Sugar Addiction, How Can We Be Saved?

Life without sugar is not possible, this information is finalized in case if you will be so much healthier and consume less sugar. Well, this is easy to achieve? Not because our life is the taste of sugar, and it’s an integral part of a tool for happiness! However, our flavor palate that creates bursts of unmanageable good, especially the “dependency” if it comes to that point, the drug has the effect of a poison.
First, remember this: mind is only when we think of Sugar, tea, coffee or sugar that you add to the powder in your mouth you take a piece of chocolate, or a delicious cake to accompany your coffee on top of sweet food you eat, it shouldn’t be a piece that could not stand. Carbonated beverages and fruit juices you consume at least half of the sugar comes from. A “hidden/hidden sugars” there is a danger of, and that is another issue.
We fondly drink, café latte, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, ice cream and candy store. Moreover, salad dressings, ketchup, breakfast cereals have high amounts of sugar. Don’t be surprised if you want some more let’s continue. Yogurt fruity sugar bomb.
It’s like we’re literally swimming in a sea of sugar, therefore you already have. 50 years ago 5-10 solid sugar we consume. In addition, we also “fruit-like” we are a nation of intensive genes. Consuming fruits is one of the world’s most societies, perhaps we are the first.
From the grocery store, at the market, from the market a few different fruit-we have a culture that carries home in pound packs. This is at a significant disadvantage, I’m going to tell him soon.
Well, how about a candy, so “tu-poo” has become a food. The reason is this: the amount of energy you need to consume in a day for women, 1800-2000 for men close to 2000-2300 calories. These professionals we can’t afford you no more than your daily calorie needs percent to 7 percent sugar, he says, but that much is allowed. This “powdered sugar” is taken as the basis for women is 6 teaspoons (100 calories) and for men 9 teaspoons (150 calories) means that you can consume sugar.
Well, is it possible to make do with all of this candy?
Of course it’s not. Not five in a day because you drink tea, your quota is filled with 3-4 and even a cup of tea immediately. A mug of cafe latte or hot chocolate milk contains almost the same number. A box of soft drinks, carbonated beverages, also a bottle of soda, so there is 8-10 teaspoons of sugar.
Not even if you pay attention, in addition to more fruit! That part is a separate problem…
We’re eating more fruit
Each culture of sugar/sweet sources are different. For example, the juice of living in the United States and Europe, we we like than the fruit itself. Our people are fruit juice, fruit salad, puree, there’s not much of indulging in concentrate products such as. Fruit we are!
Exchange house at the mention of fruit, bread, dried beans, spinach, until meat is indispensable. Moreover, we can buy fruit by the kilo.
Well, a bad thing? Each one of the fruits of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, polyphenols and fiber, taking into account that a source is not wrong.
Also eat the fruit itself, juice, drink, concentrate, pulp, more than a rational choice to eat the salad, but on one condition: the quantity will pay attention, will not overdo it.
Two at a time Mandarin Orange, an orange, an apple or a whole plate of strawberries, cherries, figs, grapes, your stomach “Jumbotron” download.
Because the fruit “FRUCTOSE” and fructose is a sugar called sugar acts as more than just a grocery. It also insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, increase in uric acid, triglycerides and weight increase.
For this reason, “those who plan to get rid of sugar addiction first, pay attention to the fact how much fruit to consume, reducing the consumption of fruit and especially in the evening hours need to trim your fruit consumption!
Beware of hidden sugars
Unbound sugar that may contain sugar, many foods we think we should recognize. Just sugar, sweets, syrups and candies, it’s not different kitchen products.
Ready soups, fruit yoghurt, salad dressing, ketchup and mayonnaise, breakfast cereal of concealed/hidden sugar. Therefore, careful “sugar Hunter” is to examine the way that food labels need to be carefully.
Examine the tags. Sucrose, maltose, fructose, or wrote something you know, this “trick”!
What else can be done
Coffee, tea, you can drink without sugar. You may opt for ice creams and desserts prepared with natural sweeteners. Fruity yogurt instead of plain yogurt you can eat. “Fruit!” you say then if you add fresh fruit on it. Desserts with protein-rich ones-desserts – to choose a more rational way. Drinking water more often, if you’re going to choose something else instead of water, unsweetened ones select-mineral water – the rational choice. The bitter chocolate contain less sugar thing. As an alternative to drink herbal teas can be used, provided of course not to add sugar.