Health benefits of grapes

Who can say no to the delicious grapes of the vine between the leaves oscillating? Easy portability, the texture, the flavor and the variety of grape is a popular fruit all over the world. Each year about 72 million tons of grapes to be used in the majority of wine production is grown.
The grape’s homeland in Anatolia and the Caucasus, the region is called Asia Minor. This culture dates back to thousands of years of archaeological excavations in Anatolia proved that. The time of the Hittites in viticulture, it is quite advanced, and the wine of the vine is of great importance to religious ceremonies it has been observed that from everyday life. They offer as an offering to the gods of grapes and wine. In all of the grape and wine in Anatolian Civilizations and the people’s livelihood has played a major role as a source of trade.
A serving of grapes contains approximately 100 calories. Abundant water as well as fiber, potassium, C, and K vitamins. The health benefits are endless. Vine is a very productive plant. The fleshy part of the fruit and the shell, the core and the leaves are used to make medicine. To help prevent the formation of free radicals, is protective against many chronic diseases, eye and skin health contains flavonoids that have powerful antioxidant effects that are beneficial to various. These flavonoids relaxes the blood vessels and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, swelling after injury or surgery, is used to prevent heart attack and stroke. Koyulastik the color of grapes as the antioxidant content increases.
Its antioxidant called polyphenol content of grape strong protective against cancer, especially esophagus, mouth, lungs, pharynx, endometrial, pancreatic, prostate and colon cancer has a protective effect against.
Fiber and potassium in grapes support heart health. Meet regularly your daily potassium needs, if you drop your sodium intake you can reduce your risk of heart disease. Regular potassium intake also reduces the risk of stroke, Nov prevents the loss of bone mineral density in preserves and helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. High blood pressure can lead to potassium deficiency, excessive potassium intake can be dangerous, but also to those who have kidney disease, you should consume recommended by your physician and potassium that your body needs.
Watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes such as when we consume foods with a high water content, your body prevents dehydration and helps your digestive system to work properly. At the same time, also contain fiber and against indigestion problems such as constipation because it is pretty good. In the heat of the summer with high water content is refreshing. Juicy fruit is another common feature of Low-Calorie, the high occurrence of besleyicilik.
Grape seeds of diabetes-related health problems, especially nerve and eye ailments, speeding up the healing of wounds, tooth decay, preventing age-related eye disease, macular degeneration, loss of night vision, liver disease and hay fever and is used as a preventive against cancer. Raisins is also effective against cough.
Has the effect of helping to reduce inflammation and stop bleeding of the vine leaves. Grapevine leaf tissues by pulling together helps stop the bleeding and diarrhea. These features also reddish leaves are the highest. Vine leaves, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, severe menstrual periods, vaginal bleeding, aphthous ulcers in the mouth and it is used against.
Yesil, red, yellow, pink and purple shades of grapes which can be found in wet and dry, in addition to consumption, fruit pulp, delight, such as contamination are evaluated in different ways. Wine vinegar, maple syrup, jams a lot of the main material of the product.
From molasses wine you can consume it in a variety of ways, but the most healthy, of course, is consumed as fresh. Slice one in half and add to salads to increase your intake of grapes, fruit salads you can prepare or grab a bite to cool down on hot days and ice cream thoroughly with the intention of you can. If you drink wine, it is also a day for women, two glasses for men should be consumed so as not to exceed it.


