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Age of plague, cancer, that scares me the most of everyone’s health problems. However, with the changes in the way we make against cancer, a team of nutrition we can start a war.
We’re talking in an every day way of cancer. Now, “the threat of arsenic in drinking water”, and “azo dyes in the shoes” came up. For me, cancer more frequently, we’ll talk. ‘The Earth ‘ the landfill was turned into CANCER. Well, what the end of it? What should we do to secure ourselves? The answers to these questions I packed them for you.
Nutrition is the most important step in the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, our genes can’t keep up with changes in the structure of our food, and into carcinogenic elements. As a result of this the number of cancer cases is increasing. Scientific studies shows that approximately 20 percent of the effect of genetic factors for death due to cancer. So, there is a much stronger relationship between cancer and lifestyle. Research, however, shows that only about 45 percent of cancer cases can be prevented with proper nutrition. Our first wrong sugar, 2 takes place while the UN! Why is sugar so dangerous? Cancer cells need energy to multiply rapidly. They can quickly find the basic source of energy is sugar. Sugar makes cancers, while the struggle more difficult. 10 sugar the human body burn more than per day when drinking any drink with sugar in a bottle of 11-12. First, sugar and sugary foods, then limit your relationship with flour and starchy food.
Hidden dangers
Stored in humid environments, moldy nuts and grains, and peanuts aflatoxin in red pepper is a serious trigger cancer of the article. Sausage, salami and meat products such as nitrites and nitrates in dangerous substances. These foods are primarily part of the large intestine can be associated with stomach cancer. Extreme consumed, smoked, and pickled foods, excessive hot drinks the digestive system especially the stomach and increases the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus. Ready foods, especially deep-fried foods, fast food (burger fries!) trans fatty acids are also known to carry a risk of cancer.
Give up now!
Prevent cancer the following to remove from your life.

Excessive alcohol
Sweeteners and flavorings have been added to foods, diet drinks).
Smoked, pickled foods
Excess salt and sugar
Excessive fructose (fruit sugar) foods
Fried, burnt food of all kinds.
Oil-fried food, fast food, mayonnaise and whipped.
Chips, French fries, oven heat famous products
Mouldy, damp, crushed red pepper, nuts, foods containing aflatoxin, such as.
Nitrosamine content questionable sausage and salami.

Repellant cancer Foods
The most important protection against cancer, fruits, vegetables. If we were to make a list at the top of the pomegranate must be BECE. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries natural medicine. Cherry, Sour Cherry and apricot power is unquestionable. Add the oranges and apples. Onion and garlic vegetables per attracts. Broccoli is also effective, but I suggest you consume foods that we know our genetics instead of unfamiliar foods. For example, cauliflower and cabbage. Prefer purple instead of white cabbage.Black radishes, beets, and turnips are also indispensable. Carrots, a-carotene, and tank and anti-cancer is indispensable. Tomato contains lycopene, abundant. This valuable article, especially prostate and breast cancer prevention. If it is a bit dense, the body benefit from the lycopene more effectively. Greenery in the first place, and parsley. Mint, basil, thyme and sweat is also important. Your spice list of cinnamon, turmeric and ginger you should add.
Anti-cancer recipes
A protective drink: pomegranate, orange, two carrots, a beet and ginger with a juicer top when you tighten it. Posa instead of throwing anti-cancer drink you add. You can drink a glass of it every day.
Anti-cancer mixture: one teaspoon powdered ginger, a teaspoon of flax seed into yogurt or kefir in a bowl with a teaspoon of milled grape seeds and a teaspoon of Nettle seed, again a teaspoon, turmeric and cinnamon add. You can eat it once a day. You can make cucumber and chop up food into an additional. (A suggestion that has been taken from Dr. Ahmet Aydin. We owe thanks to Ahmet teacher.)
Heating tomatoes makes lycopene more effective use of the information contained in the important vegetable. Beat you to it gently in the pan should be heated before or grated, the water should be bothered by.

Things to consider when preparing a lunch box

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This period is the period between pre-school and adolescence and it is the first period in which children feel the most distinctive being away from home in the majority of the day. Again, mostly children are away from home, so individuals outside their families are also influential in their food choices. In this process, children may want to make their own food choices.
The 6-12 age range is the period of growth for children. Each year an average of 5 cm length is extended, 2 kg weight increase is observed. For girls, the fastest growth and development age is 10-14 and 12-16 in males.
Do not compare between children!

It is not correct to compare energy needs among children. For each child, height, weight, age, physical activity level vary. The basal metabolic rate varies accordingly. There is no special food source for their growth. Most of the calories taken are; cereals, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and legumes, meat products, such as protein-rich foods should be provided. Oil, salt and sugar content is not with packed foods!
According to the 2010 Diet Guidelines, calcium, potassium, vitamin D and fiber intake in children have been observed. Up to 2-3 cups of milk per day significantly meet the calcium requirement of children.
You can choose your milk preference from those enriched with vitamin D. If your child has enough time in the sun and the intake of their resources is sufficient, vitamin D supplementation is not needed. By increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables can be removed fiber needs. In order to prevent potassium deficiency, the consumption of fruits, vegetables and dried legumes should be taken into consideration.
What should be the breakfast habit?

Breakfast in school-age children is an important factor affecting success and growth. Therefore the content should be of high quality. Milk or freshly squeezed juice can be an option for children who cannot have breakfast or have a habit.
Practical breakfast options:

Toast made with cheese, freshly squeezed juice,
Cereal, milk and banana,
Homemade jam, cheese, pancakes,
Fruits, dried raisins, milk, oatmeal.

How will my child meet his daily energy needs?
Children should take 25-35% of their daily energy needs from fats. Fish, oilseeds, vegetable oils containing more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids should be preferred.

How do I prepare the right lunchbox for my child?
In order to prepare the right snack and the right lunch box for the school, you should first ask and learn about the alternatives that your child will consume and will consume in every food group.
In the kitchen, you should spend time with your child and teach them the places in the kitchen. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be seen in the process of being at home where the places can be washed, ready to eat ready to eat will be useful in terms of habit.
Recommendations for the feeding bag
(If your child is attending school for half a day or if he / she is going to school for a full day and having lunch at the school, it is enough for him / her to have snacks at school)

At home, there are cakes, cookies, etc. with sugar and low-fat, plenty of nuts / almonds / walnuts. next to milk
Fruit, milk and nuts / almonds / walnuts
Whole-grain bread with homemade jam, marmalade, peanut / hazelnut paste and milk
Home-prepared low-fat plenty of cheese pie and fruit

(If the child is in full-time education and not lunch at school)

Whole-wheat bread with egg / chicken / tuna sandwich, one fruit and milk / buttermilk
Cereal flakes, milk, fruits and oil seeds
Cheese sandwich or toast with whole grain bread, fruit and milk / ayran
Pasta with vegetables, cheese, oilseeds, fruit / juice

If your child refuses to eat some food Ç

Playing games for children will be very attractive and can forget to eat. In addition, children may not like some of the nutrients, forcing them to create a feeling of disgust, rejection against the food. In this case, the child should not go over it, should be tried to eat again later. If the child refuses to eat the food every time he tries to eat as a side dish with other dishes.
The lack of food, the lack of a table setting, not to sit on the table, to consume a single type of food in the future to choose food, to reduce the ability to eat and unbalanced food. Children should have regular meal times, not including nutrients that are not nutritious, such as chocolate, sugar and acidic beverages.
This article has been prepared by Dietician Aslıhan Yağcıoğlu.
For more information please contact our Nutrition and Diet Department.

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