Science Progressing Diseases Is Increasing Why?

Uz. Dr. Yavuz Dizdar’ s post: no matter what anyone says, our country shows a substantial increase of overall disease burden, and it is not possible to be unable to get out by trying to cure it. Important to prevent diseases before they occur.
“Early detection saves lives” under the motto “check-ups” by having to determine the disease at an early stage is not sufficient. Even now when you get to know early because it means you have a disease, so that therapeutic interventions applied to most of the important to prevent the disease altogether.
“Well, why is there so much disease?” the answer to the question, except if it is unreasonable to call for a change of diet.
Factors such as smoking and alcohol a serious disease such as cancer compared to 20 years ago now, allegedly there is a significant change, however, the content of what we eat has completely changed. However, business is not here. Incapable of understanding the causes of diseases in western medicine seems to have lost the ability to use your mind to cure them.
“Advancements” every day use of the technology except for the claim is not true. Altogether, except for a couple of newly developed drugs in medicine, namely, there is a significant progress in the functioning of the human body and how diseases emerge.
In contrast, CT, MRI, PET, such as a substantial increase in and expansion of technological methods for making a diagnosis is available. One reason for this is that the patient no longer listening to nonstop audit and inspection to request a viewing who appear to have lost the ability to doctors.
But the real reason of course is the lack of real progress in medicine. However, one way or another, whichever way you look at the years of medical research at the level of the money is spent trillion dollars.
Today only pharmaceutical companies R & D activities, even hundreds of billions of dollars level. This university funds, if you add a trillion dollars you can easily access.
Medical diseases has already lost curiosity.
The question to be asked then, “despite the expenditure of this research, why progress is not”.
So the main approach is incorrect because there is an error in perspective, if the mean error were made on the basis of the building yet, if you install the structure on it will be wrong.
Let me give you an example of our traffic to be more easily understood words. Let’s say that there are too many accidents at an intersection in the search of the vehicle that crashed in brake pads, it is unreasonable to try to connect whether they are alcoholic drivers.
First it is necessary to investigate the junction, pointing out an error You Made been with you about blind spots plates the right way, the lighting is missing, the slope is wrong, doesn’t look at them with the tools to win as long as you can explain it.
Now let us examine the matter in the context of cancer disease. They have changed compared to 15-20 years ago about this? Among the factors which has increased the use of pesticides known? 20 years ago they still smell, taste and consistency?
The answer to all these questions is no. Nothing is not the same, of course for a long shelf life of food endustrilesip access to a team will result in biological consequences.
This change of packaging to decorate for the industry because it is a “privilege” and garnish with hygiene packaging, and offers.
In America the disease has rocketed in the 1950s
As in other areas of medicine for cancer today and find out why find out the cause of the disease is not well understood. Medical experts to “cigarettes and alcohol” and most recently “genetics” tries to get by saying.
However, cancer is a genetic disease that can be really said that it’s not even close to five per cent of the patient group, the genetic unchanged from yesterday to today.
However, the relationship between disease and nutrition draws more attention to a standalone whole. Because when you look historically, the disease has been climbing in the 1950s in America.
This period the industrialization of American food production, animal food production are becoming linked to the period when the eating of it.
Our teacher us late the next American tour, held in 1947 memoirs, says: “pigs and turkeys are growing very fast here.”

Bilim ilerliyor, ama kanser artıyor, bu nasıl iştir?

