Autumn Fatigue Prevention Methods

Collapsing into the darkness of the cold early winter weather and some people conform. Mostly the sadness of Autumn up or chatting with a friend over hot tea can be treated with a gripping novel, although depending on the season developing long-term depression and caution should be exercised in case of fatigue necessarily. Increases your fatigue and your sleep patterns is disrupted accordingly as the days shorten with the coming of spring, the days start to grow longer, the symptoms spontaneously begins to disappear. The least amount of fatigue as a result of exposure to sunlight in autumn and controlling appetite that allows them to feel good about ourselves, which is a hormone is thought to stem from a decline in the levels of serotonin, especially in women more visible. Autumn or winter depression, fatigue, known as this condition between symptoms of depression, constant desire to sleep, self-confidence, a decrease in intolerance, lack of motivation, shyness and panic attacks can be seen. Most people in the winter does not feed correctly. When we’re depressed, especially in the fall and winter months our lives are often carbohydrate-heavy foods pulls. Although it is unclear whether a chemical reason or is learned, it is a fact that relieved us a slice of chocolate cake. Carbohydrates and affects the body’s serotonin levels it makes us happy for a while. Simple carbohydrates creates a sudden rise in blood sugar and then a rapid decline, so oat, wheat, legumes, brown rice, whole-grain foods such as complex carbohydrates we must choose one. Stay away from processed foods that contain sugar. Elevation of the blood sugar is not controlled as by consuming the nutrients at a time that provides we can be energized for a longer period. You consume too much sugar slows down your brain functions and changes. A lot of white flour in pastries and fried foods with oil and fat, which is a combination that causes you to feel tired.
Diet the main foods that you have to remove the front:
Omega-3 our body can not produce it spontaneously. Ensures proper operation of brain and behavioral features as well as its benefits for the heart, are known to reduce symptoms of depression. Deficiency loss of memory, lack of concentration, mood changes, fatigue, and depression is common. Flax seeds, walnuts and salmon, sardines and halibut are found in high amounts in.
Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, and even stand for 10 minutes in the sun, our moods, our upgrade is known. The lack of light is thought to be linked with seasonal depression. Light therapy in seasonal depression fatigue and so holds an important place in the autumn. Vitamin D deficiency our bones soften and starts to weaken our immune system crashes and Nov our power is reduced. Vitamin D milk, egg yolk, salmon, tuna fish such as stringy is located.
Low selenium levels are known as shown depressive symptoms, sunflower seeds, fish, chicken and red meat facility.
Olive oil, fish, nuts and sunflower seeds in the oils try to choose. Provides the energy your body needs fats and carbohydrates, proteins but this power is the job of the edit. Low-fat protein sources, managing your brain chemicals that can affect your mood in a good way contains many amino acids. Also fights fatigue. Muscles and many hormones and proteins is composed of protein we need for a strong immune system. Red meat, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts, soy and low-fat dairy products are abundant.
Our bodies uses folic acid the production of serotonin. Yesil leafy vegetables, oats, sunflower seeds, lentils, black-eyed peas, and soybeans.
Vitamin B12 folic acid deficiency also causes depression, such as. Low fat steak, mussels, oysters, crab, salmon, eggs, and cottage cheese curd, yogurt, and is found in foods such as milk.
Stress improves the symptoms of depression. You don’t have a good mood when your body is tired of stress and energy to safeguard and maintain it becomes. Blueberries, raspberries, fruits such as strawberries in times of stress, parts of your brain containing the memories, and your emotional reactions, and affects the parts that govern your sense of direction, allows you to make more accurate decisions.
Citrus fruits increases our energy levels quickly and allows our body to continue to operate. Apple is a fruit both nutritious and energizing. Especially the antioxidants found in the peel, try to eat it without peeling.
He’s been known to fix both your mood and taste chocolate, but if you choose the right kind. At least 70% cocoa dark chocolate that contains a chemical that increases dopamine levels in the brain, it is believed that the production of provides. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline bloklayan a different angles. Most high cocoa percentage you can find yourself when you’re feeling better and eat a piece of chocolate will make you feel more energetic very quickly.
Turkey contains tryptophan and melatonin, calms and relaxes you. When you are stressed your body helps.
Like turkey, bananas contain tryptophan also. Besides, carbohydrates, natural sugars and potassium, because it contains our brain power increases. Banana, spinach, and nuts found in potassium will make you feel energetic and annihilate fatigue. beta carotene of carrots, radishes, beets as season vegetables to eat. Also magnesium in bananas it enhances the quality of sleep and reduces anxiety.
Especially beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E to combat fatigue are the foods you should consume foods that contain autumn. Pinto beans, collard greens, citrus fruits, kiwi, walnuts, almonds, spinach, carrots, radishes, beets foods such as to your place at the table.
Also one of the main causes of fatigue is dehydration. Add some lemon or mint with water and increase your intake of water you will add vitality. Thyme, mint and some spices such as Basil smell wakes you up and the motion passes. Spices also revitalizes your body, but heavy in sauces, especially for use in dry foods, such as meat and fish.
Natural hormones, such as adrenaline, caffeine increases. your heart beats faster, breathing faster and allows you to ask to be notified whenever you receive, but these effects takes only a few hours. At the end of the effect, also in sugar, such as extreme fatigue can cause headaches. Iron deficiency, also excess alcohol consumption, stress and depression can cause.
A healthy breakfast, your concentration, increase your energy and your attention during the day, it prevents you from excessive eating, and thus protects against diabetes and heart disease. Protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats that contains spend the time to have breakfast. Still eat healthy and try to increase your meal frequency if you are feeling energized and tired. You do not need to sleep more in winter than in summer. More than 8 hours to sleep, try sleeping the same time every day. Airy your bedroom dark and keep quiet. In the morning, the weather may be more dark because it is becoming increasingly difficult to get out of bed. When he wakes, the curtains open. Try to spend time outside during Light hours during the day. Be sure to keep your home and work environment as much as possible, light and airy.
In addition to a healthy diet, light therapy, regular exercise and yoga also can decrease the symptoms of depression. To reduce on caffeine, try to consume a small amount of protein at every meal. Among the causes of fatigue anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, the thyroid glands does not work properly, diseases such as hypoglycemia, and if symptoms persist see a physician.

