Healthy Eating Iftar

The most important of the month of Ramadan at iftar time. Especially on those hot summer days while fasting a fasting period of 16 hours with your iftar meal is vital for your health to pay more attention to it.
Iftar is a feast not as the reward of fasting for a long day, you will meet the body’s nutritional needs, and balance his blood sugar, you should be a meal. Yourself after yourself throughout the day, oily, fried and sweet food, you may want to reward with. Although in the short term this is causing food to feel good about yourself and fasting will make it harder for the days ahead. Digestive problems and eating fatty and sugary foods as they will cause me to gain weight in an unhealthy way will cause drowsiness and fatigue. Especially during the meal, you should reduce your salt intake to increase the thirst.
Especially on hot summer days when you are fasting your priority before sunrise Samarkand, a fluid must prevent your loss as much as possible. The most healthy, no-calorie beverage to soothe your thirst and that of course should be your first choice. To resolve your water loss throughout the night, after iftar, try to drink at least eight glasses of water. Soup, yogurt, fruit juice milk and other liquid that you can consume small amounts of resources. Coffee, tea, sodas and energy drinks try to stay away from. Caffeine is a diuretic, which is not to reduce your consumption of caffeine your body to be dehydrated.
Iftar, it is recommended to split the two. Dates, starting with soup and salad, a main course, you must take after Dec. Iftar open with a sweet food like dates. Dates, balances blood sugar, useful minerals and contain fiber. In the month of Ramadan is traditionally consumed at the same time the palm of a great energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber source. A rich source of potassium that can muscles and nerves function properly. But more because it contains high sugar should not be consumed. You can eat 3 pieces, don’t overdo it.
Soup is an important element of Iftar meals. Body fluid and minerals as a food that will not disturb your stomach warm and meets the needs of. The iftar dinner is an ideal choice for you to start.
Don’t forget to add a salad to every dinner, the iftar. Fresh vegetables to prevent constipation and keep your digestive system healthy during the month of Ramadan contains fibers that need. Be creative and prepare salads at every meal vegetables of different colors. More colors means more beneficial vitamins and minerals.
When you switch to the main course, remember to fill out your plate in a balanced manner. Your time your energy is renewed Iftar, so you should try to eat from all the food groups. Normal sizes, prepare nutritious dishes. A balanced meal for ¼ of your plate carbohydrates, ¼ proteins and vegetables, you must separate the remaining half. So you can fill your stomach healthy and your body needs in a balanced manner by meeting.
For your needs carbohydrate whole wheat bread, brown rice or whole-grain products, energy, fiber and are rich sources of minerals. Compared to burned very quickly, sweets are more regular and provide sustained energy levels. Ideal for Protein meals; lean red meat, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and low fat dairy products. Eat sufficient amount of vegetables and different kinds. At the end of dinner to digest your food after waiting a bit, definitely eat fruit. Only a kind iftar dinner of your guests at their tables, understated sizes of a sweet presentation. Heavy, syrup desserts instead of fruit, nuts or dairy desserts choose.
To prepare healthy meals, and avoid fried foods oil your use of limitleyin. Steaming, boiling, grilling, baking methods such as prefer. Oil, such as Canola and soy in the selection of polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich oils are preferred. High amounts of spices, stay away from foods that contain salt and sugar.
For the month of Ramadan it is not correct to use it to lose weight, but your worship, as well as evaluate in terms of healthy eating habits. Avoid exercises challenging your body in the month of Ramadan. Theres also the sport after iftar, go. Stretching, light exercises such as walking. Instead of weight lifting, such as yoga, that relaxes your body and your soul choose the exercises.
-If you are suffering from constipation while fasting is a shortage of adequate fluid intake and fiber-rich foods to consume.
-If you are experiencing heartburn after iftar, stay away from fried and high fat foods.
-If you have gastric ulcer, spices, coffee, carbonated drinks and avoid fried foods.
-If you feel constantly feeling hungry, high-fiber foods, eat foods that are slow digesting and the like.
-After dinner, if you are excessive a feeling of fullness, or if you are suffering from stomach and intestinal discomfort, chew your food thoroughly, slow down, you eat more than your body needs every morsel with the grace it has a sweet taste and don’t eat.