The List Of Benefits From Fish Does Not End Here

Vitamins and minerals from the sea, ‘Health’ brings. Health from the sea, shows a protective effect against cardiovascular disease, preventing memory loss and forgetfulness is effective against osteoporosis and bones… the mind nourishes the hair and skin by opening… sharp eyes…… missing the benefits of fish are ideal for your dinner table, you shouldn’t the list does not end here. Experts stresses that fish should be consumed at least 2 days per week. However, in order to effectively use these features most of fish, freshness of the cooking method it will be understood also how, in addition to several points need to pay attention to what should be consumed that should be avoided. Taksim Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet expert Kamuran digde I Ozkahya, explained the finer points of eating fish.
Gives a feeling of fullness
Polyunsaturated fat an omega-3 rich fish diet. Omega 3 fatty acids shows a protective effect against cardiovascular disease. That a study on 85 thousand postmenopausal women; 5 per week of any fish and those who consume more fish than those who consume 30 percent less risk of developing a heart attack was found. Omega 3 fish thanks to the memory loss and also the mind by opening it prevents forgetfulness. Omega 3 also has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. That are rich in phosphorus and vitamin A in the eye prevents the degeneration of occurring. Fish contains calcium to prevent bone loss makes it at the same time. Fish is a good source of protein which gives a sense of saturation in terms of content.
The fish eat what?
Eat lots of lime
Traditionally one of the foods we consume the most fish on the side of arugula. However, arugula, especially the calcium in the bones can be eaten with small fish that can be used by the body to reduce the minimum extent. Therefore, those who want to take advantage of a high rate of calcium in fish, choose fish with arugula shouldn’t. Squeeze the lemon on fish. Lemon and vitamin C in the body antioxidants in omega 3’s in fish use is growing.
If the fish is stale don’t eat yogurt
If the fish is stale, increasing the amount of histamine in protein structure. Much also suggests a toxic effect of histamine in the body. Yogurt when consumed high amounts of fish protein in histamine, histamine raises your. For this reason, “you can’t eat yoghurt with fish” is called. However, if you do not show toxic effects for fish fresh, with yogurt and milk Group food to consume before or after it’s OK. Fresh fish? Fish eye: must be vibrant and curved outward.Tap on the scales: Stamps should be vivid and bright. Stamps must not fall tapping.Hold against gravity: when the tail of the fish standing in a vertical position without sagging if you remove your hand, the fish is fresh.Check the gills: Fish gills is an indication that live is fresh red.Smell: the smell of the sea with fish, fresh is to point out that can be considered.Press: when you push your hand into the flesh of the fish fillet that have been the skin itself if it does become obsolete, that means it’s fresh.
How should a fish be cooked?
Proteins with heat it loses its specialness. In other words, a benefit for fish of the protein in your body it doesn’t. For this reason, using healthy cooking techniques such as cooking methods on the grill or in the oven when the fish slightly to stay hydrated, too fry cook.
To soslamay
Fish is a delicious food alone. Sugar, cream, lemon and soy sauce instead of vegetable garni oven with Cook your fish in the bag will become healthier and more delicious.
Protein and vitamins and minerals that is lost with high heat cooking method steam cook the fish for fish not only to remain in the water. When she is a small fish frying cooking method more often applied more preference is being used. Therefore, you can choose small fish big fish fillet.
Which fish should be consumed?
If you have omega 3…
The higher the amount of quality protein and omega-3 fish prefer. Mackerel, tuna, sardines, bluefish, salmon, anchovies with omega 3-rich fish.
High calcium
The absorption of calcium and vitamin D has a positive effect on each other. The fish naturally contain vitamin D. For this reason, the calcium you get from the fish is valued. Sardines, salmon, mackerel, anchovies, morino, Pike, herring and perch are among the fish that are rich in calcium.
‘Iron’ nutrients such as
Iron deficiency remains a major obstacle in achieving weight control. Iron with a high content of fish anchovy and squid.

The Benefits Of White Tea

So we can say the benefits of white tea are endless. Teas white tea is the tea of family, which is one of the most delicious we wrote for you.
In fact, white tea and black tea are the same, but in the process their differences them in different colors, would result in structure and flavor. White tea white tea is immature leaves must be collected. The white hairs of the leaves can be due to the name on the top. But because of the feathers are coloured white so they actually collected Yesil leaf, white tea gets its name.
Intense taste compared to black tea, white tea has a very light aroma. I also so very easy. Well, let’s get to the real subject now.
What are the benefits of white tea?
The catechins in white tea acts as a protection against cancer. Because it prevents the formation of cancer cells. The most important reason for this is that it helps in the regeneration and support the cell structure.
It balances the level of blood flow, can help lower high blood pressure. However, in general, people with low blood pressure should not consume tea and white tea Yesil in consultation with their doctors.
Because it helps to remove toxins from the body and provides skin renewal, helps to the disappearance of edema.
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What Are The Benefits Of White Tea?