Increase Your Resistance Against Winter Diseases

They don’t get sick with the air cooled you should pay attention to your diet. Winter is…here’s what you need to do to get the disease
Nutrition and diet expert Bridged Ece, winter, gave information about nutrition against disease. Outlining products to be consumed in the winter Bridged, “Broccoli, pumpkin, sweet red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, pomegranate with vitamins and minerals they contain, such as fruits and vegetables help strengthen immunity and reduce infection in the body,” he said.
Eat antioxidant rich foods
Cool weather in the winter time, emphasizing the modification of diet in conjunction with Ece Köprülü, “feed during the winter months during this period by paying attention to our body is able to protect against widespread epidemic diseases. Vitamin C is important in reinforcing its immunity in the winter. During this period, consumption of fruit and vegetables is necessary so antioxidant with cell regenerative properties,” he said.
Bridged, antioxidant-rich foods are listed in: “Antioxidants from vegetables, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach, fruits, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, and pomegranate is close to the intensity. These fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamin E, and calcium, helps strengthen immunity and reduce infection in the body with important minerals such as magnesium.”
Eat fish 1-2 times a week
Fish consumption the fruits and vegetables during the winter months at least Bridged, indicating that ECE is so important, “the fish this season, more lubricated, omega-3 fatty acids, they are rich in that means. Which are to be consumed 1-2 time per week (salmon, mackerel, bonito, fish such as sardines contain omega-3 Reduce Inflammation and fights with existing germs in the body,” he said.
Sage help to kill germs in the body
The use of Bridged Yesil who strengthens immunity tea, “a meal for breakfast or Dec fruits, raw nuts, or fibrous Yesil you can get into the habit of drinking tea next to the biscuits. Sage also helps the body with its natural antiseptic properties to kill germs in. Sage is particularly effective in throat infections. Also putting 1 slice lemon tea drink vitamin C also you have the floor.” he said.
Eggs, rich in iron and vitamin B12
For breakfast or other main meals consumed in iron and B12, eggs are a rich source of bridged said, “when you are consumed boiled, squeezed lemon on top and some cheese on the side, with plenty of greenery can be consumed. When consumed in the form of omelette or menemen into your work, the tomatoes, peppers, spinach, mushrooms rich in vitamins and minerals such as the addition of vegetables would be useful,” he said.
Your salads with antioxidant-rich foods to prepare
Abundant green salads, high-fiber, and a, C, K vitamins would protect against the adverse effects of the body with winter Ece bridged stating that, “your salads are just lettuce, tomato, with cucumber instead of preparing arugula, watercress, parsley, dill, Lamb’s ear, mint greens, such as spinach, or try to prepare by mixing. If you wish to, broken walnuts, almonds, pomegranates, oranges, such as antioxidants-rich foods you can also make it more useful by putting your salad.”
Your water eat like this
During the winter months to drink fruit juice or water instead of carbonated drinks or mineral water the choice of indicating that it should be replaced as Bridged, “we are sweating a lot in this period, but usually doesn’t mind a drink of water in the same manner of the body need water. 10-12 glasses a day water consumption in the winter months is essential. You put 1-2 slices of lemon into your water, fresh ginger, mint leaves and makes it easier to digest and also the body protect against infections and strengthens your immune. Since the choice of mineral waters, simple ones should do. Intense fruity ones contains sugar. Instead, mineral water, fresh fruit or cinnamon, to add more spices such as cloves, it will be useful,” he said.

Rheumatic diseases and nutrition

Bones, joints, and even the ties between them and affects the nerve roots pain, swelling, stiffness and deformity, which cause problems such as diseases, rheumatism is called. In the muscles in the joints manifests itself.
The foods on your plate can help ease arthritis symptoms. People with rheumatic diseases, the disease and know the pain that accompanies inflammation. Although it does not provide nutrition to defeat this disease completely, some foods reduce inflammation in the body, bones and strengthen the immune system.
We can make some adjustments in our diet and to reduce the impact of rheumatic diseases?
The traditional Mediterranean diet, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods, healthy fats, and legumes are rich in fish and is effective against rheumatoid arthritis as it is for our overall health. These foods contain natural chemicals which control inflammation. Fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods rich in fiber. Fish, especially salmon, sardines fish such as omega-3 repository. Fruits and vegetables also effective against inflammation is rich in terms of antioxidants, bold and bright colors, especially it indicates the high antioxidant level. Blueberries, blackberries, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, oranges, broccoli, melons such as.
Include turmeric and ginger in your diet. Before taking the spices that reduce inflammation naturally, if you use blood thinners, talk to your doctor.
Salmon, tone, mackerel, herring, and oily fish such as inflammation in the war with effective omega-3 fatty acids is rich. It’s okay to eat fish at least two times per week. Reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis especially.
If you do not like fish on your plate heart-healthy soy beans add. Omega-3 fatty acids in addition to low fat a food that is rich in protein and fiber.
Extra virgin olive oil heart-healthy oils, rich in this oil of oleocanthal, an anti-inflammation has similar effects to drugs. The fats in avocados the cholesterol-lowering effects, while in the walnuts, omega-3 fatty acid ratio of olive oil are many times more than.
Research have shown that eating cherries can reduce gout attacks. Is found in cherries and anti-inflammatory effect of anthocyanin, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, such as is found in other red and purple fruits.
Milk, yogurt, and dairy products such as cheese, is a storehouse of vitamin D and calcium which strengthens bones. Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, strengthens immunity it is well known that. If you are unable to tuketemi dairy products, dark leafy vegetables Yesil missing from the table.
Store Broccoli vitamin C and K, also helps to slow down or prevent osteoarthritis and its development called for survivors that contains a substance. Also protects bone health, calcium is rich.
Tea contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and slow down the destruction of cartilage Yesil.
Oranges, grapefruit and limes are rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits. Studies that daily vitamin C can help prevent osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis that can meet our needs shows that can protect the health of those joints.
Whole-grain foods in the blood C-reactive protein have been known to reduce the level.This protein heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis is associated with. Oatmeal, brown rice and whole-grain cereals you can include to your diet plan.
Legumes are highly nutritious in terms of fiber, they also contain lots of protein vital to the health of Nov. Especially red beans and kidney beans eat regularly.
Studies regularly garlic, onions and leeks, it is found that drinkers show less symptoms of osteoarthritis.
Nuts have protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, which strengthens immunity vitamin E and alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and fiber rich. Is helpful to protect heart health and lose weight.