Eating Less Less Wrinkles

By consuming fewer calories, fat, famous, sugary foods eat less and slow down skin aging by paying attention to some basic principles of nutrition. Nutrition-the skin-when it comes to relationship “particular attention” we wanted to remind you that you will bulk up 20 point. That points…
A bit of skin ageing is the accumulation of errors, repeated some of the passing years. Some faces failures, the tip of a thick pencil, with some also written in faint pencil.
As previously mentioned, the depth of the mistakes hereditary properties as food and beverage lines, environmental conditions, lifestyle, health issues, and stress are also effective, but the mistakes of nutrition is most important. The nutrients that support the skin, besides, there are cooler ones, but this point is very clear: by consuming fewer calories (restrained eating), fat, famous, sugary foods eat less and slow down skin aging by paying attention to some basic principles of nutrition. Nutrition-the skin-when it comes to relationship “particular attention” we wanted to remind you that you will bulk up 20 point. That points…
Save Cut!
20 proposal for healthy skin
* Eat a balanced and varied diet. You should spread and limiting total calories in a balanced way. Always do breakfast, skip meals, meals Dec flavonoids, carotenoids and vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants that are the weight you should give.
* Add a little oil to your meals, give priority to olive oil. You must necessarily reduce saturated animal fats.
* Antioxidant-rich foods. BBQ foods and fried foods helps to stay away from more free radical production. When making your food choices, you should give priority to the higher ones antioxidant capacity. Premature aging, free radical fighter, antioxidants, rust up, you can significantly reduce your skin cells quickly.
* Give priority to organic foods and drinks. At least natural ones, germicidal antibiotics, hormonal waste, color, fragrance and flavor to eat foods that do not contain priority chemicals.
* Avoid processed foods. Products manufactured from refined white flour, overly processed foods (white bread, pasta, white rice, cakes, biscuits…) all the skin aging accelerates. Natural fortified cereals, whole wheat products, rye, oats priority. Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, rye bread, whole wheat bread, you might have the alternative to put.
Stay Away From Trans Fats!
* Reduce the sugar. The most dangerous factors in skin aging sugar. Particular pure the sugar industry rapidly accelerates the lines in your skin. Sugar and sugar dense foods and soak up the sun at least always remember that smoking has the effect of ageing. Your needs fruit dessert, carob, and other natural products to troubleshoot.
* Make a plan that is rich in citrus fruits. Just fresh orange, grapefruit, tangerine, orange or grapefruit juice do not drink or consume. Oranges, grapefruit, grapes, and citrus peel in “d-of the lemons” skin friendly substance.
* Nuts take advantage of. Walnut is a strong and reliable source of omega-3. Many beneficial nutrient elements for your skin oily with nuts, almonds and seeds. Each tip contains 100 grams is about 600 calories, keeping in mind that maintaining your weight and therefore use in moderation and you can take advantage of this natural phenomenon.
* Take advantage of flax seed. A powerful toxin cleanser and a cure for constipation flax seeds as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is a natural source for reliable.
* Stay away from trans fats. Some trans fatty acids produced as a by-product snack chips, crackers, famous, sweet, sweet bars, wafers, marshmallows, cookies and cakes avoid.
Yesil Tea Is A Powerful Skin-Friendly
* Squeezed lemon juice 1 cup water to a quarter of an hour before each meal. In this way, vitamin C which is an antioxidant sensitive soul and your body immediately evaluate.
* Full-grain bread to eat. Vitamin E, chromium and zinc with the return of parlatsin your skin.
* Eat with grape seed. It contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins grape seed oil for your skin and have antioxidants, which miracle did you know that? Proanthocyanidins and protects your arteries, keeps your skin young and healthy. Core raisins, black raisins, molasses and wine, therefore skin-friendly nutrients.
* If you get enough iodine check. Food source of iodine (seafood) to lose weight.
* Frequently eat fish. Try to extent your possibilities to increase your intake of fish. Especially salmon, trout, sardines and get your favorites.
* Remember to eat fruit. The fruits are dark-colored, and prefer fresh ones. From Rob if that’s possible, but counting eat!
* Tomatoes increase. Tomatoes high lycopene, the nutrient elements is one of most friendly to your skin now that you know. Almost a perpetual tan the skin, gives firmness and vitality. Also powerful sources of lycopene are tomato paste and dried tomatoes.
If you are using fresh tomatoes cook gently for a short time and don’t forget to add a few drops of olive oil. Easier to work with Arise and lycopene a fat-soluble substance.
* Do not salatasiz. Lettuce, arugula, radish each color, cucumber, non-don’t sit at the table!
* Steamed or roasted vegetables on a plate with a weight to give a try. Yesil and red pepper, zucchini, eggplant, in short, try each of the vegetables according to the season.
* Take advantage of Yesil and black tea. a strong tea Yesil especially skin-friendly that is doubt. Yesil and black tea (and less effective) this power is related to the polyphenols they contain.
Keep that in mind.
Why protein is important BEP
For healthy skin –for a healthy body and of course – to the extent you have the opportunity, try to gain protein at each meal. If you cannot find the fish, the chicken, no red meat, often milk, yogurt, cheese eat.
On occasion, lentils, beans, vegetable protein sources such as chick peas take advantage of. Because the human body (for later use) does not store protein. The proteins that holds the body sleek and taut every day we have to earn regularly.
Also animal proteins, especially eggs and yogurt and protein – keep in mind that is much more valuable. One important point is that you do not install unnecessary calories to your body animal protein products while earning too.
Take Note!
Dec skin-friendly meal recommendations:

