Summer What Do I Need To Enter On The Form?!

Fed in moderation to lose weight healthy and elanur Yilmaz said that the secret is nutrition and diet expert, movement and drew attention to the importance of drinking plenty of water.
Fast weight loss is experiencing a rush in the transition seasons. Losing weight is a process, to the application of the discipline of a healthy diet and life so it is necessary to start in advance. The only dietitians to guide the process. Actually the formula for losing weight, it’s obvious. Eat healthy and in moderation, create a layout of your own nutrition, move, and drink plenty of water.
Summer what do I need to enter on the form?!
Eat little and often: your metabolism is constantly alive, slow down and your blood sugar will remain in balance. Throughout the entire day of food that is consumed as 6 meals a day to lose weight will cease to be too painful a process when it is shared. Dec 3 main meals taken in small quantities at frequent intervals, with 3’ meals must comply with the rule. For more than 3 hours to stabilize blood sugar levels, care should be taken not to be hungry. In this way, suppressing and triggered fresh crisis in the day to get rid of the desire to eating too much food in a single meal it will be easy.
Water: water is required for the continuation of life and the beginning of life. You should drink 10-15 glass of water per day.
Eat 2-3 times fish per week: fish and omega-3 fats protect heart health and cognitive function, enhance your metabolic rate raises. A person’s daily omega-3 fish 2-3 times per week should consume in order to meet your needs.
2-3 cups milk: Milk is the best source of calcium in nutritional sources. You must eat 1-2 slices of cheese and 2-3 cups of milk per day.
Choose whole grain: whole grain products, cereals form the group of the healthiest because they contain the pulp. Whole grain bread instead of white bread, opt for brown rice instead of white rice raise your quality of life does not allow you to be successful in controlling your weight.
2 times per week, consume legumes: dry beans is rich in fiber and B vitamins. The balancing of blood sugar, blood cholesterol and plays an active role in this group, which should be 2 times per week diet.
Every day eat raw vegetables: raw vegetables because they contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the diet has a very important place.
Dessert seasonal fruit meet your needs from: Dec meals, nuts, peanuts, almonds and sweet to consume fresh fruits and your diet meets the needs of the health value of raises. Accelerating your metabolism is effective.
Exercise: with the warming up of the air must be made at least 1 hour every day. The exercise will help in fat burning by speeding up metabolism at the same time, by increasing serotonin symptoms allows you to be happy, then I wish you a Happy Summer feet moving each pouch plenty.