What diseases does hyperbaric oxygen therapy treat?

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an evidence-based type of treatment that has been shown to be fully pressurized within a closed pressure chamber, and is based on a 100% oxygen inhalation at an intermittent pressure from 1 ATA, ie above sea level. In the single or multi-person pressure chambers, the patient is given a mask, hood or endotracheal tube (tube attached to the trachea) according to the patient’s clinical condition and needs.
Hiberbaric Oxygen Therapy can be used in the treatment of many diseases such as sudden hearing loss, sudden vision loss, bone infection, bone death, diabetic foot injury.
Sudden Hearing Loss:
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerates healing by increasing the oxygen level in the inner ear in patients with sudden hearing loss. Patients should start hyperbaric oxygen therapy at an early stage. The best results can be obtained in patients in whom hyperbaric oxygen therapy started within the first 72 hours. Depending on the needs of patients, more than one session treatment can be performed daily.
Sudden Vision Loss:
Sudden loss of vision is an emergency occurring as a result of obstruction of the vessels supplying the retinal layer of the eye. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can maintain oxygenation even if the retinal vessels are blocked. While hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be started at the earliest hour in patients with sudden visual loss, patients should be referred to hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers without losing time. The number of sessions and the frequency of sessions should be planned by the experts in Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine according to the response to treatment.
Bone Infection:
The partial oxygen pressure in the developing bones is 17-23 mmHg, approximately half of the healthy bones. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to heal the infection by elevating the partial oxygen pressure in bone infections to 1000-1200 mmHg. While the total number of sessions is based on the response of the patient to the treatment, the duration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions in bone infections is 90-120 minutes.
Bone Death:
Bone death is a bone disease that occurs as a result of disruption in the blood supply of the bones, decreases the quality of life, and has pain and limitation of movement. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce edema, promote new vessel formation and contribute to bone reconstruction when administered early. During the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, patients can be monitored for pain and limitation of movement and the total number of sessions can be determined.
Diabetic Foot Wound:
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the level of oxygen in the blood and non-healing wound area in diabetic foot wounds. Thus, by reducing infection and reducing the wound, the healing process is accelerated. For this reason, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as an adjunctive treatment method in the prevention of amputation and loss of limb in the foot wounds of diabetes patients.
Each patient’s response to treatment may be different, and the patients should be evaluated by a specialist in hyperbaric medicine.
How is hyperbaric oxygen therapy applied?
Patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy usually breathe 100% oxygen through the masks they wear in a closed pressure chamber for 90-120 minutes. During the treatment, patients take their time off and mask their air breaks. In order to prevent disruption of the treatment hours, the patients can take their medication into the pressure chamber and the medicines that are deemed appropriate by the doctor.
The treatment can be stopped within a few minutes if any complaint or necessity is developed during the treatment. The total number of sessions that need to be performed varies according to the disease, and can be applied more than once a day in cases where it is necessary.
How do patients feel during treatment?
During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the air pressure in the pressure chamber increases, while the air travel feels like a descent in the ears. Patients can synchronize the pressure in the ear with some movements, such as swallowing. Patients are informed in detail about how to easily adapt the middle ear pressure to external pressure.
Is it possible to communicate with the patient during treatment?
In Koç University Hospital, the pressure chambers are semi-acrylic, ie, about 1 meter of transparent, pressure-resistant acrylic material, and our patients can be visually monitored during the entire treatment session and audibly with the device-mounted sound system. During the whole treatment period, patients are monitored by automatic pressure system by the pressure chamber operator.
What are the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on diseases?
100% oxygen inhalation under high pressure hemoglobin-mediated …