1 tablespoon almonds or hazelnuts, 1 small apple, sliced low-fat cheese
Yesil 6 pieces of black or olive, 2 etimek, 1 slice of turkey meat (30 g)
Grilled or boiled chicken or turkey meat, 1 thin slice cantaloupe, 1 tablespoon nuts.
1 small apple (or orange, pear), 1 slice turkey breast, 1 tbsp chopped almonds.
1 cup low-fat yogurt 1 medium cucumber, 1 piece of whole wheat bread
6 fresh apricots, walnuts 2
1 medium peach, 1 thin slice low-fat cheese, 5 almonds
1 medium apple, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (on), 6 almonds

Basic maintenance: cleaning up!
On your skin a layer-shaped covering start by clearing the Dead Cells. Also note The Dead Cells on your face while cleansing your body from hydration and more. As we enter winter, their soaps and skin cleansers that you use is high in fat and replace them with natural ones.
During the winter months the sun’s Rays don’t you think that is ineffective. If possible, choose a moisturizer with a protection factor of 15 or sunscreen after your moisturizer apply a cream.
Increase the humidity of the environment you live in. His mouth wide in your room or in your office a cup of water to create humid air use. That will decrease the amount of moisture evaporation from your skin increases as note that the humidity levels are preserved, and of course drink more water.
On occasion, wash your face with water. The skin’s acid-base and oil in order to maintain balance, do not use the cleaner every time. Your acne leave it alone! Don’t go to bed purification of makeup thoroughly. Remember, clean skin, more vibrant and more fresh appear.
Source: Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu

Consider Eating

Age of plague, cancer, that scares me the most of everyone’s health problems. However, with the changes in the way we make against cancer, a team of nutrition we can start a war.
We’re talking in an every day way of cancer. Now, “the threat of arsenic in drinking water”, and “azo dyes in the shoes” came up. For me, cancer more frequently, we’ll talk. ‘The Earth ‘ the landfill was turned into CANCER. Well, what the end of it? What should we do to secure ourselves? The answers to these questions I packed them for you.
Nutrition is the most important step in the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, our genes can’t keep up with changes in the structure of our food, and into carcinogenic elements. As a result of this the number of cancer cases is increasing. Scientific studies shows that approximately 20 percent of the effect of genetic factors for death due to cancer. So, there is a much stronger relationship between cancer and lifestyle. Research, however, shows that only about 45 percent of cancer cases can be prevented with proper nutrition. Our first wrong sugar, 2 takes place while the UN! Why is sugar so dangerous? Cancer cells need energy to multiply rapidly. They can quickly find the basic source of energy is sugar. Sugar makes cancers, while the struggle more difficult. 10 sugar the human body burn more than per day when drinking any drink with sugar in a bottle of 11-12. First, sugar and sugary foods, then limit your relationship with flour and starchy food.
Hidden dangers
Stored in humid environments, moldy nuts and grains, and peanuts aflatoxin in red pepper is a serious trigger cancer of the article. Sausage, salami and meat products such as nitrites and nitrates in dangerous substances. These foods are primarily part of the large intestine can be associated with stomach cancer. Extreme consumed, smoked, and pickled foods, excessive hot drinks the digestive system especially the stomach and increases the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus. Ready foods, especially deep-fried foods, fast food (burger fries!) trans fatty acids are also known to carry a risk of cancer.
Give up now!
Prevent cancer the following to remove from your life.

Excessive alcohol
Sweeteners and flavorings have been added to foods, diet drinks).
Smoked, pickled foods
Excess salt and sugar
Excessive fructose (fruit sugar) foods
Fried, burnt food of all kinds.
Oil-fried food, fast food, mayonnaise and whipped.
Chips, French fries, oven heat famous products
Mouldy, damp, crushed red pepper, nuts, foods containing aflatoxin, such as.
Nitrosamine content questionable sausage and salami.

Repellant cancer Foods
The most important protection against cancer, fruits, vegetables. If we were to make a list at the top of the pomegranate must be BECE. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries natural medicine. Cherry, Sour Cherry and apricot power is unquestionable. Add the oranges and apples. Onion and garlic vegetables per attracts. Broccoli is also effective, but I suggest you consume foods that we know our genetics instead of unfamiliar foods. For example, cauliflower and cabbage. Prefer purple instead of white cabbage.Black radishes, beets, and turnips are also indispensable. Carrots, a-carotene, and tank and anti-cancer is indispensable. Tomato contains lycopene, abundant. This valuable article, especially prostate and breast cancer prevention. If it is a bit dense, the body benefit from the lycopene more effectively. Greenery in the first place, and parsley. Mint, basil, thyme and sweat is also important. Your spice list of cinnamon, turmeric and ginger you should add.
Anti-cancer recipes
A protective drink: pomegranate, orange, two carrots, a beet and ginger with a juicer top when you tighten it. Posa instead of throwing anti-cancer drink you add. You can drink a glass of it every day.
Anti-cancer mixture: one teaspoon powdered ginger, a teaspoon of flax seed into yogurt or kefir in a bowl with a teaspoon of milled grape seeds and a teaspoon of Nettle seed, again a teaspoon, turmeric and cinnamon add. You can eat it once a day. You can make cucumber and chop up food into an additional. (A suggestion that has been taken from Dr. Ahmet Aydin. We owe thanks to Ahmet teacher.)
Heating tomatoes makes lycopene more effective use of the information contained in the important vegetable. Beat you to it gently in the pan should be heated before or grated, the water should be bothered by.

