Nutrition In The Month Of December

A healthy life is to consume fresh fruits and vegetables in season is the basis for one of. Every season all of the preparations Sunday and wouldn’t be able to find in markets. Those fruits and vegetables would be consumed into the tables and whatever the season, there was a time for everything. Nowadays, even in the depths of winter it’s not surprising to find a watermelon. However, local, natural, nutrition quantity, at the peak of ripeness and freshness, the products are fruits and vegetables grown during the season. For example, it is difficult to catch the taste of summer tomatoes during the other seasons. So, to be fed with fresh foods in season, in other seasons konservelemek if we want to consume these foods in the sun or freeze drying methods such as freshness and quantity of nutrition containing should consume. In addition to higher nutritional value and taste, it also will help protect your budget.
In winter, especially in cold weather, due to some changes in our diet and our health occur. Increases our tendency to sugary and fatty foods, reduced physical activity and our life arrives and calms down once more, the shortening of the days the time we’ve spent at home with the computer and in front of the television increases it.
It is necessary to strengthen immunity, especially in winter. Rich in vitamins A and C, seasonal produce, apples, mandarins, oranges, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and parsley will help to strengthen your immunity. We must be careful to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Strengthening our immunity against infectious diseases such as a common cold, and vitamin E in preventing damage to the skin, the cold air runs for help. Yesil dark leafy vegetables, legumes and nuts that contain healthy fats rich in vitamin E such as nuts.
The sun’s rays, which is produced by vitamin D, Bone and dental health is very important. Dark and Sunless in the winter months causes the increase of our vitamin D needs. On occasion, we must not neglect to go out into the sun without sunscreen on sunny days missing, 2-3 times a week fish should be consumed.
In winter as in summer, drinking plenty of water is vital. Balance body heat to keep us, for all functions of the body in the elimination of toxins, we need to get adequate fluids. If you are having difficulty in drinking water herbal tea consume in moderation.
Sunday and in the market every season, every product the presence of which product is messing with our minds about what is in season and fresh. Seasonal foods for ourselves and our loved ones in their time of have listed below to reach your fruits and vegetables in the month of December.
Tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, kiwi, and apples the most popular fruits are in season. Will help strengthen our immune protected from colds. Quince, pomegranate and Persimmon.
Pumpkin season’s over, until next year to enjoy from soup to dessert, you can use it in many different dishes from the familiar to weigh.
Chestnut season’s most delicious fruits and nuts, the crunchy taste of New Year’s Eve. You can use food and desserts or you can consume kozleyip to eat.
Unlike summer crops winter vegetables, usually root vegetables, such as the products that grows longer. Yam, celery, red radishes, beets, turnips, carrots, leeks, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, white cabbage, red cabbage, kale, spinach and chard is one of the fresh flavors of the month of December.
Winter greens for salads, you can choose in the season with arugula, lettuce, parsley, watercress, mint and Rosemary. When the summer months approached, the stress of weight loss in order to avoid pay more attention to what we eat during the winter months, instead of greasy and sugary foods and pastries, abundant salads, we must be careful to consume vegetables and fresh fruits.