So Go Live

Weight of hypertension, heart very that they can develop to solve the problem we have two options: Either eat less or move a lot since the first one you’ll… most of us couldn’t do it, the only option is to move more!

Tembellestirdi us new life. To run into new technologies, especially the marching is going to stop. If you are the one who lives in the city, you can take the step up to 1000-1500 per day. The laziness of eternal and new life alternatives unlimited: elevators, escalators, minibuses, buses, private cars, coming soon “autowalk” even may be on the agenda. Again that “metabolism first”Miz, “and gain energy, gained energy” based on our system, the bottom becomes the top. Food and beverage needs with the calories we gained, not so much. That needs the calories stored as fat “weight problems, diabetes, hypertension, the threat of cardiovascular disease, and many more the problem of old age” as coming back to us.
Deteriorating energy balance to stay healthy so to protect them, to make must choose one of two options for this: Either eat less or move more. We tried the first one a lot but not a lot, but no, we can’t. Be assured, never will be. It’s not just laziness because of the new life to us, at the same time after feeding to drink more to make a board layout
is structured to be…
There is left only the second option: to act! Basically there are two ways. A, increase our activity; and two, create a regular exercise program every other day if not every day, but not necessarily always apply.
Activity “increase” of the proposal “exercise”far more than effective, lasting, and cost effective I think it is. Of course, if possible exercise, too let’s make our lives get exercise if possible, but the first thing we need to do to fix permanently to restore the balance of energy “is to increase our activity,” i.e., more “walking”. This not only makes sense but also is a viable option that it is a correct approach. We all have every day to work, shopping, to visit a neighbor, go to school, we walk more or less. If we could extend a bit of our daily walk; bus, minibus, private car, we could use a little less if the solution will be easy. The reason this is…
Only 1000 per day, increasing the amount of your step hiking, or even it might work. When you walk a thousand steps more than fifty extra calories you will burn. “Fifty calories what happens? don’t say” even this year a total of 18000 calories, so a decline is the equivalent of 2.5 pounds. Try to increase your activity according to me only two thousand paces per day or something custom you your daily activity without resorting to a workout plan only two thousand step –add-a mile on a flat terrain, even if it means taking the road – enough! Every day, I mean throw my name in too two thousand calories more per day and burn an additional 100 every five years or five kilos of weight gain to prevent your present weight throw I mean. But “permanent” and “effective” solution” for this is not enough. Begin by adding the two thousand step your daily activity, but your first goal is 5000, then 7500 step. The most effective result is “10000 step per day” please note that you can get taken.
What I am saying “Walking is one of the main factors in determining the health of it”. “Walking= health” means. The most powerful vitamins to walk even more than a useful support. Simple but totally effective natural hundreds of years ago, Hippocrates discovered that the bride wonders you benefit from, and immediately take note of the advice of Hippocrates: “walking the long way, you live longer.”
Per hour walk
Your mind is going to immediately ask the question because I know I am asked this question very often: “I don’t have time for a 2 mile walk for me, nor after lunch, my job is to walk around the place, nor after dinner, TV episodes and tour the neighborhood I’m not up to beautiful put aside. In short, two thousand paces Long Walk doesn’t seem very practical to me. Does it work again if I take 50 to 100 step 10-15 times during the day?” Make no mistake, this even would work. Do that every day. For example, “I’m old, I’m tired, I’m busy” excuses like that don’t defect, not only every hour but also in your overall health when weight under control, 50-100 step you will see a great improvement. Dinclesece. One of the more active you will become. Sugar, blood pressure control will heal you. Your muscles, strengthen your bones. Balance your condition will heal. Your memory will support. Your sleep will deepen. These are just “some”. Able to extend the list even further…
Replicate the activity to increase from that small movement fitted into our daily life, for example, consists of a short walk. Easy to apply, permanent and effective because it is simple to be made more a part of daily life. Exercise programs are also very useful, but sometimes may require an amount of time and money. An increase in activity can be brought into your way of life if frequently and in small amounts, but you burn calories every time which enables it to permanently burn more calories compared to exercises that will ensure a more reasonable way.
The increased activity also exercise a preponderance of the chance of injury is almost none. Increased activity also is free of charge, does not require special equipment. You just increase your activity to your comfortable shoes, your clothes just will allow for you to be comfortable to move all of that is not sufficient. Some advantages in comparison to the activity exercise, of course. For example, the impact on the energy balance is clear and open. Allows you to lose weight faster. More guarantees of the integrity of bone. Development and protection of your muscles in the clear, crisp results. Provides stronger support for aerobic exercises, especially your heart and blood vessels. Bulk –group – state is performed, it can be entertaining and stimulating.
Security A Must! WHETHER by increasing your daily activity, exercise studio or home near you not satisfied with it if you want your workout and regular exercise sit in a corner by doing that you will create in your life, but don’t forget this one important point: Security! Especially middle-aged person, especially if you are in your fifties, if passed, particularly diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease or if you are someone with balance issues, you should be very, very careful about this. In such cases consult your doctor before beginning exercise program. Walk, so just by increasing your daily activity movement exercise is a safer way to life, but even that’s a little ciddilestirdig you have the possibility to talk to your doctor if you. No matter it doesn’t matter which exercise, do a warm up of 5-10 minutes before you start, remember to start with low intensity activity so the process. The end of the exercise again a five-minute cool-down period should be. If you’re going to walk if comfortable, but not wear clothing. Wear sneakers that fits your foot.
My suggestion is not thinking too much of the joints of those who are age fifty, is to stay away from excessive exercise. Also, it pays to gradually increase excess weight those who exercise. Because walking and other physical activities in overweight people, foot, knee, hip and at the waist reflected vibrations, shock waves exacerbates. Also the intensity of the activity for him –especially if you are someone who is overweight – is gradually increasing. Walk in the safe area. Use to select the secure clock. You walk by inhaling exhaust fumes.