The Benefits Of Natural Mineral Water

Fluid from the right sources that meet your needs is vital. To balance the electrolytes lost with sweat for the summer months of natural mineral water is my favorite. Why should you drink mineral water? To our body what are the benefits? Let’s look into the details immediately…
Our bodies sweat we lose electrolytes. The sodium – potassium balance in the deterioration of blood pressure, feeling sick, headache, fatigue, weakness can create. Adequate fluid intake may be the solution to these complaints. Even for this natural mineral water mineral water mixed with fresh fruit juice or buttermilk in the summer are the best choices. Mineral water with balanced mineral and electrolyte support in the summer, the Home Office must be necessarily under your hand everywhere in the car.
Mineral water and soda is not the same as. Drinking soda water or other carbon dioxide obtained by adding the artificial drink is given to the water have been liquidated. However, the various mineral water in the depths of the Earth’s crust naturally occurring in suitable geological conditions during the journey spanning 60 years and the minimum content of minerals it gathers, from the source to Earth, spontaneous, or natural mineral waters extracted with technical procedures is called.
Mineral water is friendly to the digestive system. The kidneys, urinary tract and protects the stomach. Supports gall bladder and pancreatic functions, it is a good source for constipation. One of the most important benefits to strengthen the bone structure. Especially useful for the preservation and strengthening of the bone structure in growing children and women in…
What makes mineral water beneficial in terms of Health? Calcium strengthens bones), Magnesium (important for heart and vascular health), Bicarbonate (required for stomach and digestive system) and fluoride (strengthens teeth) as well as other minerals in terms of an exceptionally well-balanced structure.
For women of mineral water what are the benefits? Mineral water is important for women, Skin Health, and special mineral water in order to cope with edema that occurs during periods may be preferred. Clean up face clean your face with a cotton ball or wash the skin with mineral water and cakes in the kitchen.. cooking is a good choice to women when you add seltzer to the recipe when I make pie.
Mineral water is indispensable for athletes. For performance athletes, hydration is very important. The feeling of thirst develops when the body 1% of water is vital for the individual who has suffered a loss thirst with Sports Sports sweat loss electrolyte remains in the body that is why natural mineral water with mineral content is the best drink of the athlete.
There is no benefit in terms of weight control to lose weight or mineral water? When he feels hungry an individual is actually dehydrated most of the time my clients think of a time when they feel hunger, and this feeling can be to distinguish studies suggest, “maybe you’re hungry and drink a glass of water or mineral water reconsider not only the water you need, “ I say. Clients weight loss programs at least 8-10 glasses every day, and I would like to drink natural mineral water, bottled 1-2.
Mineral water is beneficial for skin health? Cleanse skin with mineral water mineral water mineral water drink and manufactured under hygienic and natural conditions but are useful to it is important. The skin through the use of components that provides a positive contribution to the content of the mineral water and is one of the best natural substances for skin cleansing and care. It is also important that assist detoxification.
Mineral water smoothie: 1 slice of melon, half 4-5 sprigs fresh mint 1 bottle of mineral water and some Apple Yesil robot over and over you can eat and drink with lemon.
Favorite summer natural mineral water

