Stay Away From Sugar!

The newly published study, those who eat a low fat diet away from carbohydrates and saturated fat even more standing compared to those who lose more body fat was found to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported research in the annals of Internal Medicine was published in the magazine.
Randomized, parallel group research, without the risk of clinical cardiovascular disease and diabetes was performed on 148 people from different races.
Without limitation to a group calories low carb (under 40 grams per day) Group low-fat (less than 30 per cent of daily energy intake; saturated fat less than 7 per cent) in the diet was administered.
Both research groups was a consultant throughout regular diet.
The subjects ‘ weight, cardiovascular risk factors, and data on diet composition, 3, 6, and 12 months after was collected.
The low-fat group and 60 people (82 percent) and low-carb 59 people in the group (yuzde79) a year-long study is completed.
Ate what?
The high-fat diet was a minor variation of the Atkins diet: They eat mainly fish, and more protein and fat, choose unsaturated fats such as olive oil and nuts I was told to, but cheese is also rich in saturated fats foods such as red meat was allowed.
Eggs for breakfast; lunch tuna salad; dinner with vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish, pork or tofu ate.
Low-carbohydrate food from the group they were told they had to cook with olive oil and canola oil, but butter was allowed, too.
These are generally slightly more than 13 per cent of daily calories from saturated fats they took out.
This corresponded to more than 5-6 percent of the advice of the American Heart Association two times, and most of the fat unsaturated fats.
Low-fat diet group was fed mainly grain and starch.
Total fat less than 30 percent of daily calories they of 40 per cent of daily calories total fat while the other group had.
Both of these groups when they are asked to eat their vegetables, low-carbohydrate group also recommended legumes and fresh fruits.
Low-carbohydrate diet more healthy
After 12 months, low-carb diet people on low-fat diet group compared to those in weight, body fat mass, total/HDL cholesterol ratio, triglyceride levels decreased more and HDL cholesterol was found to increase more.
Low-carbohydrate diet group change in physical activity in spite of the low-fat group on average than 8 pounds (3.5 kg) if they give more weight to their body oils was found to increase the mass of lean is reduced and even more of Nov.
The low-carb group, inflammation markers and triglycerides went down, while HDL low-fat group increased more than.
Blood pressure, total cholesterol and LDL in both groups remained the same.
These results, low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss and is more effective than a low fat diet in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
Those who wish to reduce their risk of heart disease researchers of carbohydrates lose weight and reduce their need to stress.
Calories what you’re eating is not important
Celebrity nutritionist Dariush Mozaffarian says:
“Made without any calorie restriction, this is the first long-term research focusing on reducing the weight that can be given because it shows the calories from carbohydrates is very important.
Because the replacement is easily accomplished without reducing the calories of foods eaten more.
The low-fat group also weight they gave them, but they seem to be losing muscle not fat.
Lean mass and fat mass to weight ratio is more important than the Nov.
Stop banning people health authorities fats, especially in processed food to stay away from refined carbohydrates should encourage”.
Atkins’ s and 1970’ raised where low-carb and high-fat diets in losing weight since then became very popular.
Diets of this type, not fat and water weight verdirdik him more meat and dairy products increased cholesterol and other heart disease risk factors for criticism was getting eaten.
I recommend saturated fats
Spiderman who is the professor of McGill University and Dr. Allan also says:
“Low-carbohydrate diet group reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and other vascular diseases, the decrease.
In this study have not been inspected, but the quantity and size of LDL particles is particularly important in terms of heart disease.
The levels of LDL may be the same two people, but small, dense LDL particles to more of those big, soft particles are completely different than those of the risks.
Refined carbohydrates, increases LDL particles, and small dense particles to the side as you scroll; flours, saturated fats, the LDL particles become more enlarges and softens.
Small, dense LDL particles, heart disease, high triglycerides, and metabolic syndrome seen in those with wide belly circumference.
I believe that we should give weight to dietary recommendations for saturated fats”.
Let’s see the result
This study proves for the years we’re trying to tell the facts one more time:
A: to protect against both cardiovascular and other diseases, Healthy Living enough for “fat we need to eat.
Two: this animal fats are saturated fats and unsaturated fats; trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable margarine which is harmful.
THREE: the cause of atherosclerosis not eat much fat, refined flour (starch), and carbohydrates. More sweet fruits is harmful.
FOUR: a way to stay away from heart diseases medication, but not “such as Man will feed on.”