Attention to Child Diseases in the Summer!

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Parents Beware!
Have you taken the necessary measures to ensure that your children have a healthy summer?
Pediatric diseases frequently seen in summer:

Solar strikes,
Fluid intake deficiencies,
Infections related to water pollution,
Infections that can pass through the pool and sea,
Traumatic conditions such as falling,
Skin infections including sclerosis and fungi.

Solar impacts affect younger children at a higher rate, so sun burns in children exposed to unprotected outdoors during sunlight may cause sunstroke due to increased heat.
Due to the sensitivity of children’s skin, they are also exposed to UV rays that will cause skin cancer in the long term. In order to avoid such situations, you should prefer to go out in the morning or afternoon sun when the angle of the sun comes inclined.
When taking your children to the sun, you should use a hat and sunscreen and all precautions should be taken to protect from the sun. Sun creams should be applied before sun exposure. It should not be forgotten that children are exposed to sunlight in the water during the summer.

What should you do if your child has a sunburn?
If your child has sun burns, they should be used with cool treatments and creams that help to heal wounds. It should be kept in mind that the burned skin will be open to infections and care should be taken to clean the area. If a burned area is collected, a doctor should be consulted.
Measures to be taken in the summer period to prevent child diseases:

Pool and sea cleaning should be paid attention to in the preferred accommodation places during the summer holiday.
The child should not be allowed to swallow water or stay in wet clothing.
It should be noted that chlorine in the ponds is not well adjusted and may be irritating or allergic to the skin.
Itching, skin discoloration or skin lesions may occur. Your child should take a shower every day and maintain mild moisturizers.
As a result of contact with contaminated water, urinary tract infections and susceptibility to cystitis may increase in children. Vaginitis may be seen in girls presenting with discharge. Care should be taken to change the laundry frequently.
When urinating, burning, pity, urinary incontinence, blood in the urine, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting should definitely seek a doctor.
Your child’s mouth is dry, the tears are reduced, the urine is dark and the lesser are the warning signals about the thirst. In such a case, you should consult with your doctor after you have supplemented with fluids and given antipyretics.

Be careful against insects, bees and tick bites in picnic areas or open spaces, should be dressed in appropriate closed clothing, and the child’s body should be checked by peeling.
The bed should be placed in the mosquito net, the bed should be noted above the floor. Chemical fly repellents should not be applied to the child’s skin excessively.
Children with bee venom allergy should take the necessary precautions and open air.
It should be remembered that the child should be in the presence of watery, buttermilk or fruit juice and to be encouraged for fluid intake.
One of the most frequently affected organs during exposure to polluted water is the eye. Allergic infective conjunctivitis can be observed. Visual blur, pain in the eyes, burning and stinging sensation, redness, inflammatory discharge occurs. The ear can also be affected frequently, causing middle and external ear infections.
Hearing or loss of hearing, feeling of fullness, itching, discharge and fever may occur.
There may be an increase in summer diarrhea after ingestion of the child’s water, the contamination of water sources in summer or the ingestion of spoiled and infected foods kept in the room air. Vomiting and diarrhea may be accompanied by fever.

Happy peaceful and healthy holidays, taking all the precautions for your child and yourself!

This article Prepared by Hacer Efnan Okuyan.
You can contact our Pediatrics Department for more information.