Benefits Of Yogurt 9 Home

In a bowl per day for adults, children need to consume at least 6 tablespoons of yogurt per day home. Yogurt which is one of the important elements of healthy nutrition in the home, just a source of calcium, protein and beneficial bacteria with the Maslak Acibadem hospital nutrition and diet expert… the crown of the head of the table Özge Öcal, “the probiotic content of the yogurt milk, especially the daily Rising and increasing in the house with the intestines is where it gets more useful,” he said, and explained the benefits of yogurt 9 home.
Away from additives natural home made yogurt, probiotic yogurt contains higher amounts than ready. This nutrient absorption in the intestines with friendly bacteria located in the intestinal wall and regulates bowel movements preserving the structure of the villi that provides. In this way, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion problems such as is also prevented.
Levels of calcium thanks to the yogurt, especially in the abdominal area fat reduction is effective. Studies of weight loss compared to those who consume yogurt in their diet shows that those who consume more.
The American Heart Association and is made of a 15-year study consuming regular yogurt and a bowl of yogurt every day to reduce the risk of high blood pressure people who consume large is revealed in the normal value of blood pressure. Thanks to yogurt, it contains beneficial bacteria that provides this effect is considered.
Yogurt supporting your immune system, help fight disease and infection conditions such as the activation of T cells increases and makes us stronger. Friendly bacteria is important for intestinal health by supporting the body against infection through immunity resistant. At the same time, a food rich in immunoglobulin A. It strengthens the immune system.
Nutrition and diet expert Özge Öcal “calcium thanks to the yogurt supports tooth and bone formation in children and adults, that occurs with age, especially osteoporosis, decrease in bone density and prevents diseases such as. So the consumption of three servings of dairy products each day should not be neglected,” he says.
Home especially skim yogurt consumed as supporting to lower cholesterol. That allow the intestinal villi to maintain the health of this effect thanks to the beneficial bacteria is doing it. Disorders the intestines by preventing the absorption of excess fat and allows it to be expelled from the body with feces in this way can reduce cholesterol levels.
Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria scientific studies shows that is good for acne and rash of the skin. Thanks to the probiotic bacteria, also plays a protective role against vaginal yeast infections are common in women.
Protein thanks to the yogurt, especially involved in the repair of exhausted muscles after exercise. Protein growth and repair of tissues is a basic food item that allows you to. Development and repair of muscles by consuming protein sources able to provide true and Nov worn. One of these major types of protein sources milk and milk products.
You have heard wrong! Your request Can Prevent by consuming sweet yogurt in a bowl. Nutrition and diet expert Özge Öcal, “A bowl of yogurt, protein, carbohydrates and helps balance blood sugar levels because it contains the amount of fat in a balanced way. One of the cornerstones of a healthy diet to ensure that blood sugar levels are balanced. Moreover, the more balanced your blood sugar if it’s sweet and junk food will be the least of your desires. Especially you sweet if you want by making homemade yogurt, or fruit yogurt and a blender, you can get extremely healthy after spending freeze desserts,” he says.

What Are The Benefits Of Henna?

The last period, so to speak, the most “quinoa is also one of the foods. Especially those who watch your health and your weight, often salad-quinoa, which is also popular with drinkers in a short time has won our hearts for being so helpful.
We also place henna recipes henna for you in this article we wanted to give both the benefits of both.
Good for high blood pressure, and rushing to the aid of the sufferers of anemia, gluten intolerance, allergies of the inhabitants of with the remedies, Shield, also protects from skin aging by NASA space even quinoa is regarded as one of the three nutrients you should take with you when you leave.
Edible root crops such as beets and spinach the quinoa seed, which is also closer as a family last year in the eye of the source of the healing foods. Omelet with cooked rice or bulgur Kino bear, such as salad, soups, stuffing, able to consume a wide range of pastries. Even in 2013, “the Regional Office of the United Nations” by the “quinoa the year” has been declared kinoa let’s take a look at the achievements of forgetting that:
Quinoa is also a complete protein source for athletes
Quinoa seeds are also very rich in amino acids has a structure which, unlike other animal sources and legumes, a complete protein is a source of healthier. If 100 grams of cooked quinoa, which is valuable as animal food sources also contain protein for protein grams of 4,4 hosts we can say that. Thanks to its high iron content, good for the blood, while the amount of oxygen carried to cells, which plays a role in serious.
Quinoa cures high blood pressure also, magnesium is a store
Quinoa is a good source of magnesium, which is also consumption; high blood pressure, it is possible to prevent so many health problems with severe menstrual cramps. If cooked 100 grams 64 mg. contain magnesium are a great resource in this regard.
Kino protects the skin, good for aging, is a storehouse of antioxidants
Enzymes, E, A, B6 kinoa to protecting against aging of the skin, such as vitamins, anti-aging. In addition to being included kuerset ingredients with antioxidant, serves as a shield against allergies.
Quinoa also is a main food source for those with food intolerance
Gluten is found in almost all grains, is a protein that enables us to keep the yeast and the dough. For example, he is allergic to gluten people with celiac disease. Some body is sensitive to yeast and bakery products and I have been having digestive problems when you consume. Quinoa also is gluten-free “celiac disease”and “gluten-free fed” a healthy source of protein and carbohydrates for people. Also people who have an vegetarian and vegan diet of magnesium, vitamin, mineral and protein helps to close the gap.
Also that diet helps you lose weight quinoa is the best
“Quinoa also zayiflanir’t” or “what is the diet also quinoa” kinoa also those who ask the answer, of course there is. Before proceeding with our recipe, let’s talk about kinozal him immediately.
Quinoa creates a prolonged feeling of satiety, which helps to weaken the fibrous structure and also it is useful for intestinal health. By speeding up your metabolism with its rich content of B group vitamins, our food makes it easier for you to turn into energy. Because of the amount of water it contains, 100 grams of cooked quinoa uncooked calories 120 calories when the same amount is also increased up to 370 kinoa. Use the version of your kinoa Diet recipe baked you a feeling of fullness is created, and with the amount of calories will be more useful.
Also quinoa varieties: white, black, and red quinoa also
Three color quinoa nutritional value and are also sold on the market in terms of widespread use. Cooking red quinoa, which also retain the shape of the seed after the process, is more suitable for use in salads. Giving a bitter taste shells and hand-carved, white quinoa is also used after cleaning; vicious, stuffing, rice varieties are ideal for. The most intense is in black color and also aroma after it is cooked with quinoa, red quinoa also remains alive.
Kinozal and also quinoa products now’too!