Getting Healthier Is Eating Nuts And Peanuts

And especially those who eat nuts live longer new research it was established that the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases decreased.
Drinkers nuts before it was determined that the risk of death was low, but those with higher socio-economic strata from the research that is performed on people.
Research was performed on three large cohort.
One of these cohorts 71.764 low socio-economic strata of African and European descent from America’ s Southern Community Cohort Study SCCs in the two other cohort 134.265 total in SWHS and Chinese living in Shanghai (Shanghai Women’s Health Study) and the SMS (Shanghai men’s health study) within the scope of the research.
How much of the food they consume nuts was determined with questionnaire participants.
Half of America while eating the peanuts, only peanut consumption in China in the LI group were evaluated; more men than women eating peanuts.
The average follow up time 5.4 years, which is SCCS in the survey, with 6.5 years 12.2 years, with total SMS and 14.440 SWHS has been identified as the person in research.
The consumption of nuts in all three cohorts and total mortality rates (mortality) between race, gender, body mass index, smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes, hypertension and diseases such as obesity, independent of an inverse relationship is found.
Accordingly, the risk of death overall in the USA most of those who consume 21 percent more nuts in China, li had 17 percent less risk in the group.
Deaths from cardiovascular diseases, these rates are respectively 38 percent and 23 percent.
The consumption of nuts or peanuts cancer and diabetes-related death risk was not found a significant relationship between.
Nuts why useful?
The unsaturated fats in nuts, protein, fiber, vitamins (B1, B6, folic acid, E), minerals (magnesium and zinc), antioxidants, fanatical, arginine, phytochemicals and staff.
All of them also have anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory effects it does have cardiovascular health benefits.
Half of the weight of nuts (48 percent) of the oil, and most of that single-or multi-unsaturated type.
Stay away from processed nuts
This is a randomized controlled trial for lack of a cause-effect relationship does not reveal, but the results are reasonable and logical and is compatible with the results of previous research.
Peanut is cheaper, especially because the socio-economic situation is not good and may be preferred by those who.
Not to salty and must be careful not to exaggerate the amount of raw nuts, roasted and packaged to have not been the ones that should be preferred.
Let’s see the result
Pomegranate juice reduces hardening of the arteries, every day of drinking yesterday, I wrote that leads to regression of plaques in blood vessels.
In this study, I, too, I strongly advocated “living healthy, being away from had nothing to do with the type of diseases,” reveals once more that it is the truth.
With dozens of Cardiology over the world to mention that it didn’t allow side effects cholesterol drugs (statins) are the most virile in the study, even if only helps so much.
Peanuts you a pill, the decision is yours.


The Art Of Eating The Fruit

Note that it is more harmful to the health of fructose in fruits. Of course minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are a great source in terms of which fruits I don’t recommend to remove it completely from your life, but don’t overdo the amount.
1 pound orange or Apple in one sitting-eaters I know, and most unfortunately, think they did a very healthy job! The first rule will overstate the amount of fruit consumption. Because your liver is, however, a certain amount of fruit sugar can be tolerated.
The second rule is that you eat the fruit if we eat of the fruit. Squeeze the juice and drink it, it’s a big mistake to spend from blender! Because fructose is converted to triglyceride oil is absorbed and then immediately reach the liver more quickly.
Just exactly obtained by squeezing oranges eaten one two-three contains a small amount of fructose than oranges.
In short, if we eat fruit exactly, if it’s even possible to eat it with the skin. Freshly squeezed even though drinking plenty of fruit juice will damage your liver.
You drink fruit juice if you want to be careful not to drink more than 50 ml.

Eating Legumes 2-3 Times Per Week!

In The Winter, What Should He Do?
Ministry of Health Turkey Public Health Agency of obesity, diabetes and metabolic diseases, head of Department of Help during the winter season for healthy eating has the following suggestions:

Adequate and balanced nutrition at every stage in life, for health protection is required. Therefore, four food group meal of various foods should be a sufficient amount of at least 3 Main and 3 Dec.
Availability every day, depending on the season, plenty of fruit and vegetables should be consumed. During the winter months and increase stamina in order to collect a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to the body with a variety of vegetables and fruits must be used.
System Defense feature, which is rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins A and C, booster, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, parsley is abundant during the winter months as well as vegetables such as orange, tangerine, apple, grapefruit, such as the consumption of fruits is important.
Need vitamin C and liquid intake in meeting the needs both in terms of the contribution to the consumption of freshly squeezed fruit juices is also important. For an increase of vitamin C, fruit juices should be consumed immediately after it is bored with.
Vitamin E is effective in strengthening the immune system. Increases the body’s resistance against colds and other infections, vitamin A, prevents this from being oxidized. Yesil good sources of vitamin E are leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dry beans, such as a sufficient amount of walnuts should be consumed.
The rate of vitamin D in the winter months the sun’s Rays foreclosed the body will cause the requirement to not be met. Which is necessary for bone and tooth health vitamin D is a nutrient produced by the skin with the sun’s rays and there is not much in foods. Vitamin D, as well as fish, essential for the development of brain function polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3), calcium, phosphorus, a good source of vitamin E with the minerals selenium and iodine. For this reason should be consumed 2-3 times per week over the winter months.
In the winter, increasing the propensity-must be especially careful to eat fat foods, margarine and butter should be avoided, dense fatty meats should be avoided.
Simple carbs, pure sugar and sugary foods to provide weight control in the winter instead of whole wheat bread, pasta, bulgur, such as the consumption of Whole Grain Products be careful not to. The dumplings and fruit desserts instead of sweet milk should be preferred high energy, increased digestive problems due to inactivity for the Prevention of pulp 2-3 times per week consumed a high content of dry beans and regular physical activity should be done.
In the winter, especially the children’s favorite vegetables. Leeks, celery, winter vegetables such as spinach to eat instead of insisting that it would be beneficial to offer more to children in different ways. Food mixed vegetables celery yogurt by adding some walnuts into the child who doesn’t love the grate can be presented. In the same way as spinach fritters using internal, in the form of pancakes or crepes can be consumed.
Must be taken with plenty of fluids to keep the balance of body temperature. Adequate fluid intake of toxins in the body, so removal of harmful elements, in the study of regular body functions, maintaining metabolic balance in the body plays an extremely important role in the formation of many biochemical reactions. Therefore, every day at least 2-2.5 liters (12-14 cups) of water glasses, liquid intake in the compensation of, Linden, sage, rose hip tea, light tea drinks like should be preferred.


10 Suggestions For Healthy Eating In Ramadan

Olcay dietitian in Peace, without destroying our health by providing a variety of nutrients to keep healthy and what we need to do fasting told;
Hot and humid weather dehydrates: Especially along with an increase in temperature and humidity in the body, sweating is more. However, increased fluid between the hours of Iftar and sahur with your needs to complete 2-2,5 liter (10 to 14 cups) of water are required.
Tea, coffee and fruit juice consumption should be reduced: excessive tea and coffee consumption would increase the body’s fluid needs because in the month of Ramadan the consumption should be restricted. Buttermilk can be consumed as a source of mineral water and also liquid. However, the consumption of fruit juices and carbonated beverages should be restricted. Especially weight problems, or low blood sugar values needs to be run out of juice in the height of living. It is suggested that due to the caffeine and sugar in fizzy drinks to be consumed.
Important to get up during the meal: to get up before sunrise during the month of Ramadan while fasting, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet. Didn’t get up before sunrise, or just drink water and sleep, prolonged fasting 20 hours on top of the duration of poses. As a result, the fasting blood sugar fall faster in the days that causes inefficiency.
Breakfast should be a conservative tough Sahur: Sahur until the time of iftar the meal calorie content in consume foods with more unhealthy than the body makes. The suhoor meal is a light breakfast that contains high quality protein and are the property of Tok holder on the content of the egg will help reduce the feeling of hunger until the inclusion of Iftar. At the same time, the consumption of fruit during the day will help to ensure the support of essential vitamins and minerals to the body.
3 should be placed in between the Iftar and sahur meals a day: during the day the AC to raise the metabolic rate of physique for a very long time falling in the period between Iftar and sahur food should be consumed at least three meals a day. 1 bowl of soup opened with the iftar meal that will be given at least a 15-20 minute break and then the main meal when it is consumed indigestion, bloating does not happen. Mostly the foods consumed to be stored as fat also is prevented. After 1.5 hours on the average consumption of the main dining meals also weight a little in terms of protection will be effective Dec.
Blood sugar must be balanced iftar: the iftar meal in that food will raise your blood sugar as balanced preferences should be made. For example rice, high on the glycemic index such as white bread preferences instead of making rice, whole-grain bread such as whole wheat pasta or healthy choices must be made.
Healthy food choice must be made: choosing healthy food is important to prevent weight gain during Ramadan. Unhealthy cooking methods such as roasting instead of frying and grilled, boiled, steamed and baked foods made with cooking methods should be preferred.
Instead of churro desserts: dessert of the increased blood sugar falling until Iftar time due to the need to consume, it is important to make healthy choices. The amounts of syrup instead of heavy desserts servings-balanced, fresh milk, gullac, fruit desserts or ice cream to eat more healthy choices.
Constipation to be a problem: changes in diet, constipation and common digestive liquid consumption also dispersed into the day in the month of Ramadan cannot be a problem. To prevent constipation, the meals foods that are high in fiber content (legumes, salads), fruit consumption should be neglected meal in Dec.
The digestive system runs walking: brisk walking 2 hours after the iftar meal to be made of the functioning of the digestive system can help slight, but mean blood pressure the blood pressure, weight control helps to ensure at the same time.