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Heart and Vascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death on a global scale and are expected to continue to be the number one cause of death for a long time. According to World Health Organization data, it is estimated that 17.5 million people died due to cardiovascular diseases in 2005 and this figure constitutes 0 of global deaths.
While it is not possible to change some risk factors such as family history, age and gender, you can avoid a heart problem in the future by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
A study by researchers at the University of Cardiff to investigate the impact of environmental factors on chronic diseases revealed that a healthy diet, regular exercise, low body weight, a cigarette-free and low-alcohol lifestyle reduced the risk of many chronic diseases, especially heart disease.

Here are 5 important nutritional alert to reduce the risk of heart disease!

Stay away from saturated fats and trans fats;

Decreasing the trans-fat intake of HDL cholesterol (benign) increases LDL cholesterol (malignant), increasing the blood cholesterol levels of saturated fats increases your risk of developing heart disease. Trans fats are hydrogenated by chemical means. Ready-to-eat foods, pastry products, fats. You can check the product label to see if it contains trans fat. Saturated fat consumption should not exceed the daily calorie intake.

Flaxseed, avocado, mackerel and salmon are the most important sources of w-3. W-3 protects you from heart diseases and diabetes by reducing inflammation in the body.

Eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day;

Vegetables and fruits help to prevent the formation of free radicals with the contents of vitamins and minerals in antioxidant structure.

Increase the consumption of fiber (fiber);

Whole-grain foods help you lower your blood cholesterol levels with its beta-glucan, as well as its high fiber content.

Reduce salt consumption;

Excess salt consumption leads to increased blood pressure. High blood pressure is the leading risk factor of heart disease, which is the most important cause of death and disease burden in our country. The World Health Organization states that the targets for the daily intake of salt in dietary intake should be <5 g / day. In the SALTurk study conducted in our country, the daily salt consumption was found to be 18 g / day. Bread, traditional products (pickles, pickled, canned, etc.), cheese and other processed products are prepared to prepare food and added to the table overload salt is thought to be.

Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Diseases
Cartilage damage that may occur in the joints due to different reasons, especially in the knee and hip joint over time, pain, and eventually causes arthrosis, which is defined as arthritis. Moreover, the cartilage can not regenerate itself when the cartilage cell dies from a very special structure groove. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the damage in the joints and prevent their progress.
Stem cell therapy is a method used to reduce the progression of cartilage damage in patients with early-onset cartilage damage, with painful insertion, but early on for surgery or who do not wish to be operated. In addition, stem cell therapy is used in meniscal rupture which serves as a support and prevents the friction of the joint faces within the knee joint.
Stem Cell Application Process How?
Stem cells prepared from bone marrow or adipose tissue are injected into the knee by an injection, where the knee is damaged and the cell is expected to heal. In case of damage to the knee cartilage, it is provided that the stem cells interact with the collagen or hyaluronic acid based carriers in order to act only in the damaged area without spreading into the knee. Because the stem cell is the individual’s own cells, the tissue is intended to heal and regenerate itself.

What is Stem Cell?
Stem cells are the main cells that have the potential to turn into all cells in the body. Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells are divided into two. Adult stem cells have the ability to regenerate adult tissues and take part in the repair of the body.
How to Obtain Stem Cells
Stem cells are derived from adipose tissue and bone marrow. Cells are taken under mild sedation and local anesthesia to prevent pain. Stem cells in the pelvic bone or core are filtered and separated in sterile conditions. After approximately 20 to 30 minutes of stem cell preparation, the resulting pure stem cells are ready to be administered to the patient.
What are the Factors Affecting the Success of Stem Cell Therapy?
The main factor increasing the success of the treatment is the selection of the right patient and obtaining the stem cells with the appropriate technique. However, life style changes such as weight loss and regular exercise increase the long-term effect of stem cell therapy.
Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedic Diseases

Obese and overweight patients with a body mass index of more than 30
Calcification has reached the advanced level and the cartilage is completely finished,
Those who have weakened the immune system for different reasons,
People with rheumatic diseases.

Which Orthopedic Disease Stem Cell Therapy Applicable?

Knee, hip, shoulder, hand and ankle joint calcification,
Avascular necrosis of the hip, shoulder, knee, ankle,
Meniscus tears,
In non-union fractures,
Muscles and tendon ruptures