Some Miraculous Benefits Of Kombucha

The history of yeast bacteria obtained with the Brook kombu dates back hundreds of years. Well, if it existed in China for many years 19.over Russia arrived in Germany in the century, some kombucha, what is it? How it is brewed? Here, the Kombu, the brook of the unknown benefits…
Some kombucha what is it?
Of bacteria and yeast called Kombucha kombucha tea is fermented tea, which consists of the contents of some fungi. The fungus that comprise the most important content of the Tea “Kombucha” is called. The disk has the appearance of cottony, this mushroom lives and continuously grow in this liquid a solution of tea and sugar nutritious.
This layer is spread over the whole surface of the fermenting tea while the mushroom, and the term multiply. If it is mixed with sugar, the contents in a colony of bacteria and yeast in the fermentation process will be triggered. Here, have some kombucha benefits of kombucha karbonatlasan that will occur in this stage; vinegar, b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and the acid concentration becomes high.
Some Miraculous Benefits Of Kombucha;
*The speed of the metabolism which is an important contribution to the study of kombucha tea, lose weight with burning fat it is a good alternative.
*The effect of antibiotics that may occur in any area of the body helps heal the inflammation quickly.
*It regulates the blood circulation, blood pressure by balancing a supportive nutrient for blood pressure patients. At the same time the savior for heart patients.
*Organized and provided by the regular operation of the nervous system by blood circulation and it also lessen the headaches.
*In the lungs, bronchitis, cough, and resolves phlegm, and also in the form of mouthwash with the use treat the symptoms.
*Helps to overcome allergic reactions lighter.
*Muscle pains and joint pains, relieves.
*Stabilizing your blood sugar is a feature.
*Some kombucha; addresses an asthma attack and asthma treatment.
*Is enabled in eye diseases; strengthens the opinion, the cornea and removes the cataract formation.
*Wounded in acid in the content at a high level, probiotics and enzymes, antioxidant dense, and regulates the digestive system.
*Blood hemoglobin by increasing the body’s warning posted by the iron content and becomes a source of energy fatigue, exhaustion good.
*Kombucha detox protects against toxins and oxidative injury in the liver, which is a miracle despite being exposed to, physiology has succeeded in preserving.
*D which have emerged in recent years-clumsy, antioxidants, acid; stressful for the body are great. Calming and comforting.
*Contains glycolic acid that stops the growth of cancer cells. Work continues on the cancer prevention experts.

*Sclerosis (multiple sclerosis; MS) and hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) treat.
*Toxic substances in the body and allows waste materials to be disposed of and become soluble in water. At the same time, provides the pH balance in the body.
*Some kombucha with the hair in the savior; to have your hair grow quickly and stronger roots will help.
*Both smoked, both when used externally; the skin wrinkles, freckles, brown spots and destroys it.
External use;
*Skin anti-ageing effects on some kombucha that have; if it is applied to the skin, prevents aging. At the same time moisturizes the skin and anti-wrinkle effect.
*Vinegar in the form of tea after shampooing the hair, rinse with water, if used, beautiful shiny hair hair strands and thickens.
*Vinegar to drink tea time if acilastig might sound strong, then in a jar Rosemary (rosemary), garlic, sage, and spices such as cut salad with a nice vinegar can be prepared.
*This tea is also used as a normal vinegar sirkelesmis, glass, porcelain and plastic surfaces can be used for cleaning.
There is kombucha to the detriment of some?
Due to intense caffeine content, pregnant and lactating women are recommended to consume. At the same time showing her body in Persons with the use of sugar and caffeine reaction are advised to be careful.
Tazemasa some kombucha now!
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Own Little Benefits Are Great! 9 Major Benefits Of Almonds

A handful of almonds provides many benefits in terms of Health. The content contained in monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and magnesium, minerals such as calcium are health-friendly almond keeps you satiated, Dec fruit are consumed with a meal when your blood sugar balances.

