Raw Nutrition

A raw food diet as the name suggests, only raw fruits, vegetables and grains are consumed. Heating food destroys nutrients and natural enzymes. it is based on Cooking makes foods poisonous even some supporters of raw feeding that you can defeat the raw diet with headaches and allergies, strengthen immunity and memory you can claim that you can reduce the effects of arthritis and diabetes.
But does it work? Fruits and vegetables for your health is quite good. Raw foods have less calories, fat and sodium and more fiber because it contains raw method of feeding probably will give the weight in the first place. Benefits will be higher in terms of nutritional value. Needed to be fed with high amounts of vegetable food, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals you will have a diet that is rich in fiber. People on the raw food diet is lower in cholesterol and triglyceride ratio is known. Cooking water soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C, it is also true that killed.
Known as raw food, raw food diet of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods is based on. Raw fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, nuts, dried fruits, sprouted grains can be consumed. Some unpasteurized dairy products, raw eggs, raw meat, and consume foods such as fish that carry a potential risk in terms of Health. Instead of a diet entirely based on raw foods, raw foods as well as cooked tomato products, legumes and grains, dairy products, low fat red meat, white meat or fish to consume long-term, it would be safer in terms of Health.
Although it is a controversial method, taste, and health benefits in terms of energy, quite lately the preferred feeding method. If you had a completely raw diet, increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables in your daily life, a fact that will impact your health well. Some of the benefits of feeding raw food:
– Over time, your taste will change. Sugar, salt and caffeine will gradually decrease your request. Sweet carrots and fresh red pepper fruits you can consume when you want it except for hurt.
– Your meal preparation time will be shortened. A salad ought to have food and drinks such as a smoothie, either in January or in the oven for a long time it will not work.
– You can get from eating natural foods thanks to season and region will be a more affordable method. You will protect both your health and your money taking fresh and genuine products. Uncooked foods from the region and carbon emissions will be lower.
– Overcooked, burnt, and some chemicals can cause carcinogenic toxins to processed foods that contain is known.
Your food may be cold or warm, but should not exceed 45 -50 degrees. Blender, food processor, fruit dehydrators using food can be varied. Eating out will be very difficult, so it is recommended to keep food in your bag and always be prepared.
There will just be some disadvantages with raw foods nutrition. Enough vitamin B12, protein, iron, make sure you are getting nutrients such as calcium. Because animal foods are consumed mostly raw food diet, may need nutritional supplements, consult your doctor and make the necessary checks.
Cook the water-soluble vitamins hurt, although beta-carotene and lycopene of nutrients such as the effect strengthens. At the same time, it can kill the bacteria, in this way, we can avoid food poisoning.
A raw food diet some diet-related diseases because it can cause the food’s pretty good to be washed is required. Because of the possibility of poisoning pregnant women, growing children, at older ages, those with weak immune systems and those with chronic conditions such as kidney diseases is not recommended. You should consult your doctor or nutritionist.