During Menopause, Healthy Eating In Step 5

Menopause comes to the end of monthly periods in women, the cessation of ovulation as a result of the reduction of the female hormone estrogen as a result of a natural period of life that is experienced. Menopause usually varies between 48-55 years, but fat women can be seen early in. As a result of the reduction of estrogen osteoporosis, weight gain, problems like cardiovascular disease can be seen. For this reason spiking is a method that can reduce the effects of menopause, pre-menopause and menopause can bring with sufficient and balanced diet from the period of the difficulties that can be reduced.
Pay attention to calcium intake!
Osteoporosis is a gradual decrease in bone density and to become easily broken. Especially due to the decline in estrogen levels with menopause can result in bone loss. During menopause, estrogen use, women who used those who did not consume 1000 mg per day calcium 1500 mg per day. For example, 200 ml of milk received 240 mg of calcium, while half a bunch of parsley contains 245 mg calcium.
Should be taken for heart health!
Before menopause, along with the effect of LDL cholesterol low-density lipoprotein cholesterol high. However, during menopause, as estrogen is eliminated along with the decrease of the protective effect of the hormone estrogen, LDL, and triglyceride levels may experience a rise in. “Weight gain associated with menopause, increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases. To be brought under the control of weight and blood lipid levels fat, frying and roasting should be avoided foods made with milk and yoghurt to foods such as low-fat ones should be preferred, consumption of vegetables and fruits should be increased.
Weight gain must be controlled
This diet will also slow down the rate of metabolism along with menopause, it is of utmost importance. A hormonal change in the body fat distribution changes, and especially an increase in abdominal fat may increase. 2.5 to 3 hours between meals, your metabolism too will speed up plan to be. Dec therefore the consumption of meals is important. Daily meal diet program should be designed to have 3 Main and 3 Dec. Increasing water consumption is also important for control of weight gain. Daily 2-2,5 lt water should be brought into the habit of drinking.
Physical activity should be increased
Fat in the body, preventing weight gain and cholesterol levels in the blood to be brought under control for the regulation of physical activity is of great importance. Hormonal problems that may occur during menopause and regular sports will help speed up your metabolism and reduce. Step 10 thousand per day are very important in maintaining heart health and in controlling weight gain.
Salt consumption should be reduced
Excessive salt consumption is associated with high blood pressure. More salty foods when consumed can increase your blood pressure should be taken into account. Too much salt can affect blood pressure because it affects the health of your heart. In addition, excessive salt intake increases urinary calcium excretion. A lack of calcium, especially common during the menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis and broken bones. In cases like this the consumption of salt in the diet should be limited. Ready to use spices instead of salt in your food run out of food on the table, you will have salt and olives will help reduce your daily salt consumption to prefer foods such as unsalted.

EXP. MWT. Erçil Sernaz Cakir