Eat A Healthy Diet Before Pregnancy

When you plan for pregnancy, your body’s stores of healthy food and beverage selection to reduce the amount of toxic substances build up and allows enough of. A healthy balanced diet your body adapts to pregnancy. Healthy portion control,weight control and allows you to make healthy food choice. The baby’s development and mother’s health problems, healthy body a positive effect on the survival of reduces.
Eat A Healthy Diet Before Pregnancy:
• Pregnancy, planning healthy eating behaviors try to obtain at least 4-5 months ago. This you can take help from your dietitian and prepared by the experts read the books.
• Prepare for pregnancy by increasing your immunity to a variety of food notice. Different food groups to consume in a day.
• If you have problems with weight gain, pregnancy a pre-prepare for this period with balanced weight-loss. Popular diets for fast weight don’t prepare or applying by giving this period. Necessarily get help from dietician.
• Inadequate –unbalanced nutrition, that will improve your health problems ( Or. The lack of the minerals iron, high cholesterol, etc.)
• Get regular exercise. Take a walk in the open air for 1 hour 3 times per week. Live in a way that reduces stress and increase your motivation.
• The appropriate tests of your doctor before becoming pregnant. Regular follow-up before, note that would protect the baby after you.
• Reduce alcohol consumption and smoking if you are using, leave. The amount of toxic substance in your body and you note that it does not affect the development of your baby.
The Foods That Should Be Preferred When Planning A Pregnancy:
• Yogurt
• Lentils
• Carrots
• Walnut
• Fish varieties
• Olive oil
• Onion
• Dates
• Eggs
• Ricotta cheese
• Arugula
• Pear
• Orange
• 1 cup water ( I added lemon 1-2 –meal 15 minutes ago)
• 2 slices whole wheat bread
• 1 egg
• 2 tablespoons ricotta cheese
• 2 piece Walnut
• Plenty of chopped salad
• 1-2 cups of herbal tea ( No Sugar)
• 1 cup water (I added lemon 1-2 –meal 15 minutes ago)
• Vegetable meal, 1 cup olive oil ( 5-6 tablespoons water)
• 200 grams of grilled fish / baked potato 1 medium
• Yesil 1 cup mixed salad ( 1 teaspoon flax seed and pomegranate sour in addition)
Dec Meal:
• 1 cup water (I added lemon 1-2 –meal 15 minutes ago)
• 1 pear
• 1 orange
• 10-12 almonds
• 1 cup of apple tea ( No Sugar)
• 1 cup water (I added lemon 1-2 –meal 15 minutes ago)
• 1 cup lentil soup
• 2 chicken drumsticks /
• 1 cup steamed vegetables (5-6 tablespoons-1 teaspoon of olive oil one teaspoon)
• 1 slice whole wheat bread
• 1 cup yogurt (4-5 tablespoons)
Dec Meal:
• 1 cup water (I added lemon 1-2 –meal 15 minutes ago)
• 1 kiwi + 1 Tangerine
• 1 cup jasmine tea ( No Sugar )

Always Before You Travel!

8 reasons to increase your summer
Although we do not want to bring the disease to mind in the summer months, there are many factors such as food sold outdoors, overuse of common areas, tick and mosquito. The fire comes with. Yeditepe University Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology. Dr. Çağrı Büke tells about the problems and solutions that have taken the rise in the summer months and show themselves with fire.


It is one of the most common infections in the summer. These infections, which can be transmitted by foods and water, are accompanied by abdominal pain, diarrhea and some with high fever. In order to avoid disease, it is necessary to avoid non-hygienic, uncooked, open-sold food, not to wash unwashed vegetables and fruits, to make sure that the waters are clean and in no way use antimicrobial drugs without consulting the physician.

Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, Lyme and Q fever

High fever and ticks are also seen in our country. In order to be protected, it is important to take necessary measures in the wetlands, bushes, forests and rural areas where ticks can be found. In addition, people who have contact with tick, in order to be evaluated in terms of these diseases that can cause serious consequences, a doctor must be consulted.


In recent years, the number of malaria cases in our country is generally made up of people going to foreign countries. Malaria, which is an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes, is important in terms of causing severe and serious consequences. Professor Dr. Çağrı Büke underscores that malaria should not be ignored in the case of high fever during the summer months, especially if people are traveling and returning to Africa and Asia.

Legionnaires’ disease

In summer, air conditioner and shower water and legionnaire disease which is transmitted from the airways can cause pneumonia. Especially in facilities where storage water is used, about 1 minute of water flow before the shower, the maintenance and cleaning of the filters of the air conditioners are among the measures to be taken to protect the disease. He stated that the results of this infection can be fatal in the elderly and the insufficient immune system. Dr. Çağrı Büke states that, ini Therefore, people who have complaints of cough and fever in the summer should be evaluated for legionnaires’ disease.

Zika virus

Especially in recent years, the name of this infectious disease we hear more often is transmitted by mosquitoes. Zika virus infection is now spreading rapidly in 23 countries, including Central and South America, Pacific Islands, Tropical Africa and Southeast Asia. In our country, 4 people returned to Cuba to date and returned to the disease. The disease can lead to serious developmental retardations, especially when the baby is infected. For this reason, it is important to take care of pregnant people and to take necessary precautions against mosquitoes when traveling to countries and regions where zika virus is widespread.

West Nile Fire

The West Nile Fire, another important infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes, is today seen in France, Romania, Russia, Greece, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel and the Americas. Sudden high fever can develop this disease can be severe results. It is vital to take precautions against mosquitoes as there is no cure. If fever develops after mosquito bites, the physician should be consulted for diagnosis and support treatment.

Adenovirus infections

In summer, it is mostly affected by eye, respiratory and bowel diseases. The disease manifests itself with complaints of redness, cough, fever, and diarrhea. People with respiratory droplets and hands are infected with the disease. Therefore, in order to be protected, it is necessary to avoid contact with sick people and consume clean and well-cooked foods. In addition, washing of hands and maintenance and control of the pools is also important in controlling the disease.

BOXHearts also raises fire

Infections, cancer, collagen tissue and autoimmune diseases in the summer, especially in extreme heat and sun exposure in case of exposure to fire may rise. Professor Dr. Çağrı Büke, this situation can cause serious and fatal consequences especially for children and the elderly, e In the event of heat stroke and excessive sun exposure, and a high fever develops when a health institution should be consulted immediately,, he says.

KUTUDo not cling to antibiotics

In general, one of the biggest mistakes made in the febrile patients seen during the course of infectious diseases is the use of antibiotics without detailed evaluation. He underlined that antibiotics are ineffective in the treatment of viral infections. Dr. Çağrı Büke, therefore, can use antibiotics only when the physician sees fit.