pain.
On the same day, he can return to daily life.

Milk or the sun?

Even just 20 minutes of sunning more than one glass of vitamin D milk drinker 200 the body, gives. Vitamin D is one of the most popular in recent years and that deserves more than nutritional elements. Due to the close relationship with calcium because it deserves, not only our bones density and strength for a lot of reasons we need him.
In many areas that are doing amazing things for our body. For example, I wrote often Inflammation –Inflammation of the problem, the problem of insulin resistance is a very important factor we have to control. Germs to strengthen our immune system and make us different can protect from cancer of tissues and organs.
Also, strengthens the memory, can protect blood vessels from the effects of atherosclerosis, prevents diabetes, rheumatic diseases there is strong evidence that an obstacle for you. Vitamin D is not the reason of this post is to oversell his abilities many times I’ve told you before. Today I want to tell you that’s a different topic.
Research Centre by the doctor in the last few years many “daily need for vitamin D” issue they asked me to reconsider.
Based on available data, it is certain that they are right. As a result of the review in need of vitamin D for every age group 2-3 fold increased. The daily dose for adults is 600-800 units were removed. Consumption rose to the highest acceptable amount of 4000-5000 units. However, vitamin D in the oil are resolved, and where it is stored should not be forgotten. Dose if needed, or too high should not be used. If you understand whether you need is not difficult, by getting a simple blood analysis, vitamin D levels in your blood, it is possible to olcturmen.
The best time to get the test done before winter is the period of one month. If during this period, 20 percent below the figures shows that if the measurements are severe, a medium level means you have a vitamin D deficiency if it is between 20-40.
In principle, vitamin D levels for healthy adults 50 to 100 mg/mL are considered appropriate in the range of to keep.
One important thing: vitamin D in our body because our reserve is constantly decreasing, you will use it constantly.
This decrease is Sunless during the winter months it’s becoming more and more apparent. For this reason, at the end of winter as we enter the spring and most of us are vitamin D levels are low.
Another thing that should be considered:
Nearly 60 percent of our needs for vitamin D thanks to sunlight that our skin produces.
UVB rays from the sun vitamin D vitamin D precursor in our skin is converted into the substance.
Hidroksivitamin this substance in the liver, 25 D, 1,25 D in the kidneys, then translated into hidroksivitamin.
Even just 20 minutes of sunning more than one glass of vitamin D milk drinker 200 the body, gives. Experts just before using sunscreen three times a week, arms, face or legs says that might be enough to leave it in the sun for 10 minutes.
However, to benefit from the sun’s Rays in the last year, it has become quite difficult especially for those who live in cities. Air pollution, high buildings, a sunless day, the UVB rays makes it difficult to benefit from.
Also an important part of the day we spend indoors out of the sun in homes and offices.
In short, our skin to produce vitamin D from the sun, it’s a little hard to benefit as much.
Most of us here already for exactly this reason, especially for women “vitamin D poor adults” we have become. For this reason, we benefit from the sun on occasion, our hands, our feet, the sun on our face we need to unveil.
Quite possible for foods to meet vitamin D deficiency, but fruit juices not fortified with vitamin D oily fish, milk and milk products and egg yolks have benefits both to benefit from.
If you ask me at least once a year have your vitamin D levels measured and your lifestyle does not allow you to derive enough benefit from the sun if you vitamin D take advantage of support. Vitamin D pills, drops, light bulbs extremely cheap. In principle, a more powerful form, which is cholecalciferol (D3) prefer to use. A little more expensive than D2 and D3, hard to find, but it is absorbed better in the body.
Tomatoes, “everything is good” is coming!
Tomatoes, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants “red miracle” thanks to lycopene, has become one of the favorite foods of recent years. Not only the tomato, tomato paste, ketchup in the same category of products such as. Even him is considered even more valuable.
Lycopene beautify the skin, prevents sunburn, heart attack, and helps prevent the risk of stroke has been known for a long time. Breast, colon, prostate, and ovarian cancer an important dam against the bone that acts as a powerful antioxidant to strengthen your memory much more than in many areas to protect the integrity of works. It’s not over!
With tomatoes to protect against the risk of Parkinson’s even been evidence that might support healthy sleep,. Recently added: the number of sperm in men with the lycopene in tomatoes is also increasing. Are not producing enough sperm, the sperm quality is poor if you are a man, open your place at the table tomatoes and tomato juice products.
Vinegar results weight
It is a debilitating food apple cider vinegar years ago in the form of rumors spread. Strong scientific publications behind it, but not quite found support. Later, drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal could help lower blood sugar levels, it became clear that.
According to experts, the main component of vinegar is acetic acid which vinegar of starch digestion of starch blocker can prevent you from being digested by the body and the power of weight loss support. How is this new knowledge that strengthens research, although a need for, reflux, gastritis, stomach ulcers, such as highly acidic foods that will lead to the problem of absorption of to drink apple cider vinegar if you have a problem you don’t see any damage.
For security and immediately add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with a maximum of a teaspoon of apple vinegar before a meal or add to salads, but just to remind us: don’t expect a miracle to lose weight, the secret is eating right and moving enough.