Do not forget to complement your meal! What useful celery the healing of autumn?

In the last days of autumn cold on your face began to show. During this period, the weather, together with the balance of our metabolism is changing. With the changing balance constipation, tiredness, weakening of the immune system such as there can be problems. Lighter can come in handy this fall to dodge all these problems is where the healing celery. Dietitian Zunbulcan Sea, that the beneficial foods are good what’s going on in the individual that is told you.

The nutritional value of celery is quite high. A, B, C, E and K vitamins. Phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, calcium, iron and selenium minerals.
Help To Weaken
After the summer season, autumn is a favorite diet of those who do. But lose weight with the wrong diet, immune system diseases brings. At this point it is very important to combine the right foods with the right methods. Nutritional value of celery is so low in calories which is quite high. 100 grams of raw celery is about 20 calories. Therefore those who are in diet, can easily consume a food. Celery salad, soup or a meal you can consume it become.
Strengthens The Immune System
Every 3 people 2% of our metabolism is actually sick in the fall season and need to strengthen our immune system. Celery contains high antioxidant substances called flavonoids. These substances are bad to our body by fighting free radicals, which are effective make the immune system stronger will help.
Celery has a diuretic effect. This effect substituting with celery juice, can be utilized more effectively. At the same time the body with lost water celery juice will also be provided. With this feature, which is beneficial to the kidneys to the loss of sand and stones celery is helpful.

Prevents Constipation
The most important point of constipation treatment of the sources of fiber are consumed are not consumed enough. Insufficient consumption of fibre triggers constipation. Celery is a vegetable that is quite high in fiber content. You should definitely add celery to your diet if you are having the problem of constipation.
Reduces The Risk Of Chronic Disease
Celery blood pressure, lower cholesterol and has positive effects on diabetes. At the same time, studies have provide evidence of the positive effects on the liver.
Has A Soothing Effect.
Nowadays, stress and nervous in some periods may be inevitable. Especially in autumn and winter, the sun may be hiding itself more depressed and irritable individuals. Celery rushes to our aid with the effects of soothing the nerves at this point. Celery extremely upset and angry people can benefit from this effect.