A significant impact in lowering bad cholesterol and weight control, 25 grams of almonds every day, or roughly 20 pieces recommended to be consumed on the diet and nutrition Nur Ece expert, Sir was Instead, “equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of olive oil until almonds 5-6 calories. About 20 almonds per day must exceed. Raw almonds almond crust because I am also offering to be consumed by reducing the roasting process of the antioxidant property, are a major cause of the polyphenol content,” she says. Nutrition and diet expert Nur Ece, sir was Instead explained the benefits of almonds 9 important warnings and suggestions contributed.

Protects The Skin
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and oxidative stress, can cause premature aging and skin damage, while antioxidant vitamin E protects skin by fighting free radicals in the almond content.

Reduces the risk of heart disease
In the blood bad cholesterol (LDL) having a high level of your risk of heart disease, is associated with. Every day, about 20 almonds, bad cholesterol levels are dropping significantly, this reduces the risk of heart disease persons.

It helps to weaken
Almonds are poor in carbohydrates, fat, and full grip because it is rich in monounsaturated. Keep your blood sugar stable, oil content, such as to provide toughness and help to control your weight to prevent constipation effects.

Regulates blood glucose level
Almonds, monounsaturated fat and poor in carbohydrates because it is rich in extending the duration of satiety. Also fruit such as a carbohydrate drink in addition to food, the consumption of almonds prevents sudden fluctuations in blood sugar.

It reduces blood pressure
Magnesium deficiency high blood pressure Studies reveals. Can cause high blood pressure chronic hypertension can lead to heart attack and stroke. With magnesium deficiency, while magnesium content in almonds can help to eliminate these risks protects against. However, roasted with salt to raise blood pressure, the raw ones should be preferred.
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The List Of Benefits Does Not End Here Of The Berries!

