Baking Finish, You Should Not Be Cooked?

Some foods are most nutritious when Raw, while in others the emergence of the nutrients it needs to heat. The benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables in abundance are numerous. Nutritious properties, but are low in calories. The preferred diet for protection against cancer and prolong the life time. By consuming only raw food but it is not correct to eat. Because raw fruits and vegetables are very low in calories, only in this way it is very hard for Fed to meet daily energy needs for our daily also meet our energy needs we can experience a lot of health problems from hair loss dental diseases.
Although many cooked food is unhealthy, this does not mean that all cooked foods are harmful. Harmful substances occurring in foods such as fries and BBQ cooked to a very high temperature and it is true that the health beneficial enzymes are destroyed. But especially for steaming your meals, soup and is prepared by the boiling method, when you give your body the ability to absorb even more of the feeder, it retains the properties. Some vitamins are water soluble, sensitive to heat, and is particularly an important part of the vitamins you lose when cooked, for example the amount of vitamin C in just two minutes even cook the tomatoes of 10% leads to a decrease. While some antioxidants also caused the destruction of valuable vitamins such as vitamin C, but cooking allows you to come to the fore.
When you make soup, a fraction of the nutrients you will lose. When poaching vegetables or making soup, so the heat stays at 100 degrees of boiling prevents the emergence of harmful substances in foods does not exceed the degree of the blink. To make soup at the same time, water-soluble vitamins is not the way, but allows liquid to be consumed within. Making vegetables and legumes increasing their ability to be digested, and many of the essential ingredients and increase your intake of nutritious. Cooked foods without spending a lot of digestive energy in the body enables you to be after our teeth and our digestive system, it raw-fiber foods makes it easy for you to consume and meat. At the same time, an increase in the amount of protein our nutrition from vegetables, we’ll be more for those who do not consume meat, this is very important. But on the contrary, the roasting of nuts and dried fruits and cereal products to be cooked in the oven reduces the amount of protein in the content.
To increase the consumption of raw food to a healthy diet is absolutely essential. Raw foods for digestive health is very important. Fruits, avocados and nuts is much more beneficial when consumed raw. At the same time for employees to lose weight raw fruits and vegetables because they contain more water when they are fed allows you to get more volume and more quickly.
Because it is unstable to heat vitamin C citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, parsley, and pepper should be consumed raw. Vitamins E and B6 are losing influence as a result of warming. Some minerals are also being undermined as a result of cooking. For example, the per cent of magnesium 60-75% is destroyed. Therefore, a source of magnesium be sure to consume foods that are raw as much as possible. Cook foods that contain water soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C vitamins to maintain your if you need to, if possible, without using any water or very little water to cook with. Then save the boiled water for use in soups and sauces. A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A is not affected by the temperature.
Carrots, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and a lot more vegetables, especially when boiled or steamed when cooked, the antioxidants in our body can benefit from the content. Was transformed into vitamin A in our bodies and is found in carrots, beta-carotene, which the asparagus ferulik acid, such as tomato antioxidant called lycopene in making our body more easily absorb. The loss of vitamin C in cooked tomatoes though, we were able to easily get a lot more out of vitamin C foods, lycopene in tomatoes is much more significant in terms of rare cooked food. This antioxidants that our cells we’re talking about environmental damage and protect against some cancers, is beneficial in terms of heart health. Yesil vegetables like spinach, tomatoes and carrots by adding a small amount of healthy fat found in fat soluble vitamins should be consumed to uncover that is recommended. When cooked, spinach, calcium, iron and magnesium absorbed by the body. Potassium, when cooked, it frees our muscles essential for in Cork. When the eggplant and potatoes are cooked, neutralizing harmful substances in the content.
Some vegetables are more beneficial when consumed raw. For example, an enzyme important in the content will be damaged when cooked broccoli and watercress, this also leads to a reduction of beneficial effects in combating cancer. Garlic when cooked in a garlic antibacterial oily liquid content is reduced so beneficial health it’s not getting up to cook dinner, it is better to add up in the end. Of vitamin C in red peppers is cooked to a high temperature when it is lost, it is more beneficial to consume it raw. Cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, folic acid, is extremely rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. A large part of their nutritional value when cooked they lose. For this reason, should be eaten as a salad raw or should be cooked in Steam. Zucchini, are eaten raw or undercooked, if 50 percent of the daily folic acid requirement for an adult meets.
Milk, cheese and yogurt that can be eaten raw dairy products such as vitamins and rich mineral resources. Eggs nutritional values when cooked for a long time are disappearing, to a runny consistency should be consumed. Meat products, boiled, steamed or grilled on a basis more beneficial in terms of Health and consume.
Grains and legumes easier to digest when cooked at the same time increasing the nutritional value of fibers that are included. But these foods also lose their nutritional value so they didn’t cook, we must make sure to keep it alive.
Raw or cooked foods that are healthier to consume, it is difficult to say. But no matter how prepared should consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. The food actually tastes better, so we could cook more easily. If it tastes better if we consume more. How much to consume foods beneficial for our body so if we’re going that way, prepared food ever being eaten is always better.
Should you prefer to eat raw or cooked food you eat the next to make other points to look out for:
Prefer local products. Thus the transport and storage of the vitamin loss is reduced in time, the more fresh produce you will find below.
Tomatoes and berries in the refrigerator instead of at room temperature, store in this way, the maturation process continues and rises to the level of lycopene.
Prepare your meals ahead of time to cut out vegetables and fruits.
Eat in a balanced way. Vitamin C which strengthens immunity, when buying raw foods, antioxidants do not overlook to consume cooked vegetables preserved. As mentioned, some foods when consumed raw separate, distinct benefits when cooked, because there are different presentations of the same foods with your nutrition plan to add.