Practical Celery salad (for two)

1 medium celery
8-10 tablespoons of yogurt
Walnut 8 full fracture
½ Bunch dill
2-3 garlic cloves

All materials you can order over.
1 medium grated the white part of celery washed and cleaned thoroughly after. ½ Bunch dill, washed and finely chopped celery are added. Then, yogurt, walnuts, fractures, 2-3 garlic cloves and mix. Finally, flavored with sumac. You can eat this salad with the addition of your meal instead of bread.
Bon Appetit.
All recommendations are for healthy individuals. People with any other disease should necessarily consult their own experts than those specified.


10 Suggestions For Lose Weight Fast In The Autumn Months

Autumn and declining during the winter months also weight loss rate metabolic rate slows. The small changes you make in your life to live with this problem it helps to lose weight easily. A healthy diet and sufficient physical activity important enough in calories that is right for you to lose weight with you must provide.

You must have your regular meals to help lose weight fast to and Dec main. An edited program with appropriate meal times for yourself, you can change your texture with healthy body fat.
Meat, dairy, and legumes consume enough nutrients in your diet program to the group. If you don’t eat eggs everyday have a food intolerance or allergy. At least 2 times per week of fish types and sufficient servings of it each day to the extent of low-fat cheese varieties to consume.
Fried, too much sugar / carbs and fat do not consume foods that are.( Ex. Pies, pastry, pastry, desserts…)
The energy consumption of your body during autumn and winter months is reduced. Decreasing speed up your metabolism, increase your rate of weight loss always start the day by completing a meal breakfast.
To increase your rate of weight loss to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water you drink daily enough water you must have. Muscle retains water during these months you Diseases and helps to regulate circulation. Add 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar or lemon juice into the water you drink will improve your immunity.
Reduce your consumption of salt to reduce weight and lose weight fast. Increase your intake of spices, especially black pepper, spices like oregano and cinnamon will help control your appetite.
To increase the amount of fiber in your meals losing weight fast for permanent main different types of vegetable dishes or meals try to consume.
Increase the feeling of satiety and fruit and whole grains in meals to maintain blood sugar balance foods that contain foods from the protein group be Dec low-fat cheese, low fat yogurt, low fat kefir with milk or prefer it.
To have a healthy digestive system makes it easy for you to lose weight. Your digestive problem for the lack of pulp/ fiber in your diet program must be more than the amount of nutrients.( Ex. Whole grains, Different varieties of legumes, fruit and a variety of dried fruit, salads and vegetable dishes like…)
With proper healthy and balanced energy workouts that you can apply as often as you spend. Depending on the type of exercise you choose –enough to lose weight eat a balanced diet and the only food you should not implement a program based on more consumption of nutrition.


Their weight with the diet say goodbye to autumn!

Do you want to lose your weight permanently? If your answer is ‘yes’ Dietitian Sea zunbulcan necessarily follow these suggestions! Type of shock that leads to many negative effects of the diet, indicating Zunbulcan, autumn shared the tricks with the diet you lose weight, speeds up metabolism, did not neglect to share a few recipe.
Slowly the sun on the sand of the sea, and kiss goodbye to a trio of summer, our vacation coming to an end, we welcome the fall season. With the coming of autumn, the sun is starting to show less of itself. Causes of changing weather conditions to change our mental state. For most people, Autumn sadness, unhappiness, depression is described as a season. This period through the way most harmless to the body after changing the sunny days are over, not better days started of the season, the winter season is a season to prepare for and to think that tool is going to get back to your form.
It’s Time For You To Lose Weight!
As summer approached in the summer or for the sake of being weak shock this shock is pretty much… the number of people who diet tend to make in the autumn months begin to show the negative effects of diets. At the beginning of the summer, very fast and short-term weight by giving fake happiness and unhappiness of the person bringing as much weight to these diets in the fall returns. In a short time, because a given weight, just consists of water and the loss of Nov. The important thing is to truly lose fat. Many people who hear the word diet the rest of the sentence stay open, eat, complements it with the words deadly to diets. But the word diet is the Greek ‘diaita’ the word comes from ‘lifestyle’ carries the meaning of. Prohibitions to live with it’s not so important to change your lifestyle. Because it is permanent, and fat loss truly, however, such a path is possible. For this reason, the autumn season, it is time for people to start losing weight with more weight.

