Postpartum Crack Treatment

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What causes crack after pregnancy?
Pregnancy is a special period in which there are many physical changes with an intense hormonal activity. In this process, skin changes and various rashes are frequently encountered. Striae, also known as striae, is one of the paintings we see as common in pregnancy and cosmetically disturbing. More than 50 percent of pregnant women are seen. It usually occurs on the belly, on the hips, on the legs and on the breast.
The exact cause of cracks is not known, but it is thought to be related to genetic factors, hormones and mechanical stress. Strias are initially in the form of bands ranging from pink to purple. In this area, there is a decrease in the attenuation of the connective tissue, elastin and collagen fibers. They become increasingly faint and less visible. They continue after birth and often do not fully regress.

Consult your doctor when your cracks look pink-purple!
When the cracks reach white, ivory color, it is more difficult to reach the result. Therefore, it is recommended to intervene at the stage where pink-purple appearance is present. There are many moisturizing and nourishing cream with a high concentration of herbal ingredients. However, there is no definitive data on their effectiveness. Although successful results are reported with creams containing vitamin A derivative or retinoic acid locally, it is not appropriate to use such creams during breastfeeding. Various creams containing ascorbic acid (vitamin C), hyliulonic acid and glycolic acid (fruit acids) can also be useful in the early period.
The most effective treatment of cracks after pregnancy: Laser

The most effective method for the removal of cracks after pregnancy is laser treatments. Successful results are obtained in newly formed pink-purple lesions with pulse dye lasers (dye laser). Fractional lasers are used in both new and old strias. With laser energy, small microscopic damages are created in the upper and lower layers of the skin, and regeneration by secreted growth factors is achieved during healing.
Again in the microneaching method, the skin can be damaged by small needles, and the appearance of regeneration and striae can be reduced. It is aimed to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin by giving simultaneous radiofrequency energy with needling in needle radiofrequency devices used in recent years.
Applications are performed in sessions. PRP, hydrolytic acid and mesotherapy can be used to increase efficacy. Since early initiation of treatment increases the chances of success, it will be an appropriate approach to start right postpartum in the strias developing during pregnancy without delay.
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