Eat The Berries Against Cancer…
Specified of the benefits of cancer and tumor cells to inhibit the growth of the berries quite a lot. Here in ‘the benefits of ellagic acid found in berries that contains the details of the news.
You should consume plenty of berries, which is very important for human health. High blood pressure, pain, piles, tonsillitis Roe and tumor cells to inhibit the growth of specified cancer that is good until you appeared. The fruit roots leaves berries from the Rosaceae family and also healing on the outside of a repository. Army University (ODU) faculty Dr. Turan Black Sea, the consumption of the berries against cancer, would be useful, noting that “research has revealed that berries can inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor cells,” he said. Berries ‘ellagic acid’ that is, this acid can inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor cells of the research reveal that Dr. Black stated that, “in studies in lab environments, ellagic acid has been shown to inhibit the start of cancer. Plenty of ellagic acid content in blackberries, one-on-one against cancer, so it is useful. Berries to inhibit the growth of cancer and tumor cells, it will be useful against cancer that has emerged from studies to be consumed,” he said.
Dr. The Black Sea, berries and cancer tumors, as well as in various parts of the body swelling, pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, chest and respiratory tract infections is good against pointing out that “BlackBerry applied to the wound, accelerates wound healing. It is good for constipation, Diet for keeping people fed in the list is located. Boil the leaves and drink it if your teeth and gums, berries, roots boiled and drunk, it also helps to the fall of stones in the kidneys.”
Black Sea, organic acids, berries that are rich in minerals and vitamins would lead to an expansion in the production pointed out that widespread consumption, especially berries to produce 4 tons per year in the army, although not the manufacturers problem you will face on Sunday, many people stressed that he didn’t know healing was a source of berries.
Juice obtained by squeezing the berries is very useful in diarrhoea. However, you need to drink fresh cranberry juice you can’t hide. Sirkelesir stored. In the mouth, fresh and dried blackberry leaves in 1 liter of water 20 grams of haslanir if this tea is very useful for mouth sores. I use the blood purifier syrup made from the dried leaves. This sounds too good to those in cough syrup. Foot fatigue in shoots and roots boiled with 1 liter of water 100 grams of measure of berries, can be used as a foot bath as it warms. Foot fatigue is very good.
For beauty, when it is boiled with 1 liter of water 50 grams of BlackBerry size flowers, very good for beauty water to be obtained this healing hands lotion. Eaten a handful of blackberries each day protects you from cancer. BlackBerry research within its structure by strengthening the immune system against cancer has revealed that a protective effect of antioxidants.
Dilutes the blood and stabilizes blood sugar, blackberries, an important source of healing for patients with diabetes disorders. If the leaves are made with boiled water gargle, gums and tonsils for inflammation is good. The roots boiled water if you drink kidney stones and helps the sand to fall. Berries, syrup, and jam is done. Syrup is very useful in chest and respiratory diseases. BlackBerry if applied to the wound, facilitates the healing. It is a good antioxidant. Helps remove harmful substances in the body. It lowers blood pressure and strengthens the body. Ripe blackberries, diuretic and good for constipation. Blueberry is a fruit that which keeps one satiated for those who want to lose weight…
Leaf Benefits:
Alleviates pain and inflammations in the skin, has wound healing effects; it is good for minor burns, hemorrhoids treatment is effective: a poultice of crushed berries and fresh leaves in order to get these effects is prepared. This places the respondent applied to the outside of mush.
Benefits Of The Root:
The root boiled water to drink if it happens to lowers the amount of sugar in the blood.Dump the sand in the bladder. Usage and dosage : leaves are boiled with 2 tablespoons of 0.5 liters of boiling water, 1 hour demlendirilerek is filtered. Drink 1 cup of tea 4 times a day before meals. 1 tablespoon of the chopped root boiled for 10 min to the same extent in the same amount of water is used.
Blackberry Jam Recipe:
Ingredients: 500 g blackberries, 3 cups powdered sugar (530 G), 3-4 drops of lemon juice
Ingredients: Blackberries, wash and drain. In a medium saucepan pour sugar over the berries on half the spread. Pour the remaining sugar over the berries. Soak the berries in sugar for 1 hour to release the juice. Take the pot to the hearth in the middle of the eye. Cook at low heat for 25 minutes stirring as well as Dec (grab one of the handles on the pot and shake it to prevent crushing of the berries will also suffice.) Consistency add the lemon juice to the area. Stir and boil for 1-2 more minutes and remove from heat. Allow to cool in the pot after you take the jar and close the lid tightly.
BlackBerry receli immediately throw it in the basket!

Endless benefits of sports: Cycling

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Regular sports makes our daily life easier!
Regular sports is the door to a healthy life and provides us with a lot of convenience in our daily lives. For example, our blood circulation is accelerated and then regulated, our respiratory rate increases, positive changes in our hormones, psychological comfort provided by endorphins, etc.
In addition to all of these, it is observed that those who regularly do sports are more comfortable in their daily lives. Stairway exit, catching a bus to be missed, the market return of the weight of the bags to be crushed, a shorter time to finish household chores.
The benefits of cycling to our body does not stop counting!

Biking, obesity, stress, metabolic diseases, back pain, high blood pressure, such as eliminating the negative effects of the body, a healthier and happier people have emerged in many studies. However, our strength is to increase our strength, to help us to cope with stress, fat burning after strength development and therefore to control our weight, to strengthen our joints, back, leg, abdominal and arm muscles to operate and ultimately increase our condition.
In particular, it is possible to stay fit with the bicycle that moves the leg and back muscles. Experts, especially those who complain about excess weight, this sport is recommended. The bike is one of the most enjoyable sports that men who want to do muscles will do without spending a lot of time and fun.
Biking reduces the risk of bone resorption!

Although women do not pay as much attention to cycling as men, it should not be overlooked. In particular, regular cycling increases the bone density and reduces the risk of females getting osteoporosis. In the treatment of osteoporosis, exercise prescription is given as part of the treatment, regardless of the age of the woman, and the bike is suitable for the middle age group because of less wear on the joints and less stress than other sports unless they are intense.
Walking is also useful as a bike ride
Walking and cycling system, respiratory system, muscles work, strength and condition increase, weight and cholesterol control as well as endorphin increase after 30 minutes of exercise, have very beneficial effects on stress control.
The aim is to maintain a paced walking time of 150 min.

biking biking bones bosom university hospital healthy life sport walking