Diet suggestions for autumn:

From the moment we open our eyes to a new day the energy requirements of our body affects us physically and psychologically. The day when we open our eyes, physically the act of waking up takes place, however, when the wake is important biological. So you had better wake up also wakes up your metabolism doesn’t mean. Go hungry after all night wake up your metabolism and also providing energy to the importance of breakfast is very great. So breakfast your metabolism accelerator. Breakfast is not done, increased with a slowing metabolism slows down your metabolism and bring an appetite. The increased appetite throughout the day with eating in a way involuntary. Appetite control and slimming in the period for the acceleration of metabolism therefore breakfast is very important.
When the sun is abundant serotonin, melatonin, the secretion of hormones and adrenaline is high. The release of these hormones, which enables you to feel happy ourselves more energetic and autumn and decreases in winter. Therefore, we must increase these hormones regulate our diet in winter. Which is known as the happiness hormone serotonin, improve performance, vigor and happiness is a hormone that provides. The hormone serotonin there are more than B1 and B2. By stimulating the release of endorphins in the body that stimulate the production of serotonin, a hormone foods: Wheat, peas, milk and dairy products, chocolate, bananas, turkey meat, red pepper, orange.
Watch out for calories in a great little getaway. Hazelnut, pistachio nuts, salami, sausage, pepperoni, such as delicatessen products, biscuits, dry pastries, cakes, high-fat prepared foods such as eating foods high in calories but small makes it difficult for you to lose weight. For example, the 560 calories in 100 grams pistachios, 100 grams of sunflower seeds calories in 584, 628 calories in 100 grams of nuts.
Research says most people eating stems from emotional hunger more than usual 75. Emotional hunger are above normal for the autumn season is the season where. In times like this we need the high water and fiber beneficial compounds, a low calorie food. ‘Is there food?’ I hear you ask. At this point, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables for us I must say that it is the value of the gift. Other individuals individuals consume two servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day research that 11% of have shown that are healthier.
Almost anyone who wants to lose weight first carbohydrate-containing foods makes one of the meals. This is one of the biggest mistakes made. Adequate, an individual who wants to stay satiated, eat a balanced diet and the daily energy from carbohydrates should provide 50 to 60 percent. Every meal should include foods that contain carbohydrates. Important here is the authenticity of the selected carbohydrate source. Fiber carbohydrate sources and does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar does not raise your blood sugar quickly. Therefore, you should choose complex carbohydrate sources. Wholemeal bread, whole wheat pasta, dry beans, rice are examples of complex carbohydrates.
Daily fluid needs with the need for water is the same thing? ‘Tea, coffee I’m having. I just have a glass or two or water’ has become a phrase we often hear the phrase. However, it should be known that drinks like tea and coffee because they are diuretic, increase your fluid intake lessens the need for water. Consume 2-3 liters of water per day will provide convenience to individuals who are in the process of slimming. The water smoked a little bit when she’s afraid and would not meet the needs of the body, even disguising himself tea 1 cup of juice edema. Therefore, it begins to get difficult to lose weight. Attention, the color of your urine is yellow and dense, if you are getting enough water.
If you want to lose weight just changing your diet but your way of life a healthy life while you are editing when you should increase your physical activity. Increase your physical activity will enable you to increase your metabolism rate. 40 minutes 3-4 times per week that you will do regular exercise, both physically and spiritually will affect you positively.

Accelerating The Metabolism Tea Autumn
(This recipe makes 9-10 cup of tea turns out tea.)

1 teaspoon flavored mate tea
1 teaspoon of white tea
2 teaspoons tea Yesil
1 dried bay leaf
1 sprig of cinnamon bark
5-6 cloves
1 teaspoon ginger
1 lemon

After a few minutes, you can consume approximately all the ingredients in 1 liter of water demledik.
Sweet Happiness That Accelerate Metabolism
(Recipe 4 servings-out, 1 portion 180 King)

5 tablespoons chia
250 ml semi-skimmed milk
4 dried figs
The size of 6 sugar cubes with fresh coconut
For garnish fresh mint, dry coconut

By adding chia to milk an oven is expected. Dried figs, fresh coconut with warm water is passed to the robot were minimized after relaxed. Mix this mixture in milk with chia surging. Into the bowl after they are imported, dry coconut and mint are decorated with age.
Note: Individuals with any disease, it is important to consult a doctor and a dietician before applying any recipes.
Autumn is the healthiest products you can consume in the diet’too!