Why Should We Eat Dinner Early?

“Early in the evening to eat and, if possible, prefer the light stuff!” This is one of the most advice we hear from medical experts. Why? It’s early in the evening to eat what is wisdom? Here you go…
To what extent is effective in weight control to eat dinner early so crisp and clear, but not certain that is an important detail in raising the quality of life and maintain our health. The first reason is that this idea of “sleep quality” is related to. Indeed, while eaten dinner early ensures a good night’s sleep, natural biorhythms don’t you break him of late dinners and the digestive system is forced to work through the night. You think you are you’re asleep, but within your digestive system the additional load because of “the night shift” is making. Your stomach, intestines, your liver and your poor we are forced to work through the night in a sweat of blood. Thus was reflux, gas, flatulence was sleeping when to your life you can read. Not enough rest the body at night, can’t find the opportunity to make repairs that must be done in your sleep.
Late night dinners, (especially if a little exaggerated) your body of sleep the optimum temperature desired is too difficult to reach and this is a serious question. Atistiranl exaggerated or dinner before going to bed too much, Night Sweats, disturbed sleep and a little bit of back should stay in bed. Late dinners are also two important hormones that are secreted in sleep, melatonin and growth hormone biyoritmik it messes the layout.
In summary, sleep, sleep from the additional burden shifts, and sometimes even a “state of war” comes to the state.
Recommendation: in principle, with the possibility dinner 18.00-19.00 between you should eat. Except in special cases, a business must complete before 20.00 in the evening than eating and drinking.
Are there any other recommendations of the experts: evening meals should be mitigated as much as possible. In front of the TV and repeated, “fruit feast”should be mitigated to the extent possible either from this work or must be discarded.
For dinner, raw, not cooked foods should be consumed. Sugary snacks (sweets!) should be avoided. Without feeling hungry with water and tea should be glossed over. Necessarily if you Stoke something a little yogurt or buttermilk or cinnamon hazelnut latte or a piece of you should prefer…